Summer South Florida Bass Fishing while Freshwater Fishing

Summer South Florida Bass Fishing

South Florida is known for its incredible fishing opportunities. Many associates this sunny beautiful destination with saltwater fishing but freshwater fishing is what dominates. You can catch a variety of species from Largemouth Bass to Peacock Bass. Enjoy some summer South Florida Bass Fishing next time visiting the state!

Our local experts are determining every day to put you on the best fish possible. Whether you are looking to catch largemouth bass or peacock bass, South Florida is crawling with great fishing destinations. Largemouth Bass are Florida’s Number 1 Sport Fish for great reasons. You can adventure anywhere in the state and find Trophy Bass. If you haven’t caught the elusive and exotic peacock bass though, you must travel to Miami in order to land the fish of a lifetime.

You can also catch a wide array of exotics here in South Florida. The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes is abundant with species that you have never seen before. Peacock Bass can be caught throughout the whole chain as well as the exotic Clown Knife Fish.

Summer South Florida Bass Fishing

Our first adventure takes place on the beautiful Lake Okeechobee. Walter and his son Walter Jr spend two days on the water looking for some trophy largemouth bass. Captain Dave Lauer took them to his best fishing spots on the Southeast side of the lake out of Slims Fish Camp located on Tory Island in Belle Glade, Florida. They were traveling from New Jersey in search of excellent bass fishing.

When you adventure out on Lake Okeechobee especially in the summer months, you never know what will bite the end of your line. You go to sleep at night hoping for days and trips like this one. Lake Okeechobee has been very blessing this summer with trophy largemouth bass being caught in the summer sun.

The Good times Continued

Walter and Walter Jr. caught some amazing numbers on this fishing trip. Several-quality fish were caught on live wild-caught shiners which will always be the most effective bait here on Lake Okeechobee. They were ecstatic to land two back-to-back trophy largemouth bass weighing 8 pounds. Along with these giants, multiple fish in the 4-5 pound range also made it to the boat. After the live bait was done, they threw artificial baits and a couple more bass.

Summer Rain Exotic Fishing

The second day, they adventured down to the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes in Delray Beach where they were in search of the exotic Peacock Bass. They had another blessed day catching peacock bass in the 4-pound range. It wasn’t long after catching this quality bass that they landed their first Clown Knife Fish. You truly can’t beat the summer South Florida bass fishing!

Captain Dave is looking forward to fishing with Walter and Walter Jr. again next year.

Outstanding Summer Peacock Fishing 1

Summer South Florida Bass Fishing with Captain Robert Miley

If you are looking for trophy peacock bass, the best location to catch them is in urban Miami. Even though you can find quality and trophy peacock bass on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes, Miami has the best fishing for them. Captain Robert Miley is the local and expert Peacock bass fishing Captain in South Florida. He is the man you want to explore Miami Fishing with.

Lance Vick and his wife were traveling to South Florida and specifically Miami for a Trophy Peacock Bass. Lance is a Lake Fork Fishing Captain in Texas. Even though the bite was slower than normal they managed to land peacock bass on artificial and live bait. In order to be ultra-successful fishing for peacock bass, you have to be patient.

Only in South Florida

Fishing conditions were not the best with overcast skies but once the sun came out it was game on. Lance caught a 5+ pound peacock bass which made the whole trip worth it. It is always nice to spend quality time on the water and catch big quality fish. They are looking forward to traveling to Miami again in search of even bigger bass.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime when traveling to Florida. South Florida is a mecca for all styles of fishing from fresh to saltwater. Even though largemouth bass outnumbers peacock bass, the peacock bass is super exciting to catch. If you haven’t had the chance to feel the brute power of this freshwater fish, make sure you take a fishing charter or trip in Miami at one of our many locations. Ask us any questions you may have on what to expect when fishing with our local experts.

We look forward to getting you on a fish of a lifetime. Our fishing adventures are perfect for the whole family, beginners or intermediate anglers. Your captains will have the boat ready just the way you like it to make sure you have the most success possible. If you have a particular request, we can fill it. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible to enhance your angling skills when you are off the water. Enjoy a day on the water and get your mind off the stresses of life while reeling in potentially the biggest fish you have ever caught!

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