Travelers Explore Business Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in Miami, FL

Business Peacock Bass Fishing

Every year travelers come to South Florida to either go on vacation or business. While doing so, there are always times where you can get away and explore what Florida has to offer. Fishing is a blast this time of year, especially on a business peacock bass fishing trip. If you are not here for business, peacock bass fishing is still a great option to get in the outdoors.

Our local experts are essential when it comes to catching peacock bass. Every trip is truly unique and can provide you with an experience worthwhile. Our local experts know where to go and when to go depending on the Florida conditions. Summer months bring about warm weather and temperatures getting the peacock bass active and ready to feed.

Captain Robert Miley is an exceptional fishing guide that knows all the waters to catch peacock bass. On his first trip of this report, he had the pleasure of fishing with Amy and her husband
Mike. They were traveling from Texas on vacation and wanted to explore the freshwater canals and lakes of Miami. Captain Miley took them out on the Miami Falls Canal System where the bass grows plentiful.

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While enjoying the weekend in Miami, they wanted to hop on board for some fishing. They were in search for the elusive and exotic peacock bass and that is what they found. Captain Miley put them on some quality fish with one weighing 4 pounds and over 10 bass in the boat. It was a quick 4-hour fishing charter in the morning.

Continued Success

The bite was slower than normal on this fishing trip as the water management has been raising the water levels. When this happens, the fish can move around into areas they don’t normally get to go. Right around noontime is when the bite really picks up but the sun and heat are the worst.

Amy and Mike had a great time catching bass all trip long. Captain Miley is looking forward to putting them on even more fish on their next outdoor adventure in Florida!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Miley was back on the water in the Miami Falls Canal System. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Albert, Doug, and Phil. They were financial managers traveling from Louisiana and Washington DC on a business trip. While doing so, they all found some time to get out on the water and catch some exotic peacock bass.

Luckily the peacock bass came out to play. They caught a total of 15 peacock bass in their quick fishing trip. The largest fish weighed right around 3 pounds. All the bass caught put up a great fight and kept them excited all trip long. Water was still high and the bass were down deep. It makes it increasingly more difficult to catch the fish in these conditions.

Business Peacock Bass Fishing 2

Only the Best for the Clients

Captain Miley made it happen on live bait and artificial baits. The best artificial bait for peacock bass is jerk bait. Albert, Doug, and Phil are looking forward to coming back to South Florida for more bass fishing action!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure in South Florida. The exotic peacock bass will change the way you look at freshwater fishing. They are very excited to catch with long and hard fights. Every trip is a true adventure as you cruise through the back canals of developments hooking into some giant bass. We look forward to getting you on the water soon!

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