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Pennsylvania Bass Fishing

PENNSYLVANIA Bass Fishing starts with Lake Erie, the most famous lake in the Northeast United States in ERIE PENNSYLVANIA is the the location for several reasons, but no better reason than it’s home to BIG smallmouth bass. Even with his enormous notoriety the size of Lake Erie is amazing. ERIE has the appearance of a small town, but is the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania. You can find great shopping of urban culture, incredible state park, Casino and fantastic fine dining. But second to none is the Erie fishing…who needs all that other stuff while on the lake. You recognize in Erie while on Lake Erie it is as unique as the lake itself. The marina is convenient no matter where you are driving from from north or south. While other fishing services sell you on Walleye and why it’s the best…we’re here to service you and provide ends action with interactive fishing for smallmouth bass that’s best for you! The Lake Erie nature adventures can only be done by boat, because the lake is so big it is very difficult to experience the fishing from shore. There’s nothing quite like fishing side by side with nature, and the climate allows great fishing for several great species.

What you might not know about Erie fishing, Erie is situated between Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Erie’s manufacturing sector remains prominent in the local economy, there tourism is emerging as greater economic power. Over four million people visit Erie during summer months for recreation and fishing at Presque Isle State Park, as well as attractions, the casino and horse racetrack named for the state park!


The best Pennsylvania Bass Fishing is located on the North west shores of Lake Erie, is one of the most favorite location for the B.A.S.S. and FLW fishing tournaments, the area is well-known for the smallmouth bass and walleye the lake produces and having great boat ramp access. Presque Isle State Park on the Southwest corner of Erie is located in the park, it is located minutes from fantastic fishing areas. The reputation on Lake Erie has continued for many years as producing the biggest and best smallmouth bass fishing in the Northeast United States. On Lake Erie there are two primary ways to fish, which both are with artificial lures. Bass fishing on the “Erie” with topwater is the preferred bait for many anglers for great action. It just happens to be the natural way they like to feed daily. Also fishing with plastics is very popular many years ago when anglers fishing Erie for smallmouth bass would see their feeding habits. It has become the increasingly popular choice because once you’ve experienced this style of fishing you’ll quickly recognized that it’s much more productive. We use special kind of tackle and a secret way of hooking and rigging our baits to be very productive.

Like some of you, we also prefer to fish with artificial lures as much as possible. When Pennsylvania bass fishing Lake Erie with artificial, you will have the choice of spinning, baitcasting or fly fishing. sight fishing or casting on Erie is always real popular, it’s always a great lake for topwater plugs. We are open to any techniques you’re interested in learning about, just let us know. READ MORE…or online reserve below…

Pennsylvania Bass Fishing Reviews

Great day fishing

Lake Erie
The weather was very shaky and Mark made safety first a priority and he got off the water. We waited for the weather to clear and went back out to finish my trip. Very professional and helpful guide with excellent knowledge of the lake. I would definitely use Mark again.
- Dan P

Capt Mark Rose

Lake Erie
My dad and I went out fishing with Capt. Mark Rose twice, once on Lake Okeechobee and the other on Lake Erie. His knowledge of the bodies of water are excellent and always puts you on fish. He couldn’t have been more helpful on the boat. He exceeded our expectations with the amount and quality of fish we caught. I would highly recommend going out and fishing with Capt. Mark Rose.
- Connor P.

Didn’t expect this in July

Lake Erie
On July 25, we didn’t expect this kind of success. Smallmouth and walleye a plenty. Jim’s personal best 5+ lbs smallmouth & Jon’s personal best 8 lbs wallet. Thanks Mark Rose for getting us on fish in the heat of the summer.
- Jim, Jon & Bryan

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Palm Beach Fishing Guide - Capt Mark RoseCapt Mark Rose hometown is Pittsburgh PA. Mark has been fishing Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee since 1999. He fishes Lake Erie