Guided Bass Fishing in Florida: All You Need to Know

Guided Bass Fishing in Florida: All You Need to Know

Maybe you have used a fishing guide, and perhaps you haven’t. Perhaps you are a seasoned angler, or maybe you fish only fish once a year. A guided fishing trip from a good bass guide is the typical equalizer to get you hooked.

No matter your experience level, you can not be the best everywhere, or can you always be prepared with your equipment needed for a day fishing on a body of water you have never fished.

A guided trip allows the casual angler to experience a great fishing experience with little to no knowledge of the sport. You don’t need to know how to cast, tie knots, or even what baits to use. With so many different fish species in Florida, how would you target them and know all the seasons?

A great bass fishing guided fishing trip takes all the guesswork out of knowing any of these things!

Florida bass fishing

How do I Find a Fishing Guide?

Now more accessible than ever, as they are readily available on the internet. Finding guides is not hard, but finding good ones can sometimes be tricky. The internet has given us access, but are all electricians or plumbers the same?

When searching for fishing charters, some like to get a small independent guide for their fishing trip, which is excellent. However, the same problem occurs as in real-life, would you hire a strange plumber with reviews or referrals from a friend? These are some of the same things you want to consider when looking for a Florida bass fishing guide.

The benefit of going with a well-established service company is that they are responsible for their agents, plumbers, and fishing guides. Hopefully, they have vetted and hired the best to represent and take you fishing.

So use the internet; there is no better way. Just read reviews, look at the company ratings as you would with any other service.

florida bass fishing guide with Pro Bass Guides

Where’s the best bass fishing in Florida?

Tricky, if you asked each bass guide, they would all say their own local Florida bass lake! Bass Online makes tens of thousands of fishing trips each year; here are some of the best locations by the actual customer data.

Lake Tohopekaliga – Orlando bass fishing trip

Lake Toho is in the center of Central FL, near Kissimmee on the outskirts of Orlando. Well, it is located just minutes down the road from the gates of Disney World. West Lake Tohopekaliga Kissimmee chain has a vast acre of land which boasts big trophy bass and is commonly caught on Orlando bass fishing trips by customers.

You can find lots of Orlando bass fishing guides for this lake, and it’s excellent for artificial lures and catching Florida bass on wild shiners. No tackle; bait is needed!

West Lake Toho bass fishing guide service

Lake Okeechobee – Central Florida

You couldn’t logically write this article without mentioning the popular Lake Okeechobee. The Big O has to lead the way in many categories over the years, and why it struggles with mismanagement, the fishing reports continue to see trophy largemouth bass produced. In addition, it provides trophies bass opportunities to many customers during almost any time of the year.

Headwaters Lake – Central Florida

Fellsmere Reservoir bass fishing trip, also known as Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere Reservoir, or Lake Egan, is a 10,000-acre natural manmade designed lake located in Indian River county right next to Stick Marsh/Farm 13. Probably one of the hottest fisheries in the country and for plenty of reasons. It is a 100% catch and releases only lake!

Florida game Small mouth bass lakes

The Florida Everglades – South Florida

The southern Florida region of Florida is a vibrant fishing zone. The fishing offers many species, Peacock Bass, Snakehead, Crappie Oscar, and largemouth bass. It is mostly west of Fort Lauderdale, minutes from the famous beaches. Fishing in the Everglades is excellent all season long. However, the bass peak season for the fish is between December and June.

Rodman Reservoir – North Florida

Rodman Reservoir, which connects to the St. Johns River, flows down the Ocklawaha River. The entire area is one of the leading trophy bass fishing charters that an angler can take. The opportunity is very good at catching accurate trophy bass, but only with a bass fishing guide.

Why navigation is very hazardous, and the areas are unique to this fishery. It is also known as an exceptional wild shiners (live bait) lake; many people struggle on this fishery with artificial lures. Either way, a must-visit location!

Trophy bass fishing guide

Butler Chain of Lakes – Central Florida

Did you know that Florida has more than 32,000 lakes? The beautiful Butler Chain of lakes makes an excellent destination for bass fishing in Orlando, Florida. However, Butler Chain is sometimes overlooked by its local sister West Lake Toho. And for good reasons, Lake Toho in Kissimmee is unique. But not the naturally formed crystal clear lakes you will experience on Butler Chain by avid anglers.

Not known for accurate trophy bass like Lake Toho but Butler Chain has some good ones and lots of them. Do you want lots of action? And to hook fish on artificial lures? Is this the place for you?

Another Central Florida great lake by Orlando, you can hire a bass fishing guide service. Then, maybe, take a break from all the other Central Florida distractions on a boat.

Florida lakes like Lake Toho you will find good Orlando fishing guides

Lake Ida – South Florida

Lake Ida is among the most prominent diverse spots in Florida. The only place in Florida where you can get to catch Peacock bass, largemouth bass, Snakehead, and clown knife fish in a single trip. The chain of lakes covers more than 40 square miles and contains some of America’s most scenic urban fishing anywhere.

A place that has a plethora of professional guides, so you will want to vet. With no state or the Coast guard supervision, it’s the wild, wild west, and a customer beware. You can get anything and everything. Unfortunately, we see many customers at the boat ramps with dissatisfaction on their faces, not of the fishery but of what they ended up with as a bass guide service.

Do your homework; this is one of those situations and locations where you get what you pay for!

Trophy bass fishing guide for largemouth bass on artificial lures

Other Lake Choices

The original peacock bass factory Airport Lakes, part of the Tamiami Canal, provides one of the best canal fishing opportunities in Southeast Florida.

Lake Talquin, just outside of Tallahassee, is worth a stop if in the area. Lake Trafford, just outside Naples, the state has invested millions, but the lake still comes short of expectation but still watching it closely. Conway Chain is a magical Florida bass fishing fishery in Orlando, Florida, especially during cold-fronts and winter months. Lake Tarpon is still trying to carry its legacy despite mismanagement, but it is hot and cold. When hot, it produces trophy bass on artificial baits.

We could mention many others and maybe worry about: Golden Gate, Markham Park, Winter Haven Chain, Harris Chain, St Johns River, and more.

What is the best month for Florida bass fishing?

Once you experience the Florida bass fishing reality, you will know that plenty of options in Florida produces year-round action. However, with that said, the spawn is always the most productive for trophy bass. Why is it simple, there are simply a lot more people fishing, and the big fish congregate, making it easier to find and catch them. Also, our Florida bass fishing season is longer than anywhere in the country; our fish spawn for December to April in some areas, and if you include exotics, they even spawn in as late as September. But remember this, a largemouth fish has to eat every three days so indirectly they are always feeding!

Average Guided Guide Trips end at the Dock, Quality Experiences Last a Lifetime.

Research your following Florida bass fishing guide, no matter where it is. Make sure that you’ve got a memorable Florida Bass fishing vacation when it is all said and done. Go with Florida bass guides that work 200 to 300 times a year, active and updated on local fishing. A good booking service is better than anything you can find on your own, but they have to be good! They will give you what you want, with no surprises, they will answer the telephone and your emails quickly.

In this industry, like many trades, when you book the best, you get the best. So don’t rely on amateurs or part-time anglers?

Orlando trips located in Kissimmee that specialize in catching the business world

How much do Bass Fishing Guides Cost?

Outdoor fishing guides in Central Florida or South Florida typically charge around $75 and $150 per day, while some in high-demand destinations earn about $500 per day. Your most professional and successful guides will charge close to this and be reasonably close in the price range. However, if you find online fishing guides for $100 or $200 cheaper than others, buyer beware!

Fishing Tackles

Guided trips offer everything you need to fish bass. High-quality reels and right/left retriever bait casters. In addition, they should provide all required terminal gear and lures. Unfortunately, the fishing guides cannot include a Florida fishing license by law in Florida.

Lures/Live Baits

Most guide services specialize in one or the other but will do both. If looking for a skilled artificial lure fishing guide, then ask for it if you get a bass guide that uses live bait (wild shiner) every day. They will not know what artificial lures are working. A good service should have bass guides that can do both or a combination of both.

Wild shiners for single anglers on Kissimmee chain

Let’s book it

Please call, text, DM, or email for bass fishing trips. Full-Payment is not needed in advance and should never be paid in full for a service you haven’t received yet. On the day of the trip, you should be able to pay by credit card or cash, whatever works best for you. The bass guide should never force you to look for an ATM for money.

In Conclusion

Have you tried traveling to South Florida or Central Florida’s area for fishing? What was your experience like? Have you done a guided trip before? Got any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn for Trophy Peacock Bass

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn for Trophy Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn

Did you know that Florida has Peacock Bass? The exotic peacock bass is one of the most magical species to catch in South Florida. South Florida is the only destination that has these exotic species. When traveling to this destination, explore what an outdoor adventure can provide you. You will get the chance to explore the backwater and freshwater systems of urban Miami, FL and we are sure that it will amaze you.

As you traverse through the long-stretches of canals, enjoy not only the views but the abundance of nature present. Your main goal might be to catch a Florida peacock bass but you will always get so much more. Every fishing adventure and experience is unique and can be tailored to your needs. When our local experts give you call the evening before your trip, make sure to discuss any interests and needs.

If you are looking to maximize your time and get on some really beautiful and large fish, a local expert is essential. The number of years that they put in allow for a translation of knowledge to occur. When this happens, you get the chance to catch the biggest fish of your life. Our local experts work hard at accomplishing your goals. When you are blessed to spend most of your time on the water, you key in on all the tactics to put fish in the boat. The gentle words and instructions from your Florida peacock bass fishing guides will help provide you with a fishing adventure you surely won’t forget.

Introduction to the Florida Peacock Bass:

As many travelers and visitors know, South Florida is a destination to immerse themselves into a tropical environment. Beautiful warm weather all year round creates an ecosystem that supports a wide variety of species. As time went on, this ecosystem started to bolster and flourish with exotic species including Oscars, Midas Cichlids, and Spotted Tilapia. This resulted in rapid growth and overpopulation of exotic species in our freshwater systems here in South Florida.

In 1984, the exotic, aggressive, colorful Butterfly Peacock Bass was introduced to South Florida and as a result, something incredible happened. After 10 years of research and studies, Fish and Game decided to introduce two species of exotic peacock bass to Florida. The butterfly and speckled peacock bass were both introduced but only one thrived. The butterfly peacock bass was the one that came on top and is now provide awesome sportfishing opportunities for travelers and anglers.

Peacock Bass are extremely temperature-sensitive. When planning your trip to South Florida to catch a peacock bass, plan your trip from April – October when the weather and waters are warm. This species loves the warm environment that South Florida produces during these times. Please contact us or our local experts to get more information on this fishing during your vacation time.

What is the Best Time to Catch Spawning Peacock Bass?

The Florida peacock bass spawn happens multiple times a year. One of the main reasons for this is that South Florida provides warm water temperatures that trigger the spawn. The first spawns begin once the waters begin to warm up after our “winter” months. April and May are prime months to hit the spawn during the springtime. As the water temperatures begin to rise, get out during the full moon and look around for signs of spawning.

After the springtime spawn, you can also catch peacock bass spawning all throughout our summer months. It may not be as strong or in the numbers, the springtime spawn is but it continues to occur. Conditions are perfect for the spawn throughout these times. Focus on those full moons and you will be able to find some spawning pairs. Bass or fish, in general, are creatures of habit and will continue to go back to the same spots to spawn. Make sure to note these locations and revisit to help you catch more fish in the future!

The last big spawn for peacock bass is during the months of September- October. We are experiencing the spawn right now and some giant peacock bass have been caught. Our local experts know exactly where all the prime fishing spots are to land that big fish. After these months, weather and fishing conditions gradually change but that won’t stop the large peacock bass from being caught. Even though you can continually catch them shallow, they will most likely be done with spawning until the spring.

What should you look for when trying to locate spawning fish?

When you are out on the water looking for exotic spawning peacock bass, keep your eyes peeled for several things. Firstly, you want to focus in on shallow or even deep water structure. A deep structure like bridges may pose difficulties for spotting the fish but during their spawn, they do post up along bridges. Culverts, the canal turns and bends, tunnels, and flat shallow surfaces are all key structure peacock bass gravitate toward.

If you have never witnessed what a spawning bass bed looks like, let us describe it. When you are slowly cruising down the canal or freshwater system, you may see a white empty spot. It looks like a round circle. Bass tend to use their tail to clear away any debris in the spot in which they wish to spawn. When you come across a bed, you can’t miss it. Most of the time, you will spot the bed and shortly after you will find the male or female peacock guarding it.

Your first catch with any spawning fish you target will most likely be the male. After that, you will get the chance to target the larger female. Make sure that you quickly catch and release these spawning fish as you never want to harm their process. In order for you to come back and catch more next year, the spawn must be successful and fish must protect their fry and beds.

Another sign of peacock bass spawning near or on their bed is a school of orange fry. If you get the chance to see this that means that the bass have already spawned. A pair of peacock bass will be around to make sure the safety of their young is stable. Most of these fish won’t commit but if you aggravate them enough you can entice a bite.

What are the best locations to catch spawning peacock bass?

Peacock bass are located in South Florida and Southwest Florida. If you live in South Florida and you have a freshwater system nearby, it most likely holds peacock bass. Peacock bass are located strongly in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, along with Palm Beach County. The size of the fish will vary in each location and if you want the best chance at catching a trophy-sized fish, Miami-Dade County is the destination for you.

Miami, FL by far has the BEST peacock bass fishing in the United States. Two prime locations stand out from the rest: Falls Mall Canal System and Miami’s Airport Lakes. Both of these locations have a unique feel with one thing in common: Trophy Peacock Bass.

The Falls Mall Canal System is a truly unique fishery in that you are submersed in a remote but urban feel. You get the opportunity to soak in the scenery and fishing environment that will entice you to come back for more. Once you step aboard, your adventure begins. Enjoy the slow cruise through these residential canals to your first fishing spot. From your first cast to your last, always be ready for something incredible and the fight of your life.

Miami’s Airport Lakes is the best location for travelers that are staying relatively close to Miami’s International Airport. Within minutes of stepping off your plane, you can be aboard a freshwater fishing vessel with a local expert. They will take you through hidden canals and lakes that hold some incredible fishing for peacock bass. Enjoy this city urban feel while reeling in some beautiful and large peacock bass.

If you are not staying in Miami, you have multiple other options to catch peacock bass. Broward County offers fisheries that have productive fishing for peacock bass along with other exotic species including the snakehead. Markham Park is a prime location in Fort Lauderdale, FL that can get you on some nice fish. You may not catch a giant but you can have fun catching fish all trip long.

As you travel further north, you come to Palm Beach County. In this destination, you can find the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. This chain of lakes includes Lake Ida along with a long-stretch of canals going north to Lake Osborne. Both of these fisheries are great for exotic peacock bass, clown knife fish, and largemouth bass. Throughout this chain, you can encounter some bigger fish depending on the weather conditions. If the weather stays warm, the Lake Ida Chain can be a great fishery for the whole family to cash in on some big fish.

All South Florida locations are showing great signs that the spawning process has begun for peacock bass at these locations. Now is the time to come catch the trophy peacock bass you desire. We can guarantee, it will be a trip you will never forget.

Current Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn Report:

Caitlin and her significant other Quintin were traveling to South Florida from Missouri. The main goal for this vacation was to catch a trophy peacock bass. Luckily, they came at the right time and hit the full moon. This caused the peacock bass to begin to spawn and the big trophy female peacock bass to get active.

Captain Robert Miley, one of the BEST South Florida peacock bass fishing guides had the pleasure of fishing with this awesome couple. It was a quick 4-hour bass fishing charter on Miami’s Airport Lakes. It was Quintin’s birthday and Caitlin bought him a peacock bass trip with Bass Online. Nothing beats an outdoor adventure on your birthday and Quintin surely got one.

Weather conditions paired up just right for a really productive day on the water. Water temperatures were at 84 degrees and the winds were blowing about 5-10 mph. When you have medium winds like such, focus on points and culverts that can corral fish and bait. If you key in on these structures and find beds, you can have a blast landing some nice fish.

All the fish caught on this fishing trip were in spawning colors. Quintin was ecstatic at catching peacock bass on his birthday. After getting several fish under his belt, Quintin hooked into something rather large. He almost thought it was a rock or log until it started to peel drag off the reel. His excitement and facial expressions said it all. After multiple minutes of fighting and hard-pulling runs, the peacock bass made it to the boat. Captain Robert Miley netted the beautiful fish and everyone on board burst out with joy.

Quintin could not believe his eyes when he saw what was in the net. It was a trophy, vibrant Florida peacock bass. After taking pictures, Captain Miley put it on the scale. It weighed in at 6.5 pounds. This peacock bass was a female and was rather monstrous. Generally, you don’t get the chance to catch a fish of this size. Quintin could not have been more excited to do it on such a special day for him.

Caitlin was also so happy that her plan came together and he got on the fish he was after. Miami, FL can bless you in so many ways, you just have to be open to the possibilities. Freshwater peacock bass fishing can be a great, new way to experience more of what Florida has to offer. Any angler or visitor of any age can come enjoy a day on the water. Our local experts will guide you and teach you all the necessary skills to entice that bass of a lifetime to bite.

Captain Miley is looking forward to having Quintin and Caitlin back on the boat in the near future. These moments and fishing charters are the one every guide looks for. Every day they wake up and go fishing is another day to create everlasting memories for the anglers that embark on an adventure.

Miami Airport Lakes is a fantastic fishery to catch peacock bass. You can as well catch largemouth bass, cichlids, freshwater Snook, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon, and Snapper. This system is interconnected with saltwater allowing for these diverse species to acclimate to fresh water. Airport Lakes approximately to not only the Airport but also Downtown Miami has drawn people to its destination every month of the year!

How Do I Book a Peacock Bass Fishing Charter with Bass Online?

Luckily we have made it easier than ever to set up your next fishing tour and adventure. When you want to embark on a fishing trip with our local experts, you can conveniently book online 24/7. If you do not trust the online platform, don’t you worry. 7 days a week our phones are always open to help you plan your next trip. Feel free to call us at 1-888-629-2277.

When booking your reservation and looking to lock in a particular Captain, make a note before submitting and we will make sure to get you out with your request. Also, we can get you in touch directly with our local experts if you are looking for an updated fishing report for the date of your trip.

We hope to get the chance to see you on the water next time holding up the biggest bass of your life. Our local experts will work hard at getting you on the fish you are after. All you have to do is step aboard and set the hook! Until then, tight lines…

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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Learn More about Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fishing Homestead Florida with Freshwater Bass Guides

Peacock Bass Fishing Homestead Florida with Freshwater Bass Guides

Peacock Bass Fishing Homestead Florida

Florida Peacock Bass are one of the most incredible freshwater species to catch in the United States. If you love to fish, the peacock bass is a species high on the list to catch. Most know about its brute strength and size, especially from the ones coming out of South America. South Florida doesn’t possess the conditions the Amazon does but can get you warmed up for your trip one day. Peacock Bass Fishing Homestead Florida with our local experts can be an experience you will never forget.

There is just something magical about exploring the waters of South Florida. When you meet your local expert at your meeting location, your adventure begins. After an introduction, your local expert will invite you onboard and off you go through the canals of Homestead, FL. This is a truly unique place to catch Florida peacock bass. The Florida conditions allow for rapid reproduction and growth fostering a healthy ecosystem for catching peacock bass.

Just 30 miles south of Miami, you will find a small-town atmosphere in the heart of Homestead, FL. When you are staying in Miami or even the upper parts of the Florida Keys, an outdoor adventure is calling you. Just a short distance away from Homestead is the Everglades National Park where you can get lost in the sawgrass and mangrove forests. Don’t count out freshwater fishing which is a highlight to any Florida vacation, especially peacock bass fishing Homestead.

The Florida Peacock Bass was introduced to South Florida in the 80s. One of the main reasons this occurred was to monitor and control the explosive growth of exotic species. As a result, we now have a hidden gem right here in South Florida. Peacock Bass Fishing is like no other style of fishing. If you set aside their vibrant colors and feel their pound-for-pound strength, you will be addicted for life.

Top 2 Peacock bass Fishing Homestead destinations:

Exotic peacock bass fishing in Homestead, FL is a highlight for many reasons. Firstly, you have two prime locations with completely unique features that provide something amazing. The first fishery is located just north of Key Largo, FL. It is a long canal system that holds some incredible peacock bass, known as the Aerojet Canal System.

When you arrive to the Aerojet Canal, you will be in a remote and desolate area of South Florida. Say goodbye to the noisy city and get a chance to really connect with Florida Nature. The canal system doesn’t look much but has its areas that produce some amazing bass fishing. Consequently, this is why a local expert is needed for a great day on the water.

Another fantastic location to explore and go fishing is the Falls Canal System located in Homestead as well. This canal system provides a whole new experience as it has a much more urban feel. By far, this is one of my favorite destinations to catch peacock bass. You get the opportunity to arrive at a destination, off-the-beaten-path and into a world, you have to be there to understand.

As you cruise through the canals of Miami, FL, your fishing spots are all around you. These canals are loaded with peacock bass along with a wide variety of other exotic species. In return, you get the opportunity to hook into hard-fighting peacock bass in the backyard of some beautiful South Florida homes.

South Florida Wildlife

Wondering if you will see Miami Florida Wildlife? The Falls Canal System is loaded with numbers of creatures that you can see. It will truly amaze you as you traverse through this system the numbers of birds and reptiles crawling the shore. Your local expert will help identify the different species for you. Enjoy taking pictures of Iguanas, Egrets, Cormorants, Anhinga, Limpkins, Crocodiles and so much more. Yes, on occasion, a saltwater crocodile will come into the freshwater canal system from the Everglades National Park.

This happens to be one of the best parts about getting out in South Florida. If you want all your 5-senses to be illuminated, explore the waters of Florida. An outdoor adventure is a true highlight for many travelers that visit South Florida. Our local experts can provide you an experience you will truly never forget. Florida Peacock Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to venture out.

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Techniques

When it comes to peacock bass fishing Homestead, two different styles of fishing. You can fish with live bait, artificial bait, or flies. Live bait tends to be the best and most preferred method from our anglers. It is a sure way to allure a big Florida peacock bass. If you love to throw artificial baits, you can most certainly do that as well. It tends to be more difficult as the location the peacock bass like to sit and the hunt is close to the hard-rocky bank structure. You have to have great casting accuracy to land a peacock bass using topwater, jerk baits, bucktails, or more.

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass can be a delicate and enticing way to fish for them as well. Many anglers come to these canal systems to land a peacock bass on fly. It is most certainly possible with excellent casting abilities. Your local expert will have suggested fly patterns aboard to assist in catching. We always recommend bringing your own equipment on a fly fishing trip because we want you to be comfortable and confident. If you need our local expert to provide the gear, please contact us in advance and we can make sure this is possible.

Current Peacock Bass Fishing Homestead Fishing Report:

Fishing with Captain Robert Miley

Katie, her fiance Adam, and their good friend Don were traveling to South Florida on vacation. While doing so, they wanted to go freshwater fishing. After doing some searching on Google, they found that there was peacock bass close to their destination. As a result, they decided to go on a peacock bass fishing trip right here in Homestead, FL.

Captain Robert E Miley had the pleasure of fishing with this lovely group. They explored the Aerojet Canal System with a lot of success. The smaller peacock bass were biting to start along with Mayan Cichlids. Luckily, this was just a warm-up, especially for Katie. Even though they missed some opportunities with some big peacock bass, Katie landed some beautiful fish.

Katie came in strong on this fishing trip with two big peacock bass in the boat. The first weighed close to 4 pounds and then she improved that catch with a bass weighing in at 4.5 pounds.
What a great day on the water for Katie. She was ecstatic with each catch.

Live bait was the most successful method to catch peacock bass on this trip. In order to have the most success, you had to let the bait sit. After staying patient, a peacock bass will eventually come up from the depths. Once they do, all you have to do is lift your rod, making the bait go crazy. After that, the peacock bass smashes it. Let the fish run with the bait and then set the hook. Hold on as the fish is going to run and put on a show for you.

It was awesome to see a peacock bass try to eat a Mayan Cichlid on this trip as well. After catching one, a big peacock bass came up and tried to eat it. This big fish just couldn’t get the fish in its mouth. They loved watching this happen, adding some additional flavor to their fishing adventure.

South Florida weather was extremely hot on this fishing trip. During these warm months, make sure you bring enough sun protection and hydration. Luckily, your fishing vessel comes equipped with a cooler, ice, and water on every trip.

Katie, Adam, and Don all had a fantastic time on the water. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure again in the near future!

Fishing with Captain Kirk Osborne

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Andrew had the chance to take a solo-fishing trip in Homestead, FL. He was traveling from Coconut Grove, FL to exclusively target Florida peacock bass. Actually, this was Andrew’s first-time freshwater fishing. There is no better introduction to freshwater fishing than by catching exotic peacock bass. This species will have you hooked for life.

Captain Kirk Osborne had the pleasure of fishing with Andrew down in the Miami Falls Canal System. Andrew’s goal was to land a nice peacock bass and this wonderful fishery delivered. Fishing conditions paired up just right for a productive day on the water. The wind was blowing which helped keep the Florida sun from getting too hot.

Wind can help greatly when it comes to Florida Bass Fishing. It can push bait into corners and pockets that allow for easy feeding. A local expert and knowledgeable guide will make sure they get you around these areas to maximize your success. The Falls Canal System has numbers of these pockets that can produce some great fishing.

Andrew had some success catching peacock bass. His goal was most certainly accomplished while fishing with Captain Kirk. He landed several bass weighing up to 3 pounds. Every angler that lands their first peacock bass are truly amazed at the strength these fish have. When you are fighting them, you have to have patience and let the rod do the work. Anglers tend to rush the fight which can result in you losing the fish.

Captain Kirk is looking forward to fishing with Andrew again in the near future!

Discover Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock bass fishing homestead Florida can really give you an awesome experience. You never know what you will catch as these fisheries have a multitude of species. Both of these systems have saltwater species that can live in freshwater like Snook and Tarpon. It is a blast to be out there on a freshwater bass fishing trip and get the opportunity to land Snook and Tarpon as well.

Freshwater fishing is a highlight of outdoor activities that many overlook. The calm nature and environment that consumes you when adventuring out is truly unique. The feelings and connectivity with the present is something that words can not express. You just have to get out there and explore.

Freshwater fishing also is a great option for anglers and travelers of all ages. It is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family on the water. A peacock bass of any size will have your children and youth addicted. Fishing is a positive activity that can encourage kids to go fishing and get off their electronics. We need more involvement in the outdoors to allow this activity to continue to evolve.

Your Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

We want to take away your fears and uncertainties when it comes to peacock fishing. When you step aboard and you embark on a peacock bass fishing Homestead charter in Florida for peacock bass, everything is covered. Your trip comes fully inclusive with all the equipment and tools needs to catch peacock bass. Ice, water, and a cooler are also provided. Feel free to bring additional beverages from non-alcoholic to alcoholic on this fishing trip as well as snacks or food.

Always come prepared with sun protection from sunglasses, clothes, and hats. The last thing you want to do after deciding you want to go fishing is getting a sunburn that ruins your trip. When it comes to sun exposure, the Florida sun brings the heat.

Before deciding to book your peacock bass fishing adventure, please be aware of additional costs. Live bait is an additional cost on your fishing trips. Also, by Florida law, fishing licenses are required on our fishing charters. Those over the age 16 + and 65 under need to purchase a fishing license. Here is a direct and easy link to get it online:

Booking Your Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Charter

Booking your next peacock bass fishing adventure couldn’t be any easier. Here at Bass Online, we provide you with a quick and easy way to book your next fishing trip. Follow our Online 24/7 booking process that is clean, quick and effective. If you have any questions before booking, feel free to reach out via Messenger, WhatsApp, or over the phone at 1-888-629-2277. We pride ourselves on our customer service making sure that you get all the assistance you need before planning and finalizing your plan.

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Big Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in South Florida

Big Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in South Florida

Big Florida Peacock Bass

South Florida dodged a major bullet this month as Hurricane Dorian was moving west. We are praying for the Bahamas and hope they have a speedy recovery. Florida Bass Fishing survived the Hurricane. In the upcoming weeks, one of the most exciting spawns are about to begin. The South Florida peacock bass begin to spawn. If you are looking for big Florida peacock bass fishing, now is the time to explore all that Florida has to offer.

Many visitors travel to South Florida not knowing the true outdoor capabilities. Hidden in the urban environment are beautiful canal and lake systems that hold excellent fishing all year long. You would be surprised at all the amazing fish you can catch. The exotic peacock bass are about to spawn giving you a chance to land a giant bass.

Our local experts are the only way to go when catching peacock bass. They have years of experience that has led them to help you get on the fish you are after. Certain techniques whether throwing artificial baits or live baits, you have to have to know how to present both of them. Our experts are locked in, especially Captain Robert Miley!

Check out this South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Big Florida Peacock Bass 1Baldur and his sons were traveling from Long Island, NY on a South Florida vacation. Their whole vacation was surrounded by peacock bass fishing. They were making their rounds across the state and had to stop down in Miami to hunt down giant peacock bass. While staying in Key Largo, they hopped in the car and head further north toward Miami Falls Canal System.

This fishing trip and adventure were everything they could ask for. It was a really great day for Baldur and his sons. You just don’t catch quality peacock bass like this on every trip. They landed 15 peacock bass in their quick fishing trip with the biggest bass being a trophy. This fish weighed in at 7.25 pounds, measures 23 inches long, and 18 inches round. Most of the other fish were in the weight range of 3-4 pounds.

It was a tough fight for Baldur’s son. This big Florida peacock bass fight hard which makes them some of the most exciting fish to catch here in South Florida. They really enjoyed this fishing trip and are looking forward to their next adventure here in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Miley was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Brandon and his wife traveling from Pennsylvania looking to soak up some Florida sun. While here, peacock bass fishing adventure stirred their interest. Hopping on board with Captain Miley, they knew they were in store for a great day on the water.

They ventured out on the Aerojet Canal System. This wonderful system holds some great bass fishing. It is also conveniently located near the Florida Keys. Brandon and his wife were on a quick 4-hr charter landing them numbers of beautiful peacock bass. They loved the fight and the thrill of the catch. Patience paid off for them with several catching in the 3-4 pound range. One even broke 5 pounds.

Big Florida Peacock Bass 2You can’t beat the Florida bass fishing right now especially the peacock bass. This is only a glimpse of what is to come. Captain Robert Miley is looking forward to another amazing trip with Captain Miley again in the near future!

If you are looking for an incredible fishing experience, now is the time to come. We hope you stayed safe during this storm and we hope to see you on the water soon. We dodge a massive storm and the bass fishing is going to come alive. Miami, FL is the best destination for peacock bass fishing in the United State. If you don’t want to leave the U.S. to land one, hop on board with one of our local experts and catch the fish of a lifetime!

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Summer Rain Exotic Fishing for Miami Florida Peacock Bass

Summer Rain Exotic Fishing for Miami Florida Peacock Bass

Summer Rain Exotic Fishing

Every day is another chance to experience something new. Whether you are at home or on vacation, you can always get out and explore the surrounding area. When visiting South Florida, especially Miami, peacock bass fishing is an incredible way to spend the day. During these warm summer months, the exotic fishing heats up. All day long you can have a blast catching fish with our local experts. Hop on board for some summer rain exotic fishing in beautiful Miami, FL.

Summer Rain Exotic FishingPeacock bass were introduced to South Florida to manage the exotic species that were starting to take over. As a result, they created an ecosystem that is now flourishing with peacock bass. These fish are incredibly fun to catch and have hard fights. Just because they are abundant does not make them easy to catch. Our local experts are the best way to get you on the peacock bass in South Florida.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Update on your next visit to Miami, FL:

Captain Robert Miley is one of the BEST Florida peacock bass fishing guides. Many years of experience has led him to be able to target peacock bass in big numbers. He had the pleasure of fishing with Allen and his son Tallen this summer. They were traveling from Louisiana looking to cash in on some summer exotic fishing while exploring the Falls Canal System.

Even though the summertime can be a great time to fish, the rain can really fluctuate the bite. Water management in South Florida is always altering the levels making the fish have the ability to constantly move to new areas or deeper water. This can make the bite slow which is another great reason a local expert is so essential.

Allen and Tallen enjoyed the day on the water. They missed a lot of fish but managed to catch 6 peacock bass on their fishing trip. Most of the fish were in the weight range of 2-3 pounds. They loved the fight and had a blast with every catch.

Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with Allen and Tallen again in the near future!

It was not long after this awesome fishing trip that Captain Miley was back on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Jose and his wife along with their young son of 6-years. They were traveling to Miami, FL on a family vacation and wanted to get out on the water. Captain Miley took them on an adventure into Miami’s Blue Lagoon or Airport Lakes.

South Florida is filled with not only fishing but also other water activities. Jet Skiing on Airport Lakes is out of control and can be dangerous at times. Luckily, your local expert will keep you safe. Captain Miley tucked away into a community area where it was calm and the peacock bass were biting.

Summer Rain Exotic Fishing 3They did not get to hook into any big ones but had a blast catching peacock bass. Also, the Mayan cichlids were keeping the trip active. The weather got so hot they took shelter under bridges to protect them from the sun. Bring comfortable cool clothing that can protect you from the sun and keep you fishing longer.

Jose and his family had a great time fishing with Captain Miley. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure and got this family safely back to the dock. Once there, Jose and his family hopped into Vice, our driver, and private transportation’s car, and off they went. If you need transportation, we can arrange it for you. Please contact us and ask when reserving your booking.

Miami, FL is a fantastic place to explore, visit, and stay. It has so much to offer whether it is the beaches, shopping, or outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out on catching an exotic peacock bass on your next vacation to South Florida. Our local experts are ready to get you on the fish of a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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About Capt Robert Miley started bass fishing in the Florida Everglades.
On the very first trip out he caught a 10lb 0/8 o/z largemouth bass and has been fishing for bass ever since. Robert Miley has been fishing professionally on the B.A.S.S. Eastern Division, for the past 7 years. He also is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff representative for South Florida. Versatile in that he fishes for Peacock bass as well as trophy largemouth on Lake Okeechobee.

Go Pro Bass Fishing for Exotic Peacock Bass in Miami Florida

Go Pro Bass Fishing for Exotic Peacock Bass in Miami Florida

Go Pro Bass Fishing

Miami, Florida is a mecca for exceptional outdoor activities. There is no better place to travel to get the full Florida experience. Spend multiple days shopping, soaking in South Beach, or enjoying the nightlife. While taking a break from all that, you have to add Florida bass fishing to the menu. The colorful exotic species in the fisheries of Miami give you the full experience of what it is all about. Hop on board for some Go Pro Bass Fishing on your next visit to South Florida.

Go Pro Bass Fishing 2It is not every day that you have the chance to go out fishing in beautiful South Florida. When you do want to embark on that journey and adventure, make sure you get out with a local expert. Our local experts have years of experience guiding travelers and visitors on the fish of a lifetime. The colorful, exotic peacock bass is by far one of the most exciting Florida bass species you can catch.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing update to see what you can get yourself into:

Captain Robert Miley is one of the best Florida peacock bass fishing guides. If you want to catch a big Florida peacock bass, this is your Captain to get it done. Captain Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Ethan and his best buddy Hudson. They were traveling to South Florida to enjoy a day catching peacock bass on the Falls Canal System.

While doing so, they filmed every aspect of the trip. They had GoPros mounted to their chest making sure they didn’t miss the amazing action. The peacock bass were biting on this fishing trip. Live domestic shiners along with artificial jerk baits and topwater baits brought the fish to the boat. The biggest fish was right around 3.5 pounds. Most of the fish were in the 2-pound range though.

Ethan and his buddy Hudson had a great time on the water. Captain Miley is looking forward to seeing them back here in South Florida catching more quality peacock bass.

Go Pro Bass Fishing 3It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Miley was back on the water. This time, his adventures took him to Miami’s Airport Lakes and the Falls Canal System. He had the pleasure of fishing with Dale and his father Tervis. They were traveling from Virginia looking to enjoy some beautiful weather in Florida. While doing so, peacock bass fishing was a must.

This was a two-day fishing adventure that brought them to two very different urban fisheries. When you explore Miami like this, you are on a true outdoor adventure. Both locations produced some excellent fishing for Dale and Tervis. They caught 20 peacock bass on their fishing trips with bass up to 4 pounds.

The fishing may have been steady but the weather was very unpredictable. Rainstorms came on and off as well as the water management were constantly dropping the water levels. The constant changes in water levels can really play with the behavior of peacock bass.   

All-in-all, Dale, and Tervis had a fantastic time catching peacock bass in Miami. Captain Miley is looking forward to the next opportunity to land quality bass with them again!

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to explore what Florida has to offer. The peacock bass are biting and will only continue to get better. If you are looking to catch peacock bass and not have to travel to South America, Miami is your destination. Don’t miss out on your adventure next time you are visiting. Our local experts will work hard to get you on the fish of a lifetime

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