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3 Unmissable Lake Rabun Fishing Destinations

Situated in Georgia’s northeast corner, Lake Rabun, Ga, is a meandering reservoir that is the third in a six-lake series developed by the Georgia Railway and Power Company.

The third lake of six lakes following the Tallulah River’s original course, the Rabun, helps to generate hydroelectric energy. But it also happens to be a popular angling destination. Here one can catch various bass species, as well as bream, crappie, yellow perch, and trophy walleye.

Other than Lake Rabun fishing, you’ll enjoy a host of other recreational activities such as ziplining and hiking at the Tallulah Gorge, GA, or camping in one of the numerous campgrounds in and around the area. Here’s all you need to know.

Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun is genuinely one of the best destinations for fresh-air activities in north Georgia, with 835 acres and a shoreline located in Rabun County. But perhaps no activity is more popular here than fishing. Located only 30 minutes away from Clarkesville, GA, and 90 miles from Atlanta, Lake Rabun has waters with several fish types in the town of Lakemont.

The 834-acre Lake Rabun is a certified haven for anglers, offering lots of big catches for fishermen of all skill levels. On Lake Rabun, you’ll have the option to catch spotted bass, largemouth bass, walleye, bream, yellow perch, and crappie.

The population of largemouth bass in Lake Rabun is growing every year. Anglers at Rabun usually report catching largemouth bass that are under 1 pound and less than 1 foot long. Meanwhile, the majority of spotted bass here weigh between 1 and 2 pounds, and they are found mainly in the open water and main channels.

Are you looking to catch some bream? You’ll most likely come across redbreast, shellcracker, or bluegill weighing no more than half a pound. As for walleye, you might have a more challenging time catching one, but their numbers steadily grow each year.

Other Activities at Lake Rabun

As the third lake in the stream leading out of Tallulah Falls, GA, the Rabun has a constant and generous flow of water that allows for numerous fun activities.

Boating is a principal activity on Lake Rabun. You’ll find lots of kayak and boat rentals here, which you can use to traverse the lake’s pristine waters with gorgeous boathouses on either side of you. It’s the perfect boating destination for the July celebration with a boat ramp, fishing deck, courtesy dock, and ample paved parking lot for vehicles with boat trailers.

In the mood for a hike? Near the back of the campground is a trailhead for the 1.7-mile long Panther Falls Hiking Trail. Or you can make the 30-minute drive down to the Tallulah Gorge State Park for spectacular hiking trails along the Tallulah Falls.

And once you conclude a long, tiring day, why not camp out at the Lake Rabun Beach Campground? With 21 campsites, electric power, water supply, and picnic tables, everyone has enough space.

Swimming is allowed at Lake Rabun, although there is no lifeguard on duty. However, the swim area is designated clearly by buoys and bathhouses.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Northern Largemouth bass in Lake Oliver
Northern Bass

Shoal Bass

Spotted Bass

Walleye Fish


Crappie Fishing


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Seed Lake

Seed Lake GaLocated inside Rabun County, Lake Seed is less than 10 miles from Clarksville. Like the Rabun, this 240-acre mountain lake is also owned by the Georgia Power Company. Seed Lake is one of the most popular northeastern Georgia angling destinations, boasting 13 miles of shoreline and light fishing pressure. The most common fish species are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trophy walleye, pickerel, and redbreast sunfish.

Besides the fish mentioned above, you might also find bluegill, catfish, grass carp, and bream. But whether it’s spinning, fly fishing, or baitcasting, Lake Seed, Ga, is an angling destination worth your time. Of course, one of the most popular activities here is swimming.

And if you want to go boating on Seed Lake—also a highly recommended activity in Georgia lakes—you’ll be able to access it through a small launching ramp on Lake Rabun Road.

For an old-school, natural camping experience, the Lake Seed campground is a perfect destination. With campsites and picnic areas abound, it’s a great place to relax with friends and family. Drinking water and restrooms are also available.

Lake Burton

Like Lakes Rabun and Seed, Lake Burton is also a Georgia Power hydropower lake whose origins are in the Tallulah riverbed; it is the northernmost lake in the series. With an impressive surface area of 2,800 acres, Burton Lake is a treasure trove for northeastern Georgia anglers: largemouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, bluegill, catfish, redear sunfish, crappie, and trout.

If you find yourself at Burton with no fishing supplies, you’ll discover lures, bait, and other angling supplies near the Burton Dam road.

The Moccasin Creek State Park on the west side of Burton has multiple recreation options and modern amenities. Here you can go camping, hiking, or boating, with the playground, campground, boat ramp, dock, and fishing pier at your disposal. In addition, there are three marinas at the park where you can rent kayaks, canoes, boats, and paddleboards. For dining options, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, nearby Clayton has many.

Final Words

Lake Rabun association is for fishing, boating, camping, and hiking are must-do activities for anyone visiting northeastern Georgia. Even if you’re in Atlanta, it’s a trip worth making. So what are you waiting for?

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Lake Rabun
I booked a long weekend fishing trip for two days. We arrived late and hte guide was very accommodating. The company was easy to book with and very helpful. We stayed in local legends hotel which was really enjoyable.
- Branden G

Lake Ruban Fun

Lake Rabun
Highly recommend stayed for a long weekend in the beginning of April. It was still a bit chilly but perfect for spending time by the fire and enjoying drinks by the fire and fishing was just tuning on. The local restaurants are superb, fun place.
- Jean R
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