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An aerial view of Lake Nottely along with the surrounding mountainside

Lake Nottely, also called Nottely Reservoir, or Nottely Lake, is a reservoir in Union County, North Georgia, and part of both the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Oconee National Forest.

Governed by the Tennessee Valley Authority, it was constructed in 1942, by putting a dam on Nottely river, with the purpose of providing seasonal flood storage for the Tennessee River Watershed. Nottely Dam has dimensions of 2,300 x 184 feet, while the dimensions of Nottely Lake are about 102 feet x 20 miles, with an average depth of 35 feet.

Falling under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service, the majority of Nottely Lake’s shoreline is unoccupied, and functions as a natural site and just a nice destination for a weekend getaway, or for fishing at the beautiful lake.

Is There a Town Under Lake Nottely?

The beautiful Lake Nottely is located within the regional mountains, but it is only a few hours north of the town of Blairsville.

As such, not only is it an attractive tourist destination for visitors looking to do fishing, sightseeing, or camping in the mountains or by the shoreline, but also for those looking to visit the nearby town, along with its restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers.

Why Lake Nottely is Blairsville’s Hidden Gem?

The 106-mile long shoreline allows for more than just one type of recreational activity at the reservoir.

Explore Different Shore Activities

Blairsville’s residents are able to regularly visit the natural location, where several popular festivals have taken place over the years.

They, as well as visiting tourists, can explore the campground with the intention of going for a session of quiet boating, or going around the lake with kayaks.

A day trip can be organized to include sessions of disk golf on the Nottely playing fields, a trip to the skateboard park, the swimming pool, or the Meeks Park, different sorts of highland games, or a visit to the Vogel State Park and the Poteete Creek Campground.

The Sorghum Festival and the Blairsville Scottish Fest are also regularly held at this recreation spot in Georgia.

The Lake Nottely Improvement Association has intentionally been seeking to keep the lake clean and increase the number of available activities to improve both the quality of life for the strong local community of Blairsville and their relevance as a tourist location.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Angler holding a largemouth bass and fishing rod
Northern Bass


Rainbow Trout

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How do You Catch Fish on Lake Nottely?

A family enjoying the summer at Lake Nottely on a Pontoon CharterLake Nottely is one of the most incredible fishing locations in Georgia, with significantly growing importance in recent years. Falling under the North Georgia watersports category, fishing at this location is a dream for many anglers who are looking to hop onto a boat and catch record-breaking big specimens.

Especially between December and June, due to food sparsity, large species, such as striped bass, are more prone to go for fishing bait, resulting in some spectacular catches.

Aside from the trophy striped bass, the reservoir is known to be the home for the following species:

Can You Ski on Lake Nottely?

While regular skiing is available on the mountainsides during winter, the lake is perfect for jet skiing in spring or summer.

Considering the massive appeal and the variety of activities one can engage in, Lake Nottely is one of the best locations to visit in Georgia.

Are There Trout in Lake Nottely?

Another one of Lake Nottely’s most popular species of fish located right in the middle of the water’s depths is the rainbow trout.

Just visit any of the local public boat ramps to get informed about the rarity and availability of trout at a particular time of the year, and you’ll be able to go boating through the reservoir and try your luck at getting one of these unique fish inside your boat.

How do You Catch Striped Bass in Lake Nottely?

Lake Nottely is exceptionally well known as a quiet area where one can catch astonishingly large specimens of striped bass. The best way to do this is to target the specific day or year when most fish approach the lake’s surface.

Summertime is good due to a large number of fish you can catch, while wintertime is suitable due to the lack of food, prompting the trophy bass to emerge on the surface.

A man and a woman enjoying jet skiing at Nottely Lake in the summerWater Activities

Yet, fishing is not the only water activity you can resort to on Lake Nottely, Lake Oconee, or even Morganton. Hop onto your boat and dive into the clear waters. The South End is especially pleasant for this.

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