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Fishing in Montgomery, AL, offers numerous benefits that fishing spots across Alabama usually can’t provide professional anglers. Fishing in Montgomery, Alabama, is spiced up with incredible fish and aggressive species, such as largemouths, bluegills, and spotted bass.

Moreover, Montgomery is surrounded by various lakes and rivers, which offer all structure types and different water and temperature conditions, making your gear applicable in almost all circumstances.

Here, we’ll dive deep into the water areas of the lakes near Montgomery, Alabama, and discuss what fishing items you can use and how to use them properly!

Let’s spin our rods & reels!

Drop Shot Lures for BassMontgomery Fishing Spots

Fishing Montgomery, AL, is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can try out numerous techniques, retrieval speeds, and various action rods. However, there are some places where you can catch the biggest bass or witness the exquisite and athletic maneuvers of the spotted bass and the bluegill.

To help you find the best spots in Montgomery, here’s a list of the best fishing lakes in Montgomery, Alabama. Don’t worry! We’ll also include the lakes and other water areas!

Gerald Wallace Lake Number Two

Gerald Wallace Lake Number Two is one of the most attractive fishing spots across Montgomery, Alabama. Here, you can target and initiate numerous strikes by fish species, such as bluegills, giant largemouth bass, channel catfish, blue catfish, bluegill, and many more.

Gerald Wallace Lake Number Two is an incredible place full of creeks and weeded beds where these species hide during the winter and shallower water areas where they feed during hotter months. You can apply multiple fishing rigs, such as Texas, Carolina, Alabama, or Drop Shot, to pull out your favorite catch. However, Gerald Wallace Lake Number Two has seasonal and monthly rules. So, you should always check the fishing limits before casting your baits!

Genetta Ditch

Genneta Ditch is also one of the anglers’ favorite fishing spots around Montgomery, AL. Montgomery fishing wouldn’t be the same without the spotted bass species and trophy-sized blue catfish living in the Ditch. On top of that, if you’re into bass fishing, this ditch has it all! You can target and initiate strikes by largemouths, yellows, whites, smallmouths, spotted, striped, and Atlantic bass.

Genetta Ditch also has regulations for various fish species. For example, you can catch 15 spotted bass units daily, which is a huge number regarding other Alabama regulations. The most popular spot to fish at Ganetta Ditch is the White Slough, where you can enjoy bank fishing and picnic activities. The last perk of Genetta Ditch is that it’s quite close, and you can always visit it alone or with your friends.

A W Dale Lake Alabama

If you’re living in the eastern vicinity of the city, A W Dale Lake should be your top spot for catching largemouths and bluegills. Fishing in Montgomery, AL, will offer you numerous spots, such as the boathouse that uses brush hogs and the shallow piers and woods. Naturally, A W Dale Lake is ideal for summer fishing and using rigs like Texas, Carolina, and Alabama.

You can get there by driving 8.5 kilometers from the city and taking the whole family. Additionally, the upriver rocks host multiple currents you can use to find a location opposite of them and easily catch some stripers and green sunfish.

Jordan Lake

If you prefer boat or kayak fishing and love to throw your baits at different water levels, Jordan Lake is the right place for you! The lake is a sheer example of fishing Montgomery – there, you’ll find all fish types, including largemouths, smallmouths, spotted bass, flathead catfish, blue catfish, and freshwater drum. There are also myriads of other species you can target and catch during the spring and summer.

Every professional angler who does fishing in Montgomery, Alabama, will tell you that Jordan Lake is designed – with the dam and hydroelectric power station – to provide an uninterrupted food supply to the various fish species. It means you can throw your baits at any spot across the 6.800 acres of water surface, pulling out 6-pound smallmouths or 10-pound largemouths during the spring or the fall.

Martin Lake

Lake Martin is one of the biggest lakes near Montgomery, AL. It’s one of the most attractive locations for trophy-hunter anglers because of the numerous creeks, rivers, and structured areas. Lake Martin has multiple lake creeks, such as Sandy Creek, Kowalinga Creek, and Pace’s Point. Moreover, Lake Martin is one of the best fishing lakes in Montgomery, Alabama, because of the 700 miles of shoreline for extraordinary Montgomery, Alabama, bank fishing.

Martin Lake is the host of some incredible bass species like the Alabama bass and the largemouths, which grow up to Alabama’s reservoirs’ average and offer a slice of high-quality meat. The water is clear, and the temperature is ideal for fish species like stripers, whites, catfish, and sunfish. If you want to catch the bass, you can use lures like plastic worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and poppers. On top of that, you can use any rig that comes into your mind!>

Weoka Creek

Weoka Creek is where you can witness the fiery athletic manoeuvers of the black crappie. The creek is located near Millbrook, and you can easily take the car or the bus and get there within 40 minutes. The water is clear, the temperature is ideal, and the location is close! The creek is abundant in weeded beds and structured, shallower areas that guarantee smallmouth or striper catch.

Furthermore, Weoka Creek is also a famous location for fishing in Montgomery, AL, because of the longnose gars, bluegills, and white crappies. So, you can pack your tackle box with any rig you want – Texas, Drop Shot, Alabama, or Carolina. The scenery is incredible, and the angling experience is spiced up with currents that are favorite to the migrating bass during the winter and early spring.

Top Targeted Fish Species


Striped Bass

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Fish Species in Montgomery, Alabama

As we’ve mentioned, numerous fish species across Alabama can give a hell of a game! With all said, you can catch these species depending on the weather, temperature, and water conditions. 

Moreover, you should keep a wakeful eye on your angling skills, rod, and rig types. We advise this because various species have different water, temperature, and lure preferences. Following’s an exhibit of the various fish species around Montgomery, Alabama, and their specific characteristics.

Montgomery Largemouths

Largemouths are an essential part of the biodiversity of Montgomery lakes, creeks, and rivers. For example, Lake Jordan and Lake Martin host trophy-sized largemouths which you can target and catch around the shallower areas during summer or the deeper water columns during spring and fall. 

You can target the Montgomery largemouths at almost any location around the city, including Lake Jordan, Lake Martin, Weoka Creek, A W Dale Lake, or Genetta Ditch. These fish species prefer larger baits because of the length, which can go up to 25 inches.

Montgomery Smallmouths

There are places across Montgomery, like Lake Martin, where the smallmouths don’t grow up to Alabama’s reservoir’s length standards. However, Alabama smallmouths are aggressive, athletic, and persistent. 

You can target them around creeks and shallower water columns, where they feed during the hotter months. Once the temperature falls, they start visiting the lake and river areas. The Montgomery smallmouths can grow between 15 and 20 inches and can be very persistent in hooking up on a popper or a soft plastic worm. 

Yellow, White, and Striped Bass

Even though these fish species are more scarce in the water areas around Montgomery, you can steadily target and catch them around the shallower rivers and deeper lakes. The best time to go to Montgomery, Alabama, bass fishing is spring and fall, when the yellows, whites, and stripers are in the post and pre-spawning seasons. 

Yellow bass is abundant in lakes like Lake Jordan and Lake Martin, while the striped bass populates creeks. In any situation, you’ll have to gear up your tackle box and throw the ideal bait for the particular bass species. 

Montgomery Catfish

The enormous blue catfish is a native species to Alabama, including the water areas near Montgomery. However, you can also target the flathead catfish, which can grow more than 25 inches. 

The best time to target the Montgomery catfish is during the summer months (the spawning period). This time of the year, the catfish hovers in the upper part of the water columns and is pretty aggressive. Furthermore, you can use multiple rigs and rods to catch it.

Montgomery Crappies

The crappies are another perk at Montgomery lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The most abundant crappie species are the white and the black crappie. Even though these fish species won’t grow more than 10 inches, they can endure an unforgettable fight. 

You can target and catch them around creeks like Weoka Creek. You can also target them around the weeded creeks in rivers and reservoirs like Gerald Wallace Lake, Thurwlow Reservoir, and Belser Lake.

Montgomery Blue Gill

The Montgomery bluegill is a regular attraction for every Montgomery, Alabama, fishing guide. Bluegills are everywhere across Alabama, especially in the bigger lakes and reservoirs. However, you’d have to target and catch them with smaller plastic baits, crankbaits, or spinner baits because the bluegill usually feeds on tiny fish or plankton.

Tips for Fishing in Montgomery AL

Fishing in Montgomery, AL, can be complex and exhausting if you don’t know what gear to pack and which location to choose. That’s why we’ve separated some extra tips for you! The following are the most important ones:

  • Learn more about the water area and fish species’ feeding, habitat, and spawning characteristics;
  • Use various rigs, such as Texas, Carolina, Drop Shot, or Alabama;
  • Use a variety of baits and lures;
  • Match the color of the baits and lures with the preferable colorways of the particular fish species;
  • The best baits you can use are soft plastics, crankbaits, spinner baits, poppers, and live baits, depending on the fish species.


Local Montgomery Fishing Guides

Meet the team of Montgomery Fishing Guides, we know the best spots, baits, and techniques to give you the greatest fishing experience in the Ione area.

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Montgomery Alabama Fishing Regulations

As with any other Alabama location, the Montgomery, Alabama, fishing regulations are something you must follow to avoid problems with regional fishing authorities. Additionally, persistent anglers can hurt the overall fish population. So, the logical and subsequent result is regulations.

For example, if you want to angle, troll, or school for any fish type, you must get an Alabama state fishing license! Following are the most prominent fishing regulations applicable to different Montogmery water areas. Mind that these can change depending on the particular water area and fish population in those areas. The fishing regulations are usually based on creel and size.

  • Largemouths – Allowed: 5 per creel, 10 in combination with other bass species.
  • Smallmouths – Allowed: 5 per creel, 10 in combination with other bass species.
  • Crappies – Allowed: 30 daily units daily combined with other fish species.
  • Catfish – No limit for catfish under 34 inches. Only one catfish – if longer than 34 inches
  • White bass – Allowed: 15 daily units daily combined with other bass species.
  • Yellow bass – Allowed: 15 daily units daily combined with other bass species.
  • Striped and hybrid bass – Allowed: 15 daily units daily combined with other bass species and a maximum length of 22 inches.
  • Spotted bass – Allowed: 15 daily units daily combined with other bass species.
  • Walleye – Allowed: 2 per day and creel!

Final Words

If you’re an angler living nearby Montgomery or within the city district – you’ll feel more than lucky! Montgomery hosts unmatched reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and creeks with incredible populations of bass, catfish, crappies, bluegills, and other fish species.

However, you must know your gear and skills before casting the bait. That’s why you can always look at the characteristics of the various fish species and read the tips we’ve provided you! Good luck!


Where can I fish in Montgomery?

You can fish everywhere – from the creeks to ditches, like Weoka Creek and Genetta ditch, and reservoirs to lakes, such as Lake Martin and Jordan.

Does Montgomery, Alabama have lakes?

Yes, Montgomery, Alabama, has multiple lakes. The most popular angling lakes are Lake Jordan and Lake Martin.

What is Alabama’s freshwater fish?

Alabama has numerous freshwater species, including sunfish, catfish, bluegill, bass, and flier.

People Also Ask

What month is best to fish in Alabama?

It depends on the fish. For example, the best months to fish for bass are April, May, and June, while the best time to fish for catfish or crappie is September and August.

Why does Alabama have so many fish?

Alabama has clean and diverse waters. Moreover, the authorities are keeping an eye on the regulations and the health of the fish populations.

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