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Where to begin? How do I find a fishing guide?

Welcome to Bass Online Fishing Guides – the simple way to find and book helpful, reliable, professional fishing guides online. We connect you to our prostaff fishing guides, who conduct fishing charters for top customers and travel companies worldwide. If you’re looking for bass fishing guides, you’ve come to the right place.

Search For Nearby Fishing Guides

The first step to starting the process of fishing guides is doing a quick search of your location. Bass Online hires, employs, and manages the bookings for professional fishing guides all across the United States. Search the captain’s name, and the body of water, or enter the city you want to fish in, and you’ll find a list of all available fishing guides in the area.Search Fishing Guides near me

Not just the majority, but all of the online fishing websites try to do everything, be everything, and book everything and do very little correctly. At BassOnline, with know what we’re good at and that freshwater fishing, mainly bass, smallmouth, northern, and largemouth, but we also offer crappie, bluegill, catfish, and a few other species in the right areas. If you’re looking for fishing near you, finding an available fishing guide will be no trouble at all.

If you plan to travel soon or search for places to add to your wish list, only search for the city you want to explore. For example, if you’re staying in Erie, Pennsylvania but want to experience fishing trips in Orlando, Florida, search either Orlando or Kissimmee, which is closer to Disney World. The exact process if you search California, Arkansas, Texas, or a city within those states like Morganton or Sacramento!

How do I find a fishing guide?

Suppose you have your heart set on fishing a specific body of water, like Lake Fork in Texas. Search Lake Fork or search for Lake Fork fishing guides. As easy as that. If you know a nearby city, add it to the search. Similarly, if you’re dreaming about Lake Okeechobee in Central Florida, explore Lake Okeechobee. If you don’t know any fisheries, search best fishing spots near me. You can also search specific cities around the lake, like Okeechobee, located to the north, and Belle Glade, located to the Southeast. And Clewiston is situated on the southwest side. Our maps and location finder will help you find where you’re looking to fish near you.

Again only on BassOnline, can you search specifically for a fly fisher, live-bait captain, or specializes in artificial baits. You can read all about their fishing experience, the best fishing boats, and times. Know whether you will catch largemouth, smallmouth bass, or striped bass, or maybe all of them. Guides are listed in seniority; they do not pay to be on top or to be listed; guests and past anglers leave reviews for you to read on all fishing guides.

Compare Local Fishing Charters

Compare Fishing Charters Near MeFreshwater fishing is unique; the fishing guides’ destinations are typically lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and streams, not the ocean or tidal waters. BassOnline fishing guides mainly use light tackle, fly fishing equipment, and conventional tackle. Guide boats are also an important question. How big is the vessel? How many people can it hold? All these stats and facts are posted on the fishing guides’ profiles and more.

There are many overlooked facts to consider, depending on if you go fly fishing, saltwater fishing, or fishing in Pennsylvania versus Florida or Texas. All anglers should choose the perfect destinations for the species you are after, putting together tours in a state that qualified or using local fishing guides not familiar with the area will end up with bad results.

With BassOnline.com, you can easily compare fishing guides based on location, availability, and amenities. All of our professional fishing guides are trained and vetted for license & insurance. If you ask for a companion for trophy big bass or fly fishing guide, that’s what you will get. As you compare, notice some guides offer shorter, maybe two or four-hour trips and some longer trips like a full day or even all day.

As we mentioned, some fishing guides are specialized in one state like Pennsylvania, some are transit and fish more than one state.

Bass Fishing Guide Boats

Some guides offer custom boats or choices of boats. Most fishing guides have bass boats, others have bay-style boats, and others may even have pontoon boats. Some specific techniques, like fly fishing, work better on individual boats, and certain areas or spots need specific boats. Maybe the method doesn’t matter, but you have only adults with no youth, or perhaps a charter for the children that are going fishing? Perhaps it’s a company team outing, groups of friends, or even business clients, you need confidence that groups can fit and have fun?

We can help you find which fishing guides are most suitable for you and best suit your needs. Let’s chat and give us a call at 888-629-BASS (2277) to work with one of our people to place you in the right spot with the pros in locations like Jacksonville Fl and where the trips, boats, lodges, charter, and fishing gear are a perfect charter for you.


Book Your Fishing Trips

Book fishing guides online Bass Online.com makes booking your family big bass charter or fly fishing trip easier than ever. Depending on if you want to reserve your trip with a minimal deposit, make payments, or pay for your trip in total so it’s one less thing to worry about. BassOnline.com excepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal, so you can reserve your trip with a 100% refund policy if your plans change. Also, do not worry; we back it with our No Fish, No Pay Policy to help you confidently leave home.

The only thing left is getting to the dock and enjoying your day on the water.

Search, book, and get hooked up with only world-class fishing guides on a fishing charter near you! It’s an excellent way for your clients to connect, a chance to catch plenty. Every angler in the right state, destinations in the suitable locations, on the right charter with the proper fishing guides can learn something new and have a fishing experience that most people only dream of. You’ll leave knowing who your captain and charter are in the right place, then come home with great memories and details to start planning your next charter.

Meanwhile, recap your dream trip on Facebook and Instagram story at any time to understand why and who caught the biggest fish.

Once a captain is selected, you’re just a few clicks away from reserving your trip.

Book Online Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas on vacation

Let’s Fish on Vacation

Find a nearby charter as easily as 1,2,3, so grab a local fisherman, friends, customers, or family, everyone is excited about more time fishing! Even if you’re already in town and looking to go fishing tomorrow, it’s always a great day to go, or you’re planning your season’s winter escape to fun in the sun or family summer pleasure vacations. BassOnline.com can help you with choosing the best charter destinations. Start your search for nearby professional fishing guides, and get the adventure started.

Things to Know about Hiring Fishing Guides

Do you still have questions or want to help to book a trip? We’re here for that. Whether it’s your first time going with fishing guides, you will like the quality of the list with us or anything else; our team can get you hooked up.
You can find tips and FAQ answers to common questions within our Help Center.

Listen to your guide:

Our guides want you to catch fish as much as you do, so if you are serious about catching fish, accept your guide’s instructions and directions. Your guide knows how to read the water, and he knows what to look for, so pay close attention to his teachings. We understand many of you know how to fish pretty well. But just as if we were to fish your home waters, we would need your help. Bass fishing in Florida, Stockton, Leesburg, and Sacramento Ca differs from most places worldwide.

Bring your adult beverages:

Discuss it with your guide service if you plan to bring alcohol with you. Many guide services will not let you drink alcohol on the boats. Our guide service does allow alcohol. We feel the two go hand in hand for many people, and this trip should be as enjoyable as possible for you. With that said, our policy is any time we feel you or anyone in your party becomes under the influence, we will take you and your party directly back to the dock, and you will be responsible for the trip’s total cost.

Smokers beware:

Because of the boat’s carpet, we do ask that you be careful of your ashes. It burns holes in our carpet. But we do still allow you to smoke.

Tip your guide:

It is traditional to tip your guide. An eight-hour charter is equivalent to a ten-hour workday when you consider preparing the boats, tackle, and other equipment for the day, handling the charter, travel time, cleaning the boats and preparing for the next day. A 15% to 20% gratuity is standard, and if your guide goes above and beyond the call of duty, you should tip accordingly.

If you are skeptical about hiring a fishing guide, read this fishing charter pros and cons.


Very helpful website!

Fishing Guides
Very helpful website, great selection and well layered out
- Alex

Texas Fishing Guide

fishing guides
We had Dave take for a half day fishing on Lake Ray Roberts. He was ion time, and very professional. His equipment was really good and he really knew the lake and where to catch fish. Our three grandchildren had a great time and caught lots of fish. I’d highly recommend Dave he is very nice and makes the experience worth the money.
- Barbara “Deanie” ” Martino

Good morning with Capt Reno Alley

fishing guides
Went out for 4 hrs. on Lake Winterset with my grandson, and Capt. Reno had us on bass in no time, caught 20 bass, with many 4 to 5 lbs.
- Frank Bremer
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