Guided Bass Fishing in Florida: All You Need to Know

Maybe you have used a fishing guide, and perhaps you haven’t. Perhaps you are a seasoned angler, or maybe you fish only fish once a year. A guided fishing trip from a good bass guide is the typical equalizer to get you hooked.

No matter your experience level, you can not be the best everywhere, or can you always be prepared with your equipment needed for a day fishing on a body of water you have never fished.

A guided trip allows the casual angler to experience a great fishing experience with little to no knowledge of the sport. You don’t need to know how to cast, tie knots, or even what baits to use. With so many different fish species in Florida, how would you target them and know all the seasons?

A great bass fishing guided fishing trip takes all the guesswork out of knowing any of these things!

Florida bass fishing

How do I Find a Fishing Guide?

Now more accessible than ever, as they are readily available on the internet. Finding guides is not hard, but finding good ones can sometimes be tricky. The internet has given us access, but are all electricians or plumbers the same?

When searching for fishing charters, some like to get a small independent guide for their fishing trip, which is excellent. However, the same problem occurs as in real-life, would you hire a strange plumber with reviews or referrals from a friend? These are some of the same things you want to consider when looking for a Florida bass fishing guide.

The benefit of going with a well-established service company is that they are responsible for their agents, plumbers, and fishing guides. Hopefully, they have vetted and hired the best to represent and take you fishing.

So use the internet; there is no better way. Just read reviews, look at the company ratings as you would with any other service.

florida bass fishing guide with Pro Bass Guides

Where’s the best bass fishing in Florida?

Tricky, if you asked each bass guide, they would all say their own local Florida bass lake! Bass Online makes tens of thousands of fishing trips each year; here are some of the best locations by the actual customer data.

Lake Tohopekaliga – Orlando bass fishing trip

Lake Toho is in the center of Central FL, near Kissimmee on the outskirts of Orlando. Well, it is located just minutes down the road from the gates of Disney World. West Lake Tohopekaliga Kissimmee chain has a vast acre of land which boasts big trophy bass and is commonly caught on Orlando bass fishing trips by customers.

You can find lots of Orlando bass fishing guides for this lake, and it’s excellent for artificial lures and catching Florida bass on wild shiners. No tackle; bait is needed!

West Lake Toho bass fishing guide service

Lake Okeechobee – Central Florida

You couldn’t logically write this article without mentioning the popular Lake Okeechobee. The Big O has to lead the way in many categories over the years, and why it struggles with mismanagement, the fishing reports continue to see trophy largemouth bass produced. In addition, it provides trophies bass opportunities to many customers during almost any time of the year.

Headwaters Lake – Central Florida

Fellsmere Reservoir bass fishing trip, also known as Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere Reservoir, or Lake Egan, is a 10,000-acre natural manmade designed lake located in Indian River county right next to Stick Marsh/Farm 13. Probably one of the hottest fisheries in the country and for plenty of reasons. It is a 100% catch and releases only lake!

Florida game Small mouth bass lakes

The Florida Everglades – South Florida

The southern Florida region of Florida is a vibrant fishing zone. The fishing offers many species, Peacock Bass, Snakehead, Crappie Oscar, and largemouth bass. It is mostly west of Fort Lauderdale, minutes from the famous beaches. Fishing in the Everglades is excellent all season long. However, the bass peak season for the fish is between December and June.

Rodman Reservoir – North Florida

Rodman Reservoir, which connects to the St. Johns River, flows down the Ocklawaha River. The entire area is one of the leading trophy bass fishing charters that an angler can take. The opportunity is very good at catching accurate trophy bass, but only with a bass fishing guide.

Why navigation is very hazardous, and the areas are unique to this fishery. It is also known as an exceptional wild shiners (live bait) lake; many people struggle on this fishery with artificial lures. Either way, a must-visit location!

Trophy bass fishing guide

Butler Chain of Lakes – Central Florida

Did you know that Florida has more than 32,000 lakes? The beautiful Butler Chain of lakes makes an excellent destination for bass fishing in Orlando, Florida. However, Butler Chain is sometimes overlooked by its local sister West Lake Toho. And for good reasons, Lake Toho in Kissimmee is unique. But not the naturally formed crystal clear lakes you will experience on Butler Chain by avid anglers.

Not known for accurate trophy bass like Lake Toho but Butler Chain has some good ones and lots of them. Do you want lots of action? And to hook fish on artificial lures? Is this the place for you?

Another Central Florida great lake by Orlando, you can hire a bass fishing guide service. Then, maybe, take a break from all the other Central Florida distractions on a boat.

Florida lakes like Lake Toho you will find good Orlando fishing guides

Lake Ida – South Florida

Lake Ida is among the most prominent diverse spots in Florida. The only place in Florida where you can get to catch Peacock bass, largemouth bass, Snakehead, and clown knife fish in a single trip. The chain of lakes covers more than 40 square miles and contains some of America’s most scenic urban fishing anywhere.

A place that has a plethora of professional guides, so you will want to vet. With no state or the Coast guard supervision, it’s the wild, wild west, and a customer beware. You can get anything and everything. Unfortunately, we see many customers at the boat ramps with dissatisfaction on their faces, not of the fishery but of what they ended up with as a bass guide service.

Do your homework; this is one of those situations and locations where you get what you pay for!

Trophy bass fishing guide for largemouth bass on artificial lures

Other Lake Choices

The original peacock bass factory Airport Lakes, part of the Tamiami Canal, provides one of the best canal fishing opportunities in Southeast Florida.

Lake Talquin, just outside of Tallahassee, is worth a stop if in the area. Lake Trafford, just outside Naples, the state has invested millions, but the lake still comes short of expectation but still watching it closely. Conway Chain is a magical Florida bass fishing fishery in Orlando, Florida, especially during cold-fronts and winter months. Lake Tarpon is still trying to carry its legacy despite mismanagement, but it is hot and cold. When hot, it produces trophy bass on artificial baits.

We could mention many others and maybe worry about: Golden Gate, Markham Park, Winter Haven Chain, Harris Chain, St Johns River, and more.

What is the best month for Florida bass fishing?

Once you experience the Florida bass fishing reality, you will know that plenty of options in Florida produces year-round action. However, with that said, the spawn is always the most productive for trophy bass. Why is it simple, there are simply a lot more people fishing, and the big fish congregate, making it easier to find and catch them. Also, our Florida bass fishing season is longer than anywhere in the country; our fish spawn for December to April in some areas, and if you include exotics, they even spawn in as late as September. But remember this, a largemouth fish has to eat every three days so indirectly they are always feeding!

Average Guided Guide Trips end at the Dock, Quality Experiences Last a Lifetime.

Research your following Florida bass fishing guide, no matter where it is. Make sure that you’ve got a memorable Florida Bass fishing vacation when it is all said and done. Go with Florida bass guides that work 200 to 300 times a year, active and updated on local fishing. A good booking service is better than anything you can find on your own, but they have to be good! They will give you what you want, with no surprises, they will answer the telephone and your emails quickly.

In this industry, like many trades, when you book the best, you get the best. So don’t rely on amateurs or part-time anglers?

Orlando trips located in Kissimmee that specialize in catching the business world

How much do Bass Fishing Guides Cost?

Outdoor fishing guides in Central Florida or South Florida typically charge around $75 and $150 per day, while some in high-demand destinations earn about $500 per day. Your most professional and successful guides will charge close to this and be reasonably close in the price range. However, if you find online fishing guides for $100 or $200 cheaper than others, buyer beware!

Fishing Tackles

Guided trips offer everything you need to fish bass. High-quality reels and right/left retriever bait casters. In addition, they should provide all required terminal gear and lures. Unfortunately, the fishing guides cannot include a Florida fishing license by law in Florida.

Lures/Live Baits

Most guide services specialize in one or the other but will do both. If looking for a skilled artificial lure fishing guide, then ask for it if you get a bass guide that uses live bait (wild shiner) every day. They will not know what artificial lures are working. A good service should have bass guides that can do both or a combination of both.

Wild shiners for single anglers on Kissimmee chain

Let’s book it

Please call, text, DM, or email for bass fishing trips. Full-Payment is not needed in advance and should never be paid in full for a service you haven’t received yet. On the day of the trip, you should be able to pay by credit card or cash, whatever works best for you. The bass guide should never force you to look for an ATM for money.

In Conclusion

Have you tried traveling to South Florida or Central Florida’s area for fishing? What was your experience like? Have you done a guided trip before? Got any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Brian Cardinal

    Are there any guides that are willing to use my own equipment, boat, rods, reels, and maybe lures on Lake Okeechobee? If I don’t have the lures preferred I could buy them. I am located on the east side of the lake.


      Hi, we do have guides that do, give the office a call they can hook you up and provide details!

  2. Jim Jolliff

    Looking for a trip to Lake Talquin. Would like to fish for two days for bass and speckeled perch. 72 yrs old. Fished Ray Scott Tournaments several years ago. Grew up with Jimmy Houston. Live in Pensacola now!


      Hi Jim, we can certainly help you with this. The easiest way is to call 888-629-2277, they will be able to align you with our Lake Talquin fishing guide!


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