Fishing Harrisburg PA

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Fishing Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg PA, sits on the Susquehanna River and represents the state’s cultural, natural, and industrial heritage.

In between Harrisburg and Wormleysburg sits City Island, a mile-long island in the Susquehanna River famous for leisure, fishing, and sports activities. Also known as the place of art, Pennsylvania is a great place to go to have fun and relax among its beautiful views.

Above all, fishing Harrisburg Pa, is a top destination to go bass fishing with its many productive waters nearby. It has over 4,000 inland lakes, more than 86,000 miles of rivers and streams, and over 5000 ponds covering 160000 acres. The numerous lakes and rivers mean you’ll always have a new fishing spot to explore in Harrisburg, PA.

Top Fishing Spots in Harrisburg

Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River has a strong reputation for being one of the best fishing locations in entire Pennsylvania. It is the largest waterway on the east coast and connects popular water- bodies from Cheapskate Bay to the upstate in New York City. 

Approximately, it is 444 meters long, making it the 16th longest stream in the US and the longest on the American east coast. The Susquehanna River is a top Harrisburg fishing destination and is most known for being home to native brook trout and smallmouth bass.

Moreover, the fact that it is shallow and broad simultaneously makes it not just the longest but also the non-commercially navigable river there is. The Susquehanna near Harrisburg has large amounts of catfishes, walleye, Panfishes, and sunfishes. However, it is most known for being an incredible smallmouth bass fishing location and home to top-notch trout fishing charters. While on a trout fishing trip on the Susquehanna River, fishers will catch brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

The catfish in the Susquehanna River come in all shapes and sizes. Many fishers explore the Susquehanna River’s middle section, searching for trophy catfish or their next meal. The flathead catfish is the largest catfish species in the lakes of Pennsylvania.

Fishing charters on the Susquehanna River attract anglers worldwide to sport fish in deeper water for musky throughout the year.

Top Targeted Fish Species

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Lake Trout

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Lake Erie

Lake Erie is another incredible place to go fishing in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t just hold steelheads and rainbow trouts; it has also become one of the most popular areas to fish for smallmouth bass. With 46 miles on the coastline, Lake Erie is the best area to go during springtime, especially when you want to fish for smallies because, during this period, smallmouths leave the deep water where they hide and come to the shallows. 

Fishing charters targeting smallies in Lake Erie will often fish around underwater ledges or drop-offs because smallmouths usually congregate around these spots. You find them there because naturally, they don’t chase after their prey for long distances. They prefer to stay around boulders, deep stumps, and trees. The best way to reach the spots holding the most fish is by boat.

Other Fishing Spots Near Harrisburg, PA

Lake Redman

Lake Redman in York County is a 290-acre reservoir located near Harrisburg PA. It is a fantastic fishing spot known as the big bass lake and holds various other species, including stripers, pikes, sunfishes, muskies, and crappies. It’s an excellent location for the whole family with its park and boating opportunities.

Spruce Creek

Spruce Creek is an exceptional spring creek that holds a lot of large brown trout. It is narrow and covered with bushes and trees along its edges. The creek terminates into the little beautiful Juniata Stream and also flows alongside Highway 45. The valleys that surround it provide you with the perfect backdrop for your photos.

The cold temperatures of Spruce Creek produce a high population of trout throughout the year. In slow years, some fishing clubs that are private stock the rivers with small fish. One of the downfalls of this creek is that a large part of it is private property, and on public sections, access is somewhat limited. 

The Allegheny River

Occupying up to 11,747 square miles in Pennsylvania and New York, the Allegheny River is formed by Kinzua Dam, which provides it with a yearly flow of water. The stream is located in the National Forest of Allegheny.

It is known for its large mass of monster trout and has many nice fishing spots, but the best area to fish is the Trophy Section which is about 9 miles long. The brown trouts found in this river are large, averaging over 18 inches. Here, public access is pretty easy to find, especially below the dam. To fish successfully in this river, you’ll have to watch the water levels constantly.

Little Juniata River

This stream is also called little j by the people in Pennsylvania. It serves as a tributary to the larger Juniata River. It is one of the best rivers to visit if you are going fly fishing. The upper part of the tributary is freestone and stroked with lots of cold water tributaries.

When fishing Harrisburg Pa, the best spot to fish is downriver of Tyrone because the water here has nutrients enriched by a few limestone streams, and by the river bank, you find beautiful towering cliffs. It has a large mass of large brown trout because of the food abundance in these waters.

Additionally, all the above locations require a Pennsylvania Fishing License to legally fish from shore or by boat.


Fishing Harrisburg PA Reviews

Great time!

Bass Online and Capt Jon knows the river and put me on quality fish and numbers too. Top notch gear is awesome. Looking forward to next time!
- Thomas Black

Fishing with Steve

This is a top notch guide service. I took my son to celebrate his 15th birthday. We went in Oct and caught 91 smallmouth bass and 2 walleyes in 6 hours. The majority were quality fish and we were very satisfied with our trip.
- Earl Mack

Bass fishing

Mark did a great job we really enjoyed the day. Caught my personal-record smallmouth bass. Entire trip was well-planned and executed day on the river, and the boat is awesome. We will be doing it again.
- Don Weaver
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Area Things To Do

Harrisburg Pa, is a great city to visit, attracting visitors throughout the year with its big-city attractions and small-town charm. The beautiful town of Harrisburg is known for its rich history, having played a significant role in the Westward expansion, Industrial Revolution, and the Civil War. There is so much for people to explore while in Pennsylvania. Some of the most popular spots to experience near Harrisburg are Riverfront Park, Broad Street Market, the Art Studios at Milworks, and touring the Capitol building.

Exploring The Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River’s shorelines are full of fun options to partake in for the whole family and come to life in the summer. Many people enjoy taking a Susquehanna River cruise along the banks enjoying music, hand-crafted cocktails, and dinner cruises. The Susquehanna River Beach is a fun and unique way to cool off in the refreshing Pennsylvania waters. This is also a popular spot for biking and hiking along the many trails.

City Island

Visitors can admire the island’s scenery from the City Island Railroad, a mini version of a Civil-war steam engine. Another popular attraction is water golf on City Island, a mini-golf course that leads players along the river. South Mountain Carriage Company, Cafe Huey, and Harrisburg Senators Baseball are among the many other fun options to partake in at this location.

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