Cancellation Policy


Our cancellation terms are as follows:

Terms and conditions are as follows; all outdoor activities (singles, doubles, groups, and packages) should be rescheduled or canceled with verbal notification. Two options, through your tour guide (captain) or direct to the Bass Online office for all partner brands at (1-954-771-5833) within 72 hours of your scheduled trip date/time. Notification via text or email is not accepted in the terms and conditions agreement.

If cancellation is NOT within the 72 hours before your scheduled trip date. We will make all attempts to reschedule your outdoor activity. If we “cannot” reschedule your reserved activity before your scheduled time, you will forfeit any payment/deposit currently made.

Service Fee: A base $5.00 online service is charged for each reservation processed; the refund policy does not include a refund of the said service fee. It is only refunded with the “Assurance policy” if the refund is provided

Weather cancellation procedure:

All activities canceled due to bad weather before starting time are the customer’s responsibility to notify the tour guide (captain) and/or the Bass Online main office between (9 am – 6 pm EST) of cancellation. The customer must notify the tour guide (captain) and/or Bass Online office 24 hours in advance due to weather to cancel. If no verbal contact is made, the customer is required to show up at the scheduled meeting location and cancel the activity in person with the tour guide (Captain).

We do offer a 100% refund, less a booking fee, on any payments for activities canceled due to weather if canceled with this procedure! When an activity is canceled due to weather, we make every attempt to reschedule when possible.

If the weather condition policy is not followed as stated above, you forfeit your nonrefundable deposit unless you have purchased the “Assurance policy’ (below).

Bass Online or its partners are not responsible for any costs incurred due to a cancellation, such as lodging, fishing license, or personal expenses due to weather delays or other uncontrollable events.

Service Fee: A base $5.00 online service is charged for each reservation processed; the refund policy does not include a refund of the said service fee. It is only refunded with the “Assurance policy” if the refund is provided.


Our tour guides (captains) have the right to terminate any activity if any customer becomes verbally or physically abusive to anyone in the party or connected to our team. Verbal insults and threats are taken seriously. 

If a customer continually insults or berates any of our team members to the point that it becomes abusive, our tour guide (Captain) has strict instructions to return to base and instruct the abusers the activity has been canceled. Proper authorities will be called in if necessary, such as USCG, FWC, Marine Police, or local Police. We are professionals, that enjoy what we do with people that treat it the same way.


Get reimbursed 100% up to minutes prior to your activity with “Assurance” for only an additional $15.00, or you can move your deposit to another date, based on availability and price difference with priority, for no additional change fee.

You’ll be reimbursed for your purchase if you can’t attend this experience for any reason, such as illness, airline delays, traffic accidents, or weather emergencies.

Why ensure your activities? Activity assurance protects your financial investment, and more so, please of mind that the activities, including taxes, booking fee, and additional costs (up to the amount of your total transaction cost less your assurance costs), should you not be able to attend for ANY reason.

All Refunds

Except when required by law, paid Assurance fees ($15.00) are non-refundable.

Specific refund requests for Assurance may be considered by the Company on a case-by-case basis and granted at the Company’s sole discretion. All refunds are not instant, as it takes 24-48 hours for the credit card companies and banks to reissue funds on our behalf.

Gift Certificate Policies


Gift certificates are only good for up to a year from purchase. If you buy one in December first, it’s good until the following December first the following year.


-Expiration dates on the gift certificates are very strict; they cannot be extended for ANY reason.  Please be aware of this when planning your activities. If you book right before it expires and something comes up, like the weather, you could risk your gift certificate balance.

Good towards any trip’s fare, not usable on Clothes, Hats, tackles, Parking fees, Souvenirs, or anything other than charter/tour fare only.

– Maximum gift card purchase amount is $2500

 **Keep in mind, when booking activities or buying gift certificates online, there is a small non-refundable service fee.

Package Fishing Trip Cancellations:

For any package (style) fishing trips that include accommodations; the accommodation part of the reservation MUST be canceled 72 hours in advance. There’s a penalty charge for a one-night stay for violation of the accommodation policy. This is a policy set by hotel providers, that we must enforce.

No Show Policy:

No show” is defined as a customer who does not meet the above requirements and has no communication notification with the fishing guide or Bass Online, Inc.’s main office before or on the day of the scheduled trip. In short, the customer simply fails to show up at the designated location set at the time of reservation and verified on the itinerary.

All “no show” customers will forfeit their deposit to cover the cost of the guide, gas, live bait, reservationist, etc. upon the start date/time of the scheduled date. We do not offer the possibility to reschedule the charter for “no show” customers, this is solely determined by Bass Online, Inc. office staff only.

Bass Online, Inc. will not assume any responsibility nor shall it be liable for any loss, cancellation, costs, delays, accidents, sickness, injury, or damage to person or property, or damage, loss or theft of baggage and personal effects arising from or in connection with any of its services Bass Online, Inc and FFN reserves the right to cancel or alter an itinerary, charter, tour, or cruise as conditions require.