Fishing for Bass at Lake Guntersville: Ultimate Guide

There are innumerable bass fishing opportunities at Lake Guntersville! The bass population at Lake Guntersville thrives, and almost every location hosts the largemouth, smallmouth, spotted yellow, white, Alabama, or hybrid bass.

That’s why Lake Guntersville bass fishing is and will remain among the most thrilling adventures for Alabama and USA seasoned and professional anglers. The abundant and aggressive bass will make you utilize the features and benefits of numerous rigs, rods, and baits!

In this article, we’ll talk about Guntersville Lake bass fishing, the best spots, and the best times to prepare your tackle box for angling.

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The Bass Living in Guntersville Lake

bass fishing Lake Guntersville in AlabamaGuntersville Lake is the largest lake in Alabama, stretching for 61.900 acres of water surface. Naturally, the lake hosts one of the largest bass populations in Alabama. The bass species you can target and pull out from the waters of Guntersville Lake are the largemouth, smallmouth, striped, spotted, yellow, white, Alabama, and hybrid bass. Almost any bass species that pops into your mind lives in Lake Guntersville!

In a recent survey, bass fishing Lake Guntersville has been ranked as the go-to spot for angling because the lake hosts the second largest bass population, right after California’s Clear Lake. The lake has clear waters and optimal temperatures for the spawning and feeding of the different bass species. The bass lives around the creeks like Brown’s and Town’s Creek and near the Guntersville and Nickajack Dam.

On top of that, you can target and initiate strikes by the bass at locations like South and North Sauty or anywhere along the 890 miles of shoreline. The population of largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, yellow, striped, Alabama, and white bass is constantly growing and often surprises professional anglers with monstrous giants. The largemouths can grow more than 12 inches, while the smallmouths can grow up to 7 inches in length.

The Best Spots for Bass Fishing Lake Guntersville

Guntersville is the largest lake in Alabama, with more than 890 miles of shoreline and various-depth points all over the lake. You can always throw your baits from the bank or borrow a boat or kayak to go boat fishing. 

According to the Guntersville Lake bass fishing report, the best locations for targeting the bass are Brown’s Creek, Town’s Creek, Siebold Creek, North Sauty, South Sauty, and around the Guntersville and Nickajack Dam:

Brown’s Creek 

You’ll find Brown’s Creek around Albertville. The most populous bass species roaming around the creek are the largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, and white bass. The location is full of shallow humps downstream. That’s why Brown’s Creek is one of the best locations to target the largemouth in the winter and the smallmouth and spotted bass in the summer! 

The downstream side of the riprap is ideal for using jerk baits and crankbaits, and the grassy weed beds will let you know the best spots and where the smallmouth and largemouth move.

Town Creek

Town Creek also hosts some incredible specimens of largemouths, smallmouths, and spotted bass. The point near the ramp holds exquisitely deep waters where the various bass species travel to feed. 

The back of the creek – where Mickey Creek starts – is also a great place to target the largemouth bass. Town Creek will allow you to use all kinds of baits and bass fishing rigs, including Texas, Carolina, and Ned Rig, along with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs!

Siebold Creek

The markers along the channel will lead you to Siebold Creek, one of the best locations to target the largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. You can fish opposite the bank, islands, and humps, which are full of other fish species and aquatic plants ideal for the feeding and spawning of largemouths and smallmouths. 

Lake Guntersville bass fishing at Siebold Creek is a great angling experience because it’ll allow you to apply different rigging systems and rods with various actions and movements.

North and South Sauty Creeks

Every annual bass fishing report Lake Guntersville shows exactly why North and South Sauty are fishing hotspots. These two locations are overbrimming with basses, such as smallmouth, largemouth, spotted, largemouth, and white bass. 

The locations are full of lily pads and rich in aquatic life. North Sauty has a channel that leads to shallower ponds which, in the summer, can be full of smallmouths! Here, you can use any rig that comes to your mind, including drop shots and Alabama rigs.

Guntersville lake bass fishing in AlabamaLake Guntersville Bass Fishing: The Best Time to Go

The best time to target the various Guntersville Lake bass species is spring and fall. It’s the post-spawning season, and the largemouths and smallmouths are attentive and aggressive more than ever! 

However, you can also work your rigs around the creeks in the winter and summer. In summer, you’ll have to target the bass in the shallower areas and, in the winter – the deep water columns.

Before you go for Lake Guntersville Bass fishing, you’ll have to acquire an Alabama state fishing license and keep an eye on the size restrictions. For instance, you may catch five spotted, largemouth, and Alabama bass in combination daily without size restrictions. On the other hand, you may pull out a single smallmouth, not bigger than 18 inches. Lastly, there aren’t any fishing restrictions on white and yellow bass.

Guntersville Lake Bass Fishing: What to Bring?

According to the annual Lake Guntersville bass fishing report, you aren’t allowed to bring more than three reels and rods daily. However, three reels and rods are enough to enjoy your Lake Guntersville bass fishing because you can combine them with jig heads, crankbaits, spinner baits, soft plastics, live baits, and top-water lures.

The best advice a professional angler can give you is to prepare your tackle box with a Texas, a drop shot, and an Alabama rig. This combination will allow you to combine them with all types of lures and utilize their features most effectively. 

Depending on the seasonal and temperature conditions, you may also combine the drop shot and Alabama with a Ned or a Carolina rig.

Bass Fishing on Guntersville Lake: Final Take

Lake Guntersville bass fishing is extraordinary because of the abundant bass population and the opportunities to catch smallmouth, striped, spotted, largemouth, Alabama, white, and yellow bass. 

The best places to target them are Brown Creek, Town Creek, North Sauty, and South Sauty, or near Guntersville and Nickajack Dams. To have the most pleasant stay, don’t forget to refer back to the regulations and restrictions before casting your baits into the Guntersville water!


What kind of bass are in Guntersville Lake?

At Lake Guntersville, you’ll encounter a largemouth, striped, spotted, smallmouth, yellow, white, Alabama, and hybrid bass.

How do you catch bass on Lake Guntersville?

You can catch it everywhere – from the deep near-dam points to shallower points, channels, and creeks! For this purpose, you can use various rigs and baits in the appropriate coloring and size.

What is the best month to fish Guntersville?

The best months to fish at Lake Guntersville are May and June.

People Also Ask

What is the biggest bass caught in Lake Guntersville?

The biggest bass caught in Lake Guntersville was a largemouth of 14.50 pounds.

What is the size limit for bass on Lake Guntersville?

There aren’t any size limits for largemouth, white, and spotted bass, while there’s an 18-inch length minimum for smallmouth bass.


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