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Top 5 Lake Wildwood Macon GA Fishing Places

If you want to fish in peace in a quiet lake with gorgeous scenery in the Macon Bibb County of Georgia, Lake Wildwood, Ga is the perfect spot for you. Located the West of Macon, Lake Wildwood is surrounded by several other significant fishing areas.

What sets Lake Wildwood apart is a private lake belonging to a gated community. The public still gets a regulated entry, of course. Would you rather go fishing in a public place instead? Do not worry; in this article, we will also explore other nearby Lake Wildwood Macon and Ga fishing spots.

Jump right in to find out where you can go fishing next in the Georgia (GA) state!

Lake Wildwood

Located northwest of Macon, Lake Wildwood is a 186-acre reservoir belonging to the Lake Wildwood community, one of Georgia’s oldest limited access communities, that’s been around for over 50 years.

Since this is a private area, you may enter with invites from any residents. Don’t know anyone who lives in the Lake Wildwood community? You can still get a permit to go inside, but there might be regulations on how many times you can use it.

One of the benefits of this area being a restricted entrance is that you can fish in a relatively quiet place, with not many boats around. In addition, the scenic beauty of Lake Wildwood makes this experience the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family.

Lake Wildwood follows the regular fishing regulations of Georgia, so make sure to skim through them before you go fishing. Also, anglers cannot use trotlines in this waterbody, as they are prohibited.

The most popular fish species anglers can find in this lake are bass, crappie, bream, and carp. In particular, bass variations are prevalent in all water bodies of Georgia. In addition, there are designated areas for boating, swimming, and fishing spots.

This is a well-kept place, so many other amenities are available for the residents and their guests to enjoy. Including an Olympic-sized swimming pool with picnic tables at the end, great for a family. Your kids can go swimming in the pool while you sit at the picnic tables to keep an eye on them.

Speaking of swimming, Lake Wildwood itself is a great swimming place, too. There are restrooms available in all areas, so you will never be too far away from one. You can also use the clubhouse for events, but special permits are needed.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Northern Largemouth bass in Lake Oliver
Northern Bass

Shoal Bass

Spotted Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass
Crappie Fishing


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West Point Lake

Local Lake Tobesofkee

Lake Tobesofkee

Go 5 miles northeast of Lake Wildwood, and you will find one of the most popular lakes in Georgia with several fishing docks. With 35 miles of shoreline and 1800 acre mass, Lake Tobesofkee is stocked with enough fish to be caught.

This vast lake has three parks: Sandy Beach Park, Arrowhead Park, and Claystone Park. Bibb county manages all three of these. You will find campsites, fishing spots, swimming areas, summer beaches, family outing areas, restrooms, picnic pavilions, and more inside these parks.

You can rent a boat for fishing or boating if you do not have one on-site. Are you bringing boats of your own? Make sure to get to the Arrowhead or Claystone boat ramps.

As a large water reservoir, it is filled with fish species of many kinds for you to explore. This area can find channel catfish, largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, spotted sunfish, rock bass, black crappie, chain pickerel, and bluegill.

Night fishing is an excellent choice for targeting bass during the summer months.

Lake Juliette

Lake Juliette · Georgia

Are you looking for an even grander water body than the previous one? Lake Juliette is a 30-minute drive away from Lake Wildwood and not the one in Leesburg FL. This one is built strictly for fishing, but a few basic amenities are available. For the most part, do not expect all the amenities you can get in typical GA lakes.

This lake is known for its varied bass species – largemouth, striped, and spotted in terms of fish. Anyone who has fished there will have caught at least one bass. You will also find grass carp, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, green sunfish, channel catfish, yellow perch, and warmouth.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources maintains this lake, so basic GA fishing regulations apply. In addition, boats with a higher motor power than 25 HP are prohibited in this place. Water sports, such as skiing, are also banned.

These regulations change year-round, so keep an eye on the relevant GA government fishing website.

Houston Lake

Houston lake had a similar start to Lake Wildwood because it started as a private lake for the Houston Country Club. However, this place is now open to the public, so you can fish here all you want!

This water body is more used for kayaking and canoeing than fishing because it has attractive natural beauty. However, you will also find the typical GA fish in these waters.

Common fish species include crappies, basses, and sunfishes. Despite being a more recreational lake, all fishing regulations apply here, too.

When you start rowing, the first 20 minutes will have houses lining the shore. After the houses clear away, trees will replace them, and you will reach the absolutely gorgeous part of the place, with greenery and wildlife.

On the north bank, the golf course can be found. Swimming is prohibited in this place, so do not jump into the waters, however tempting that may be!

Are you ditching the kayaks and taking a motorboat instead? Remember to stick to the idle speed.

Javors Lucas Lake

Our final pick is another small lake 16 miles away from Lake Wildwood. Despite being small, Javors Lucas Lake is an essential source of water storage for Macon and Bibb County. You can find a sizable number of fish stocked here, but there are some strict rules to abide by for fishing.

You cannot use gas-powered motorboats in this place. It is open to the public, but Macon Water Authority limits the days and hours.

The gas motor prohibition is to preserve the purity of water, and it also keeps excess people away. So, you can have a relaxing day of fishing with not too many people around you.

The Kid’s Fishing Derby held annually in this area is fantastic for the kids. Children of all ages are grouped based on their ages. They can put first, second, or third based on the size of fish caught. It is a fantastic way to get your little buddy interested in fishing.

Final Words

Lake Wildwood Macon GA fishing is bound to be a day you will enjoy, with the spectacular scenery and relaxing quietness around you very similar to what you might find in Stockton Ca. But if you have trouble accessing Lake Wildwood Ga, the four other ones mentioned in this article are great alternatives. Remember on any given day almost any of these lakes could be on the list of best fishing spots near me.

I hope you have a momentous day full of catching big fish!

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Lake Wildwood
Captain put us on some great fishing within 20 min of being on the boat. I took my 16 and 6 year old on this trip and he was very accommodating with them and wanted to make sure we were all having fun and catching fish! We will be back every chance we get. Thank you for an amazing first time fishing!
- Josh J
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