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About Lake Tohopekaliga

Welcome to West Lake Tohopekaliga, known to the locals as Lake Toho, is a 22,700-acre lake located in the City of Kissimmee. The Lake Tohopekaliga comes from the Seminole Indians who lived nearby, and it means “we will gather together here.” The lake is one of the most famous trophy bass fishing lakes in the entire country and spectacular, redear sunfish, birdwatching, and wildlife sightseeing. Osceola County, Florida, is home to Lake Tohopekaliga, the largest lake in the area.

An introduction of Lake Tohopekaliga Park

Lake Tohopekaliga park at the north end of the lake. It offers walking trails, barbeques or grills, pavilions, restrooms, covered picnic areas, a splash pad and playground for children, a fishing pier, a miniature lighthouse, picnic pavilions, and extremely lovely vessel ramps and docks, all well maintained by the City of Kissimmee.

Named and recognized as “The lakefront park” has a walking scenic trail, guests can observe wildlife such as alligators, waterfowl, otters, redear sunfish, turtles, and many more while sitting on park benches. The lake population of Florida-strain largemouth bass is the draw for most visitors.

Lake Tohopekaliga is Legendary

Know as a constant producing more big bass than any other fishing lake. The Florida Wildlife Commissions’ biologists have indicated that Lake Tohopekaliga, in every ten acres of lake, has one bass over ten pounds. Even the fame, which has increases fishing pressure, Lake Toho continues to produce. Bassmaster magazine, in their issue of top 100 lakes calling Lake Toho bass fishing “the most consistent lake in the country for producing both numbers and trophy bass” by pro Dean Rojas. Many big tournaments are on Toho yearly, with the most significant events.

In 2004, Elite Pro Dean Rojas set the Bassmaster record for the heaviest five-bass limit ever caught, right on West Lake Tohopekaliga. Trophy bass fishing limit, totaling 45 pounds and two ounces, the five fish set a new high that remains unmatched today.

Ed Chancey set the unofficial West Lake Tohopekaliga record for the biggest Toho bass. Chancey’s trophy bass tipped the scales just over 16 pounds. The leading woman angler weighed 14 pounds and five ounces bass on Lake Tohopekaliga.

Lake Toho a Revered Spot For Trophy Bass Fishing

Known for its revere spot for trophy bass fishing. Let’s not forget about the great panfish as well. Not to mention all the bycatch species like redear sunfish, black crappie, chain pickerel, longnose gar, and channel catfish, all caught on a fishing trip on Florida Lake Tohopekaliga.

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A 4-hour private fishing charter will allow you to get a taste of what Toho Bass Fishing is all about in Kissimmee Florida

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This 6-hour private fishing charter will provide you a more in-depth experience of bass fishing on the Toho for trophy bass

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Our 8-hour private family fishing charter is the ultimate experience on Lake Toho to catch a 10lb largemouth bass in Kissimmee
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Lake Tohopekaliga Habitat

Lake Tohopekaliga is like most Florida lakes, consisting of shallow grass flats, natural bullrush, maidencane, and hydrilla that help to entrench the largest part of the lake. The local population of wildlife, baitfish, and Lake Toho bass depend on it. In addition to local vegetation, the bottom of Toho improved by allowing extreme drawdowns to the lake’s water level. The St Cloud Canal, which comes from East Lake Tohopekaliga, is the main water source feed.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has placed fish attractors in Lake Tohopekaliga, which are prevalent areas for wildlife and fish. To view a map with coordinates, click the FWC website.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Anglers targeting trophy bass fishing for Largemouth bass may want to direct their time on the water around the mouth of Shingle Creek, enhanced shorelines east and west of South Port Park, Lanier Point, Goblets Cove, and Brown s Point. Offshore hydrilla patches near channel marker 24, Little Grassy Island, and Goblets Cove will also hold many bass on artificial lures or shiners.

Additionally, anglers who can find moving water associated with rainfall-runoff should give these areas a cast or two. Very effectively utilized both live and artificial baits in all the areas mentioned above. Golden shiners are the live bait of choice by most anglers, although spinner-baits (white, white/Chartreuse or yellow skirted), lip-less crank-baits (chrome or shad colored) and plastic worms (black, black grape, black/blue, and June bug colored) will account for a fair share of the catches.

Top Targeted Fish Species


Largemouth Bass


Black Crappie



Redear Sunfish

Redear Sunfish

See all fish species >>>

Best Times to Fish Lake Tohopekaliga

You should always factor in weather conditions; the time of day and weather can affect your trophy bass fishing success. Most of the bass population on Lake Tohopekaliga likes to spawn in February and March. They move away from shallow areas and into the Kissimmee grass or hydrilla throughout the lake after living in shallow. Excellent summer fishing spots include Big Grassy, Browns Point, and Lanier Point. The lake’s north shore is replete with tall grasses, often concealing large bass populations ready to bite.

Panfish Fishing Tips

If black crappie fishing is your thing, get your fishing boat and hit Canoe Creek in Lake Cypree or Southport Canal. Primetime on West Lake Tohopekaliga is February for black crappie; Missouri minnows are best, but long-lining jigs in white, green, and yellow around Marker 29. The jigs and minnows can be purchased at any website or fish camps around the lake.

Typically from May to June, you will find spawning activity by bluegill, redear sunfish, and chain pickerel in full force in Lake Tohopekaliga. Anglers targeting redear sunfish or bluegill should try to schedule time on the water around the new and complete moon phases and concentrate their efforts on fishing areas having sandy bottoms associated with vegetation. Brown’s Point and North Steer Beach are two lake areas produced over the years.

Live bait (crickets and red wigglers) will be the bait of choice by many bluegill anglers, but small artificial jigs (tube lure or curly-tailed) or beetle spins (white or yellow-colored) will also account for some good stringers of fish.

Lake Toho Reviews

A morning on Lake Toho

Lake Toho
Captain Steve provides excellent service! We started off slow. Water was smooth. Steve said we need some wind and when the wind came bam! For the next two and a half hours it was non stop. We caught 24 between 1.5 and 5lbs. His patience with the little ones is amazing. Take the kids. He teaches them well. Grand daughter caught a 5 pounder. We will ask for Captain Steve again on our next trip.
- Keith D.Churchman

June Fishing

Lake Toho
Had a great morning with John. His expertise and knowledge made the trip. I would recommend to anyone that was looking to go bass fishing in Florida.
- Justin Brindley

Capt Steve

Lake Toho
Great day bass fishing with captain Steve! Best guide around.
- Jeanette

Wheelchair Accessible Fishing!

Lake Toho
Excellent charter who was able to accommodate a disabled person in our party. Our captain met us with a pontoon boat which allowed a wheelchair to roll right on/off without needing to transfer to another seat. Highly recommend if anyone in your party has mobility issues and cannot board a typical bass boat.
- D Keisling

Fishing Lake Toho with Capt

Lake Toho
I did a 4 hour morning trip with Cpt Devin. I found him to be personable and professional and we caught fish. It was a great morning on the water.
- H4806

Half day. With Paul

Lake Toho
Had an amazing half day. It started early and slow. Paul kept adjusting the boat or moving locations until the catching begin. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable.
- Thouplous Beaufort
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Top Lake Toho Fishing Guides

Experience the beautiful Kissimmee Chain of lakes and all of its Central Florida, including Lake Tohopekaliga, Lake Cypress, and Lake Kissimmee. These water bodies are all part of the Central Florida Chain of lakes that provide the perfect opportunity for you to experience Central Florida trophy bass fishing.

Our Lake Toho guide staff cordially invite you to experience possibly the best bass fishing you will ever encounter. Fish Lake Tohopekaliga, one of Florida’s most famous big bass lakes, and get to enjoy one of Florida’s most precious natural resources all while catching big trophy bass. 

Were proud of being the leaders in Kissimmee bass fishing guide services in Central Florida. We hope if you’re searching for the excitement of trophy bass fishing while visiting Orlando, you will consider us as the best option after exploring our website and all the great information and pictures.

Bass Fishing Trip Planning Phase

When planning a fishing trip to the Central Fl area, consider taking a guided trophy bass fishing trip with the area’s largest and most respected fishing guide service. Our guides are full-time bass fishing guides and professional tournament fishermen who know how to provide our customers’ perfect fishing experience. Maybe you prefer redear sunfish, black crappie, channel catfish, alligator gar, or longnose gar to use there for you. But catching trophy bass and creating memories on Lake Tohopekaliga is what our guide service persistently achieves daily!

Our no fish, no pay guarantee on the Chain of lakes bass fishing trips leaves us consistently rated #1, standing alone at the top regarding credibility and reliability in the Orlando bass fishing industry, proven by our reviews. BASS Online specializes in catching trophy bass fishing, with artificial lures, fly fishing gear and live bait; it’s your choice. Our Lake Tohopekaliga fishing guides will teach you proven techniques to catch trophy Florida bass and help improve your bass fishing skills. You search our website for additional information.

Your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Trip

We have only U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Kissimmee bass fishing guides; we maintain a high safety standard to ensure you have a relaxing day while fishing with us. The one thing that remains the same in Florida is the abundance of trophy bass fishing opportunities and the chance to see exotic plants and watch native Florida wildlife. Book your fishing charter above if you’re seeking that once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip or want to experience more of what Florida’s beautiful fishing lake has to offer.

We offer the widest variety of fishing charters and vacation packages specifically for Central Florida and Lake Toho at competitive pricing and custom-designed for your needs. Remember you are getting the area’s best Lake Toho guide, unlike Big Toho Marina!

We genuinely hope that our list of clientele, accomplishments, and overall experience will help make choosing us your next redear sunfish, chain pickerel, channel catfish, or largemouth bass experience while in Orlando bass fishing. Thanks for reading and visiting!

TOHO Fishing Reports

Lake Toho Boat Ramps

Chain of lakes has several boat ramps available around Lake Tohopekaliga, with the newest being the ramps at Kissimmee Lakefront Park via the website.

Final Comments

If you’re looking for a peaceful nature getaway where there is something for everyone, Lake Tohopekaliga is a great place. The local area’s easygoing, laidback atmosphere will help you relax, whether enjoying a family get-a-way, engaging in one of the water activities. Trying your luck in trophy bass fishing or thoroughly enjoying nature, you will make those extraordinary memories. Lake Toho is 20 minutes from Disney World and only 30 minutes from Orlando. Men, Women, children, your best friend, or business client are all great for your trip to this beautiful destination today!

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