White Catfish


White Catfish Fishing


Sides are blue-gray to blue-black and may be mottled. The tail is moderately forked, and the anal fin is shorter and rounder than that of channel or blue catfish.


Found statewide in rivers and streams and in slightly brackish coastal waters.


Although fish are their major food, whites also eat larval aquatic insects, small crustaceans, fish eggs and aquatic plants. They may feed at night, but are not as nocturnal as other catfish.

State Record:

18.8 lbs. Big Catch: 22 inches or 5 lbs.

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Among the catfishes found in Florida, the white is second only to the channel catfish in popularity. Live bait, especially minnows and worms, accounts for most caught whites, but they also will take cut and prepared baits.

Additional Information:

Reproduction occurs from April to July when the water temperature ranges between 65 and 75°F. A gelatinous mass of eggs is deposited in a cavity created by hollow logs or undercut banks. The male guards the nest and incubates the eggs by continually fanning fresh water over them. Resource for freshwater White catfish species identification and information. Easily identify with full color pictures and images of freshwater White catfish . For additional information on the White Catfish click here!