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Best Lake Okeechobee Pontoon Charter

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Lake Okeechobee is the most famous bass fishing destination in Florida, United States. Anglers come from around the world to experience a memorable fishing trip in this beautiful area.

The only thing better than experiencing the big o is being here with all your friends and family.

Pontoon fishing charters on Okeechobee are made for pleasure and relaxation, great for families, young children, small groups, and people with disabilities. The bass fishing guides who operate this pontoon are local fishing experts experienced in these types of tours.

This service is the best way to experience the largest lake in Florida and all of its wondering fishing and sightseeing.

Lake Okeechobee Pontoon Fishing Charter Services

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Your captain will provide all fishing equipment, including quality fishing poles and lures. The length of bass charters offered are 4, 6, and 8 hours. Lake Okeechobee pontoon boats also offer sunset and sightseeing cruises which last 2 or 4 hours and can be extended if the captain is available.

Pontoon boats are family-friendly and operated by a team of fishing guides who can provide information and facts about the local culture, restaurants, wildlife, and tips to catch trophy bass in South Central Florida.


Lake Okeechobee pontoon boats launch out of Slims Fish Camp in Belle Glade, the lake’s southeast end. This area is easily accessible from Okeechobee City at the north end of Central Florida and South Florida. Belle Glade is about 20 minutes from Clewiston and is the closest access point to the lake from the West Palm Beach area.

boats near clewison-jon boats and othersPrivate Fishing Charters

Lake Okeechobee pontoon fishing charters are private trips meaning only you and your party will be on board with licensed fishing guides. Being onboard a private fishing charter means your captain will personally cater to you, ensuring you get the best experience and any assistance to have the best possible trip.


Pontoon fishing on Lake Okeechobee is the perfect adventure for large families or a group of friends looking to enjoy an outdoor activity or fishing in the bass capital of the world without having to split up. Previous visitors have used our pontoon boats for anything from family reunions to corporate outings.

Bass boats and other flats boats can only fit up to 3 or 4 people, while a pontoon boat charter can fit up to 6 passengers and your captain comfortably.

Rent a boat

Check out our pontoon rental boats for those with groups over six who don’t want to split up. Pontoons boat rentals are the perfect rental option for groups up to twelve who want to stay together and still experience the full personalized tour.

Clewiston boat rentalsKids, Elderly, and Handicap Accessible

Pontoon boats are much sturdier and roomier than other standard fishing boats on Okeechobee, such as flats boats, Jon boats, or bass boats. Pontoon boats don’t rock as much, have sides making it safer for young kids, and have much more sitting areas for those looking for a relaxing experience. Because of the excess floor space and set up of pontoon boats, accommodating those in a wheelchair or any handicap is no problem. Pontoon boats are higher up and more level with the dock, making boarding much easier as well. Bass boats are much lower and require more balance from a person boarding. Fishing charters on pontoon boats are undoubtedly the best option for young kids, the elderly, and handicapped situations.

Benefits of Pontoon Boats

Overall, fishing charters on pontoon boats are the best way to experience incredible Florida fishing in a much more relaxing and comfortable way. This fishing trip is the perfect combination of relaxing and exciting, providing the ultimate South Central Florida outdoor experience.

These boats are large enough to fit a group but small enough to cruise the Lake Okeechobee waters with trophy bass fishing success.

This service is more intimate than public headboat and airboat tours, providing guests with a personal nature tour while catching Florida largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee.

Fishing Quality From Pontoon Boats

Fishing Lake Okeechobee on pontoon boats provides the same high probability of success as if you were in a bass boat or flats boat. In fact, the number of fish caught on pontoon boats is often higher because of the ability to have more rods out at once. This boat charter is the perfect size and shape to have many people fishing around it. Your fishing guide knows all the best spots, so everyone has a shot at catching trophy bass regardless of which side of the boat you are on.

Lake Okeechobee Reviews


Captn Da was awesome. Very educational. Great equipment and put us on fish. My buddy landed an 8.64 trophy. Not sure who was more excited!!! HIGHLY recommend Captn Dan for a day on Big O
- Bill Burchfield

Cpt. DJ Timms

Cpt. DJ Timms was is an awesome guide if you are looking for a good time and to catch some fish he’s your guy he’ll do everything in his power to have you catching fish in no time and he knows how to make it a fun experience for you and anybody on his boat I will definitely be coming back through him and would highly recommend him to anyone coming down to Florida and trying to catch some fish and make fun memories
- Seth Wetzel

Fkshing Lake Okeechobee

Fished with Marc Rose of iOutdoors and my wife caught a 6.5 pound Largemouth. Great, Steve
- Steve Taub

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Your Boat

The boat pictured above is a 23-foot flat deck boat ideal for cruising and will get you to your designated fishing grounds efficiently on Lake Okeechobee.


The boat does not feature a restroom, but there are local places to stop for your convenience around Lake Okeechobee. Bathrooms are always convenient, and we can stop anytime that is needed.

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing

Lake Okeechobee is a vital natural resource to Floridians, creating the ultimate fishing playground and creating homes for wildlife.

Lake Okeechobee in South Central Florida provides the ultimate freshwater fishing adventure targeting trophy largemouth bass. Between its constant action and incredible scenery, this area never gets boring. Lake Okeechobee is also a top spot to catch popular panfish such as bluegill and crappie. Anglers get to enjoy beautiful views and wildlife while your captain cruises to a top fishing spot.


Being part of the Florida Everglades, Lake Okeechobee is home to many plants and animals. Apart from the fishes and alligators, Lake Okeechobee is an incredible birdwatching spot. The sanctuaries on Lake Okeechobee help protect various species, including Snail Kites and the American Bald Eagle. A Lake Okeechobee adventure is endless fun for the whole family between cruising in the tropical Florida weather, great fishing, and scenic views.

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