How To Catch Bigger Bass

How To Catch Bigger Bass

How To Catch Bigger Bass

Bass fishing, in general, is relatively beginner-friendly and a great way to get newbies hooked on the sport. But this article is for those who are ready to take their skills to the next level and track down big bass consistently. It’s one thing to stumble upon a large bass once in a while, but the goal is to find bigger fish consistently and intentionally.

Catching big bass involves knowing where to look, which equipment to use, and how to find them in any body of water.

How To Catch Big Bass

Where To Find Big Fish

Bass anglers know to look for a fishing spot that provides all the things a bass would look for, such as structure, cover, vegetation, and baitfish. The same rule applies to the biggest bass in the fishery, except they generally will find their spot deeper or in a hard-to-reach area. Therefore, the main difference between catching big bass and a smaller bass is the water depth or strategy. To start, an angler’s best bet is to look around 10 feet in depth for the giant bass, but this can vary. Generally, the shallow fish are the smaller males, and the fish at the deepest parts are too lethargic to chase, so the perfect targets are the fish at about 8-12 for depths. An important note is that a big bass of ten pounds can also be found in the same spots or depths as two pounders; the difference, in this case, would be the equipment and strategy used.

Fish near vegetation, banks, and dams like normal but use a bigger lure that will mainly attract big bass since the small ones typically won’t mess with it.

big bait for reaction strike to catch big bass
Fish Difficult Spots

One of the best big bass fishing techniques is to simply look for the hard-to-reach spots. Duck under trees, go through bushes, and anything else in the way, whether on land or a boat, to reach spots likely holding a huge bass. Big largemouth bass tend to lurk the dirtiest looking sections of water rather than the clear open water.

Big bass drive many anglers crazy because they will hide out in the middle of thick cover, not along the edge like some one to two-pounders. Therefore, anglers can’t be afraid to cast deep into the thick cover and vegetation to hook a larger fish. Anglers should throw a slow-moving lure when casting into dense coverage.

Your next trophy bass is likely hiding in the heavy vegetation near the edge of the pond or lake where most anglers don’t dare to go.

Location and Water Depth

Although anglers may catch larger bass in deep water, they are also commonly caught in the shallower water of your small local pond. A weedy, mucky pond in the middle of nowhere is probably holding some quality largemouth bass. Underfished areas leave plenty of time for fish to grow large throughout the year; this means the exact water depth won’t always be crucial. Overall, when trying to catch giant bass in your home waters, the location is the last thing to change. The first things to adjust are equipment and strategy to get a bite. That being said, some fisheries have all the right stuff for largemouth bass to grow large in good numbers and make for excellent fishing vacation destinations.

Trophy Bass Fishing Equipment

When trying to catch big bass and only hooking small ones, the gear is likely too small. There are times when the bigger bass will strike smaller baits, but using big bass baits will produce more consistently. This is often because big largemouth bass are wise enough to know that they should only waste their energy on baitfish that are worth it; in other words, they don’t want to expend more energy than they will take in. Anglers need to have the right lure, reel, and line size if they plan on catching their next trophy.


Best lures to use to catch big bass: Topwater frogs, plastic worms, crankbaits, jigs

The same techniques apply to bigger bass as they do for the smaller fish; the only difference is a larger lure. Using a larger lure means you will scare away the smaller fish. The little bass will leave the big bait alone because they know they can’t match up with it. When finesse fishing, most anglers use smaller lures to avoid spooking the fish, but in this case, anglers should use a larger bait to spook the smaller fish and target the bigger bass.

When fishing the dense vegetation, anglers will want to use a topwater frog or Texas-rigged worm, which are weedless and won’t get caught or drag too much in the cover. Using a big jig or crankbait and dragging it is the most consistent way to catch big bass.

The general rule of thumb, use a larger lure to catch larger fish. Big fish want to get a full meal if they are going to use their energy.

Rods and Reels

Anglers will likely have a tough time landing a big largemouth bass on a spinning reel since they won’t be able to size up the line enough. For this reason, a casting rod and reel are recommended when targeting largemouth bass over five pounds. This rig allows for a larger line and a better drag. Though, it’s important to note that most snapped lines or a broken rod tip are caused by human error. Regardless of your setup, make sure your drag is set correctly and not panic when you feel a nice fish at the end of your line.


When targeting big bass, it’s best to use a heavier line; however, it’s essential not to aimlessly size up and use a line that will only lead to frustration. The best strategy is to focus on line quality and maintenance. In most cases, anglers shouldn’t need a line heavier than a 10lb test when fishing for bass. Most professional guides will recommend using a monofilament line since it has a bit of flex and makes for a better hookset. A proper hook set is essential when dealing with big largemouth bass. Braided lines will usually work too, but may have an issue with visibility since they are denser. In general, most anglers should try whatever they will be able to fish confidently.

Other Pro Tips

Fish During The Day

One of the most known statements when it comes to fishing is anglers should fish during the early morning or evening. But fishing during these times may not be the best strategy when targeting the big bass. Some of the best professional bass anglers suggest fishing near the middle of the day. This isn’t a proven habit but is a hunch that larger bass tend to strike during the day while the smaller fish are most active during the early morning and evening. Since every fishery can have different outcomes and fish feeding at different times of day, it’s best to sample any time that works for you to get a feel for the area.

Slow down Your Presentation

Largemouth bass are opportunistic feeders who will sit back and wait for the right opportunity to strike bait fish. Also, big bass are not as fast and are in control, meaning they don’t have to take every opportunity to feed that comes their way.

For best results, it’s best to stay away from fast-moving baits such as spinners and opt for more in control and slower lures such as crankbaits, frogs, and heavy jigs.

Slowing down your presentation allows the bass more time to feel out the situation. Using big baits with a slow presentation is a recipe for success that draws strikes from big fish. However, that doesn’t mean fast-moving lures won’t ever produce a reaction strike from a quality-sized bass.

set the hook on big bass

Key Points To Land Your Biggest Bass

  • Use larger lures and present them slower than usual. You’ll generally want to avoid spinnerbaits and swimbaits and go with topwater frogs, worms, crankbaits, or jigs.
  • Anglers may have success in their usual spots using big baits and a slow presentation to attract the bigger fish in the area.
  • Don’t be afraid to go in the hard-to-reach areas, thick vegetation spots, or murky-looking water.
glide baits and big swimbaits for big bass

Best Places To Catch Bigger Bass

3. Lake Fork

Lake Fork is the most known lake in Texas, and for a good reason. Records show that a majority of the top 50 biggest bass in Texas come from this lake. This is a great reservoir that provides a thriving habitat for bass to grow large.

2. Lake Okeechobee

The Big O is the most known big bass body of water and provides fishermen from around the world with a top-notch fishing experience throughout the year. The size of this lake can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar, but it is a place every bass fisherman should experience. The quality and quantity of fish produced here are legendary.

1. Lake Toho

Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida, offers some of the best trophy bass fishing in the country. This lake is known for its consistency and producing more big bass than any other fishing lake. According to Bassmaster magazine, Lake Toho is “the most consistent lake in the country for producing both numbers and size of largemouths.”

Florida-strain largemouth bass generally grow larger than their counterparts in the north. Check out the complete list of top Big Bass lakes in Florida for a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

big baits for big bass-gizzard shad
Best Florida Bass Fishing Destinations for 2021

Best Florida Bass Fishing Destinations for 2021

Florida Bass Fishing

Top Florida Bass Destinations

Florida has hundreds of lakes and rivers full of fish, but some consistently produce good quality and quantities of bass, earning them a spot on the list of best bass fishing lakes in Florida.

  • Considered the best bass fishing lakes in North Florida are Rodman Reservoir, Orange Lake, The St John’s River, Lake George, and The Harris Chain of Lakes.
  • The best bass fishing lakes in Central Florida are Lake Tarpon, Stick Marsh, Fellsmere Reservoir, Lake Toho, The Butler Chain, Lake Kissimmee, Lake Istokpoga, and Lake Okeechobee. 
  • Look at as best bass fishing lakes in South Florida are The Golden Gate Canal, Lake Ida an Osborne, The Everglades, and Miami Airport Lakes.
Florida big bass lakes

All of these offer incredible fishing opportunities but also have something unique to offer.

Florida weather and healthy vegetation have promoted incredible fisheries throughout Florida all year. They range from North to South with exceptional bass fishing that is worthwhile to experience. Our adventure through the state will start in the North and move further South. Each stop along the way will provide you with a new perspective of what the sunshine state can offer you.

Whether your goals are to catch big bass or large quantities, there is a Florida fishery for you.

Here are the details on your Top Florida Bass Destinations to experience and explore while visiting the tropical state of Florida.

Florida trophy largemouth bass fishing

North Florida

The Rodman Reservoir

If you are coming to Florida and are looking strictly for a trophy largemouth bass, North Florida is the place to visit. Cooler water temperatures promote a slower metabolism for the bass, allowing them to grow larger. The Rodman Reservoir in Putnam County covers 9,500 acres and has been one of the most productive fishing destinations in the state for big bass. It is a consistent fishery that promotes daily catches of over 8 pounds.

Rodman has registered 348 trophycatch fish to date. If you are looking to fish a top-ranked lake in the country, the Rodman Reservoir would be an excellent choice. Experience this 19 miles long lake while enjoying the wild nature of North Florida near Gainesville with high chances of landing your dream largemouth bass.

Rodman reservoir big largemouth bass fishing

Orange Lake

Orange Lake is in the southeast of Gainesville designated fish management area with 20 miles of shoreline. Orange Lake has extensive aquatic vegetation of lily pads and hydrilla, providing prime bass habitats. The thriving habitat allowed Orange Lake to get on the list of many bass anglers for having the best trophy largemouth bass fishing in Florida. Along with its big bass, Orange Lake holds black crappie, redear sunfish, and bluegill in good size and numbers.

The only public boat ramps are located at Heagy-Burry.

Florida fish management area

The St John’s River

The St. Johns River is a unique waterway with some of the best largemouth bass fishing in Florida. The river begins in Vero beach and winds through 12 Central Florida counties before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. The St. Johns River is known for consistently holding trophy largemouth bass. The best big bass fishing here is done by wild shiner fishing. Along with its big bass, the St. Johns River is also known for its top-notch pan fishing for crappie and bluegill. The river consists of three basins that all offer some unique angling opportunities.

The upper basin of the river is the most unpredictable and becomes best after widening up near Titusville. The middle basin is the shortest and is more navigable. This basin has access to Lakes Monroe, Harney, and Jesup, which all thrive as excellent bass fishing lakes. The lower basin starts before Lake George and runs north through Jacksonville before reaching the Atlantic. This basin is home to both freshwater and saltwater fish species.

Bass fishing in Florida

Lake George

Lake George is the second largest lake in Florida after Lake Okeechobee. The lake spans 46,000 acres and stretches 6 miles at its widest point. This fishery is relatively shallow with an average depth of eight feet and is very brackish for a lake in this part of Florida. The lake is best known for its big bass, striped bass, and sunfish.

Lake George does not have vegetation along its shoreline or on the bottom, making it more difficult to find fish than the other heavily vegetated Florida lakes. Despite the lack of foliage, there are still plenty of spots to catch big Florida bass, including the remnants of an old bombing range throughout the lake. There is also a sunken ship in the middle of the water that will be the home of a large panfish population.

Great Bass fishing lakes - Lake George

The Harris Chain of Lakes

The Harris Chain of Lakes is one of the most prolific bass lakes in the state. The Harris Chain is nutrient-rich and filled with large shad, bluegills, and golden shiners to feed the enormous trophy fish. The Chain of Lakes consists of nine lakes and covers about 76,000 acres. The Chain of Lakes used to host several bass tournaments twenty years ago. The bass fishing declined and got a bad reputation for several years; however, the fishing is back and stronger than ever. Numerous big bass are caught on the Chain of lakes every day while on a fishing charter.

Today, the Harris Chain of lakes is exceptionally fertile with mostly dark stained water. This freshwater lake is primarily covered in Kissimmee grass, lily pads, eelgrass, and bulrushes. Fishing the Chain requires stout tackle and power techniques for its robust and healthy bass population.

Florida chain of lakes bass fishing

West Central

Lake Tarpon

Lake Tarpon is located about 10 miles west of Tampa in Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States. The lake covers 2,500 acres and stretches almost nine miles long. Its surrounded by houses and resorts with tons of fishing opportunities.

This fishery offers some of the best big bass fishing in Florida on the west coast. Lake Tarpon is renowned for its trophy-size bass and supports a healthy population of crappie, bluegill, blue tilapia, sunfish, and catfish.

The lake’s bottom has deep-water holes and shallow edges with grass beds for the thriving populations of various fish species. Two county parks border the lake with boat ramps, east John Chestnut Park and west A.L Anderson Park. Because of its location, Lake Tarpon hosts numerous bass tournaments.

Central Florida lakes

East Central

Stick Marsh (Farm 13)

Stick Marsh, also known as Farm 13, is a 6,500-acre impoundment a part of the St Johns Water Management Area. Stick Marsh lies near the Treasure Coast of Florida and is one of the nation’s most abundant and natural big bass fisheries.

The Farm 13 water depths average 4 to 8 feet, but navigating the area can be difficult with its numerous underwater stumps. Stick Marsh holds prime waters for trophy bass, with many catches being in close to double digits. Live bait is the most effective method for catching trophies, but artificial lures can often produce as well. It’s best for an angler new to the area to fish with an experienced local captain to safely and efficiently get the full experience of this trophy bass lake.

Stick Marsh Bass Fishing - Fishing In Melbourne Fl - Central Florida

Fellsmere Reservoir

Fellsmere Reservoir, also known as Lake Eden, Headwaters Lake, and Lake Headwaters, is a world-class human-made lake in Indian River County, covering 10,000 acres. Fellsmere borders Stick Marsh, Blue Cypress, and Lake Garcia.

The underwater features and structural habitat of Fellsmere lake provide an exceptional experience for a visiting bass fisherman. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation stocked nearly 1,000,000 sport fish in the reservoir along with bluegill, crappie, and redear sunfish. Fellsmere is one of the lakes a visiting angler must experience when freshwater fishing in Florida.

Fl trophy fish

Central Florida

Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho)

Lake Toho in Central Florida is an 18,810-acre bass fishery southeast of Kissimmee and is the uppermost lake in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes.

Lake Toho is full of vegetation, including lily pads, cattails, weed mats, bulrush, and Kissimmee grass, all supporting a healthy bass population. In addition to its vegetation, Fish management practices improved the bottom of Lake Toho by allowing extreme drawdowns to its water level. During the drawdowns, deposits of muck are removed by bulldozers from the shoreline areas imitating a natural drought, making the shoreline of Lake Toho prime for bass spawning success.

Lake Toho is home to numerous annual bass fishing tournaments, including Bassmaster opens. Lake Toho also supports healthy populations of bluegill, crappie, redear sunfish, pickerel, gar, and catfish.

Lake Toho trophy fish - lake tohopekaliga

The Butler Chain

As we travel further south into Central Florida, you land yourself through a maze of a chain of lakes. There is one particular Chain that stands out from the rest: The Butler Chain of Lakes. This interconnected Chain of 11 lakes promotes one of the most unique Florida bass experiences. It is considered relatively deep for a Florida lake with 20 to 40-foot holes. One of the most incredible aspects is its deep vegetation structures in some of the clearest fresh water in Florida that the bass love.

Bass fishing on this lake can get very exciting. It has a large quantity of largemouth bass that causes them to school regularly, making Butler best known for its numbers rather than size. This allows for some of the best action you can explore here in Florida. As you are fishing these schools, enjoy catching quality 4 to 5-pound bass throwing artificial topwater bait fish. Springtime is when the bass truly begins to school up and produce what you are searching for. Explore the R.D. Keene Park for a great trophy bass adventure.

Central Florida big bass fishing lakes

Lake Kissimmee

Lake Kissimmee is the southernmost lake in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. It covers 34,948 acres and is located 18 miles east of Lake Wales and 40 miles south of Orlando. Lake Kissimmee is a fertile environment making it a top trophy bass fishery. Lake Kissimmee has produced over 497 TrophyCatch fish, including 1 Hall of Famer, 87 Trophy Club, and 409 Lunker Club.

The fertile soil of Lake Kissimmee creates a healthy abundance of food sources such as zooplankton, insects, and forage fish. The rich food sources allow the Lake Kissimmee bass to grow fast. Along with the food abundance, Lake Kissimmee has an excellent habitat consisting of a diverse combination of emergent and submerged vegetation ideal for bass spawning.

Lake Kissimmee bass - central florida

Lake Istokpoga

Lake Istokpoga in Highlands County is located five miles northeast of Lake Placid and is the fifth-largest natural lake in Florida, covering 27,692 acres. It has numerous boat ramps on the North, Northeast, and Southwest sides of the lake.

Since a significant restoration effort in the 2000’s, Lake Istokpoga has consistently cranked out quality-sized bass. Lake Istokpoga had 329 trophycatch fish.

Lake Istokpoga has an average depth of 6 feet, offering a vast amount of shallow vegetation, including spatterdock, hydrilla, Kissimmee grass, bulrush, lily pads, eelgrass, and cattails. According to Bassmaster Elite Bobby Lane, bass anglers will likely get 10-15 quality bites a day any time of year when fishing on Lake Istokpoga.

Lake Istokpoga great bass fishing lakes - Lake Placid

South Central

Lake Okeechobee

Moving further on our Florida Bass Fishing Tour, Lake Okeechobee is our next stop. Okeechobee is an enormous 730 plus square-mile freshwater lake in Florida known for its legendary largemouth fishing throughout the year. Spring Bass Fishing has been truly heating up every year, especially in the southern destinations on the lake. You can experience fantastic fishing across the whole lake, but the South has been producing the best. Clewiston and Belle Glade will be the best locations to fish this spring. Anglers can experience big numbers and great-quality largemouth bass this time of year as the bass are still in their spawning process.

Lake Okeechobee has one of the most vibrant and abundant largemouth bass populations in the state of Florida. You can fish there your whole life and never see the same fish twice. One of the best parts about fishing Lake Okeechobee is that wherever you are traveling from, there is a destination near you. If you are coming from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Belle Glade or the southeast side of the lake would be your best bet. If Fort Myers or Naples is the vacation or home destination, Clewiston would be the best location. When coming from Central Florida, make sure you experience Okeechobee City to provide you with a truly unique perspective on the lake.

Lake Okeechobee fishing


Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Canal is centrally located between Naples-Marco Island’s beaches and The Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Preserve, and Collier-Seminole State Park.

Popular exotic fish such as the peacock bass and Oscars have found their way into southwest Florida from Miami. These fish are now extremely abundant here, making the Golden Gate a top peacock fishing lake in the state. The fishing is excellent year-round for peacock bass, largemouth bass, and panfish. The big bass are most often caught during the colder months when they are actively feeding during their peak spawning time. In addition to these popular freshwater fish, anglers can also catch snook and tarpon in these canals.

Sunshine state bass


Lake Ida and Lake Osborne

The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes starts in Boynton Beach and ends in Delray Beach. The lake to the North in Boynton is Lake Osborne, while to the South in Delray is Lake Ida. Lake Ida and Osborne both offer some of the best south Florida lakes for largemouth and peacock fishing. The lakes have some good-size largemouth and peacock bass, sunshine bass, bluegills, Mayan cichlids, and other exotic fish species like the clown knife fish.

These Florida lakes in Palm Beach are the furthest North in the sunshine state that an angler can experience a peacock bass fishing charter. The Chain of Lakes has convenient access points allowing anglers to start searching for big bad and beautiful peacock bass within minutes.

The endless canals of the Chain of lakes provide the high opportunity to catch peacock bass in good numbers. The numerous structures, including docks, bridges, cuts, and seawalls, are good focus points for largemouth and peacock bass.

Boynton Beach peacock bass & Clown Knife

The Florida Everglades

When you think of Florida Bass Fishing, the Florida Everglades or “the river of grass” should hopefully ring clear. Cruise through the miles of canal systems that dominate South Florida while uncovering untouched waters pristine for largemouth fishing. If you are looking for extreme numbers of largemouth bass and some peacock bass, the Florida Everglades is the place to explore. The Everglades covers a large area with many access points; some of the more popular areas are Everglades Holiday Park, Sawgrass Rec Center, and Mile Marker 35 and 41. Every cast can yield a fish during these fantastic spring conditions. Another unbelievable feature of this incredible fishing destination is the abundance of wildlife.

Enjoy your fishing experience while listening to the birds, alligators and many other inhabitants create a song before you. We would also recommend this location for young kids and family members that love to be in the outdoors and have not yet experienced what Florida fishing is all about. Come enjoy catching 100-200 largemouth bass in a trip for memories we genuinely believe you will not forget.

Everglades - the river of grass bass - frog fishing

Miami Airport Lakes

This Miami destination stands out from the rest. It is a location that you can experience the total abundance of Florida exotics and largemouth fishing to its fullest. The Miami Airport Lakes is an excellent location to catch the hardest fighting bass in the state, the peacock bass. Blue Lagoon or Airport Lakes is home to the Florida Peacock Bass and some quality largemouth bass fish. It was one of the first locations they stocked this incredible species of bass. When it comes to fishing for peacock bass, domestic shiners are most productive, however artificial lures especially topwater lures can often produce. Your Bassonline fishing guide comes with all artificial fishing tackle needed for success. One of the significant aspects of fishing the Miami Airport system is the ability to catch saltwater species.

When the locks open to release water, many species, including snook, tarpon, and jack crevalle, travel through and get trapped in when they close them. These species can live in this water which provides you ample opportunities to hook one as well. Don’t count out catching some quality largemouth bass along with your adventures in the heart of Miami.

South Florida best peacock bass
bass fishing lakes florida

Best Time For Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in Florida is incredible throughout the year, contributing to it being the “Fishing Capital of the World.” However, the springtime is when largemouths spawn and provide anglers with their best opportunity to catch a double-digit trophy. Typically the spawn starts when water temperature becomes optimal as early as December and goes into June, varying slightly throughout the state.

Springtime here in Florida is the perfect time to take a vacation. As the northern states are still experiencing cold fronts, Florida is beginning to warm up. The characteristics of this spring have been considerably different than the many before it. Colder weather throughout the whole United States has made for exciting fishing conditions.

Freshwater fishing in Florida often gets overlooked, but has really heated up with the warming trends.

Late Spawns at our Top Florida Bass Destinations

One of the main reasons our fishing has been so fantastic here in Florida is the extreme weather. The cold fronts that have pushed through changed the water temperatures dramatically throughout our season. As temperatures change, the Florida largemouths pushed off spawns that they are now engaging in. During these new moon phases, our professional captains and experts have been catching largemouth bass filled with eggs and preparing for their spawning process. April will most likely be the last time they spawn, but it will also be one of the best months to catch excellent bass at all our top Florida bass destinations.

Florida Fishing Experience

Don’t miss out on our Top Florida largemouth Fishing Destinations across the whole state. Action will be consistent all year long. Each month will provide new challenges, different techniques, and great fishing. Florida is the best destination to catch that big largemouth bass or peacock you are looking for. We would love to create a memory worth a lifetime while you reel in that fish that will make you smile!

If you enjoyed this post about our Top Florida Bass Destinations, you might also enjoy this fishing report from the same area.

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Harris Chain Fishing Update in Central Florida

Harris Chain Fishing Update in Central Florida

Harris Chain of Lakes Fishing Update

The Harris Chain of Lakes is still open for fishing. We are open but are not urging anglers to embark on our fishing trips. We just wanted to share some of the recent catches from our customers. The bass fishing has been fantastic across the whole chain. As we still urge everyone to take precautions, getting in the outdoors can be a good way to keep your sanity. This Harris Chain fishing update can help put a smile on your face!

Utilize this time to learn more about the local lakes and plan your next outdoor adventure when social interactions are allowed again. We hope you enjoy this fishing update with our local experts and professional fishing guides.

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

Harris-Chain-Fishing-UpdateOne of the most exciting ways to catch bass here in Florida is sight-fishing. Spotting a fish in shallow water and pitching bait to them, watching them eat, and then setting the hook is a thrill you will never forget. Never worry, all fish are handled properly and released quickly after a photo.

“It was awesome to get the chance to explore the Harris Chain of Lakes with Alex and his son. Leesburg, Florida is a wonderful destination to land some giant largemouth bass. Each trip can be so uniquely different as you can get the opportunity to fish a variety of different lakes.

Alex and his son spent their day on the water at Lake Griffin. It has been a productive lake this time of year. We started out fishing in the canals and catching bass on beds. Once the day warmed up, we moved to some offshore structure.

The bass were in both pre and post-spawn patterns. Targeting fish in deep water hydrilla was a blast for these guys. When it comes to fishing offshore grass, catching bass on lipless crankbaits is the most effective pattern. Slow move the bait through the grass and hold on as you rip that bait through the grass.

Alex and his son had an absolute blast catching over 30 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. Breezy and sunny conditions promoted a strong bite they surely capitalized on. Tight lines until next time!”

Second trip of this update:

Harris-Chain-Fishing-Update“The Harris Chain continues to be a great place to catch large numbers of bass all trip long. It was fun to fish with Adam and his good friend. While they were here in North Central Florida, the Harris Chain always intrigued them. It showed them a great time with plenty of action with artificial lures.

Just like the last trip, the fish were pre and post-spawning patterns. We focused mainly on the fish in post-spawn patterns. Adam and his friend enjoyed catching fish on the mouth of the canals on Lake Griffin.

When it comes to fishing these areas, you can target bass either with a slow presentation or moving. Most of the bites came yet again from a lipless crankbait. The Harris Chain is notorious for its offshore structure and we explore it as the day heated up.

It was awesome to see Adam and his good friend double up on several occasions. Most of the fish caught were in the 1-2 pound range with some quality mixed in. They caught over 30 fish on this trip and are looking forward to coming back soon to cash in on some bigger bass!” – Captain Gino Losi

Explore these waters soon!

We hope you stay safe during this time and hope this update puts a smile on your face. When looking to plan your next adventure, we hope you keep us in mind. Fishing is what we love to do and we want to share that with you once we can. I hope to see you on the water soon and you enjoyed this Harris Chain fishing update!

March Florida Okeechobee Fishing for Largemouth Bass

March Florida Okeechobee Fishing for Largemouth Bass

March Florida Okeechobee Fishing

Lake Okeechobee is available to explore and go fishing. Most of the boat ramps are open and our local experts are still out scouting the water for largemouth bass. Local travelers have been able to still get in the outdoors and enjoy a day on the water. Fresh air in a beautiful destination like Lake Okeechobee can be the perfect way to explore what this destination has to offer. Our March Florida Okeechobee Fishing trips can provide some exceptional memories and some big bass on your next outdoor adventure!

Our local experts, especially in times like now, are extra courteous of all your needs. We are taking extra measures for safety and want you to be sure of it. Our private tours can be a great way to explore the great outdoors and change up your plans for the day. We hope to get the chance to get you out on the water in the near future!

Check out this Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Update:

March-Florida-Okeechobee-Fishing“Some of the best fishing trips are the ones that you get to celebrate something. Fishing on Lake Okeechobee is always a special moment but when you have a birthday wish and it comes true, it is even more remarkable!

I had the pleasure of fishing with Riley, a young man with a birthday wish. His wish was to explore and fish the beautiful Lake Okeechobee. Riley’s parents, Amy and Doug, made that happen for him. It was an honor to get the chance to show this wonderful family around for a fishing adventure they would not forget.

The fishing was strong with light tackle. Riley was an exceptional fisherman and knew how to put the bass in the boat. He also made sure to document his fishing trip for his YouTube channel. Nothing like spending a day on the water with an angler that loves to fish and wants to learn more about it.

Riley and his family caught over 20 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. The biggest fish weighed in around 3-4 pounds. The action is red hot and is only going to continue to get better in the upcoming weeks.

I am looking forward to getting back out on the water with them!”

My second trip of the day with a long time repeat client was just as good

“As always, spending time on the water with long-time repeat client Jim Robertson was amazing. This man travels from Texas to land Florida largemouth bass multiple times a year. When he does, we always have a great time and catch a number of fish.


Jim is a seasoned angler that loves to throw artificial baits on both bait casters and spinning rods. Working and fishing with light tackle here on Lake Okeechobee is an experience worth exploring. Unfortunately, arthritis in his hands confines him to using a spinning reel for a portion of the day.

One of the best parts of fishing with Jim is that every trip is a new adventure. We were able to get around some outside grass structure and land some beautiful largemouth bass in the 3-4 pound range. Jim was catching fish all trip long, making for a successful day on the water.

Lake Okeechobee largemouth bass pulls harder than any other fish in the country. You can have an absolute blast on your next fishing adventure here in Florida.

Jim had a great time and I am always looking forward to our next trip!” – Captain Mark Shepard

 Fishing with Captain Mark Rose out of Belle Glade, FL

“Lake Okeechobee is fishing really well. I had the pleasure of fishing with Paul and Bill. While coming to Florida and enjoying the Florida sunshine, they wanted to catch some largemouth bass. Lake Okeechobee was the perfect place for them especially out of Belle Glade, Florida.


We spent three days on the water and each day they caught numbers of bass. The average day brought out 15-20 bass to the boat. When fishing Lake Okeechobee, you can catch fish with either or both live bait and artificial lures. By far, the most productive fishing comes from live bait but you can have a blast catching fish with artificial lures as well.

Paul and Bill caught fish on both. The best artificial lures to use was soft-plastic flukes and senkos. As the water temperatures rise, the bite will consistently get better. These guys caught fish up to 3 pounds with no giants in the boat.

All-in-all, everyone on board had a fantastic time on the water and I am looking forward to seeing them back out on the water again soon!” – Captain Mark Rose

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Keep Lake Okeechobee in mind when looking for something different and fun to do. Please reach out with any questions you may have about our fishing tours and which locations are still open to fish. This is the month to get out and go bass fishing. You can catch the fish of a lifetime! When looking to take a break, hop on board with one of our local experts and enjoy the fresh air while setting the hook into a largemouth bass on our March Florida Okeechobee Fishing trips!

Isolation Kissimmee Bass Fishing in Central Florida

Isolation Kissimmee Bass Fishing in Central Florida

Isolation Kissimmee Bass Fishing

During these times of social isolation, getting outdoors can be a great way to stay active. All across the state, boat ramps are closing but the boat ramps around Kissimmee, FL is still open for fishing. If you are a local or traveler that is stuck here due to travel restrictions, getting on the water can be a great option to keep yourself occupied. Explore some Isolation Kissimmee Bass Fishing on your next outdoor adventure.

Below you will find an update on how the fishing has been here in Central Florida. We hope to share a special moment with you on the water. Please reach out with any questions you may have about our availability and we will be happy to assist.

Enjoy this fishing update for Lake Toho Bass Fishing with our Local Experts and Professional Fishing Captains:

Isolation-Kissimmee-Bass-FishingFishing with Captain John Leech

Lake Toho is a famous lake known for its bass fishing. Every year, the lake gets a lot of publicity from local and national tournaments. When the tournaments come, it is best to stay off the water until the afternoon when all the boats have finished fishing. Luckily, all tournaments use artificial lures and most of our trips are done with live bait.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to fish with Ethan and Mike. While exploring what Central Florida had to offer, getting out on Lake Toho was a must. This big beautiful lake has some big bass that can be caught almost all year round. Great weather promoted some great fishing that they surely won’t forget.

Ethan and Mike capitalized a strong bite on their quick 4-hour fishing adventure. The biggest bass caught on this trip weighed in at 6 pounds, which was a giant largemouth bass. You can expect catches like this during this time of year. Larger females are spawning and in post-spawn ready to either protect their bed or gorge on bait.

These guys had an awesome trip and will cherish these fishing memories. I am looking forward to getting back out on the water again with them in the future!” – Captain John Leech

Fishing with Captain Steve Niemoeller

“Florida bass fishing is best done with live bait. Most anglers when it comes to fishing for largemouth bass, don’t associate live bait with it. When you come to Florida, using live bait can produce the results and actions you want. Watching a big bass blow a shiner out of the water is a thrill you will never forget!

I had the pleasure of fishing with Justin and his brother Brandon. They were given a bass fishing trip as a present and went out while they were here in Central Florida. Lake Toho Bass Fishing was the perfect way to soak in the Florida sun and get outdoors.

Isolation-Kissimmee-Bass-FishingThis was a quick 6-hour fishing trip. Justin and Brandon never had the chance to fish with wild-caught live shiners. This was their first time fishing with them and they had a great time. They caught over 20 largemouth bass on their trip with the biggest weighing right around 5 pounds. As well, several fish weighed in at 2-3 pounds.

The wind was blowing which kept the bite strong but also pushed us to find some protected areas. Justin and Brandon will be back for more action in the near future and I am looking forward to our next fishing trip!” – Captain Steve Niemoeller

Fishing with Captain Brent Nelson

During the month of March, bass fishing is prime here on Lake Toho. Kissimmee, FL becomes the place to explore especially when looking to catch quality largemouth bass.

First trip of this update:

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Kevin and his wife from Tennessee. A Lake Toho fishing trip was a great idea to soak in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. The fishing conditions were sporadic with moments of rain, wind, and cloudy weather but that did not stop the bass from biting.

Kevin and his wife enjoyed every moment on the water. They caught over 15 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. The most productive method to catching these bass were wild-caught live shiners. As well, the bass were chewing on artificial baits including speed worms, soft plastic worms, and flukes.

When fishing for bass in Florida, focus your attention on submerged hydrilla on the main lake areas. This grass structure will attract fish and help you land that big bass you are after. Storms rolled through during the trip and shut down the bite. Once it moved through, Kevin and his wife picked away at several more quality fish.

They caught fish up to 4 pounds on this fishing trip. It was a blast watching them reel in these strong fighting fish. I am looking forward to getting back out on the water again with them in the future!”

Second trip of this update:

Isolation-Kissimmee-Bass-Fishing“It was a great pleasure to fish with Dennis, Steve, and Mark. While spending some time in Central Florida, they wanted to get out bass fishing. It was going to be a quick 4-hour afternoon fishing trip with some steady action.

Wild-caught shiners were the best way to catch largemouth on this trip as well. We went back to very similar areas as the last trip fishing over submerged hydrilla. The bass would come out from this structure and attack the bait.

Dennis, Steve, and Mark enjoyed the Florida sunshine and fought the windy conditions at the same time. Overall, they had a successful day on the water with over 10 largemouth bass in the boat up to 5 pounds. Nothing beats spending time on the water with your friends will reeling in quality largemouth bass. Everyone on board had a fantastic time and are looking forward to next time!” – Captain Brent Nelson

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March has been a precursor to how the fishing will be in the upcoming months. You can still come out and catch some beautiful fish all trip long. Stay safe and choose a reliable local expert to get you on the fish you are after. We hope to get the chance to show you around while staying away from people and the crowds on an isolation Kissimmee bass fishing trip.

March Florida River Fishing Trips in North Florida

March Florida River Fishing Trips in North Florida

March Florida River Fishing

The St. Johns River is a location in North Florida known for its incredible fishing. It is also a very fragile fishery that can get influenced by the saltwater that can inevitably travel through it as it is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. During previous hurricanes, a massive saltwater intrusion occurred shutting this fishery down. We are happy to announce and let you know that this fishery is back in action and BETTER than before. If you are looking to catch a St. Johns River Trophy Largemouth Bass, NOW is the time to get out on the water. Explore what a March Florida River Fishing trip can do for you on your next adventure in North Florida.

The St. Johns River is approximately 310 miles long, making it the longest river in Florida. This also makes it one diverse place to explore and visit. You can spend days and hours trying to determine what the best areas are to fish. One thing we can say, whether you are there for fishing or just to enjoy a day on the water, the St. Johns River can provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

Our local experts have years of experience that will allow you to lock in on fish quickly. Knowledge and preparation give them an edge to most weekend anglers. Choosing one of our local experts will allow you to land that big bass you are after in a short period of time. Whether you want to use live bait or artificial bait, this destination and fishery have everything you need.

Check out this Trophy Bass Fishing Report from the St. Johns River in North Florida:

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

March-Florida-River-Fishing“I had the ultimate pleasure of fishing with David while he was visiting North Florida. When doing so, we explored the St. Johns River and it showed him one amazing time. When you think about Florida bass fishing, this trip truly encompasses everything you can ask for. Solid numbers, great conditions, and trophy bass!

David started the day catching staging fish with wild-caught live shiners on shell bars. It was a blast for him to target these fish and land some decent numbers early in the day. As the trip progressed, we moved into the back canals where the fun really began.

David picked up some artificial baits and started pitching a creature bait around docks and shallow water structure. During this time, he caught several fish in the 3-5 pound range. While sight fishing and enjoying the bite with artificial lures, he also floated some live bait in the deeper water of the canal hoping to target migrating bass pulling into the canal to spawn.

This process landed David the fish of a lifetime. All of a sudden, a bass struck and sucked down one of the live baits. David waited until the right time, reeled down on this fish, and set the hook. When he did, the biggest bass of his life surfaced. This fish fought hard and gave him a fight he will never forget. It weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces. 1 ounce shy of 10 pounds.

Watching David land this fish and watch his face light up made for the ultimate day on the water. I am lucky to have been able to experience this with him and I know that he will be back for more action in the near future!”

Second trip of this update:

“Similarly to the last trip, the St. Johns River showed Bob and his wife a great time on the water. They did not cash in on any true trophy largemouth bass but had a fun time catching quality fish all trip long. While Bob and his wife were spending time in North Florida, a bass fishing trip was a great way for them to escape into the outdoors.

March-Florida-River-FishingWater and air temperatures were on the rise on this fishing trip after a previous cold front moved in. During changes like such, we were able to find staging fish close to spawning flats and canals. Both live and artificial baits were productive on this fishing trip.

The larger fish caught on this trip weighing in at over 5 pounds were caught on beds. When targeting bedding fish, a creature bait like a lizard was very successful. Wild-shiners also helped land several beautiful North Florida largemouth bass. At the end of the day, they caught over 15 bass on their trip and could not have been happier.

Always glad to be a part of anglers fishing experiences and hope to see them back on the water soon!” – Captain Gino Losi

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The fishing on the St. Johns River could not get any better. When looking to explore something new and get away from the crowds and people, hop on one of our private tours. All our captains, especially in these times, keep everything on their boat sanitized and cleaned. We would never want any of our anglers feeling the need to be worried about our trips. The fishing is red hot and NOW is the time to cash in on some big bass.

March St Johns Fishing can really bring you the fish of a lifetime. We hope to see you on the water soon to get you on the biggest bass of your life on a March Florida River Fishing Trip!

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