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Lloyd Shoals Park at Lake Jackson, Georgia

Lake Jackson Ga Fishing

Lake Jackson is among the state’s oldest reservoirs, a bit more than a century old. It is located 44 miles southeast of Atlanta in a countryside that encompasses portions of three counties in Georgia, United States (Jasper, Newton, and Butts counties).

The Lloyd Shoals Dam was constructed by the Central Georgia Power Company in 1910, and it was initially used to produce energy for the town of Macon.

The maximum depth of Lake Jackson stands at 94 feet, and the water temperatures range from 55○F in the winter to 85○F in the summer months. It is a tiny lake in comparison to other fishing lakes in the state (about 4,750 acres with 135 miles of coastline), but it still serves as a destination for water activities such as boating, wakeboarding, and fishing. It is also a heavily developed lake, attracting anglers all year round.

Jackson Lake is produced by the Alcovy, Yellow, and South rivers coming together. The Ocmulgee River serves as the lake’s exit below the Lloyd Shoals Dam.

Jackson Lake Fishing Guide

Lake Jackson has evolved out of a trophy largemouth bass lake to a lake with a big number of spotted bass that makes up the majority of the bass fishing. Jackson Lake is a great place to go crappie fishing, and the lake is also home to some monster catfish. According to fishing reports from 2016, a fisherman pulled out a 63-pound flathead catfish.

Sunfish, and crappie love to congregate along the shorelines, which are abundant with boat docks. Although most of the property around the lake is privately owned, there are certain sections where the public may fish from the shore or deploy a canoe or kayak for recreational purposes. Numerous boat launches are available on and around the lake, notably launch platforms at the marinas.

Can you Fish at Lake Jackson?

Lake Jackson is a good place to go fishing, whether you’re fishing alone or with a group. A few spots in the Bay Area’s fisheries allow fishing with the least amount of hassle in busy water, and those spots do catch fish, according to research. You can catch a lot of bass, crab, redeye, and trout on a fishing excursion at this lake.

What kind of fish does Jackson Lake have?

At Jackson Lake, anglers may catch Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Hybrid Stripers, White Crappies, Black Crappies, Bluegill, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, and White Catfish.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Angler holding a largemouth bass and fishing rod

Northern Bass

A black crappie caught at Lake Jackson


Channel Catfish in Tussahaw Creek

Channel Catfish

Bluegill Fish a natural resources

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Fish Attractors at Lake Jackson

21 fish attractors were deployed into Lake Jackson near the fishing pier. The Jackson Lake Ga artificial attractors, made of wood and PVC pipes loaded with cement, serve as a fish habitat under the surface of the water.

The fish attractors were placed 60 to 100 feet out from the fishing pier. The attractors serve as artificial reefs, supplying fish with hiding areas, ambush prey, and spawning grounds. Within a few days, the attractors lure a large number of fish that swarm around them.

Fishermen setting up fish attractors

The fish attractors were labeled with buoys in order to assist anglers in locating the spots and to alert boats to the presence of submerged items.

Can you swim at Lake Jackson?

Lake Jackson features a beach area where visitors can swim. However, there have been numerous reports of alligator gar and alligators spotted in the lake. So, before jumping in, visitors need to check with the lake maintenance crew.

Swim Beach at Lake Jackson


Jackson Lake Charter Captains

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Jackson Lake GA Fishing

Georgia’s top species and creel limits are:

  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass: 10 daily in combination with other bass
  • White Bass: 15 daily, out of which 2 can be 22 inches or longer
  • Yellow Bass: 15 daily Jackson Lake Ga Limit
  • Striped Bass: 15 daily / There can only be five longer than 22 inches
  • Crappie: 30 daily
  • Walleye: 8 daily
  • Bream; 50 daily
  • Catfish: unlimited

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