Freshwater Fish Species

Where to Catch Them!

Below you will find a list of 40+ freshwater fish species that roam the waters of the United States. The main focus of this list is to help you learn more about the fish species that you can catch in the many freshwater systems. Our lakes, rivers, and ponds are bountiful of species that can provide you with a catch of a lifetime. When it comes to enjoying the thrill of the catch, educating and learning more about them can make fishing way more interesting!


Native Species

Florida is home to a wide range of native fresh water fish species.  When comparing fish types, we split them into two categories types of fish. Native fish is a species that has naturally and historically occurred within a river, stream, or lake and was not introduced by man. These species are very important to the ecological health of a particular freshwater system.

Native Florida fish help supply sources of food for locals. Also, they help boost the economy through recreation. Many of our fresh water fish species in Florida drive tourism and keep anglers returning for more. Freshwater fishing is a viral outdoor activity to enjoy in Florida.

Our most popular native fish species is the largemouth bass. Anglers also enjoy catching all kinds of fish like Crappie, Speck, and Bluegill, in various destinations.

Non-Native Species

Nonnative fish species are a set of not-so-common fish species that do not occur naturally within a freshwater ecosystem and are introduced by man. Most nonnatives are unknowingly transported and released into new ecosystems. Some nonnatives never become a true issue or concern but others can become quite invasive.

Invasive fish species are ones that disrupt the functionality of an ecosystem. Several species have become invasive in our freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds here in Florida. The most popular of the group include the Bullseye Snakehead, cichlids and the Clown Knifefish as fish examples. The other fish or small fish or categorized differently, meaning times separated as schooling fish or identified by the tail fin.

They may be a blast to catch but tend to threaten human use of our precious freshwater resources.


Several freshwater fish species on this list can be caught in the northern region of the United States. Largemouth bass can be notoriously caught in a large number of freshwater systems. The largemouth’s counterpart, the Smallmouth Bass, can be caught in several regions of the North. Pound for pound, the smallmouth bass is one hard-fighting and incredible fish to experience. Walleye is another fantastic northern freshwater lake erie fish species chart to explore.

We hope you get to learn more about all these freshwater fish species. The diversity of our freshwater ecosystems is essential. Conservation of these fisheries will allow generations to come to experience them.

Other American fish in this country are not listed maybe Salmon, types of seafood, or wildlife. Remember, freshwater fish breeds, freshwater fish names or freshwater fish pictures may not always be best fish as listed.