Lakes in Georgia

Most Attractive Lakes in Georgia for Recreational Activities

Georgia offers an array of possibilities for visitors with different vacation preferences. Lake tourism is the driving force of this state’s beauty.

Adventurous activities like kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, or paddleboarding at the beautiful lakes of Georgia await you. Whether you need a day off by the tranquil water or are more of an adrenaline seeker, you’ll find it all here.

If you’re planning a trip on one of the Georgia lakes – you’re at the right place! Read on to learn everything regarding the best lakes in Georgia to visit over the summer.



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Top 15 Lakes in Georgia for Tourists

Allatoona Lake

Created in 1950 with the blockage of Etowah River, Allatoona Lake’s shoreline is 270 miles, and the lake covers 12,000 acres of water.

The initial idea was to help flood control, generate hydroelectric power, and supply the local population with water. Being one of Georgia’s cleanest lakes, locals in nearby towns use it for drinking water.

Nonetheless, Lake Allatoona soon became a beloved recreation spot. The picnic areas, playgrounds, and swimming beaches make the area perfect for a family vacation with kids. Lake Allatoona has eight full-service marinas for boat rentals.

Spreading on the territory of Cobb, Cherokee, and Bartow County, this massive lake is also suitable for fishing and boating.

In addition to that, Allatoona Lake has several campsites that offer accommodation for campers. So, you’ll find anything you need for a relaxed weekend or a more extended vacation at Lake Allatoona!

Lake Oconee

When the Georgia Power Company created the Wallace Dam in 1979 on the Oconee River, they also built Lake Oconee. Located in Central Georgia, specifically near Eatonton and Greensboro, it serves as a power source.

Lake Oconee offers tourists anything for a fulfilled family vacation – from on-site lodging and local gift shops to picnic areas and fishing, boating, and golfing options.

The Ritz Carlton is a beautiful place to spend a high-end vacation by Lake Oconee. A vast golf course surrounds this gorgeous resort with a breathtaking view of the lake.

Visitors can rent jet-skiing, ski boats, wakeboard boats, and pontoons in Young Harris Water Sports, where you can indulge in many exciting activities.

Lake Seminole

Located near the border between southwest Georgia and north Florida, Lake Seminole, along with the Seminole State Park, is a reservoir belonging to the US Army Corp of Engineers. The lake covers 37,500 acres and is ideal for boating, fishing, and birding.

Lake Seminole offers you spectacular scenery with water access and cozy cottages, picnic areas, and campsites for the vacation of your dreams.

The cove near the park allows guests to enjoy tubing activities and water skiing on the smooth waters.

Wildlife is abundant in Lake Seminole, including bald eagles, osprey, gopher tortoise burrows, and alligators.

Lake Sinclair

Lake Sinclair lies in the Historic Heartland of Milledgeville near the border between Georgia and southeast Atlanta. Created and operated by Georgia Power in 1953, the lake covers 15,330 acres of water and 417 miles of shoreline. The area includes winding coves, open water stretches, and public boat ramps.

This beautiful lake is an attractive location for swimming, boating, camping, fishing, and different types of tournaments. Moreover, both locals and visitors can use the numerous marinas by the lake.

The lake is perfect for a family vacation or friends’ trip with its pleasant southeast Georgia climate. Tourists can indulge in water sports and enjoy a picnic or a camping day.

Lake Burton

Located in Rabin County as the first among six lakes making up the Tallulah River Watershed, Lake Burton is the home of plenty of fish species, such as rainbow trout, black crappie, spotted bass, largemouth bass, and more.

Ideally, Lake Burton is an ideal destination for watersports enthusiasts. Why? Because you can indulge in fishing, wakeboarding, water skiing, and everything in-between. Young adults can also visit the famous youth summer destination Camp High Harbour.

To conclude the tour, we suggest taking a stroll through Moccasin Creek State Park to enjoy the breathtaking lake view.

After a fun lake day, you can visit the Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant for dining and lodging.

Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and covers 25 miles of isolated shoreline. This lake rightfully carries the name ‘The Land of Enchantment” as it provides a breathtaking view of some of the world’s oldest mountains.

Visitors can fill their holiday with many exciting activities, such as fishing in the trophy waters, boating, swimming, hiking the local trails, and visiting the breathtaking waterfalls nearby.

The Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant offers pleasant accommodation for weary travelers right across the lake and marina. It is a regional favorite, with warm and welcoming personnel, a charming atmosphere, and a rustic farm-to-table restaurant and bar.

Moreover, Lake Rabun Hotel’s staff lets visitors book boats for exciting on-the-water activities like fly fishing and whitewater rafting. Guests who prefer hiking can join an ATV tour and visit the mountain trails rich with ferns, rhododendron, and native mountain laurel.

Lake Sidney Lanier

Lake Lanier is a hidden gem where you can cool off on Atlanta’s hot summer days.

You will fill your vacation schedule with many activities at Lake Lanier, including shopping, tubing, fishing, etc. This lake area also has historical meaning in watersports – it’s where the sprint canoeing and rowing races of the 1996 Olympics occurred!

Once done with your adventurous activities, several different types of accommodation await you. So, suppose you’re planning to rent a houseboat for a weekend or a more extended vacation spent at Lake Lanier. In that case, you definitely won’t regret this decision!

Tallulah Falls Lake

Tallulah Falls Lake is a part of the beautiful Tallulah Gorge State Park. It consists of North America’s second deepest gorge and is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia.

During a holiday at Tallulah Falls Lake, you can go hiking at the Gorge Floor Trail and take a close glimpse of the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls.

We suggest you visit on days when water-release events occur, as you’ll witness an even more spectacular view and indulge in whitewater rafting.

Lake Blackshear

Built by the Crisp County Power Commission in 1930, Lake Blackshear is a reservoir located on the border between five Georgian counties. The lake gets its name from the founder of Fort Early, David Blackshear.

Although the flood in the area submerged most of the trees, the Cypress trees still stand tall in the middle of the lake and add to the gorgeous scenery.

Tourists can partake in plenty of activities at Lake Blackshear, such as fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, and more. If you seek a touch of luxury in your relaxation and recreation, Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club is just the place.

West Point Lake

Covering 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River, West Point Lake encompasses the area on the border between Georgia and Alabama.

This lake area offers you vast recreational opportunities, including boating, fishing, camping, etc. Nature lovers can also enjoy a tranquil hike in the Chattahoochee national forest.

With a shoreline of 525 miles total, this lake offers two commercial marinas, fishing piers, beach areas, campgrounds, and public hunting areas.

Lake Seed

This 240-acre artificial lake resides in Rabun County, at the heart of northeast Georgia. Lake Seed covers only 13 miles of shoreline yet provides visitors with many fishing, boating, swimming, and camping opportunities.

From primitive campsites and boat ramps to picnic areas and swimming beaches, this tranquil lake is an ideal place for a vacation in nature.

In addition to that, you can visit the wilderness campsites or hike the dense forest near Lake Seed.

Lake Harding

Lake Harding (also known as Bartlett’s Ferry Lake) is another lake on the Alabama, and Georgia state line.

Created by the Columbus Power Company in 1926, this is a 5,850-acre artificial lake on the Chattahoochee River.

In its modern history, Lake Harding has turned into a famous recreational area and home to many residents that have built their homes along its shoreline.

Lake Russell

Spreading on 25,000 acres of water, the charming and tranquil Russell Lake is the second among several lakes on the Savannah River – right by the Georgia-South Carolina border.

Residents are not allowed to build docks at Russell Lake, which makes the area less crowded and real estate more affordable.

You can access the lake via the boat ramps and visit the nearby state parks open for fun activities, including camping and frisbee golf.

Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge came to be in 1930 when the Toccoa Electric Power Company built the Blue Ridge Dam on the Toccoa River. It has a 65-mile shoreline. In 1939, the Tennessee Valley Authority purchased the lake to serve as a hydroelectric power source.

Nowadays, the lake is a tourist attraction offering a full-service marina, a few boat ramps, campsites, as well as swimming and picnic areas.

Lake Blue Ridge is a pleasant destination for a family vacation with kids during any time of year.

Lake Hartwell

Are you looking for the largest lake on our list? Then we introduce you to Lake Hartwell! It encompasses over 50,000 acres of water and a 978-mile shoreline.

Despite being a national treasure, Lake Hartwell hardly gets as crowded as other lakes, which intrigues some travelers. Fishing and recreational boating are two activities you can indulge in at the lake.

Several marinas and lakeside restaurants offer visitors services and exciting events to join, such as boat rallies and fishing tournaments.


Which is Georgia’s deepest lake?

That would be Carters Lake, with an estimated depth of 450 feet.

What lake in Georgia has the bluest water?

Lake Blue Ridge is famous for the aquamarine waters that make it one of the most scenic lakes in Georgia.

Which of the lakes in Georgia is the cleanest?

Lake Allatoona and Lake Sinclair are the cleanest in the state regarding lake water quality.