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Fishing charter reviews represent our customers and the passion we have at It all stems from being in love with the sport of bass fishing, as well as providing high-quality fishing charters reviews easier than ever before. Finding the very best fishing charter is hard to do, we know. One of the best ways to separate the good from the bad is by searching through fishing charter reviews. While most do not have reviews, we bring to you real-life, real-time charter fishing reviews from our customers on real-life fishing trips.

While we have just started (2014) using this new technology on our website we have more than almost 10 years of reviews we can share on our old system. So as you navigate our website you will read many posted over the years. But these below are new and interactive…good or bad there here for you to check and view for your self. So as described below, you can read our reviews from customer trips, but you can also read fishing guide reviews below. Yes, that’s right you can read reviews or post a review on each fishing guide. This is surely going to take the guessing out of hiring your next fishing guide. Read the most current fishing charter reviews and view real customer ratings from the fishing charter experience.

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We’ve always said, we have hired and identified the best fishing guides period. Now through customer reviews, among boat inspections, captain interviews, and first-hand fishing experiences. We bring it to you, and you be the judge. At, we have always been passionate about the sport, our captain’s love for what they do, and of course you the customer that makes it all possible. Ultimately, we want to make booking your next fishing charter a better experience than ever before, by making is easier than ever before and eliminating the guesswork. We know that “booking a charter” is a big commitment. That’s exactly why we list, rate, and review our charter fishing trips.

So, find the best-rated fishing charter outdoor reviews for your next vacation and book online 24 hours a day or call us toll-free at (888) 629.2277.

“If you would like to share a review, good or bad. Please visit the actually posted fishing report, fishing guide, or lake and leave a specific review. If not you can post on the City location Page of the lake you fished. At the bottom of each page or post find a box labeled “CLICK HERE TO WRITE A REVIEW.”

Fishing Charter Reviews

John D. Avatar
John D.
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - Yelp

Capt Levi Hutchinson was fantastic. I'm a sort of beginner, know the basics but Levi was patient and professional. I... read more

Jack M Avatar
Jack M
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

Fishing with Captain Doug My son is an avid bass fisherman (from Texas). I’m not - but wanted to take my son on... read more

John D Avatar
John D
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great day, great captain, lots of fish on Capt Levi Hutchinson was fantastic. I'm a sort of beginner, know the basics but Levi was patient and professional. I... read more

John D. Avatar
John D.
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - Yelp

Capt Levi Hutchinson was fantastic. I'm a sort of beginner, know the basics but Levi was patient and professional. I... read more

John D. Avatar
John D.
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - Yelp

Capt Levi Hutchinson was fantastic. I'm a sort of beginner, know the basics but Levi was patient and professional. I... read more

John D. Avatar
John D.
5 star rating
7/24/2021 - Yelp

Capt Levi Hutchinson was fantastic. I'm a sort of beginner, know the basics but Levi was patient and professional. I... read more

Barbara “Deanie” ” Martino Avatar
Barbara “Deanie” ” Martino

TFA Fishing Guide We had David take for a half day fishing on Lake Ray Roberts. He was ion time,, and very professional.... read more

Jay H Avatar
Jay H
5 star rating
7/22/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great trip in a tough time of year Despite a tough time of year on Lake Erie, Capt. Rose kept us on fish and helped us have great... read more

Alysia H Avatar
Alysia H
5 star rating
7/22/2021 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass Extravaganza Captain Dave Manack was ready to go before we even arrived. He was extremely courteous, experienced, and accommodating. His sense... read more

Ew13 Avatar
5 star rating
7/22/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great experience My wife and I went out with captain Mike and had a blast. We caught a good amount of fish... read more

Thomas E Avatar
Thomas E
5 star rating
7/21/2021 - TripAdvisor

Lots of fun Captain Kirk took us to the Everglades fishing for Peacock Bass. He was a great teacher and very patient.... read more

Alan Kanouff Avatar
Alan Kanouff

Top water Largemouth was a blast! Had an amazing time with Captain Rose. The top water largemouth bass fishing was an experience I won’t forget. My... read more

Keith Pike Avatar
Keith Pike

Peacock bass fishing Captain Robert Miley is truly the best! Book him if you can. All 5 stars

Charles Bandurski Avatar
Charles Bandurski

Erie Largemouth Capt. Mark Rose was a consummate professional. Very knowledgeable of the area.had a great time catching bass on topwater baits.... read more

Chandler Lamkin Avatar
Chandler Lamkin

Great Day on Rodman Res. W/ Ken Walker Booked Ken Walker for a day on Rodman Reservoir, My father and I both caught numerous good bass. Put us... read more

Craig Lamkin Avatar
Craig Lamkin

Best guide service I've ever had He was very helpful with everything we needed from him. Even made dead eye cast and put me where the... read more

Gary S Avatar
Gary S
5 star rating
6/14/2021 - TripAdvisor

3 day trip at headwaters lake with captain joe gruny Captain joe grunt guided me on headwaters lake for largemouth bass. Fishing was incredible! Joe put me... read more

Roelkey Myers Avatar
Roelkey Myers

Lake Erie fishing with Capt Mark Rose Capt Mark Rose is the most dedicated fishing guide I’ve ever used. He is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects and... read more

Jim McVay Avatar
Jim McVay

Great Peacock Trip With Mark Rogers My 16 year old brother in law wanted to catch a peacock bass so I I booked a trip with... read more

sxmhappy Avatar
5 star rating
6/06/2021 - TripAdvisor

Peacock bass in Florida with Wayne Fellows Wayne Fellows

We originally booked a six hour trip on Lake Ida. Captain Wayne Fellows suggested we change the location...
read more

Eric Porter Avatar
Eric Porter

Smallmouth fishing I had a fun day fishing for smallmouth bass on Friday. Rick was great at setting me up to succeed... read more

David L Thomas Avatar
David L Thomas

Great time fishing with CPT Pete T Took the time to find us a really great guide! This was during the memorial weekend and we waited to... read more

Gary S Avatar
Gary S
5 star rating
6/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

3 day trip at headwaters lake with captain joe gruny Captain joe grunt guided me on headwaters lake for largemouth bass. Fishing was incredible! Joe put me... read more

Tam Avatar
5 star rating
6/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

Peacock bass in Florida with Wayne Fellows Wayne Fellows We originally booked a six hour trip on Lake Ida. Captain Wayne Fellows suggested we change... read more

Nick N Avatar
Nick N
1 star rating
6/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

Stay on the dock The web site makes the whole experience look like it is a very professional well planned trip. IT IS BY... read more

Vernon W Avatar
Vernon W
5 star rating
6/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

Lake Ida Peacock Bass!!! My son and I went out with Captain Mike today and had a blast! Captain Mike is a professional and... read more

Ed Borton Avatar
Ed Borton

Fun day with an old friend and Capt John Leech My friend Jim and I were fortunate to be assigned to bass fish with Capt John Leech. We were on... read more

Rick Haskell Avatar
Rick Haskell

Wow ! So many big bass Captain Bill Goudy JR certainly knows how to put you in a position to catch big bass. Captain Bill has... read more

Sissy C Avatar
Sissy C
5 star rating
5/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

A good experience My cousin and I had planned this fishing trip for about 15 years. While we would have liked to... read more

Sissy C Avatar
Sissy C
5 star rating
5/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

A good experience My cousin and I had planned this fishing trip for about 15 years. While we would have liked to... read more

Dave and Brian.. Avatar
Dave and Brian..

From Utah to Florida. The best...

Wayne Hinkle Avatar
Wayne Hinkle

Smallmouth Fishing with Mark Rose, Erie PA Mark will put you on the fish. Just completed a two day charter with Mark Rose and had an awesome... read more

Mark M Avatar
Mark M

Mark Rose , Smallmouth guide on Lake Erie Wow! What a great guide and great time. Mark works extremely hard to make sure you get on fish and... read more

B9919CVmattk Avatar
4 star rating
5/14/2021 - TripAdvisor

Knowledgable and hard working Capt...Great boat! Capt. Wayne Fellows got us on many fish! We originally booked for Lake Ida but Capt. fortunately switched locations... read more

Cory Smith Avatar
Cory Smith

Mark Rose Smallmouth Erie,Pa When I joined a Lake Erie Facebook page I was immediately drawn to the size of smallmouth Mark was producing... read more

Chris Barnhart Avatar
Chris Barnhart

Capt. Ken Walker Had my first ever guided fishing trip with Capt. Ken Walker at Rodman Reservoir today. It was a great time... read more

Ed Avatar

Guide trip Nice boat people was nice but guide says bass is starting to head to deeper water but we didn't head... read more

Ronald Cecilione Avatar
Ronald Cecilione

Another Amazing Day When a grandfather takes his 11 year old grandson fishing he wants to leave with him memories. Memories that later... read more

Jerame Edwards Avatar
Jerame Edwards

We did a two baot charter and Capt John Miller did an excellent job!! We where always on fish! Capt... read more

Chris Foster Avatar
Chris Foster

Captain Mark Rose Captain Mark crushed it. First, the boat was amazing and in excellent working order. All of the tackle was top... read more

Jerame Edwards Avatar
Jerame Edwards

Learned about Capt Mark from a friend and booked a trip with him. We had an absolute great time and... read more

Sissy C Avatar
Sissy C
5 star rating
5/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

A good experience My cousin and I had planned this fishing trip for about 15 years. While we would have liked to... read more

Matt Brown Avatar
Matt Brown

Great trip with Captain Mark Rose I bought a guide trip for my 11 year old son's birthday. We had a blast. Captain Mark Rose really... read more

Lenny M. Avatar
Lenny M.
5 star rating
4/27/2021 - Yelp

AS always Captain Dave Lauer put us on fish and gave us outstanding personal service. No matter the level of... read more

Kathy & Rich Erdely Avatar
Kathy & Rich Erdely

Great Choice with Captain Bill When we looked to charter a guide we had multiple options so we went with Captain Bill Goudy. We definitely... read more

Drp1234life Avatar
5 star rating
4/19/2021 - TripAdvisor

Captain Bill Boliek was awesome! My brother and I went out for a 4hr bass fishing trip. Our captain, Bill, called the night before to... read more

Kayla Beaty and Scott Robinson Avatar
Kayla Beaty and Scott Robinson

BOOK WITH LARRY CROSS!!! I booked this trip for my boyfriends birthday and we had an absolute BLAST. Captain Larry Cross knows the ins... read more

Ron Hayes Avatar
Ron Hayes

Quality fishing with Jai Hunter I went on a trip on Wednesday (4/14/21) with Capt Jai Hunter. Did’t catch a large number but caught multiple... read more

Brian R Avatar
Brian R

Great fun and memories! 🐟 My 7 y/o son and I went Peacock hunting with Capt. Mark Rose and had an absolute blast! Being led... read more

Greg and Mary Beth Campagna Avatar
Greg and Mary Beth Campagna

Peacock Bass in Golden Gate Canal Naples, FL Mark Rose was an excellent guide on our recent fishing trip in the Golden Gate Canal, Naples. We had a... read more

mikekurtz21 Avatar
5 star rating
4/10/2021 - TripAdvisor

41 fish! Captain Tim was great and got us on some fish we wouldn’t normally catch. 41 total between two of us:... read more

Joe Reynolds Avatar
Joe Reynolds

Had a blast We had a great fishing trip! Captain mark put us on the fish!! We will definitely be back!!

brockf301 Avatar
5 star rating
4/06/2021 - TripAdvisor

Fun Caught a bucket list fish and caught them throughout the day and the boat captain worked vary hard to keep... read more

Dave R. Avatar
Dave R.
5 star rating
4/05/2021 - Yelp

Great day with Captain Wayne. We caught 18 fish. It was a amazing day with the boys!

David G Ehgartner Avatar
David G Ehgartner

Beautiful Peacock Bass Thanks Captain Mark Rose , When we talked before our peacock bass trip I said “ I want Helen to... read more

Tom Ward Avatar
Tom Ward

BEST FISHING GUIDES! I had the privilege to fish with Capt. John Leech and it was absolutely incredible. To say it was the... read more

Aaron Cavanaugh Avatar
Aaron Cavanaugh

Dave Manack was Fantastic! Had an absolutely awesome time on the water yesterday with Dave. Great personality. Fun and entertaining stories. Fishing was great... read more

Evan Johnson Avatar
Evan Johnson

Capt. Mark Rose We came out to Okeechobee on a Saturday and it was extremely hot and we didn’t catch anything. He offered... read more

Kevin Smith Avatar
Kevin Smith

Mark Rose fishing Great day out with Capt. Mark. Enjoyed his enthusiasm and talent in the sport. He went above and beyond to... read more

Jeff Pennington Avatar
Jeff Pennington

Capt. Mark Rose-Catch Fish Instead of Going For A Boat Ride Mark puts his customers first ! Instead of us driving 1-1/2 hours to where he was (where the fish were... read more

Blake Plummer Avatar
Blake Plummer

Great day Had a great day of fishing with Mark Roe tons of peacocks and bass, the only thing I'd recommend is... read more

scottcD4969DU Avatar
5 star rating
3/21/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great fishing with Capt. Alex! Captain Alex Peterson was great. I took my two boys, 10 and 7. We had a blast at Lake Panasoffkee.... read more

Jake Pollitz Avatar
Jake Pollitz

John leech Me and my brother went out with John leech this morning with 4 dozen shiners, they were gone in about... read more

John Tubertini Avatar
John Tubertini

Fishing on 3/19/2021 Captain Bill Boliek was Absolutely the best fishing guide I have ever fished with. He was on time waiting for... read more


Captain John leech Had a great time and caught 50+ bass!

Jake P. Avatar
Jake P.
5 star rating
3/19/2021 - Yelp

John leech was amazing. Best fishing day I have ever had, 4 dozen shiners gone in an hour. So many... read more

Linda Ellison Avatar
Linda Ellison

Great morning on Okeechobee! Captain Mark Rose was our guy. Got us right out on the water and we went to work. Pulled up... read more

Dennis Armbruster Avatar
Dennis Armbruster

Lake O shiner fishing Went out with Captain Mark Rose 3/5 in the middle of a cold front. We got to Slim's early at... read more

Scott Zelhart Avatar
Scott Zelhart

Not happy at all I booked a shiner fishing trip for March 2 on the big O. I opted for a trip out of... read more

52ronaldr Avatar
5 star rating
3/05/2021 - TripAdvisor

Some of the best fishing I've ever done in my life!! My favorite part of the trip was catching so many fish was Captain Mark Rose. I caught so many peacock... read more

David Ehgartner Avatar
David Ehgartner

Peacock Bass with Capt Mark Rose When I talked to Captain Mark Rose on the phone I said I wanted my wife to catch fish and... read more

Jonathan H Avatar
Jonathan H

Peacocks and largemouth in flordia I came all the way to flordia to fish with capt. Mark Rose. He put me on fish in pa... read more

Ronny Lakes Avatar
Ronny Lakes

Kissimmee bass fishing Capt Steve Niemoeller was our fishing guide did an exceptional job guiding us. We went out in his pontoon boat... read more

Grant Gartner Avatar
Grant Gartner

Lake Okeechobee Capt. Mark Rose did an excellent job figuring out what pattern we needed to use and put me on some... read more

Ken Winebrenner Avatar
Ken Winebrenner

Great Trip Mark Rose done an awesome job getting us on fish. He recommended to switch to Ida lake the night before.... read more

Tina L Avatar
Tina L

Spur of the moment trip We decided on a whim to book a trip and was paired with Mark Rose. He was so helpful. He... read more

Mark McGranahan Avatar
Mark McGranahan

Mark Rose. Peacock Bass Fishing Booked a trip with Mark Rose Last week. I am a Charter Captain down from Buffalo for a little warmer... read more

Michael Collins Avatar
Michael Collins

Best day ever in South Florida Today me and my 13 y/o son went out on Lake Okeechobee with Capt. Mark Rose for the first time... read more

Michael Avatar

Okeechobee guide Had a great day with Mark Rose on Okeechobee. Really nice boat and gear, perfect weather, honey hole, and fish... read more

kellycE7831AK Avatar
5 star rating
1/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

Best fishing trip by far! From start to finish Capt.Wayne was amazing. We have been on alot of fishing trips but this experience was great.... read more

Muskiesrock Avatar
5 star rating
1/20/2021 - TripAdvisor

Our Best Bass Trip! I've been lucky to fish with some good guides in my life and Capt. Mark Shepard moved to the top... read more

Rockney77 Avatar
5 star rating
1/19/2021 - TripAdvisor

Ripping lips all day! I had an amazing time Bass fishing with Captain Mark Rose and Mark Shepard. Both of them are true professionals.... read more

carolyncP3233CS Avatar
5 star rating
1/17/2021 - TripAdvisor

Fishing on Lake Ida Captain Wayne was excellent. He shared fishing techniques and provided a good fishing spot. Too cool for Rainbow bass... read more

jphend5 Avatar
5 star rating
1/15/2021 - TripAdvisor

AWESOME!!! BOOK A TRIP WITH CAPT MARK ROSE! I booked a 2 day bass fishing trip on Okeechobee for my... read more

Treadway22 Avatar
5 star rating
1/15/2021 - TripAdvisor

Excellent Fished with Captain Wayne Fellows for peacock bass. He is a really good dude and knew right where to put... read more

Thefishinchristian Avatar
5 star rating
1/14/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great time! My dad and I went out with Mark Rose and he was amazing! We caught around 40 bass! Would recommend!!

34colec Avatar
5 star rating
1/10/2021 - TripAdvisor

Great trip Fantastic weekend of fishing with Capt. Dave Lauer. My son and I had a great experience and can't wait until... read more

BassChaserUSA Avatar
5 star rating
1/05/2021 - TripAdvisor

Guaranteed Fun and Guaranteed Fish! Plenty of fish! BOOK THIS TRIP! Well worth the time and money. Capt Wayne Fellows will put you on whatever game fish you... read more

Russell Tolentino R. Avatar
Russell Tolentino R.
5 star rating
1/05/2021 - Yelp

Doesn't matter if your a beginner or a seasoned angler book this guide with Capt Wayne Fellows. I guarantee he... read more

Shannon T. Avatar
Shannon T.
5 star rating
1/05/2021 - Yelp

My husband and I went out with Captain Wayne on Lake Ida. It was so great that we scheduled a... read more

John Alexander M. Avatar
John Alexander M.
5 star rating
12/27/2020 - Yelp

Great experience with Captain Mike. He provided everything we needed and went above and beyond.

annamarkells Avatar
5 star rating
12/22/2020 - TripAdvisor

A Morning Full of Peacock Capt Mike got my son and I into fish all morning. We had an absolute blast! Couldn’t have asked... read more

Markell S. Avatar
Markell S.
5 star rating
12/22/2020 - Yelp

Capt Mike gave my son and I a morning full of Peacock Bass that we will never forget! Couldn't... read more

Richard K. Avatar
Richard K.
5 star rating
12/19/2020 - Yelp

Lots of fish & Dave is a pleasure. He's very skilled & has infinite patience.

Alan K Avatar
Alan K
5 star rating
12/18/2020 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Paradise Capt. Wayne was very professional in his preparation and knowledge. I wanted my wife to catch her first peacock and... read more

scottys881 Avatar
5 star rating
12/11/2020 - TripAdvisor

Peacock bass trip He was great with my son and he put us on fish! He worked with us to help with techniques.... read more

marcuslK7395TE Avatar
5 star rating
12/06/2020 - TripAdvisor

AMAZING Experience- Ken Walker Ken Walker was extremely knowledgeable, educational, patient and kind. My son caught his personal best bass, 9 lbs. 12 oz.... read more

Scott Cleveland Avatar
Scott Cleveland

Great trip with Captain Brett Isackson Capt Brett was phenomenal. I took my two boys, seven and 10, and they had an absolute blast. His equipment... read more

D2926AUjohns Avatar
5 star rating
11/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bucket list Great time - nice boat - Dave was fantastic and very knowledgeable about hot spots in Lake Okeechobee. Will... read more

Jay and Nick Avatar
Jay and Nick

Awesome time on Erie Me and my fishing buddy Nick have been fishing Lake Erie for 20 years. We made several trips this fall... read more

Bernie McMullen Avatar
Bernie McMullen
11/16/2020 - Google

Capt Steve is a great guide. He put us on spots where the fish where. Great service while on... read more

matthewe594 Avatar
5 star rating
11/12/2020 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass in Naples My wife and I went out with Captain Nick Pasquarello to chase peacock bass. We caught 20+ fish and the... read more

Steve Swanson Avatar
Steve Swanson
11/09/2020 - Google

Capt. Mike was great, extremely patient with my son and IU out on the water. It was a... read more

Bret Bestpitch Avatar
Bret Bestpitch
11/02/2020 - Google

Capt. Bill is the absolute best. Catching fish steady for 8 hours. Knows where the honey holes are... read more

Waymor Miles Avatar
Waymor Miles
10/29/2020 - Google

It was a great experience. Fishing was a little slow that day but still had a great time. Jeff is... read more

Jeff Jones Avatar
Jeff Jones

Had a great day Had a great day fishing with captian David Lang. Caught some nice bass.

rk486 Avatar
5 star rating
10/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

Plan B with Captain Mark Rose I booked 2 days of Lake Erie smallmouth fishing with Caption Mark Rose. The weather however was very windy out... read more

Rich Greene Avatar
Rich Greene
10/18/2020 - Google

Amazing day on the water!! Captain Bill put us on the most fish we have ever caught in a day... read more

A1969HCneild Avatar
5 star rating
10/18/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great trip Got on a lot of fish and captain helped out the less experienced people on the boat. Captain nick was... read more

Da-Hinkster Avatar
5 star rating
10/14/2020 - TripAdvisor

Smallmouth Charters with Captain Mark Rose My adult son & I, both experienced Lake Erie fishermen, just completed two successful Presque Isle smallmouth charters with Captain... read more

krisw231 Avatar
5 star rating
10/10/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great fishing experience What a great trip we had with Captain Joe Gruny! He took us to the exact spot that the... read more

Kris Avatar

Amazing Morning! Had a great morning with Capt Joe Gruny at Stick Marsh! His expert knowledge and experience took us to the... read more

MR BASS Avatar
10/08/2020 - Google

My experience with Captain Bill Gouda JR. was amazing. Excellent guide. Put me on the fish and we caught them.... read more

Rob Huron Avatar
Rob Huron
9/29/2020 - Google

Best time on the water with kirk kept us laughing on most definitely on the fish. Well worth the money... read more

James Carr Avatar
James Carr
9/24/2020 - Google

It was by far the most successful fishing trip that I have ever experienced and I have been fishing... read more

Buckysbbq Avatar
5 star rating
9/17/2020 - TripAdvisor

Fishing Erie Capt Mark took us out to Lake Erie. The wind was rough so we couldn't go to the big lake.... read more

jimlW3017NR Avatar
5 star rating
9/14/2020 - TripAdvisor

4 hours of bass catching Liz was a big help thanks again. First time peacock bass fishing and captain Mike put us on the fish... read more

P3763QPalanj Avatar
5 star rating
9/09/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great Peacock Bass fishing Miami/Ft Lauderdale Captain Kirk was awesome! He made us feel right at home on his boat and in no time we felt... read more

ronald cecilione Avatar
ronald cecilione
9/02/2020 - Google

Capt Bill Goudy Jr is one of the Bass On Line Fishing Guides and If you want to check off... read more

Mark DeVasto Avatar
Mark DeVasto
9/01/2020 - Google

On Saturday 8/29/20 2 of my children and myself got to experience a once in a life time Bass fishing... read more

KylarsPop Avatar
5 star rating
9/01/2020 - TripAdvisor

Unbelievable fishing trip on a BRAND NEW 10,000 ACRE BASS LAKE. Headwaters lake, Fellsmere, Florida If you want to check off an item on your bucket list, if you want bragging rights, if for once... read more

e hicks Avatar
e hicks
8/28/2020 - Google

Awesome day fishing Captain Bill Goudy Jr. he was a wonderful guide. He knew where to caught very large bass.... read more

margarita sweeting Avatar
margarita sweeting
8/24/2020 - Google

He was amazing and very attentive. I had a great time.

Justin Trentadue Avatar
Justin Trentadue
8/24/2020 - Google

Captain Mike put us on the fish. Would definitely recommend

Timothy Martin Avatar
Timothy Martin
8/16/2020 - Google

This my 3rd year fishing with Captain Mike Groshon. He is a great guide to fish with both professionally... read more

Keith Haugdahl Avatar
Keith Haugdahl
8/16/2020 - Google

Caught a lot of fish, bass, pickerel, hat, blue gill. Captain Bill was great, my 6 year old son loved him.

Joe M Avatar
Joe M
8/13/2020 - Google

Jeff is an excellent guide. The bite was not on. He never stopped looking and we ended up with some... read more

LuvThePelicans Avatar
5 star rating
8/11/2020 - TripAdvisor

Excellent Trip! DO IT!!! Capt Tom Goodrich (Bunja) was awesome!! Such a nice guy!! Talked to my boys and educated them about everything they... read more

Cathy Rondinone Avatar
Cathy Rondinone
8/06/2020 - Google

Capt. Bill was awesome. We all caught fish and he was extremely helpful. He gave my grandson tips for fishing... read more

54danl Avatar
5 star rating
7/30/2020 - TripAdvisor

Best bass fishing experience I've had Great day with captain Brett. Caught Over 20 peacock and largemouth bass , some of which were 3.5-4 pounds.... read more

Adam Avatar
7/29/2020 - Google

What an awesome trip my son and I shared with Capt. Bill. Thank you so much for the well worth... read more

Makeitlargemouth Avatar
5 star rating
7/12/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great guide great experience! Would recommend Captain Dave any time of year. Even when the bite is slow on the lake. Caught decent largemouth even when the bite was slow. Local knowledge and experience can't be beat. Thanks Captain Dave!! We'll... read more

Patty Rosol Avatar
Patty Rosol
7/08/2020 - Google

We had a great day with Capt. Keith! He was excellent and we both caught our limit of some... read more

Steve Merritt Avatar
Steve Merritt
7/03/2020 - Google

I set up a Bass fishing trip with Capt John Leech for my two sons and me. Capt... read more

marcus hall Avatar
marcus hall
7/03/2020 - Google

Captain Bill was a absolute pleasure to fish with. Caught 17 bass. No monsters, but a great morning. I highly... read more

S9786ULstevem Avatar
5 star rating
7/03/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bass fishing trip with Capt John Leech I set up a Bass fishing trip with Capt John Leech for my two sons and me. Capt John... read more

Tonynsarah Avatar
3 star rating
7/03/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bass fishing better from Dec - April at Lake Okeechobee very nice guy and tried his best to take us to places to catch some bass but it was the... read more

566harveys Avatar
5 star rating
7/02/2020 - TripAdvisor

Awesome fishing One of the best fishing charter experiences I've had and I do them very often. It was a pleasant surprise.... read more

Shawn Fowler Avatar
Shawn Fowler
6/30/2020 - Google

We have been fishing with Steve for many years. We always catch lots of fish. Steve’s boat is always clean,... read more

Whitney Meister Avatar
Whitney Meister
6/27/2020 - Google

I have been lucky enough to fish Halibut and Salmon in Kodiak and Trout in the Colorado River for years... read more

BrianD2649 Avatar
5 star rating
6/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

Exceptional Mike Ross is an excellent small mouth guide in Presque Isle Pa. I booked a few another trip immediately after... read more

Amy Cipriano Avatar
Amy Cipriano
6/16/2020 - Google

Capt Bill is an excellent Captain, knows the area really well and very knowledgeable. We fished for 4 hours and... read more

Chuck Eubank Avatar
Chuck Eubank
6/13/2020 - Google

Great day of fishing with Capt. Mike Groshon!! We couldn't have asked for a better day, or for more... read more

Wayne Keller Avatar
Wayne Keller
6/07/2020 - Google

We booked Capt Bill Goudy Jr via for a birthday fishing trip for me and my son. The service... read more

Kenneth Beauchamp Avatar
Kenneth Beauchamp
6/07/2020 - Google

Super Fun charter at Markham Park and Cap’t Wayne Fellows took super care of us on our anniversary. He’s patient... read more

Ray Branch Avatar
Ray Branch
6/03/2020 - Google

Captain Bill found the bass on a slow day. His knowledge of the lake turned a slow morning ,... read more

Stan Teitelbaum Avatar
Stan Teitelbaum

Erie with Tom Goodrich I fished Erie with captain Tom Goodrich Sunday out of Presque Island , PA. Even in iffy weather he came... read more

rickaT6438GT Avatar
5 star rating
5/28/2020 - TripAdvisor

Mark Rose fishing. Lake Erie Great trip smallmouth fishing with Mark. Caught a personal best 6 1/2lb smallmouth! I highly recommend booking with Captain Mark... read more

Globalker Avatar
5 star rating
5/24/2020 - TripAdvisor

He deliver, for sure. John is very friendly, have patience to teach if needed, know the place as the palm of his hand, new... read more

Warren Marler Avatar
Warren Marler
5/23/2020 - Google

Stick Marsh Bass fishing with Captain Bill Goudy; words cannot express the experience in enough details. Spent my son's 12th... read more

Edward Soltys Avatar
Edward Soltys
5/22/2020 - Google

First I was completely blown away by the experience and professionalism of Capt. Mike Groshon. Capt Mike put us... read more

Amy Cipriano Avatar
Amy Cipriano
5/16/2020 - Google

Went fishing with Capt Joe several times, Caught fish each time. I like fishing Lake Istokpoga and Lake June.... read more

Michael Arbogast Avatar
Michael Arbogast
3/21/2020 - Facebook

Capt Mark Rose is a great guide...put me on a ton of nice bass then we switched over to peacock... read more

Wes Preston Avatar
Wes Preston
3/20/2020 - Facebook

Had a great experience fishing Okeechobee with Captain Brian Brown. He had us on fish early and often and stayed... read more

Wes Preston Avatar
Wes Preston

Okeechobee with Captain Brian Brown My father-in-law and I fished Okeechobee with Captain Brian Brown. It was a fantastic experience. We are both pretty experienced... read more

Dave Chadick Avatar
Dave Chadick
3/19/2020 - Google

We had a great time fishing with Paul. The fishing was tough, but he worked hard and got us on... read more

Bear3169 Avatar
3/17/2020 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass My son and I had a great trip with Captain Mike Groshon on Lake Ida during spring break. Despite unfavorable... read more

Michelle Krenz Johnson Avatar
Michelle Krenz Johnson
3/15/2020 - Facebook

Very knowledgeable and wanted Mike and the boys to catch fish and have an awesome fishing experience!

bterran47 Avatar
3/08/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great Day on the Lake Went fishing with Capt. Steve Niemoeller this A.M. and caught 15 to 20 nice Bass. Although we didn't get the... read more

Michele Flynn Avatar
Michele Flynn

Fishing with Capt. Mark Rose My husband & I fished with Capt. Mark on March 2nd. It was awesome! Excellent guide. Caught just about every... read more

David Boisclair Avatar
David Boisclair
3/04/2020 - Google

Went out with capt billy on 2 different times on 2 different lakes both times he put us on nice... read more

tater27910 Avatar
3/04/2020 - TripAdvisor

Captain Davvy was a Blast! Booked a trip with Captain Davvy on Rodman and had a great trip. Boated a 7lb 14oz and 4lb... read more

JohnSexson Avatar
1 star rating
3/04/2020 - TripAdvisor

Duped in Orlando Myself, My son and his girlfriend booked trip and we’re given an address for the meeting location. We took... read more

Scott Avatar

Capt. John Leech is top of the line Been on two trips to Lake Togo with Captain John Leech and let me tell you he is a top... read more

Kevin Szeles Avatar
Kevin Szeles

Fishing with Captain Mark Rose Had an awesome day on the water with Captain Mark Rose. He put us right on the fish and it... read more

DJC2017916 Avatar
5 star rating
3/01/2020 - TripAdvisor

Best fishing with Capt Wayne We went out with Capt Wayne and had an awesome time. Rebooked with him 2 days later. Planning another trip... read more

MIEKE D Avatar
5 star rating
3/01/2020 - TripAdvisor

Enjoyed the adventure I opted to fish Rodman Reservoir during the drawdown. Captain Chris was very accomodating and a pleasure to spend... read more

Dixie Spivey Avatar
Dixie Spivey
2/28/2020 - Facebook

I would 100% recommend Captain Dave. Imagine 2 ladies and a 7 year old approaching you to go fishing in... read more

Greg Pittman Avatar
Greg Pittman

I had a bad day fishing, big cold front. I understand thats fishing. went with capt Mark Rose what a... read more

Liam Casserley Avatar
Liam Casserley

Quantity and quality! Superb day’s fishing on 27th February for me and my brother Kevin out on the Everglades with Captain Jeff Brooks.... read more

Mitchell Shaw Avatar
Mitchell Shaw

Weekend fishing trip My son and I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale this past weekend and had a great fishing weekend with Capt.... read more


Capt Peter Thliveros will provide you with the best fishing experience you will ever have catching large mouth bass on... read more

marktR7600LI Avatar
5 star rating
2/25/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great first time on Okeechobee Very professional service, easy to reserve and very accommodating. Captain Galen had us on fish early in and my fiancé... read more

Johnnyb19833 Avatar
5 star rating
2/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bass fishing Had a great day fishing with my dad and Capt Wayne from Bass online.
Our first time catching Peacock bass
read more

MarcTuna127 Avatar
5 star rating
2/20/2020 - TripAdvisor

Mike the Entertainer and can fish too !! Well fishing for over 55 years and going on many guided trips I have to say this was in my... read more

Tom S. Avatar
Tom S.

A great day with artificial My brother-in-law and I fished with Mark Rose on a recent trip to southern Florida. This was our first time... read more

John Vincent Avatar
John Vincent
positive review 
2/17/2020 - Facebook

Peacock Bass fishing with Cap’t Mark Rose was out of this world! He put us on fish for 8 hrs!... read more

Matt Avatar

Great Trip Mark Rose got us out on the glades and it did not disappoint! We caught a lot of fish in... read more

T5823TPjonn Avatar
5 star rating
2/15/2020 - TripAdvisor

Florida Bass Fishing with Captain Joe Gruny Incredible day of bass fishing in the Everglades! Caught over 50 fish! Looking forward to our next trip

W6802QLjeffg Avatar
5 star rating
2/10/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bucket list fish caught!!! Went fishing on Lake Ida wit Mike this morning. Was an awesome experience. Caught plenty of fish and some we... read more

Scott McDermott Avatar
Scott McDermott
2/09/2020 - Google

Captain Bill Goudy showed us a great time. We caught multiple bass including 5 and 6 pound lunkers! Also caught... read more

antoniolG2679SU Avatar
5 star rating
2/04/2020 - TripAdvisor

Capt Bill Goudy Jr Unforgettable experience . The Capt Bill Goudy Jr has been the perfect fishing profesional guide . I have enjoyed the... read more

Adam poe Avatar
Adam poe

Capt. Gino Captain Gino is the man. We went out and caught fish all day. He's an awesome guy to hangout with... read more

I6006DWtomm Avatar
5 star rating
2/01/2020 - TripAdvisor

Fishing Mark Rose did an excellent job guiding my brother and I for peacock bass at alligator alley and large mouth... read more

Chad Clark Avatar
Chad Clark
1/31/2020 - Google

My dad and I booked a 6 hour trip with Capt Mark Rogers to fish Alligator Alley. Mark was a... read more

leathak Avatar
5 star rating
1/29/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great fishing with Captain Mike Groshon Captain Mike is one of the best guides we've had: Knowledgeable about Lake Ida fishing spots, professional, friendly, willing to... read more

AlanDebcanfish Avatar
5 star rating
1/27/2020 - TripAdvisor

First Peacocks A great day with Captain Kirk. I was originally aet to fo with another captain who had boat trouble. Ioutdoors... read more

Dale Emmerson Avatar
Dale Emmerson
positive review 
1/26/2020 - Facebook

Great guides good information

Amy Cipriano Avatar
Amy Cipriano
1/24/2020 - Google

Professional, Respectful and very family friendly service!

A Google User Avatar
A Google User
1/24/2020 - Google

Professional, Respectful and very family friendly service!

Joe Palermo Avatar
Joe Palermo
positive review 
1/22/2020 - Facebook

Captain kirk was the man. He took the time to show and explain how to catch fish

russella709 Avatar
5 star rating
1/22/2020 - TripAdvisor

4 hour bass fishing I went with Capt Wayne. It's the 4th year l have been fishing with him. He always know where the... read more

ChacoCulture Avatar
5 star rating
1/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great 1/2 day of Fishing on the Water My six year old and I enjoyed a great 1/2 day of fishing on the water with Captain Wayne Fellows.... read more

Matthew C Avatar
Matthew C
5 star rating
1/20/2020 - TripAdvisor

Great bass fishing with Captain Wayne Fellows on Lake Ida We had a great day with Captain Wayne on Lake Ida on Saturday despite 20 mph winds. We had... read more

bradshreeve Avatar
5 star rating
1/19/2020 - TripAdvisor

Bass Fishing Lake Toho We would highly recommend the excursion! Captain Leech is a great teacher and good conversationalist.

Donald Cone Avatar
Donald Cone

Rodman Fishing With Captain Ken Walker This was our first visit to Rodman and Captain Ken Walker made sure we would not forget it. My son... read more

jeremyt201 Avatar
5 star rating
1/17/2020 - TripAdvisor

Captain Wayne and Bass Online Saves The Day A life-long friend of mine was in town for some military training and he flew his son in from Indiana... read more

frankb582 Avatar
5 star rating
1/16/2020 - TripAdvisor

Captain Brett, our guide, was the best. Brett was professional, courteous, informative, and, most importantly, took us to the peacock bass. All arrangements and communication were handled... read more

Kevin Stoddard Avatar
Kevin Stoddard
positive review 
1/15/2020 - Facebook

Filled a bucket list item by catching a peacock bass with guide Wayne Fellows. Wayne was fun to fish... read more

Scott Bonnema Avatar
Scott Bonnema

Peacock Fun W/ Cap’t Joe Gruny Nancy. & Fished with Cap’t Joe today., fun trip slow morning, Late morning & afternoon things heated up several real... read more

John Jones Avatar
John Jones
1/13/2020 - Google

We did a 4 hour trip with Capt Tim it was awesome. He’s professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, and friendly. We caught... read more

Scott Pedersen Avatar
Scott Pedersen

Bassin Cap’t John Leech was a great guide! as I am fairly new to bass fishing but he gave me great... read more

Winterx12 Avatar
5 star rating
1/05/2020 - TripAdvisor

Morning Bass Fishing Trip Had a great time with Captain Wayne, he was very easy to talk to and it was clear he knew... read more

Scott Bonner Avatar
Scott Bonner
1/04/2020 - Google

Awesome experience. Fished with Captain Bill Goudy Jr. Just like fishing with your best friend. Very knowledgeable... read more

Brian Megley Avatar
Brian Megley
1/03/2020 - Google

Hunter was a great guide, we caught striper, large mouth bas and many large peacock bass. Great guide, great boat,... read more

Jake Otto Avatar
Jake Otto
positive review 
12/31/2019 - Facebook

Due to the cold front pushing thru the bite was a little slow but Captain Bill Goudy Jr still got... read more

Jessica Avatar
12/22/2019 - Google

My sister and I went fishing with Captain Bill Goudy Jr. and had a blast! I caught my biggest fish... read more

lokijihjuug Avatar
5 star rating
12/20/2019 - TripAdvisor

Miami Airport Fishing Lakes Captain Kirk Osbourn put me on the fish on two separate trips and taught me how to catch them. I... read more

Tony Joslin Avatar
Tony Joslin
positive review 
12/19/2019 - Facebook

Pleasant and professional booking service and Guide.Even though a cold front had just come through Capt Mark Shepard put us... read more

Richmon M Avatar
Richmon M
5 star rating
12/19/2019 - TripAdvisor

Bass Fishing I have fished on rodman with Ken Walker, Toho with Steve Niemoler and ocachobee with Mark Sheppard. All are great... read more

WinksWildlifeStudio Avatar
5 star rating
12/17/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great experience! A cold front was in place and the conditions were tough, however, Captain Mike put my wife and I on... read more

Camper37867225952 Avatar
5 star rating
12/17/2019 - TripAdvisor

Can’t wait to go back with them in 3 months to do If you want to catch fish this is who u go with best guide on the lake they know how... read more

Camper37867225952 Avatar
5 star rating
12/17/2019 - TripAdvisor

Can’t wait to go back with them in 3 months to do If you want to catch fish this is who u go with best guide on the lake they know how... read more

joeson73 Avatar
5 star rating
12/11/2019 - TripAdvisor

Ol'Farts fishing trip First, Ms. Liz was GREAT!!! She keep me on track with the trip. The Captains boat was spacious enough no... read more

Paul J Avatar
Paul J
5 star rating
12/11/2019 - TripAdvisor

Awesome time with Captain Mark and Brett Took a short trip to Fort Lauderdale to do some fishing . Spent a great great day... read more

joeson73 Avatar
5 star rating
12/11/2019 - TripAdvisor

Ol'Farts fishing trip Hi Joe,
Thank you for the kind words, we enjoyed and appreciate your review. As well thank you for your...
read more

Global714533 Avatar
5 star rating
12/10/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great trip! Went two days and caught bass and peacock bass! Went to Lake Ida AndLake Okachobee in FL. The... read more

bhammondh Avatar
5 star rating
12/10/2019 - TripAdvisor

Captain Ken Walker was an Amazing Guide!!! My daughter and I spent the day on Rodman Reservoir with Captain Ken Walker and he did not disappoint. ... read more

Mike Richmon Avatar
Mike Richmon

Best Fishing and Fishing Guides I have been using Bassonline for for 8 years now, fishing on Okeechobee, toho,st johns river, and rodman resevoir. I... read more

Judy Bibler Avatar
Judy Bibler
positive review 
12/04/2019 - Facebook

my brother and nephew went on a 4 hour trip and made memories of a lifelong dream caught 7 very... read more

Michael McCurdy Avatar
Michael McCurdy
positive review 
11/25/2019 - Facebook

Bass online is the best and most knowledgeable guide service in the world. All starts from the top. Todd your awesome

Amber Avatar

Great experience and fun family day We decided last minute to go freshwater fishing. It started out a bit rainy but then cleared up and we... read more

Ntxoovxeem Hang Avatar
Ntxoovxeem Hang

A Moment To Remember My wife and I celebrated our anniversary with a nice outing landing over 50 bass, courtesy of Captain Brent Nelson.... read more

Adventure312051 Avatar
5 star rating
11/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

bass fishing on Lake Erie with Mark Rose We had a great day on Lake Erie--the largest small mouth bass my brother and I ever caught.
We will definitely...
read more

Jon Sear Avatar
Jon Sear

Smallmouths on the Allegheny river I fished the Allegheny river with guide Mark Rose for the first time last Monday November 18, 2019. I have... read more

FLRU Avatar
5 star rating
11/18/2019 - TripAdvisor

Captain Kirk Osborne is amazing! Three of us took a 4 hour peacock trip out of the Falls Mall area. Weather was cold and cloudy.... read more

Hank Spangler Avatar
Hank Spangler

Captain Rob Alfano Okeechobee Trip Went out with Captain Rob again for a 3 day trip. He put us on the fish every day. We... read more

Alyssa Shelton Avatar
Alyssa Shelton
positive review 
11/14/2019 - Facebook

My husband and I came down for a two day fishing trip with Captain Mark Shepard at Lake Okachobee. The... read more

Caprita A Avatar
Caprita A
5 star rating
11/14/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fun day Fishing My husband a wonderful time and caught lots of fish a trophy mounted sailfish
Captain JB did a great job...
read more

Robert Cundiff Avatar
Robert Cundiff
positive review 
11/12/2019 - Facebook

Bassonline guides work hard for their money. They will put you on fish, even when fishing is slow. ... read more

HT JOEL Avatar

Peacock Bass Fishing on Lake Ida Spent the day with Capt Joe Gruny on Lake Ida. Great day of fishing with lots of fish and one... read more

Alan Town Avatar
Alan Town

Capt.Robert Miley Had a great don on water with Robert , caught thirteen total Peacock Bass , one 4 pounder and a... read more

fknitman Avatar
5 star rating
11/08/2019 - TripAdvisor

Capt Mike puts me on the fish again!! Second trip with Capt Mike,again an amazing experience,caught so many fish that my shoulder was hurting,can't wait to fish with... read more

Sightsee548976 Avatar
5 star rating
11/07/2019 - TripAdvisor

Rippin lips Great small mouth bass fishing on Lake Erie capt mark rose made it his job that I caught fish and... read more

John Reilly Avatar
John Reilly

Capt Dean Herdman Solid day at Stick Marsh with Capt Dean. Slow start but picked up and landed some great fish and a... read more

Joey Wildes Avatar
Joey Wildes
11/04/2019 - Facebook

My son and I had an excellent time with Captain Wayne Fellows. We caught and released 30+ peacocks... read more

I2854EPpauls Avatar
5 star rating
11/02/2019 - TripAdvisor

Escape From New York Cold Peacock Bass fishing in Delray Beach FL was good fun. Lots of action and beautiful scenery. Captian Mike knee his... read more

BJ McCurdy-- Weatherford, OK Avatar
BJ McCurdy-- Weatherford, OK

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass fishing with Captain Mark Rose and First, a sincere thank you to Captain Mark for being so passionate about his profession. With the open waters not... read more

pgmrob Avatar
5 star rating
10/30/2019 - TripAdvisor

Awesome Lake Erie smallmouth fishing with Capt Mark Rose Another fantastic day of Lake Erie Smallmouth bass fishing with Capt Mark Rose. The weather was windy and rainy but... read more

nordieshay884 Avatar
5 star rating
10/26/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great fishing! We had really good day of fishing. The weather was kinda miserable it was raining and blowing most of the... read more

Jason Anderson Avatar
Jason Anderson

Captain Mark Rose is the MAN on Lake Erie I went out today (10/25/2019) with Captain Mark Rose on Lake Erie. I was hoping I could possibly beat my... read more

kng570 Avatar
5 star rating
10/20/2019 - TripAdvisor

Bass fishing at it`s best Captain , Mark put me on the bass . Had a great 6 hour trip caught 12 bass... read more

Denny Avatar

Denny and Nordie Was on Lake Eire with Captain Mark Rose 10/16/19. Rain and wind but, we were thankful that Mark convinced us... read more

Dennis Yeager Avatar
Dennis Yeager

Great day on Lake-O with Capt. Rick Mitchell Had a great time on the lake with Capt. Rick Mitchell! Rick is extremely familiar with the lake and works... read more

Ed Enriquez Avatar
Ed Enriquez
10/18/2019 - Google

Capt. Brent put us on the fish early! I caught so many bass that I lost track of the total... read more

Micah Alexander Avatar
Micah Alexander

Capt John Leech My 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son and myself had a great day bass fishing with Capt... read more

joyacoen Avatar
5 star rating
10/15/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock bass charter Hello Friend, So glad your husband's fishing trip with Capt Bob Miley for Peacock bass was so excellent!!
From Capt Bob...
read more

Maurice Bertoniere Avatar
Maurice Bertoniere
positive review 
10/13/2019 - Facebook

I got to Orlando late at night to find out that my plans went hey wire was late getting to... read more

dgibbs22 Avatar
5 star rating
10/13/2019 - TripAdvisor

Annual Bass fishing David Lauer did a great job helping my 85 year old father onto the boat and finding the fish. The... read more

Jessica K Avatar
Jessica K
5 star rating
10/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Will be booking this again! Booked this for my dad teenage son. 4-hour charter. Both had a great time with their guide Jeff catching Peacock... read more

772mauriceb Avatar
5 star rating
10/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fishing I got to Orlando late at night to find out that my plans went hey wire was late getting to... read more

brian charboneau Avatar
brian charboneau

awesome guide my son and i booked a guide through, with the goal of hooking into peacock bass. Our guide was... read more

jijusch Avatar
4 star rating
10/07/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass Fishing Trip We are from Dallas and this is our second time fishing with Captain Bob in the canals of Miami. I'm... read more

JABrown12 Avatar
5 star rating
10/07/2019 - TripAdvisor

Captain Steve N. Best guide ever My wife and I we’re visiting our daughter in Orlando decided on Saturday we would like to have... read more

jijusch Avatar
5 star rating
10/07/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass Fishing Trip We are from Dallas and this is our second time fishing with Captain Bob in the canals of Miami. I'm... read more

Tourist109696 Avatar
5 star rating
10/05/2019 - TripAdvisor

Bucket List Item completed We had a great trip and caught the bass we dreamed about since we were kids. Great captain, very... read more

johnbaker4841 Avatar
5 star rating
10/01/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great day on the lake!!! Hello John,
Thank you for taking the time to leave your review, it is always very much appreciated.
So glad your...
read more

Michael C Avatar
Michael C
5 star rating
9/23/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fishng with Capt Wayne Fellows Put us on the fish both days and great time on the water, mahi mahi on first day and peacock... read more

nickdye93 Avatar
5 star rating
9/22/2019 - TripAdvisor

Okeechobee Bass Fishing My wife and I went out with Dave Lauer for our honeymoon and had a great time! Highly recommend it... read more

stickmanbaits Avatar
5 star rating
9/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass Captain Mark was awesome put me on fish, I had a great time. Would book with him again, equipment was... read more

Brett M Avatar
Brett M
5 star rating
9/12/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great time The wife and I went for our anniversary and were very pleased with how we were treated. The hotel let... read more

OhKee Avatar
9/04/2019 - TripAdvisor

Awesome Time Capt. Kirk is the man. Give me a pay raise and book with him. He even almost let my wife... read more

Sdbremer Avatar
5 star rating
9/04/2019 - TripAdvisor

Excellent Day on the water We had an awesome time fishing Lake Ida with Captain Wayne Fallows for Peacock Bass. We came down for a... read more

lisawilson10 Avatar
9/04/2019 - TripAdvisor

Awesome experience! From talking with Liz on the phone, to Capt Mike calling me, to Capt Brett guiding me to 20 fish... read more

steelerpdl Avatar
9/02/2019 - TripAdvisor

Lake Erie Smallmouth Trip with Captain Mark Rose Excellent day on the the lake, caught over 30 smallies with several four and five pounders!
Biggest was 5.4

Mike M Avatar
Mike M
8/29/2019 - TripAdvisor

Captain Mike Groshon is THE BEST This was a last minute trip and I booked without doing much research. Turns out this was not the best... read more

jaysang1 Avatar
5 star rating
8/28/2019 - TripAdvisor

Brent Nelson is the one you want!! My husband and son took a private boat with capt Brent Nelson! He was amazing! He took pics of them... read more

gadams005 Avatar
5 star rating
8/25/2019 - TripAdvisor

Don't hire anyone else! Capt Mark Rogers made sure I had a blast! He called the night before to let me know where the... read more

djpeschell Avatar
5 star rating
8/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great day on Lake Erie Lake Erie smallmouth fishing the day started with storms but our guide was patient and we got out on the... read more

ebodden2019 Avatar
5 star rating
8/21/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass, Miami Lakes We had a lot of fun on our trip. Capt. Jeff Brooks was great, allowing my daughter to goof off... read more

Lue1968 Avatar
5 star rating
8/20/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass Fishing w/ Capt Mike Groshon Bass Online was easy to deal with last minute and offered a very fair Half and Full day rate. ... read more

Shelby Bremer Avatar
Shelby Bremer
8/19/2019 - Facebook

We had a great time fishing Lake Ida with Captain Wayne this morning. We started out feeling bummed from getting... read more

drkhbauer Avatar
5 star rating
8/19/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fishing Lake Ida a very good introduction to fly fishing, excellent. great experience, I was able to catch 7 fish - which... read more

Craig C Avatar
Craig C
5 star rating
8/18/2019 - TripAdvisor

Amazing fishing!!! We has an amazing time. Our guide was Capt Jose Carbonell, he was friendly, knowledgeable and put us on... read more

grindsquadelite Avatar
5 star rating
8/16/2019 - TripAdvisor

@jimmy.pringles Wow. Peacock bass fishing Fort Lauderdale with Captain Mike was amazing! Great day of fishing and laughs thanks to... read more

mikeyod66 Avatar
3 star rating
8/14/2019 - TripAdvisor

Slow fishing We went out at six in the morning on Okeechobee. I fish regularly in Ohio and i only caught 3... read more

bull2760 Avatar
5 star rating
8/13/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great Day Fishing Captain Tim delivered! I want to say we caught a minimum of 18 fish, missed a bunch of others.... read more

ricardowallis Avatar
5 star rating
8/11/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great guide and 5-star service at all times Our Capt. Mike Groshon made my son’s 16th birthday one of the best, good fishing all morning long, 5-star service,... read more

lcbrightonexile42 Avatar
5 star rating
8/09/2019 - TripAdvisor

Fishing with Capt Robert E Miley and Capt Jeff Brooks on Miami Airport Lakes Robert and Jeff took us out on 5th Aug and 9th Aug. Good guys full of knowledge, experience and a... read more

kimodo79 Avatar
5 star rating
8/08/2019 - TripAdvisor

Excellent Experience Brian was awesome. Very knowledgeable. Definitely a true fisherman. Very personable and easy to get along with. We... read more

stanscards1 Avatar
5 star rating
8/06/2019 - TripAdvisor

Summer Bass Fishing The summer time bite was bit slow but I did manger to catch 8 fish in three hours. I missed... read more

JoshuaBMedders Avatar
5 star rating
8/05/2019 - TripAdvisor

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing I had one of the greatest fishing experiences yet with Captain Jeff Brooks. We were able to catch the beautiful... read more

JoelCalderon1234 Avatar
5 star rating
8/05/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock Bass My son and I went out with Captain Mike and had a great time. I would highly recommend using Bass... read more

LizParenzan Avatar
5 star rating
8/04/2019 - TripAdvisor

Captain Brian was the best fishing guide! This was our first time taking a private fishing trip like this. Captain Brian was super professional, friendly, and... read more

Happiness570643 Avatar
5 star rating
8/02/2019 - TripAdvisor

Peacock bass fishing Jeff was very kind and courteous. I thoroughly enjoyed my time fishing with him. The peacock bass were awesome... read more

JRLongiii Avatar
5 star rating
7/31/2019 - TripAdvisor

Great Peacock Bass fishing experience with Captain Jose on Lake Ida It was a pleasure fishing with Captain Jose. It was our 2nd trip with him and he always delivers. I... read more

Tobey Whitlow Avatar
Tobey Whitlow
7/16/2019 - Facebook

Caught some good fish inspite of heat. Had a great time

Claiborne Stokes Avatar
Claiborne Stokes
7/08/2019 - Facebook

Mike Groshon showed my son and I a great time. He was awesome helping, encouraging and guiding my 13... read more

JC P. Avatar
5/31/2019 - Yelp

Had an bday fishing excursion with Mike Groshon. My daughter has never liked bass fishing until Lake Okeechobee. ... read more

Josue Talbott Avatar
Josue Talbott
positive review 
5/28/2019 - Facebook

Went fishing for Butterfly Peacock with Captain Wayne Fellows on 5/20/19. I had a blast!! Awesome time, caught 4 species... read more

Nora Pendleton McKelvey Avatar
Nora Pendleton McKelvey
positive review 
5/02/2019 - Facebook

We had a great time with Capt John Leech. His knowledge and skill was impeccable. As we went out he... read more

Tyler Morton Avatar
Tyler Morton
positive review 
4/29/2019 - Facebook

captain mike groshon was awesome all around great guy helped me knock peacock bass of my bucket list great time... read more

Jeff Robinson Avatar
Jeff Robinson
positive review 
4/05/2019 - Facebook

I took my son on an eight hour trip with Captain Ken Walker on Rodman Reservoir on my son’s 14th... read more

Kelley Koenig Avatar
Kelley Koenig
positive review 
4/04/2019 - Facebook

My daughter and myself had an awesome time with Captain Mark Rose at Sawgrass. My daughter kicked my butt catching... read more

Craig Spenny Avatar
Craig Spenny
positive review 
3/27/2019 - Facebook

BassOnline and my personal favorite guide Joe Gruny provide the best guide service in Florida Everglades. The rates are... read more

William A Burkhart Jr Avatar
William A Burkhart Jr
positive review 
3/26/2019 - Facebook

Kirk and Brian are excellent guides and captains, put us on plenty of fish with their knowledge, and... read more

Ralph Osuch Avatar
Ralph Osuch
positive review 
3/26/2019 - Facebook

My daughter caught this 9.75# whopper today 3-25-19 on Lake Okeechobee with our amazing Captain Mark Shepard. He was so... read more

Angela Kimmett Avatar
Angela Kimmett
positive review 
3/24/2019 - Facebook

Amazing bass fishing with captain Devin Dickerson on Big Toho Lake!

Ruthi Jackson Avatar
Ruthi Jackson
positive review 
3/23/2019 - Facebook

Being a family of advid fisherman, we decided to check out some new species over spring break. We feel so... read more

Jesse Goncalves Avatar
Jesse Goncalves
positive review 
3/19/2019 - Facebook

My father and I had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Joe Gruny this past week. We fished for 2... read more

Mollie Estes Avatar
Mollie Estes
positive review 
3/19/2019 - Facebook

Thank you Captain Mark Shepard for taking my family out for a perfect day! It was my son's birthday and... read more

Corey Pearl Harper Avatar
Corey Pearl Harper
positive review 
3/17/2019 - Facebook

We had an amazing experience today! Catching peacock bass!!! Our captain was amazing in every way! We will definitely... read more

Steve Henderson Avatar
Steve Henderson
positive review 
3/03/2019 - Facebook

Had a bucket list day with Capt Mark Rose today!! Can’t recommend this experience enough. The fishing was amazing and... read more

Angie Cline-Morrison Avatar
Angie Cline-Morrison
positive review 
3/03/2019 - Facebook

Big thanks to Captain Mark Rose, he put us on several nice largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee and looking forward... read more

Joy Jones Avatar
Joy Jones
positive review 
2/24/2019 - Facebook

Great guide who will put you on fish

Jim DeMarco Avatar
Jim DeMarco
positive review 
2/22/2019 - Facebook

I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt Rick Mitchell great guy and fisherman tough conditions but he never gave... read more

Bill Sikora Avatar
Bill Sikora
positive review 
1/24/2019 - Facebook

I had the pleasure of working with Captain's Mike Groshon and Captain Dave Lauer, they were both incredibly personable and... read more

Edward Henry Boone Avatar
Edward Henry Boone
positive review 
1/02/2019 - Facebook

Captain Brian Brown took us out on Lake Okeechobee on a short trip for Largemouth Bass!!! What a great trip!!!... read more

William Cooper Avatar
William Cooper
positive review 
11/21/2018 - Facebook

I fished with Capt Wayne Fellows on 11/12 for peacock bass caught about 30 fish & 11/14 he put us... read more

Ric Angelicola Avatar
Ric Angelicola
positive review 
10/30/2018 - Facebook

Had a great day on the water with Captain Bob Miley. I've been dying to catch a Peacock Bass.... read more

Jonathan Evans Avatar
Jonathan Evans
positive review 
10/02/2018 - Facebook

Had a blast with Wayne fellows! Me and 2 other guys took a 2 day trip. peacock and large mouth.... read more

Ashleigh Gray Hocutt Nelson Avatar
Ashleigh Gray Hocutt Nelson
positive review 
6/25/2018 - Facebook

What a fantastic day!!!!! We had Capt Doug Kimball as our guide today and he was an awesome captain!!!!!!! We... read more

Dale Sinclair Avatar
Dale Sinclair
positive review 
6/16/2018 - Facebook

My missus and I fished with Capt Wayne Fellows in the Miami Falls Canals today. Wow. Awesome fishing... read more

Steve Evans Avatar
Steve Evans
positive review 
5/12/2018 - Facebook

Great experience and a very knowledgeable guide! Captain Kirk not only took my uncle and I fishing, but showed us... read more

Matt Arave Avatar
Matt Arave
positive review 
5/04/2018 - Facebook

Capt. Robert miley was a great guide and worked really hard to get us on some fish. He was there... read more

Shana Lynn Popp Avatar
Shana Lynn Popp
positive review 
4/25/2018 - Facebook

What an awesome adventure! My husband and I booked a half-day trip with Captain Brent Nelson during our recent Honeymoon... read more

Dany Sanscartier Avatar
Dany Sanscartier
positive review 
3/26/2018 - Facebook

Très belle journée de pêche avec un guide super sympathique! A notre prochain voyage en Floride nous allons de nouveau... read more

Jennifer Zsatkowski Avatar
Jennifer Zsatkowski
positive review 
3/16/2018 - Facebook

I booked a 4 hour bass fishing trip for Markham Park for my husband and I. Our fishing guide Kirk... read more

Jayson O'Brien Avatar
Jayson O'Brien
positive review 
3/16/2018 - Facebook

Capt Wanye Fellows took me and my son Tyler out to the Evergladed and put us right on the large... read more

Carol Walker Avatar
Carol Walker
positive review 
3/11/2018 - Facebook

Had a great experience fishing with Mike at the stick marsh Saturday. Top notch guy. Will definitely... read more

John G. Avatar
John G.
5 star rating
3/05/2018 - Yelp

Great experience booking our bass charter through bass Timely and thorough communication. Our guide,... read more

Greg Toma Avatar
Greg Toma
positive review 
2/24/2018 - Facebook

capt ken walker put my father-in-law and I on the bass of a life time

David Fletcher Avatar
David Fletcher

Lake Okeechobee Fished with Capt Mark Rose Feb 1st on Lake Okeechobee, He did an outstanding job getting us on fish. We... read more

Jon Avatar

Capt. Wayne Captain Wayne helped us set up a 6 boat trip fishing Lake Ida. It was a trip for customers and... read more

Dave Faircloth Avatar
Dave Faircloth

Capt Mark Rose first time on Okeechobee... it was cold and windy but Capt. Mark Rose assured me I would catch a lot... read more

Hank Spangler Avatar
Hank Spangler

Captain Rob Alfano I went out on a trip with Captain Rob on Feb. 3rd. We had my 5-year-old son Tyler and our... read more

Leon, & Ray Avatar
Leon, & Ray

Crappie fishing on Okeechobee lake We started our fishing trip on 2/30/18 with CAPT Brain with weather conditions that required a professional touch to catching... read more

Dan Webster Avatar
Dan Webster

Great day on the water Capt. Mark Hilles was a super guide on the Stick Marsh putting us on fish and catching a bass of... read more

Mark Hearn Avatar
Mark Hearn

Captain Steve \\ Captain STEVE NIEMOELLER, a fishing guide from hell, has sold his soul to the DEVIL. That's the only thing that... read more

Bob and Donna Fulginiti Avatar
Bob and Donna Fulginiti

Best Bass Fishing trip We had the best time fishing with Capt. Wayne Fellows in his bass boat from Sawgrass Recreation Park. We had... read more

Steve Woodall Avatar
Steve Woodall

Charter Fishin Review - Capt Brian Brown Earlier this month a friend and I chartered Capt Brian Brown for some fishing. Even though the weather was cold,... read more

Mark. Bill and Diane Avatar
Mark. Bill and Diane

Alligator Alley Fish Fest Wonderful day of fishing with Mark Rogers. He recommended that we go to Alligator Alley. Wow what a day. We... read more

Bob Cundiff Avatar
Bob Cundiff

Best guide ever On January 18, I got to fish with Captain Mark Shepard. The weather was not good that day with wind... read more

José Luis Salinas Avatar
José Luis Salinas

Great family experience It was a great experience fishing with Capt Steve, we catch a lot of bass, and my wife and kids... read more

Jerry Avatar

Amazing Galen was an awesome guide! I’m a novice with regards to bass fishing. He made the ride and the 4... read more

Barry Keller Avatar
Barry Keller
1/26/2018 - Facebook

Mark Rose is a great guide kept us on the fish all day. Such a great time we went back... read more

Doug Avatar

Okeechobee Fished with Captain Brian Brown yesterday on the Big 'O' and had a blast. Used shiners for a couple of... read more

David Shankland Avatar
David Shankland

Capt Galen Fugh-Lake Okeechobee Even though it was cold and windy, Capt Galen Fugh helped my brother and me catch a total of 31... read more

Ray Wilson Avatar
Ray Wilson

Captain Wayne Fellows I was invited on a bass fishing trip, Dec.16-19, [email protected] Lake Okeechobee. I haven't been fishing for years, but thought... read more

Joe Schomus Avatar
Joe Schomus

Captain John Leech is Awesome! When Captain John Leech told me I was going to catch a lot of bass, I doubted him. From the... read more

Douglas Jessup Avatar
Douglas Jessup

Big BASS Orlando I took my adult son to Orlando wanting to do more than Disney we hooked up w CAPTAINDumas with PRO... read more

Brad Chapman Avatar
Brad Chapman

Capt Mark Shepard My wife booked a trip for her Father and myself for his birthday. Capt Mark was fantastic! Even though the... read more

Ryan Foley Avatar
Ryan Foley

Bob Miley Captain Bob Miley is one of the most fun, educated fishermen I've ever fished with. We caught a lot of... read more

Guy Avatar

Captain Brent Nelson Florida cold front fishing .... despite winds howling, temps dropping, We hit 72 with Captain Brent! Great job by Captain... read more

Steve C. Avatar
Steve C.
5 star rating
1/08/2018 - Yelp

My son and I went peacock bass fishing in Miami with Captain Robert Miley on January 1st 2018. I will... read more

Joel Avatar

Big Bass Awesome dirt time fishing experience, Capt. Brent Nelson was an extremely knowledgeable guide, although it was a little ruff getting... read more

Mike Masterson Avatar
Mike Masterson

Best Day Fishing Ever I would highly recommend Captain Kirk Osborne. I was on fish all day long 2 types of Peacock Bass what... read more

Brian Allen Avatar
Brian Allen

Cold Front not a problem. On the morning of my trip it was only 41* even a bit chilly of this Minnesotan. I fished with... read more

Brent Fulford Avatar
Brent Fulford

The Best Guides We fished with Capt Brett and Capt Wayne. I have fished all over the world and have never fished with... read more

Mathias Bruefach Avatar
Mathias Bruefach

Johns Lake Thank you, Captain Brent, for a wonderful day of fishing!!!! Five bass over 5lbs for my son and daughters!! A... read more

Randal Sphar Avatar
Randal Sphar

Captain Brent Nelson Best fishing experience ever, captain Brent was an excellent guide.

Kim Woodin Avatar
Kim Woodin

2nd review Captain Mark Rose We have been out with Captain Mark Rose several times. The last time we were disappointed not to have been... read more

Paul Jr Avatar
Paul Jr

Mark Rose, best time ever Hands down Mark Rose will put you on the fish! I was skeptical at first, but I'm telling you if... read more

COREY Rigberg Avatar
COREY Rigberg

Bass Fishing in FL We had a great time yesterday fishing on the Lake with Cap't Mark Shepard. We caught a lot of bass,... read more

Greg Haddix Avatar
Greg Haddix

Awesome time on Okeechobee Capt Mark Rose really put us on the fish. We caught 50+ Bass in a mixture of shiners, topwater, and... read more

John George Avatar
John George

Interesting fishery Found the 12-mile dirt road, not the most pleasant thing to experience in the morning. Once there, the boat ramp... read more

Steve Jackson Avatar
Steve Jackson

Very Cool lake to fish! Amazing how shallow the lake is around the edges. Spawning season is nuts and lots of fun.

John Homes Avatar
John Homes

Long lost Treasure! Being back in and around Lake Woodruff makes you found a long lost treasure. It's so Old Florida...great hideaway!

Alan McClellan Avatar
Alan McClellan

Quality size largemouth Bass Quality size Largemouth Bass can be caught in here in a boat out from the bank. If able Target the... read more

Mr dude Avatar
Mr dude

Amazing A lot of fish, place is cool

Ryan Slattery Avatar
Ryan Slattery

Fishing Experience Brent was amazing and was very nice. Taught me how to cast a bait caster, which was awesome

JW Brown Avatar
JW Brown

First Bass Outing Temps were very chilly but Capt John Leech put me on some great fishing on my first real Bass outing... read more

Steve Huegerich Avatar
Steve Huegerich

Great 2 days I spent 2 days with Captain Dave Laurer on Lake Okeechobee. The fishing and experience was awesome. We caught numbers... read more

Leo Jeff Ron Avatar
Leo Jeff Ron
12/07/2017 - Facebook

Very professional operation! If you want to experience great fishing with fantastic guides BASS ON LINE is they ONLY way... read more

Jim Buttery Avatar
Jim Buttery

Bass fishing on Lake Erie Bass online is a great way to book a fishing trip they took care of everything including my lodging to... read more

Matthew Pitcher Avatar
Matthew Pitcher

Amazing fishing trip My father and I really enjoyed our fishing trip with captain Mike Groshon on Lake Ida! I got the chance... read more

Gary Carpenter Avatar
Gary Carpenter

My son, two grandsons and I I normally fish lake Toho with Captain John Leech but I was spending some time with my family in Orlando... read more

John Bills Avatar
John Bills

Captain Kirk Osborne We had a great day fishing for peacock bass with Capitan Kirk. We caught lots of fish and could not... read more

Hank Spangler Avatar
Hank Spangler

Capt Rob Alfano We went out on a 2 day trip with Capt. Rob and caught 70 the first day, average fish 3-4... read more

Steve and lauren Avatar
Steve and lauren

Stickmarsh slaying with Capt Turtle Did two day charter with Capt Turtle. Caught 100 bass, twenty over 4 lbs. Turtle is a bass slaying machine,... read more

Carl Avatar

Charter Mark Rose Had a great day fishing Erie with Mark Rose great experience very professional.

Mark Martella Avatar
Mark Martella

Fishing with Captain Brent Captain Brent is not only a great fisherman he is also a great person. He immediately put us on bass.... read more

Robert Ziegler Avatar
Robert Ziegler

Bassin' Okeechobee I just spent 2 days [Nov.04&05],2017 fishing Lake Okeechobee with Capt. Mark Shepard and my fishing partner, Jim Robertson. It... read more

M.Sackman Avatar

OKEECHOBEE CHARTER I had a great time with an outstanding guide Captain Rob Alfano got and kept us on the fish all... read more

Dave Lauer Avatar
Dave Lauer

Bass Bonanza I’ve fished Lake Okeechobee most of my adult life. I flew in from Atlanta this week and booked an impromptu... read more

Terry Avatar

Captain Dave Lauer Captain Dave was absolutely wonderful. He was patient, knowledgeable, and funny. He not only was prompt and considerate of our... read more

Anne Avatar

Great day fishing with Capt. Mark Hilles We spent the day fishing the Stick Marsh with Capt. Mark Hilles. It was a fantastic day - Mark was... read more

David N. Avatar
David N.

Tried them all... Been coming to Clewiston for guided fishing trips for over 10 years. Have tried all of them, Bass Online stands... read more

Donna Avatar

Capt. Mark is GREAT I only wish I booked the whole day. Hubby and I had a GREAT time looking forward to the next... read more

Erik Nelson Avatar
Erik Nelson
10/16/2017 - Facebook

I want to thank Mike Goshon. We booked him looking for Peacock bass and he delivered!! We took a... read more

Mark Todd Eudyy Avatar
Mark Todd Eudyy

Amazing 21st Birthday trip for my son!! Captain Rob Alfano was awesome. I caught more fish and nice fish than I ever have on a tough day... read more

Britt Williams Avatar
Britt Williams

Capt Brett is top notch Captain Brett took myself and my 9-year-old and 10-year-old to the mother of all honey holes for peacock bass, we... read more

Doug Schmitz Avatar
Doug Schmitz
10/09/2017 - Facebook

Mark does a great job. He will find the fish and teach you things to improve your catch when you... read more

Rob price Avatar
Rob price

Bass fishing Capt. Brent Nelson was out captan he is awsome he put us on big bass the entire trip as we... read more

Tony Avatar

Night fishing Fishing at night has gone to hell on this lake.

Ryan Williams Avatar
Ryan Williams

Mark Rose is the Man!!!! I've gone out with Mark on both Lake Okeechobee and Lake Erie. My most current trip was with Mark on... read more

Randy Abbott Avatar
Randy Abbott

BUCKET lIST cHECKED While working disaster relief in Florida we had a half-day downtime. Contacted Bassonline. They lined us up with Capt. Wayne... read more

Debbie Hughes Avatar
Debbie Hughes
9/28/2017 - Facebook

We had a great time on Lake Toho with Capt Steve. My grandson caught his first bass fish and was... read more

Robert Glen Avatar
Robert Glen
9/13/2017 - Facebook

We went fishing with Captain John Leech near Orlando, Florida and he put on on top of the biggest bass... read more

Jordan Palmer Avatar
Jordan Palmer
9/05/2017 - Facebook

Had a awesome morning on Stick Marsh with Capt. Mike Groshon. Caught a lot of fish. It was a little... read more

Jordan Palmer Avatar
Jordan Palmer

Stick Marsh We had a great morning. We caught a lot of fish. It was a little tough but Capt. Mike Groshon... read more

Steve and Lauren Avatar
Steve and Lauren

Captain Turtle is a stud We slayed them with captain turtle...great guy...high recommend...

Steve Avatar

Charter captain turtle was awesome. Super nice and extremely professional. Will be a repeat customer for sure

Patrick M. Avatar
Patrick M.

a great trip couple of months ago Firstly sorry guys for reviewing that late but I forgot. End of march me and my GF booked a fishing... read more

Lori Hobbs Avatar
Lori Hobbs

Lake Erie Fishing Fished in June with Mark Rose on Lake Erie. Had an Exceptional experience words can't describe. Being nearly 800 miles... read more

Domenic Avatar

Fishing with Captain Brent We had a 4 person trip with Captain Brent on Tuesday 8/22. It was awesome! 75 quality bass at least... read more

Robert Mayer Avatar
Robert Mayer

Wonderful Day Fished with Dave and my 89-year-old father in law...Dave was very cordial, professional, and knew his stuff...we caught 18 fish... read more

Nathan Avatar

Great guide Our capt. Rob A was awesome he did absolutely everything possible to get on fish on a not so great... read more

Father And Son Fun Avatar
Father And Son Fun

fishing guides I had a great time fishing with Capt. Kirk is a very good guide. He is professional, patient and fun... read more

Kegan Avatar

Lake Ida w/ Capt. Kirk Osborne My children and I had a phenomenal time onboard with Capt. Kirk Osborne. It has been on my bucket list... read more

Keith Avatar

Father Daughter Bass Catchin Had a phenomenal 4 hour trip with Capn Leech on Lake Butler this morning. Caught 28 total, all fish were... read more

Patrick Rowles Avatar
Patrick Rowles

Bass fishing Thank you Steve Niemoeller for the great time my son and I had bass fishing!

Jim Stevens Avatar
Jim Stevens

Lake Ida Fishing with Capt Kirk Osborne Great afternoon of fishing on Lake Ida with Capt. Kirk Osborne. Kirk was very patient and pleasant to fish with.... read more

Sara Harris Turnbull Avatar
Sara Harris Turnbull
8/01/2017 - Facebook

Class Act with Captain Brett Isackson. You know you have an awesome guide when he genuinely gets excited when you... read more

Alan Holt Avatar
Alan Holt

Bass Fishing on Vacation My son and I had a great time bass fishing while on vacation in FL. We will definitely use Capt... read more

Brian Freeman Avatar
Brian Freeman

Great trip My 15-year-old son and I went on a 6 hour trip with Steve Niemoeller. He had us on fish as... read more

Andrew Rose Avatar
Andrew Rose

The Big O with Capt. Mike Lake Okeechobee has been on my bucket list for years. Capt. Mike Gorshon delivered one of the best days on... read more

Michael and Moose Avatar
Michael and Moose

Amazing Despite the wicked weather, Capt. Mark Rose got us hooked on some nice Smallmouth and Walleye. He has top of... read more

Richard Tournier Avatar
Richard Tournier

Captain Robert Thank you for a great fishing experience. My boys truly enjoyed fishing with you. Thank you Captain Robert Alfano

Sonny Adams Avatar
Sonny Adams
6/23/2017 - Facebook

Capt. Mark Shepard was great! His knowledge is second to none! We bass fish all the time but learned so... read more

Charlie Reid Avatar
Charlie Reid
6/16/2017 - Facebook

I've been using BassOnline for about 10 years now and they have always hooked me up with a guide that... read more

Jeff Daniels Avatar
Jeff Daniels
5/03/2017 - Facebook

We went out with Capt. kip today on Lake Toho caught a few good ones and had an awesome time... read more

Terry Howarth Avatar
Terry Howarth
4/23/2017 - Facebook

My son in law Mike and I had 3 full days with Capt Robert Alfano. He provided an excellent fun... read more

April Parkhurst Layne Avatar
April Parkhurst Layne
4/02/2017 - Facebook

Fished two days with Captain Miley. Wow, words can't describe just how awesome this was. Thanks, BassOnline and Bob you... read more

Derek Dembowski Avatar
Derek Dembowski
3/30/2017 - Facebook

What a epic trip went out for two day put 100 in the boat 6.75 6.26 5.50 it was awesome... read more

Rick B. Avatar
Rick B.
5 star rating
2/05/2017 - Yelp

Tremendous bass fishing trip for 2 days with guide Captain Brett Isackson. First day we caught 50+ quality bass, including... read more

Adam M. Avatar
Adam M.
5 star rating
2/04/2017 - Yelp

My buddy Rick and I had 2 full days (Feb 4 and 5, 2017) on Lake Okeechobee with guid Brett... read more

Amy S Avatar
Amy S

Worth every penny! We took a 4-hour trip with Tony Masiello early in the morning on Father's Day. It was a last-minute thought... read more

Jennifer R. Avatar
Jennifer R.
5 star rating
5/19/2016 - Yelp

My husband and I had a great trip bass fishing out on Lake Okeechobee with Captain Mike Groshon. We booked... read more

bverdin Avatar

Awesome bass fishing! My husband took my son's bass fishing on Alligator Alley with Capt. Tony Masiello. They had the time of their... read more

Carl B Avatar
Carl B

Great Third Generation Fishing Guide I've fished multiple times with Kip Grunloh and each time has been great. He's a real pro, funny and very... read more

Patiolatern Avatar

Good 4 hour Tour We had Captain Mark Shepard and he was great. His boat was great too! He put us on the fish... read more

Ewoods03 Avatar

Fishing in the Everglades with Tony Masiello It was the highlight of our trip. Tony Masiello was fantastic. He is a pro fisherman! Truly knows what he... read more

Mom Jackson Avatar
Mom Jackson

Wonderful time in the Everglades My husband and I enjoyed a fantastic morning with Capt. Tim Nichols on the Sawgrass canals in the Everglades. All... read more

Bobby Sboray Avatar
Bobby Sboray

Fantastic fishing experience!!! Fished for 5 days with Bass Online. I had 3 different guides, Brett, Bob, and Tony. I am 68 years... read more

Aaron K Avatar
Aaron K

Great guide, fishing, great company! My dad and myself had an opportunity to fish with Capt. Brett from bassonline on April 3rd and 4th! The... read more

Jerry S. Avatar
Jerry S.

Trip with BassOnline Two friends and I contacted Bass Online and chartered a boat and fishing guide to take us Bass fishing on... read more

Tim D Avatar
Tim D

Fishing the canals Hello folks, I'm just your basic 57 yr old "good ol boy" from Alabama. I have fished in and offshore... read more

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