Multiple Florida Lake Fishing for Trophy Largemouth Bass

Multiple Florida Lake Fishing

Are you looking for one of the most remarkable outdoor experiences in Florida? Florida bass fishing is one of the best ways to get outdoors and enjoy a day on the water. The calm waters and abundance of wildlife will give you a true feel of what Florida is all about. One of the best parts about Florida is that you have a wide variety of freshwater lakes that you can fish. Hop on board for a multiple Florida lake fishing charter on your next visit!

Our local experts have spent their whole lives fishing in Florida. They have years of experience determining what techniques and methods are going to be the most successful for any given time. When you are looking for the ultimate bass fishing experience, our experts are the ones you want to fish with. Captain Brent Nelson is one of the best in Central Florida.
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Here is your Central Florida Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Brent had the pleasure of fishing with repeat clients Reed and Chrissy. They were traveling to Central Florida looking to get away and get out on the water. While doing so, they wanted to spend 5 days of Florida bass fishing on two separate lakes. The lakes of choice were Kenansville Lake and Lake Toho.

Central Florida blessed them on their fishing charters. Reed and Chrissy spent 4 days in Kenansville and 1 day on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, FL. Wild-caught live shiners were the most successful method of catching bass on their fishing trips. They also used artificial baits including Zoom speed worms along with spinnerbaits.

Continued Success

The 5 day total of largemouth bass came in at 165. Now, that is a great number of fish to come to catch right here in Central Florida. On top of that, they had several-quality bass along with the ultimate trophy. The biggest fish caught on these fishing trips weighed in at 10 pounds. Several other catches weighed in at 9 pounds, 7.8, and 7.7 pounds.

Reed and Chrissy could not have been more excited to have a trip like this for bass. You truly can’t beat the action here in Central Florida this time of year. They will be back for more action in the near future and
Captain Brent is looking forward to fishing with them again!

Just shortly after that, Captain Brent was back out Lake Toho Bass Fishing. He had the pleasure of fishing with Katie and her husband Lanny. They were exploring Kissimmee and wanted to get out on the water. Lake Toho was a great option for them. The bite was a little bit slower than normal but they had fun catching numbers of Florida largemouth bass. The biggest fish weighed just over 3 pounds and was caught with wild-caught shiners.

Katie and Lanny will be back soon for more action and Captain Brent is looking forward to their next adventure!
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Got it done!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Brent spent two days back on Kenansville Lake. He had the pleasure of fishing with Skip and Carl. They were good friends looking for a trophy largemouth bass right here in East Central Florida. Sometimes the stars align and the conditions are just right for an extremely productive day of fishing. They caught 85 largemouth bass in their two days of fishing weighing up to 8.1 pounds. Most of the fish were in a post-spawn pattern and caught on live wild-caught shiners.

Captain Brent is looking forward to the opportunity to get Skip and Carl on more bass in the near future!

Don’t miss out on your adventure to catch largemouth bass here in Central Florida. The action is starting to pick up and now is the time to come catch them. Our local experts will get you on the fish and are looking forward to showing you new techniques and methods to catch bass. We will see you on the water next time!

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