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Planning The Ultimate Corporate Event

Many successful employers are catching onto the fact that the happier their employees are, the more productive the business will be.

A corporate retreat is an excellent way for team members to bond in a fun, relaxed environment. Corporate events are getaways for both management and staff members to encourage collaboration, employee engagement, team building, and productive business development. Corporate retreats serve as appreciation events for everyone’s hard work and usually leave everyone feeling refreshed and better than ever.

The event’s location and atmosphere play a big part in how successful your corporate retreat is.

This article will introduce you to an out-of-the-box event and how to plan a corporate retreat that will give your employees a well-deserved break while creating bonding moments, growth, and memories that last a lifetime.

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Benefits Of Doing Corporate Events

There are endless benefits to planning corporate retreats and appreciation events, such as team building and increasing creativity and drive, which ultimately will help the company reach business goals faster.

Corporate events provide an opportunity for team members to bond. Ultimately, a team that works well together will feed off each other, create excellent work strategies, and improve overall business performance.

Appreciation Events

An employer taking the step to plan a company retreat for the employees is a great way to show that they care about the mental and physical well-being of those helping the company reach its potential.

Corporate events motivate employees that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed, which will always produce positive results for everyone. Retreat and incentive programs help with organizational planning and business development and will usually create lasting relationships to keep companies thriving.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately your employees are helping you reach your business goals, and they are people who want to feel appreciated. According to an industry expert, keeping your employees happy and acknowledging hard work is the best way to keep a company thriving with a low turnover rate. The higher the employee satisfaction rate, the more money can be spent on growing the business rather than training new employees. Aside from training, the happier an employee, the more creative they tend to be and more motivated they are to come up with ideas and initiate them to improve the business.

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The Best Outdoor Corporate Event

An ideal company event allows employees to bond in a relaxing but fun environment. Ideally, they are doing something that keeps them excited but with enough downtime to talk to each other.

Plan the ultimate company retreat that everyone will remember with a group fishing event! 

There are several advantages to booking a group fishing trip for the office. Primarily, it provides a break for everyone in the great outdoors that will create memories that last. 

Bassonline fishing events will simplify the planning process as we will essentially take care of everything for you. In addition, we’ve partnered with lodges at some of the top fishing destinations in the world to create the ultimate fishing package for your event.

It’s Good For Everyone

A fishing trip event is perfect for both avid anglers and those who have never held a fishing rod before. Out professional guides work with all skill levels to help them improve and simply have a great time on the water. Those who would rather enjoy a boat ride than fish can sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink and snack while soaking up the sun with their teammates. Fishing and boating adventures create the ultimate unofficial team-building exercises.

Regardless of someone’s experience or skill level, fishing is an excellent activity to unwind and bond with colleagues.


Fishing charters make ideal corporate events for many reasons, including showing appreciation, strengthening teamwork, increasing productivity, and providing the opportunity for employees to experience some of the top natural destinations in the world. Fishing trips are the perfect activity that leaves you enough time to achieve any other goals for the retreat while doing something fun together.


The company fishing trip will usually leave employees feeling more creative and understood than before. Nothing will make people bond more than someone catching their personal best trophy fish or someone catching their very first fish. Your team will feel energized and safe with an experienced captain to give them the local tour of a beautiful area.


A genuinely fun activity will truly leave employees happy and feeling appreciated. Our corporate events are all-inclusive, so anything you need for your fishing trip, as well as lodging and food, can be arranged for you.


An exciting and happy event will usually leave employees motivated to return to the office and perform better. A break from the usual office environment is beneficial to morale and workplace productivity. Employers from every type of business are seeing the incredible benefits of corporate retreats, especially the fun, unique events.


It’s necessary to address the elephant in the room, Covid19. Another reason why a fishing trip is ideal for a corporate retreat or any incentive trips is that it allows your group to be together and have a good time without the presence of any large crowds. It will enable people to be in their small group and in the outdoors with a constant flow of fresh air and Vitamin D throughout the trip.

These things are always good for us as humans, but they are even more critical than ever right now. So your team members can enjoy this bonding experience and feel appreciated without the concerns of traditional group events.

We believe bringing people together is crucial and probably more important now than ever while remaining as safe as possible. Outdoor events are enjoyable and significantly cut back anxieties and optimize safety for everyone.

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Top Destinations

One of the best things about event planning with the largest fishing charter company is that the possibilities are endless, making the process much more convenient for you.

We have locations in all the top fishing destinations in the United States, including all over Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and more.

Florida Fishing Events

Florida is often the favorite spot when it comes to planning a tropical outdoor adventure for employees. The year-round sunshine, incredible fishing, and various locations make it ideal for most event planners. There is something for everyone to do to experience the local community and culture in between fishing trips.

Many Florida fishing trips offer the option for your group to go together on a pontoon boat or split into bass boats.


Different lakes across the state will create some variety as to the type of fish caught. But one thing to remember is Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the World! So regardless of where you go, you will catch some quality largemouth bass

If you choose to fish in South Florida locations such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach, be ready to hook the unique butterfly peacock bass as well. The further north you go, you will find generally bigger largemouth bass, more panfish like crappie, and more.

Check out our top Florida Fishing Destinations for your next corporate event. 

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Pennsylvania Fishing Events

Lake Erie, PA, is an incredible fishery and tourist destination. There are tons of stuff for visitors to experience between fishing trips and lots of good restaurants right along Presque Isle Bay that trips launch from. PA fishing trips are only available during the warmer months, generally from May through November.


Experience one of the most scenic of the Great Lakes while catching quality smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, sunfish, pike, bluegill, crappie, salmon, lake trout, steelhead, muskie, and more.

Explore Lake Erie Fishing Trips.

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Planning A Corporate Retreat

Corporate planning doesn’t have to be as tedious as it used to be. We will help you with every step to make this a smooth process and give you the perfect group fishing adventure. However, here is a step-by-step guide of what to do to make this the best corporate event in the history of your business.

Initial Considerations

General Location

Since we have multiple locations to choose from, you and your team can consider what type of vibe you are interested in. Search through our locations and decide what kind of fish you are looking to catch and what you are looking to do before and after the fishing.

We can help you narrow down the best location after we know more about your retreat plans and preferences, but for now, it’s best to get a general idea of what your options are. Start thinking about the general vibe you are interested in, such as coastal/beach, river/lake, city/urban, or quaint/rural.

The top coastal/beach locations are Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and Naples. These will generally be more city/urban.

The top river/lake locations are St Johns River, Stick Marsh, and Lake Toho. These will generally be more quaint/rural. Although Lake Toho provides that small-town feel near the lake but is close to Orlando’s city and near downtown Kissimmee to give a mix of urban and rustic.

Usually, the most popular spot for a corporate retreat is in South or Central Florida; both have incredible fishing with tons of stuff to explore apart from the fishing.

Top South Florida Fishing Spots 

Top Central Florida Fishing Spot

Search All Locations


There are two things to consider when it comes to length, the length of the fishing charter and the length of the retreat in general.

It’s essential to have a schedule in mind of what you plan to cover during the corporate retreat; this will help you know how much time you need.

  • Choose a fishing length: Fishing trips are available for 4, 6, and 8 hour time frames.
  • Choose a day length: Think about whether you want to plan dinner after fishing or any meetings to cover essential information with the team. 

The sweet spot for a corporate retreat is anywhere from one to three days; the exact time frame will depend on your itinerary and travel time. Know what you need to cover at the retreat to keep everything concise and on track. The main goal should be for everyone to have fun, build relationships, and feel appreciated and motivated.

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Step 1: Get An Idea Of Goals & Budget

The budget is usually assembled along the way of the planning process. Still, it’s good to get a general idea of how much money management is allowing for a company retreat.

Next, have a general idea of what you want the event to looks like and what goals you have for the employees that attend; maybe that’s simply creating more robust connections, discussing product launches, organization processes, etc. Also, establish goals you would like to achieve regarding talking business. For example, it’s best to try and develop time blocks where there is a time for fun and bonding then a time for talking business.

Try to create a rough itinerary based on your goals for the company above. For example, team building fishing trip in the morning, meals and drinks after, local exploring, work meeting, downtime. Then, based on your retreat goals, we can help fill in the gaps with transportation needs, restaurant or catering options, and places to go and see in the area.

Step 2: Dates

It’s usually best to choose multiple dates that will work for the people that “must attend,” then you can provide us with those dates, and we will help you narrow it down based on the availability of our captains and boats.

Step 3: Specific Location

Once you have your dates, general itinerary, length of trip, goals, and preferred locations, we can help you pull it together. Often, choosing the best venue or destination is the hardest part for someone that may be unfamiliar with their differences. Speak to our experts with your general outline and goals, and we will help you choose the best location for you!

We will help you choose the best town based on the general area of where you want to go, the best lakes in the area, and all the top things your team should do or explore while here. Many fishing spots have meeting venues attached or nearby; otherwise, most hotels in the area will have meeting space, too, if needed.

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Business Meetings

Aside from big corporate events for the whole office, a fishing trip is ideal for companies to use as the perfect business meeting opportunity. Take clients or potential customers out on a relaxing yet exciting fishing adventure to create the ultimate rapport.

There are various types of corporate events, and the target audience can be just as broad- corporate fishing trips are ideal for employees, board members, stakeholders, potential customers, and clients.

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Start Planning Your Next Corporate Retreat

Whether you’re looking to reward the office or bond with employees or clients, a fishing adventure will serve as a wonderful corporate event to show that appreciation and create exciting new memories with your work family.

We will help pick the best location based on your wants and needs, as well as lodging accommodations, meals, meeting venues, and area things to do! Whether your company wants to educate employees, reward, celebrate, motivate, mark key milestones, or entice a potential client, a group fishing charter will help reach those goals in a productive and fun way.

There are endless types of corporate events to choose from, but let us help you plan the ultimate corporate retreat that will create lasting memories for everyone.

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