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Choosing The Best Pontoon Boat Tours

Bassonline now offers three different private tours; here’s the breakdown of the differences between them, starting with the most significant difference- the number of people they can hold.

The Different Boat Tours

Both pontoon trips are suited for young children, the elderly, and handicapped situations.

Pontoon Charters

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A Pontoon fishing charter can fit up to six passengers.

Pontoon Rentals

Fl tours and reservations

A pontoon rental tour can fit up to twelve passengers.

Bass Boat Charters

Captains and guides

Bass boats and other flats boats can fit up to three or four people depending on the guide available.

Who Should Take A Bass Boat Charter

Solo anglers or groups under four would be ideal for a standard bass fishing charter on a bass or flats boat. Typically three passengers are the preferred maximum for these trips; however, we do have a few captains that can take four passengers on their bass or flats boat.

Who Should Take A Pontoon Charter

Groups under six can ride on our relaxing pontoon boat while enjoying some Florida fishing. The pontoon fishing charter service specifically benefits groups between four and six people who want to stay together. Our pontoon charters cannot take more than six passengers.

Who Should Rent A Pontoon

Groups over six would benefit most from our pontoon rental service. Our rentals can hold ten up to twelve passengers who don’t want to split up but still want the full personalized tour. Previous visitors have used the rental for special events such as family reunions, corporate outings, and a bachelorette party. Both the bass boat charter and the pontoon charter would require groups over six to split up.

Pontoon Fishing Pictures

More Details On All Pontoon Boat Tours

Pontoon trips are beneficial for groups over four to stay together and have a memorable trip. They are also the best option for young kids, the elderly, and handicapped situations. Both the rental and charter pontoon boat tours are private and all-inclusive. Pontoon trips are also ideal for those looking for a more leisurely trip on a boat with more seats and a bimini top for shade. The vibe is enjoyable and relaxing, combining more sightseeing and cruising with the fishing.
All of these benefits listed below are relevant for both the rental service and the charter. The only difference between the two boat tours is that you will go with the pontoon charter option if your group consists of 6 or fewer people. If your group consists of more than six people, you will go with the pontoon rental option when booking your reservations.


Renting or chartering a pontoon is the perfect adventure for large families or a group of friends looking to enjoy an outdoor activity or fishing in the bass capital of the world without having to split up.

Young Kids

Pontoons are much sturdier and roomier than bass and flats boats. Children of any age will enjoy these trips, but since pontoons don’t rock as much and have sides, they are considered safer, especially for the younger kids.


Pontoons are roomy, with plenty of sitting areas under the bimini top for those looking for a relaxing experience out of the sun. We love when the grandparents come and enjoy watching their grandkid’s faces light up after they catch a bass. It’s also a much sturdier experience than the bass and flats boats and more intimate than a public head boat and airboat trips. Bass and flats boats are much lower and require more balance from a person boarding as well.

Handicap Accessible

Because of the excess floor space and set up of pontoons, accommodating those in a wheelchair or any handicap is no problem. Pontoons are higher up and more level with the dock, making boarding much easier for our renters.

Motion Sickness

For those who get easily nauseated by rocking water, pontoon boat tours will likely be an excellent experience for you compared to a low rocky bass boat.

Dog Friendly

Pontoon boat tours are available with the goal in mind for everyone to have a fantastic day. This even goes for your four-legged friend. Well-behaved dogs are more than welcome on board.

About The Pontoon Boats

The pontoon pictured is a 23-foot flat deck boat ideal for cruising comfortably and efficiently, getting you and your guests to your designated fishing grounds.


The pontoon tours do not feature a restroom, but there are local places to stop for your convenience. Bathrooms are always convenient, and we can stop anytime that is needed.

All-inclusive Pontoon Boat Tours

Every boat tour includes a well-kept pontoon boat, fuel, life jackets and other safety equipment, all necessary fishing gear, and tackle, and an expert captain or mate. Your captain or mate will ensure your group has a productive fishing trip and a grand tour of the wildlife and scenic views.
There will also be a cooler on board with ice for you to put any food or drinks inside.
Bassonline pontoon tours also offer Sight-seeing and Sunset cruises which last 2 or 4 hours and can be extended if the crew is available.

Fishing Quality On A Pontoon Boat Tour

A Pontoon boat will not compromise the quality of your Florida fishing experience. Pontoons are large enough to fit a group but small enough to cruise the calm freshwaters with fishing success. While fishing, you will have the same high probability of success as if you were in a bass or flats boat. In fact, the number of fish caught on a pontoon charter or a rental is often higher because of the ability to have more rods out at once. The boat is the perfect size and shape to have many people fishing around it. Your captain or mate will be able to take you to all the best spots, so everyone has a shot at catching fish regardless of which side of the boat you are on.


A pontoon tour is a great way to enjoy the Florida weather and experience the scenic views of these top locations. The Everglades, Okeechobee, Orlando, and Kissimmee all have incredible wildlife to experience while on the water. Visitors will likely see alligators, sea turtles, manatees, many different species of birds, including bald eagles, and much more.
The knowledgeable crew member on these tours will guide you to all the best spots and point out the wildlife, providing inside knowledge about the fishery.

Pontoon Boat Locations

We offer pontoon boat tours out of some of the top selected destinations throughout the state, including spots in Central and South Florida and Lake Okeechobee.

Orlando boat tours go out of the Butler Chain of Lakes in Windemere. The Kissimmee tours go out of Lake Toho. The Lake Okeechobee tour goes out of Belle Glade, the southeast end of the lake. The Fort Lauderdale tour in South Florida goes out of Everglades Holiday Park.

Join us for a boat tour near Lake Dora, the Dora Canal, and other popular parts of Central Florida. Our certified crew will share their stories and local knowledge of the area, the history, and the flora and fauna as we cruise. We are conveniently located near Mount Dora, just 40 minutes to the south, in one of the most popular chains in the state, Butler.

A Lake Okeechobee pontoon boat tour would be the most convenient option for those coming from Ft Myers beach on the gulf coast or the West Palm Beach area on the Atlantic coast.

Those coming from the Indian River lagoon area would be closest to our Kissimmee tours.

Cruise the clear Florida waters catching trophy bass, exploring the area for birds and other wildlife while enjoying our tropical weather with your friends and family creating a memory of a lifetime.

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Florida Bass Fishing originated in Florida with Lake Okeechobee, the most famous lake in the World. Now over 500 other great lakes are available.

Fishing Reviews
gardengrandmaw Avatar
5 star rating
Lake Okeechobee bass vs Captain Galen Today was a great day on world famous Lake Okeechobee. Fish were plentiful and so were the stories. Captain Galen Fugh was a great guide and outstanding “Wang” man! It was a day for checking off something on our bucket list and making memories. We highly recommend you let them hook you up with some bug bass!
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David B Avatar
David B
5 star rating
An awesome day on Lake Toho with bassonline.com guide and Captain John Leech January 2024 My wife had a business trip in the Orlando area so I tagged along and scheduled a trip with Capt. John Leech in late January hoping to catch some big pre spawn bass on Lake Toho. A big cold front came through the day before our trip so the potential for a tough day was there. With the expert help of Capt. John, and despite the very cool conditions, we were able to catch fish all day long! We caught a lot in the 2-4 pound range with a couple of 5 pounders and one that went 6.32 for big fish of the day. It was an excellent day and John was wonderful company! I Highly recommend Capt. John Leech if you are looking for a person who flat knows where they are and how to catch them! By the way this is my second trip to Florida in the past year. I have booked through bassonline.com both times one on Okeechobee and then this trip to Toho. The trips were professional and exactly what I asked for and paid for each time. Book with confidence!
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Sandra Elder Avatar
Sandra Elder
negative review 
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