Go Pro Bass Fishing for Exotic Peacock Bass in Miami Florida

Go Pro Bass Fishing

Miami, Florida is a mecca for exceptional outdoor activities. There is no better place to travel to get the full Florida experience. Spend multiple days shopping, soaking in South Beach, or enjoying the nightlife. While taking a break from all that, you have to add Florida bass fishing to the menu. The colorful exotic species in the fisheries of Miami give you the full experience of what it is all about. Hop on board for some Go Pro Bass Fishing on your next visit to South Florida.

Go Pro Bass Fishing 2It is not every day that you have the chance to go out fishing in beautiful South Florida. When you do want to embark on that journey and adventure, make sure you get out with a local expert. Our local experts have years of experience guiding travelers and visitors on the fish of a lifetime. The colorful, exotic peacock bass is by far one of the most exciting Florida bass species you can catch.

Check out this Florida Peacock Bass Fishing update to see what you can get yourself into:

Captain Robert Miley is one of the best Florida peacock bass fishing guides. If you want to catch a big Florida peacock bass, this is your Captain to get it done. Captain Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Ethan and his best buddy Hudson. They were traveling to South Florida to enjoy a day catching peacock bass on the Falls Canal System.

While doing so, they filmed every aspect of the trip. They had GoPros mounted to their chest making sure they didn’t miss the amazing action. The peacock bass were biting on this fishing trip. Live domestic shiners along with artificial jerk baits and topwater baits brought the fish to the boat. The biggest fish was right around 3.5 pounds. Most of the fish were in the 2-pound range though.

Ethan and his buddy Hudson had a great time on the water. Captain Miley is looking forward to seeing them back here in South Florida catching more quality peacock bass.

Go Pro Bass Fishing 3It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Miley was back on the water. This time, his adventures took him to Miami’s Airport Lakes and the Falls Canal System. He had the pleasure of fishing with Dale and his father Tervis. They were traveling from Virginia looking to enjoy some beautiful weather in Florida. While doing so, peacock bass fishing was a must.

This was a two-day fishing adventure that brought them to two very different urban fisheries. When you explore Miami like this, you are on a true outdoor adventure. Both locations produced some excellent fishing for Dale and Tervis. They caught 20 peacock bass on their fishing trips with bass up to 4 pounds.

The fishing may have been steady but the weather was very unpredictable. Rainstorms came on and off as well as the water management were constantly dropping the water levels. The constant changes in water levels can really play with the behavior of peacock bass.   

All-in-all, Dale, and Tervis had a fantastic time catching peacock bass in Miami. Captain Miley is looking forward to the next opportunity to land quality bass with them again!

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to explore what Florida has to offer. The peacock bass are biting and will only continue to get better. If you are looking to catch peacock bass and not have to travel to South America, Miami is your destination. Don’t miss out on your adventure next time you are visiting. Our local experts will work hard to get you on the fish of a lifetime

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