December Quality Bass Fishing Charter on Lake Okeechobee

December Quality Bass Fishing

Did you know that Florida is the bass fishing capital of the world? It is. Florida is the place to come to get your dream bass in the boat. Several locations produce all year long and Lake Okeechobee is one of them. This large beautiful lake is perfect for your outdoor adventure. Come explore a December quality bass fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee.

Our local experts will put you on fish all trip long. You never know what to expect when hunting down big bass. Lake Okeechobee is filled with surprises and will provide you with a great experience in the outdoors. Our local experts Captain Rob Alfano and Captain Brian Brown are highly knowledgeable of their destinations. If you are looking to learn and laugh while catching fish, these are your guides.

Captain Robert Alfano had the pleasure of fishing with The Gilberts. They were traveling from Columbus, Ohio looking to land some quality largemouth bass. Lake Okeechobee has been producing some great fishing. Captain Rob took them on an adventure out of Belle Glade. While you are visiting, make sure you check out Slims Fish Camp.

The Gilberts put a hurting on the bass on this fishing trip. If you are looking for quality bass all trip long, make sure you get out on Lake Okeechobee. Bring your family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime. This family caught some largemouth bass with over 30 fish in the boat. They anchored the trip out with a bass weighing in the 5-pound range.

When you have a day like that, you know you will be back. Captain Rob is looking forward to getting out on the water with them soon!
December Quality Bass Fishing 1
Just a short while after this amazing fishing trip, Captain Brian Brown adventured out of Okeechobee City. This is another great destination to catch bass. Captain Brian had the pleasure of fishing with Steven and his son. It was a beautiful morning of bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee. They were traveling from Fort Myers looking to see what they can get into.

It was a quick 4-hour fishing trip with wild-caught live shiners. If you are looking to put a hurting on the bass and catch several big ones, live bait is the way to go. Steven and his son caught some great numbers with largemouth bass in the weight class of 4 pounds.

One of the best parts about Lake Okeechobee is the abundance of wildlife. You can experience a wide variety of birds and alligators. It is always nice to allow people to explore what they come to Florida for. Get outside and enjoy everything this amazing state has to offer.

Captain Brian is looking forward to their next adventure on the water!

Don’t miss out on your fishing trip next time you are visiting Florida. Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing is a great family outdoor option. Get your trips booked as the season is coming fast. If you know you want to go out and catch bass here in Florida, give us a call or book online 24/7. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come to Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today..

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