How To Get Fishing License Online

When you purchase a license, permit, and stamps, the fees go to that particular state’s Parks and Wildlife departments to help with conservation efforts. License fees are a suitable way to contribute to habitat restoration to promote a thriving environment for the local wildlife. In return, that means more and better outdoor activities for us to catch healthy fish and have quality hunting experiences.

If you are asking, where to get a fishing license? Or where can I buy fishing license? There are many options to purchase licenses online. The most convenient way for most people is to get their license online, whether on the state’s government wildlife websites or through their apps. Other options are for individuals to get it in person at many stores that sell sporting goods or over the phone.

Get Your License for Hunting, Boating, Fishing Online

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Purchase licenses directly with your mobile device through the apps.

  • Florida App: FishHuntFL
  • Pennsylvania App: FishBoatPA
  • Texas App: Texas Outdoor Annual
  • Alabama App:
  • Georiga App:
  • Arkansas App:
  • California App:
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Get Your License To Fish In Person

Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania all have hundreds of stores that sell fishing licenses throughout the states. Most stores with an outdoor section will sell fishing and hunting licenses as well as specific fish or water body permits if needed. These retail places include sporting goods stores, department stores, gun shops, bait and tackle shops, discount stores, grocery stores, and more. Some of the more known and familiar retail stores that sell fishing licenses include Walmart Supercenter and Bass Pro Shops.

Information Needed When You Get A License

Residents need a valid driver’s license or ID for that specific state. The process also requires other personal information, such as name, birthday, and social security information, to create the account. When you create your account with your personal information, you will be able to select your fishing dates for the license to be active.

The Different Fishing Licenses

When you go to buy a fishing license, you will notice a variety of options that can seem overwhelming at first.

  • Options consist of a resident license, non-resident license, 5 year license, lifetime fishing license, and hunting license, based on the individual states.
  • If you are going on a freshwater fishing charter in Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Arkansas fishing license you only need the resident or nonresident freshwater fishing license for any desired duration.
  • If you are going on a Pennsylvania fishing charter, you need a freshwater license, either resident or nonresident, and any necessary stamps or permits for your specific trip that your guide can confirm for you, such as a Lake Erie permit or targeting a specific fish species stamp. Be sure to check the local fishing regulations to be sure!

When you buy a freshwater license, it covers you in many spots, including public fishing lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers.

When going on a saltwater fishing charter, a fishing license is not required in most places as you are covered by the captain. However, specific fish species may require additional permits depending on the area’s regulations.

How much is a fishing license?

This varies based on each state, and the type of agfc fishing license. In some states, the resident fisheries conservation license and the nonresident fishing license are the same price, just issued for a shorter term. Other states are completely different, as we mentioned licenses vary from as low as $12 to upper ward of $75. 

Your Conservation Contribution

By purchasing a boating or fishing license, you contribute to a state conservation program, including habitat protection, fisheries management, and fishing education through the license fees. One hundred percent of fishing license fees go towards conservation and restoration. Fishing license sales generate over $700 million throughout the country.

State-Specific Details

A resident fishing license is required for any resident of age fishing any public waters in that state with a local driver’s license or ID to prove residency. Nonresidents also need fishing licenses when fishing in any public waters. Each state has its exceptions and own regulations when it comes to fishing and hunting. The age requirement for anglers to purchase a fishing license ranges from 16 to 17 for more states. In addition, some areas require special permits for specific fish species or bodies of water.

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