Johns Lake Fishing Trip Searching for Florida Largemouth Bass

Johns Lake Fishing Trip

Central Florida is beyond exceptional for catching trophy largemouth bass. Many lakes here can satisfy you whether you are looking for big fish or significant numbers. During the earlier months of the year, you can find bass transitioning from spawning to moving to open water, especially on a Johns Lake Fishing Trip.

I had the pleasure of fishing with David Cahan. David wanted to experience Johns Lake here in Central Florida. This lake always provides something new and exciting all year long.

We had a slow start due to the lack of wind. As the bass move around the lake, you have to adjust and figure them out. By the end of the trip, we found that they were moving into deeper waterways.

David caught over 15 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. The biggest bass weighed 6 pounds. He was ecstatic to catch a big bass like this. If you have not caught a big bass in Florida, Johns Lake is a great lake to experience.

Wild-caught live shiners were the most effective bait for catching Florida largemouth bass. Dan also caught watermelon red senkos as well. Letting them sink and sit for a bit on the bottom will catch them up.

Ended as a Great Day

Dan and I had a fantastic trip. He was a great guy to fish with, and I look forward to doing it again. Book your trip with Bass Online today, and let’s get you hooked up on a fish of a lifetime!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Brent Nelson on Johns Lake.

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BrentCapt Brent Nelson grew up in North Georgia and loved all things outdoors from a very young age. Always wanting to share his love of fishing, nature, and wildlife with others, he pursued a career as a licensed captain and is now certified through the U.S. Coast Guard and carries a Sea Tow endorsement. Brent has been very Blessed to have fished in Various Bass Fishing Clubs, Fishing Tournaments, and Charity Events over the past 27 years, helping and preparing him to gain guide experience.


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