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Guntersville, Alabama, is the county seat of Marshall County and is one of the most charming southern towns. It is located in the heart of the Tennessee River Valley and is famous for its picturesque scenery, delicious Southern cuisine, and outdoor activities, especially fishing.

Fishing in Guntersville is a unique experience, as the town has many great fishing waters, such as one of the biggest lakes in the US – Lake Guntersville. Anglers travel from all over the country to enjoy the 69,000 acres of water. The lake is rich in fish species, which makes the fishing report for Guntersville actively positive. 

If you are thinking about a fishing trip, fishing in Guntersville can provide you with an angling adventure. With a bit of luck, expertise, and some useful info found below, you will be able to hook the meatiest fish!

Guntersville Alabama Fishing Hotspots

The region of Guntersville, Alabama, is famous for its abundant wildlife, scenic nature, and great fishing waters. Tourists come from all around the US to catch a glimpse of some amazing Bald Eagles and hook some big game fish in the wide Alabama waters. 

We share a comprehensive list of the best spots for fishing in Guntersville Alabama:

1. Lake Guntersville

The obvious choice for this list is Lake Guntersville, the biggest and most popular fishing lake in Guntersville, Alabama. It stretches over 69,000 acres and is home to largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and more fish. Many anglers and fishing enthusiasts refer to this lake as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the US.

The lake in Guntersville AL offers plenty of fishing opportunities and can be suitable for many fishing preferences, such as shore casting or deep-water trolling. Guntersville fishing guides are available to accommodate visitors with all information, from the best fishing spots to tips on how to catch the biggest fish. The fishing report for Guntersville consistently shows that Lake Guntersville is a top fishing destination in Alabama and broader in the US.

2. Wheeler Lake

Wheeler Lake is the second largest lake in Alabama, located just a few miles downstream from Lake Guntersville. Wheeler Lake is another excellent Guntersville fishing spot, rich with numerous fish species, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, and catfish.

Anglers know this lake as a popular destination for striped bass fishing. Visitors can fish from the shore or rent a boat to explore the vast waters of the lake. Guntersville Alabama fishing reports also include Wheeler Lake as one of the best fishing lakes in Guntersville Alabama all year round

3. Tennessee River

The main river system in Guntersville, Alabama, is the Tennessee River – a popular fishing location in the region of the Tennessee Valley. Fishing enthusiasts love the wide variety of fish species found in the flowing waters of this Guntersville Alabama fishing spot.

Largemouth bass, catfish, sauger, and crappie are just some of the fish that dominate the Tennessee River. In fact, it’s known as one of the most diverse freshwater fish rivers in the US, hosting around 240 fish species. Anglers love to fish from the shore or rent a boat to explore this 652-mile-long river.

4. Paint Rock River

The Paint Rock River is the second most popular fishing river in Guntersville, Alabama. It is well known for its clear water, which gives an advantage to fly-fishing anglers. It’s included in the Guntersville Alabama fishing hotspots list.

This river is 58.7 miles long and home to many fish species. According to anglers that frequent the waters, the river overflows with bluegills and crappies and is the busiest around 12 pm.

5. Lake Guntersville State Park

Lake Guntersville State Park is another hotspot for Guntersville Alabama fishing lovers. The national park covers over 6,000 acres, and inside, you can find some of the best fishing lakes and streams in the Guntersville fishing area.

Anglers love to visit the park to enjoy nature and go for fishing adventures. In the national park, you can also book some guided fishing tours, which novice anglers seem to love. The fishing report for Guntersville deems Lake Guntersville State Park as one of the best fishing spots in the region.

6. Monte Sano State Park

Monte Sano State Park is located just a short drive from Guntersville Alabama and is a nice location for fishing and other outdoor activities. The park is a public recreation area with a mountaintop retreat that stretches over 2,140 acres on Monte Sano Mountain.

Anglers like the streams and creeks for fishing Guntersville practices, as it is rich in trout and other fish species. This national park also incorporates some guided fishing tours, which are great for novel fishers.

Top Targeted Fish Species

Spotted Bass
Spotted Bass
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Fish Species in Guntersville Alabama

The largemouth bass on Lake Guntersville has a 17.74% catch rate. Other black bass varieties, such as the spotted and smallmouth bass, also swim in the Guntersville waters.

Below, we look at some of the fish species that frequent the Lake Guntersville waters:

Black Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass)

Bass is the most popular game fish species in the US, and bass fishing Guntersville is a go-to activity for many anglers across the country. This game fish is a favorite target to fishers, mainly because of how much fun it is to chase it in the waters. The best seasons for largemouth bass fishing Guntersville are spring and fall when the fish prey are most active.

Crappie (Black and White)

The Guntersville fishing reservoir is abundant with black and white crappie. The fishing report for Guntersville shows that crappie hook rate peaks in the spawning time in late March and early May when water is around the 60-degree mark.

Redear (Sunfish) 

The Guntersville fishing region is rich in the sunfish population – one of the favorite targets of anglers in this area. A couple of areas are spawning habitats for the sunfish, and each year there is a good number of them available for Guntersville Alabama fishing.


The bluegill population, according to the fishing report for Guntersville Reservoir, is outstanding. Because of the abundance of bluegill in Guntersville, angler pursuits on the shores are quite rewardful. In this upper part of Guntersville are several habitat sites for bluegills. Bluegill can spawn more than once a year, although the initial spawn usually occurs in May when water temperatures are in the 70-75 degree range.  


Saugers are native to the Tennessee River but are not always available in  Guntersville, depending on the natural spawning success. Late winter and early spring are known to be the best time to target sauger fish when fishing in Guntersville Alabama. 


Guntersville fishing offers great catfishing opportunities because of the river-type area and generous supply of forage bass like shad. The best location is the main Tennessee River channel, while the peak for catfish fishing is the spawning time in June. 

Striped Bass

The prime season for the striped bass starts around late March and goes on until May. The fishing report for Guntersville by many anglers is that there are good possibilities of catching striped bass, especially in the upper ends of Guntersville Reservoir. The daily limit for the Tennessee Valley Lakes is a maximum of 5 striped bass, no longer than 22 inches.

Tips for Fishing in Guntersville Alabama

Before heading out for a day of fishing in Guntersville Alabama, here are some tips to help you make the most of your time on the water:

Bring the Right Gear

Pack appropriate fishing gear, including a good quality fishing rod, reels, lines, and baits. Finally, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first aid kit to be safe and protected. 

Choose the Best Time for Your Trip

According to the fishing report for Guntersville, the best time to go fishing in Guntersville Alabama may be spring and fall seasons when the water temperature is cooler. So, aim for March through May and October through December. Summer can be hot and crowded, making it more challenging to catch fish.

Select Your Bait Wisely

Popular baits for Guntersville Alabama fishing include jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and live baits such as shad or worms. Talk to local Guntersville fishing guides to find out what’s currently working.

Follow the Regulations

Make sure to follow the Guntersville Alabama fishing regulations, including bag limits, size limits, and fishing season dates. You don’t want to end your holiday with a fine!

Consider Hiring a Fishing Guide

Local Guntersville fishing guides can provide valuable insight into the fishing area, the best fishing micro-locations, the most effective baits, and the current fishing conditions. This can significantly improve your chances of catching fish and having a successful fishing trip.

Local Guntersville Fishing Guides

Meet the team of Guntersville Fishing Guides, we know the best spots, baits, and techniques to give you the greatest fishing experience in the Ione area.

Guntersville AL Reviews

Wonderful getaway from Nashville

Guntersville AL
The lake is gorgeous, friendly community with great restaurants. I am definitely returning. I took my girlfriend for a fun weekend getaway and we loved this area. Also the Lodge at Lake Guntersville is a must see for the views. Looks like a grand place to stay also...
- James Carr

Guntersville Lake

Guntersville AL
Never knew Alabama was so beautiful! Was our first stop and was breath taking. Water was definitely breath taking with the mountains. Made our trip!
- Anthony H

Love the views!

Guntersville AL
Love going on the trails and fishing. Also love the farmers market. Love seeing the geese by the lake. Great places to have lunch.
- Joe Dube
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Guntersville Alabama Fishing Regulations

Fishing in Guntersville Alabama is under both state and federal regulations that all anglers need to follow and respect. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) is the main regulatory body that manages and enforces the fishing regulations in Alabama state to protect fish populations and maintain a sustainable fishing environment. 

If you’re planning a fishing day at Guntersville, it is key to get familiarized with the laws and regulations to avoid penalties and fines. 

Guntersville fishing requires fishing licenses for anglers aged above 16, and up to 65 who fish with rod and reel, hook and line, or use a boat in public waters. These licenses can be purchased online through the ADCNR website or at local bait and tackle shops. The license fees vary depending on the duration and type of fishing, with options available for both residents and non-residents. 

In addition to fishing licenses, there are also specific regulations regarding catch limits, fishing methods, and size limits for certain fish species when fishing Guntersville. For example, an important piece of info for bass fishing Guntersville is that the daily limit for largemouth bass and other black bass fish in Guntersville Alabama is 10 fish. The use of certain types of bait, such as live blueback herring, is also prohibited in certain areas to prevent the spread of non-native species.

ADCNR officers regularly patrol the waters of Guntersville to ensure anglers comply with Guntersville AL fishing regulations. Those who are found in violation of these regulations may face certain fines or penalties.

Final Words 

Fishing in Guntersville Alabama can be a very nice experience, with the scenic nature and the abundance of fish varieties. We hope you now have some know-how about the best fishing lakes in Guntersville Alabama, other Guntersville Alabama fishing hotspots, and the best ways to catch some fish there. 

Make sure you get familiarized with and comply with the specific fishing laws and regulations, and don’t forget to get a Guntersville fishing license before a fishing day in Alabama. In addition, Guntersville fishing guides can provide valuable information and advice on the specific regulations in the area, as well as give you many useful tips to make your fish-catching trip more successful and stress-free!


Where can I fish in Guntersville? 

There are several lakes, rivers, and national parks to fish in Guntersville. The most popular are Guntersville Lake, Wheeler Lake, the Tennessee River, Paint Rock River, Lake Guntersville State Park and Monte Sano State Park. 

What is the size limit for bass in Guntersville? 

It depends on the specific bass type. For example, the minimum size limit for smallmouth bass is 18 inches. 

What is the best way to fish at Guntersville Lake? 

The best way to fish at Guntersville Lake is to hire a local fishing guide, who can show you the best micro spots and provide tips on what baits and techniques to use. Otherwise, you can go for shore casting or deep-water trolling.

People Also Ask

What is the best month to fish in Guntersville? 

The best months to fish in Guntersville are typically March through May and October through December. 

What is the fishing grass at Guntersville? 

The fishing grass at Guntersville is a type of aquatic vegetation called milfoil, which provides cover and habitat for fish such as bass.

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