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Choosing Arkansas Fishing Charters near me

Arkansas Fishing Charters near me

Fishing in Arkansas’ lakes and rivers is a great experience, particularly if you’re looking for a world-record trout or bass to bring back home. Therefore, there is no wonder that this portion of the Arkansas Ozarks, a stunning region, has a number of excellent fishing lodges.

There’s a misconception that folks who go on guided trout fishing excursions in Arkansas are “serious” anglers, only seeking a trophy trout. But the reality is far from that. Most anglers are out for a good time and want to catch a lot of trout just for fun. Following, we will give you more about some of the top-notch fishing guides in Arkansas.

Featured Local Arkansas Fishing Guides

Local Arkansas Fishing Guides

Capt Levi - Anglers on a fishing trip

Capt Levi Hutchison

Levi Hutchison ★★★★★ 5 27 reviews
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Capt Levi Hutchison is a full-time fishing guide that has all types of experience as a fishing guide. He’s a Texas native that left fishing Arkansas lakes for striper bass and more! [Read More]

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Capt Tyler Haynes

Capt Tyler Haynes

Tom Goodrich ★★★★★ 5 5 reviews
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1 to 4 people

Capt Tyler Haynes is a full-time fishing guide on Beaver Lake and Grand Lake for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. Do you want to explore using the newest electronics the right way? [Read More]

Capt Your Name is a full-time Southwest Florida fishing guide for bass and saltwater offshore fishing. Fished 15 yrs as a professional as a B.A.S.S. Elite Pro. Mark was [Read More]

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Get Paid to Fish - Walleye fishing on the White river

Capt Your Name

Arkansas Fishing Guide ★★★★★ 4.9 3549 reviews
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Capt Your name is a full-time smallmouth bass fishing guide out of Erie, PA with 15+ years professional angler with incredible experience and knowledge to share with all of his [Read More]

Capt Your Name is a full-time Lake Okeechobee fishing guide and 15+ year FLW professional angler with incredible experience and knowledge to [Read More]

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Local AR Conventional & Fly Fishing Guides Needed

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Arkansas Fishing Guide ★★★★★ 4.9 3549 reviews
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Ouachita River Fishing Guides

You can catch a trophy striper, largemouth, smallmouth, and trout, or a bountiful trophy on the Ouachita River with the help of an Arkansas fishing guide. More specifically, the help of the Ouachita River Fishing Guides. Fly fishing and light-tackle guided outings are both available. Trips to fish for trout on the White River are all-inclusive and include all equipment – rods, reels, food, and flies. They will even clean your fish!

Our company has guided excursions for everyone, from novices to veterans! Their trips are customized to meet people’s preferences and requirements. Fishermen can expect their personalized tours to be ready to fish when they step foot on the boat. Bass Online Fishing Guides will spend as much time as necessary explaining the various tactics so that you can relax and enjoy your time on the river.

River Fly Fishing

Ouachita River fishing guides have a superior fly-fishing experience, and they’re willing to put in the time to teach and guide you in your fly-fishing options. All guided fly-fishing excursions include training in fly casting. Fly-fishing or spinning, their experienced guides enjoy the pleasure of pursuing fish on a fly.

Light-tackle spin fishing guides are also available to you via this establishment. The fly-fishing instructions provide methods on nymphing, lessons on casting, fishing by using streamers, and dry flies angling.

Bass Fishing

The Ouachita River and North Fork Rivers in Arkansas provide various opportunities for an Arkansas fishing guide, guiding fishing excursions, and family-friendly trout fishing trips. Fishing for trout is at its peak during the winter months and striper in the summer and fall months. During this time, trout rely heavily on shad kills as their principal food source. Streamer-fly fishing in January and February yields some monster trout. Brown trout lay their eggs in the late autumn, making this an excellent time to catch them on the egg bite.

To catch prize trout on streamers, they only fly fish during the colder months. Streamer flies in streamer fly-fishing may represent shad and hatchery trout. Larger trout, mainly brown trout, readily consume injured minnows. When using sink-tip fly lines, you will get the best results. If you’re a fly-fishing streamer, it’s important to remember that the water is cold, so pause your fly to allow the fish to strike, consume the bait, and listen to your Arkansas fishing guide.

Trout Fishing

Another excellent option for trout fishing guided trips is on the North Fork of the White River. We provide half-day (4 hours), super-half (6 hours), and full-day (8.5 hours) guided fishing trips. Each guide has its own opinion on where the most excellent place is to go, and this is common with each Arkansas fishing guide, but if you have a place you want to experience, let us know.

Some anglers fish for a whole day, a half-day, or even five days straight. Guided fishing trips often begin at around 7 am (or later/earlier if you choose). However, their guides are accustomed to arriving on the dock around 4 am.

All tours are fully equipped to ensure your safety and comfort. These crews use wide Jon boats with comfortable swivel chairs and all the necessary safety gear. There is no price if you bring your fishing rods and reels; plenty of free ones are available if you don’t.

Each boat has a massive ice chest, which allows for drinks to be stored. If you want a soft drink of your choice and bottled water, you can ask, and the guide will provide it.

Trout Guides

Your trout Arkansas fishing guide is more than just a skilled angler. He also drives the boat, prepares and serves you a delicious meal, and takes care of your daily needs.

Guided fishing expeditions on the Rivers provide a memorable experience. Our professional guides are well qualified with many years of expertise in these rivers. They’re hospitable and friendly outdoorsmen.

These guides also know where and how to fish and the type of flies, lures, and other bait you need to use. These people catch fish in high and low water all year, as they are skilled in lures or baits.

Arkansas fishing guide specifically for Fly-fishing is available as well. The best part is that even beginners can try out these services because they naturally don’t expect you to know everything. In these cases, professionals will bait your hook, throw it, and remove the fish while you reel them.

This is what makes all levels of fishers welcome on these outings. Even if you have children, they can find a way to include everyone. Families, friends, and coworkers may enjoy a day of fishing with the help of the guides. Most all river systems offer enough beauty for a float trip, making it a worthwhile destination.

Single Day Guided Fishing Trip

As your “John” boat is expertly piloted down the river, you may sit back and relax in your comfy chair. Breathtaking alpine landscape awaits you around every corner. There is plenty of rainbow, brown, cutthroat, and smallmouth fish to capture as you take in the sights. It is also very common to angle around 40 or 50 rainbows daily.

Although some anglers choose to release their whole day’s catch, there is a daily restriction of five fish per person and a two-day maximum. Your guide will clean and store the fish you have caught in ice-filled Styrofoam coolers for your return home.

Arkansas fishing guide on a fishing excursion for one day typically spans 10-12 miles of river and is led by an experienced guide. The fishing trips include everything – from a boat and engine, seats, and cushions to life jackets, lunch, and soft drinks. Depending on your lunch option, these tours typically allow 8 hours of fishing.

You sit back and enjoy the fishing while your Cotter Dock guide takes care of the details. While drifting, you may anchor over the deep holes and catch fish quietly.

Striper Fishing Trips

Located all around Arkansas are excellent largemouth and striper fishing, Bull Shoals Dam, and other similar locations. Find the cooling waters, which are ideal for angling brown, cutthroat, and rainbow trout, even in the sweltering heat of the summer months.

Regular trout stocking, a healthy population of trout, and striped bass make it a great place to catch fish. Ozark trees and bluffs dominate the landscape, although there are also some open fields. There are a few riverside residences, but most of the landscape remains underdeveloped.

You’ll witness various animals, birds, and wildflowers along the trip. If you like fishing, the Arkansas lakes are the place to go.

Hot Springs Guided Trips

Two all-tackle records have been caught in the rivers of Arkansas. Even the brook trout record was set in Arkansas. Due to its popularity, it may be packed sometimes.

Buffalo National River Guided Trips

This River was America’s first National River. Suppose you want the quintessential Ozark mountains experience. In this situation, it’s a great experience to camp overnight on the Buffalo. The smallmouth bass fishing is excellent, and the scenery is indescribably spectacular.

The National Park Service offers guided fishing excursions on the Buffalo River. This location can only accommodate up to 115 vessels managed by these licensed entities. Thanks to this rule, the Buffalo River experience can be preserved.

The Buffalo River’s rugged and secluded terrain makes it ideal for overnight camping expeditions of two or more days. Yet, anglers are known to make one-day trips on the river.

Fishing on the Buffalo River is excellent between March and June, incredibly productive when using an Arkansas fishing guide. This mainly depends on the river levels. The Buffalo River is a free-flowing body of water; therefore, fishing conditions may be unpredictable. However, this varies yearly, and travels in the late autumn are not uncommon.

Hospitality on the Rivers

With years of experience, the water edge resorts throughout Arkansas thoroughly understand the fishery, mainly lakes, and rivers.

You can find world-record fish everywhere, big browns in the water system of the White River and 60lb striped bass in the lakes of Arkansas. Big brown trout in the double digits are common enough to make the White River one of the most productive trout waters in the country and a fly-fishing hotspot.

It’s not only the size of the trout that attracts fishers from across the globe; it’s also the range of trout species. This is one of the few places to catch the desired grand slam “in one location.” You may see brook, rainbow, brown, and cutthroat on the White River.

Here, you can find everything you need about fishing and customer service. A first-class lodge should be able to guarantee your safety and ensure that you get just what you’d expect. Why all of our guides are competitive, they are here to help you as much as necessary so that you can have a great time on the water.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned lifelong fisherman, your satisfaction is the objective of an Arkansas fishing guide. They go to tremendous lengths to ensure their guests have a safe, pleasant, and gratifying experience.

Were a Fisherman’s Guide Service

The pristine waters of Southern and Northern Arkansas will entice you. Why the heart of the Ozark Mountains is very popular, the southern Arkansas region also has incredible lakes. Our business clients are Bass Online’s bread and butter, so when planning your next fishing trip, this is the company you want on your side!

Relax as you catch fish f a lifetime, taking in the serenity and beauty. Getting that big striped bass will lift your spirits, and it’s their responsibility to assist you in achieving that lofty objective.

Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Smallmouth Fly Fishing is another of the top-notch fishing guides in Arkansas. Smallmouth bass is also in abundance in Arkansas lakes and rivers. Fishing is effective year-round, whereas fly fishing is available during specific year periods.

A professional Arkansas fishing guide has spent many years developing new techniques and strategies for catching enormous predatory fish. Winter fishing in Arkansas is the greatest in the world.

Lures are not the only way to catch stripers, hybrids, smallmouth, largemouth, and walleye in the area’s lakes and streams, but rest sure of whatever technique we will be on top of. We offer Full, 3/4, and half-day guided outings for you to experience. Depending on the water conditions, drifting and wading are everyday activities. The flies, leader, and tippet are all incorporated into the price of the excursion.

Our captains have all the necessary equipment, but bring your rods if you prefer. We have extra fishing rods and will be aboard the vessel if necessary. Moreover, the daily rate includes all equipment.


Arkansas is one of the top fishing destinations in the US. There are fishing opportunities for anglers, waders, and all different types of enthusiasts. Most travelers elect to use an Arkansas fishing guide mentioned above to ensure a perfect fishing trip.

They will even help you prepare your catch and have delightful fishing while enjoying Arkansas’s scenery. Before you cast your line, don’t forget to see if the state’s fishing regulations have any restrictions.


Great Place and Lake

Lake Apopka
This place is a well hidden secret. A huge variety of fish, birds, bunnies and not to forget big bass and lots of alligators in every size can be seen. No fences in their natural habitat.
- Torsten Dreier

Amazing Time

Fellsmere Reservoir
Captain Steve was great. We enjoyed our time with him and he put us on the fish. Will look him up again!
- William Wessels

Awesome Guided Trip with Capt. Mark Rose

Lake Erie
Today we had a great day on the water! Capt. Mark is a great guide and got me on some smallies late in the morning after catching some largemouths! I would highly recommend Capt Mark Rose and I will more than likely make another trip up to Lake Erie and fish with him again!
- Jacob Ricker
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