Family Lake Ida Fishing Charters in Palm Beach County

Family Lake Ida Fishing Charters

One of the best parts of traveling to South Florida is fishing. Whether you want to experience fresh or saltwater, you can have it all. Freshwater Bass fishing is by far one of the most exciting and affordable fishing adventures. Family Lake Ida Fishing can provide you with an exceptional experience for catching a variety of South Florida Species.

The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes is perfectly located in Palm Beach County. This chain of lakes includes Lake Ida as well as Lake Osborne. The whole chain holds excellent waters for peacock bass, largemouth bass, clown knife fish, and a whole bunch of South Florida exotics. This beautiful park in Delray Beach is one to experience with your family.
Family Lake Ida Fishing

Our first trip was a two boat adventure with an awesome family. Captains Robert Miley and Tim Nichols fished with Steve Danis and his family. Getting to fish with two boats is an awesome experience especially when you are on some quality fish. You can either fish side by side or in separate locations.

Lake Ida is a fantastic fishery but it can take time to get warmed up. Once the sun got high in the sky, it was game on. The largemouth bass, peacock bass, mayan cichlids, and catfish all came out to play. One of the benefits of fishing this amazing chain of lakes is the ability to catch a variety of species. Not only can you catch a variety but you can also catch quality fish as well.

Smiles the Whole Trip

The Danis family landed a 4 pounds peacock bass along with 5-pound largemouth bass. Between both boats, they caught right around 30 fish. They had a great time fishing Lake Ida for the first time. You can come on our fishing charters with little experience and still land quality fish. When you leave, you will feel like you learned something valuable.
Family Lake Ida Fishing

When you fish with our captains and local experts, they will teach you all you need to know about fishing your destination. Lake Ida can get tricky at times which makes our service and fishing charters highly valuable. Bring your families and friends along and catch some great fish in Palm Beach County.

Holiday Weekends are the perfect time to go out on a fishing adventure. Noble and his 5-year-old son Hunter went out fishing on Lake Ida with Captain Robert Miley. Even though the bite was slower, they had a fantastic day fishing on Lake Ida.

Fishing conditions were nice with water temperatures of a high 78 degrees. It was a breezy day which kept the temperatures down. The best spots to fish when it gets like this are the points and canals. Peacock bass like to stage on these locations as the bait follows in and out from the main lake.
Family Lake Ida Fishing

Start them, Young

Noble and Hunter caught 10 peacock bass and had an absolute blast every minute. This trip was all about Hunter and putting him in the best fishing areas. Noble wanted to have his son experience the outdoors here in Florida.
Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with this father and son again in the future.

If you are looking for a great family fishing getaway, come to Florida or visit one of your local lakes. You sometimes do not know what they can offer until you experience it for yourself. Join us today on a fishing charter of a lifetime on the freshwater chain of lakes in Palm Beach County. Captain Miley is looking forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Palm Beach and Catch Yours Today

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