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Lake Guntersville fishing in Alabama

Every Alabama angler knows Lake Guntersville! It doesn’t come as a surprise because it’s the largest lake in Alabama, covering more than 69,000 acres of water surface. On top of that, Guntersville is exquisitely rich in various fish species, such as largemouths, smallmouths, crappies, bluegills, and catfish.

Here, we’ll dive deep under the surface of Guntersville and inform you of everything you need to know about Lake Guntersville fishing. In this article, you’ll learn what fish species you can find, how to catch them, and the best season to cast your baits in Lake Guntersville.

Without further ado – let’s dive in!

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing

Guntersville Fishing Trips

Overview of Lake Guntersville Alabama

Guntersville Lake, AL, covers more than 69,000 acres of water surface. It’s located in North Alabama, between Guntersville and Bridgeport, and stretches 75 miles from the Nickajack Dam northwards to Guntersville Dam. The water surface of almost 280 km2 makes Lake Guntersville an incredible spot for boat or kayak fishing adventures.

The most popular angling among Alabama lakes and the rest of the nation’s anglers are the Guntersville Lake bass fishing, such as largemouths and smallmouths. It’s essential to know that more than two-thirds of all professional and newbie anglers are casting their lures and baits, targeting the largemouths.

However, the fishing report for Lake Guntersville also shows the increased popularity of fishing for crappies, bluegills, catfish, sunfish, bream, sauger, and other fish species. If you’d like to be a professional Guntersville angler, you’ll have to consider the seasonal and water conditions applicable to each fish species. 

Fishing at Lake Guntersville can be even more exciting with the numerous annual tournaments. For example, in 2023, Lake Guntersville will host six angling tournaments focused on various fish species, including crappies and bass. Most are based around the huge and popular local Guntersville State Park.  If visiting, be sure to go to the lodge at Lake Guntersville State Park. The Lake Guntersville State Park Cabins are cozy and available most times during the year along with most of the other Lake Guntersville resorts.

Lastly, Lake Guntersville is popular because of the favorable conditions for fishing. It has depths ranging from 15 to 45 feet at its deepest point, with clear and moderate water quality throughout the reservoirs and the inflow streams. The water temperature is also consistent and won’t reach over 80F in the hottest summer months.

Top Targeted Fish Species

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Lake Guntersville Fishing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional angler or an all-out newcomer – the regularly available Guntersville Lake fishing guides will instantly stir your passion for angling! Anglers love to fish at Guntersville Lake because of the numerous fish species and the optimal seasonal and water conditions for using multiple rigs and rod types.

The most popular fish types among professional Guntersville anglers are the bass, such as largemouth, smallmouth, white, striped, and spotted bass. Moreover, you can always cast your baits, targeting crappies, breams, catfish, and sunfish. Following is a brief analysis of the different fish species living in Lake Guntersville and how you can allure them to your hooks.

The Guntersville Largemouths

The best period of the year to fish for largemouths at Lake Guntersville is the post-spawning season of the largemouths – between April and June. It gets even more interesting because you can apply different rigs, such as Texas, Carolina, and Alabama, or a Drop Shot rig based on the varying depth, temperature, and structure. 

The largemouth population in the lake increases significantly annually because, according to the Lake Guntersville fishing report, recreational catch-and-release anglers pull out between 35% and 39% of the total largemouth population.

The Guntersville Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass is another bass fishing Guntersville Lake attraction! The lake is full of smallmouths, and you can usually target them and initiate numerous strikes along the shoreline or the shallower waters around the weed beds and submerged logs. 

The best location to fish for smallmouths at Lake Guntersville is the TN portion of the Guntersville reservoir. Moreover, you can use multiple rigs depending on the water area and seasonal conditions.

The Guntersville Crappies

Crappie is another attraction mentioned in the Guntersville fishing guides, especially the Black Crappie. The Lake hosts numerous tournaments for catching trophy-sized crappies, and the best way to fish them is by using angling techniques. However, Guntersville Lake is loaded with grassy water areas, leaving you the chance to angle at night and use trolling techniques to attract the crappie. 

The Guntersville Catfish

It’s encouraging to know that there aren’t any restrictions for catching the catfish at Guntersville Lake. The blue catfish population is constantly increasing, making it, along with the bass, the most populous fish in the waters of Guntersville. 

Don’t be surprised if you manage to catch a blue catfish of more than 40 pounds because professional anglers have caught 80-pound blue catfish at the shallower points of the lake.

The Guntersville Yellow, Striped, and White Bass

These fish species are similar, living in almost the same habitats and practicing the same diet. Their population increases annually. In recent years – the yellow, striped, and white bass have become a regular fishing adventure for Alabama anglers. 

The best time to target the yellow, striped, and white bass is during spring and fall or between the spawning seasons. You can easily catch a 6-pound yellow, striped, or white Guntersville bass at the TN reservoir.

Seasonal Fishing at Lake Guntersville

If you already know where is Lake Guntersville, you also know that the best season to fish for the various species extends from April to September. Different species spawn at different seasons and prefer various water and temperature conditions. Following’s an analysis of the seasonal fishing opportunities and how to take advantage of them.


If you read the Lake Guntersville guides and prices, you’ll see that spring is the best time to fish for all the fish species at Lake Guntersville. During spring, the largemouths, smallmouths, and other bass species circle in the upper half of the water column and are constantly stalking for their prey. Moreover, the catfish is exquisitely aggressive because its spawning season is nearing. Spring is when you can be versatile and use numerous rigs and rods at Guntersville!

For example, you can use Texas and Carolina rigs to target different bass species at various depths. Furthermore, spring is the most suitable period for kayak or boat fishing at Guntersville Lake. You can apply angling, trolling, or schooling techniques using rods and rigs with various actions and speeds. It gets even more interesting because spring is the time when you can participate in some of the annual Guntersville Lake fishing tournaments.

Summer Guntersville Fishing

Early summer is the best period to utilize all your angling, trolling, or schooling skills! During the summer, you can target the smallmouths, yellow, striped, and white bass at the shallower water areas of 15 or 20-foot depth. During the hottest months, you can target almost all Guntersville fish types, including black crappies, red-ear and flat-ear sunfish. Also, you can easily allure bass them at Siebol Creek or the bank downstream of Little Mountain.

However, the fish species you should be targeting during the hottest months is the blue catfish because this species spawns during this period. Additionally, you can always use a Texas or Carolina rig to catch them! 

Fall Guntersville Fishing

Lake Guntersville is overbrimming with striped and smallmouth bass species in the fall! Many professional anglers suggest you prepare your tackle box with all the necessary gear, like swivels, hooks, lines, leaders, and baits, for catching bass in the fall! 

It gets even more exciting because you’ll have to choose particular rigs, such as Drop Shots or Carolina, to target these species in the lower half of the water column. Moreover, you’ll have to find the right baits, such as plastic worms and crankbaits with the proper coloring, attractive to bass.

Winter Guntersville Fishing

Even though professional anglers won’t recommend it, winter fishing at Lake Guntersville can give you a hell of a ride! However, you’ll have to target the various bass species and other fish at Lake Guntersville in the late winter because it’s the pre-spawning season. Many Guntersville fish species, including largemouths and small mouths, can become aggressive during this period because their spawning season begins in a few months.

Moreover, you can always lend a boat for winter fishing and target the fish circling above the bottom of the lake. You can take advantage of the numerous winter fishing opportunities by using drop shots or Alabama rigs.

Lake Guntersville Reviews

Great day bass fishing

Lake Guntersville
Great day on the water. Caught some good fish. Capt Tim was very helpful, learned alot!
- Blank Smith

Excellent Time

Lake Guntersville
My Husband, daughter and I had a wonderful time fishing with Capt. Tim, he was a great guide. Fun and knowledgeable!
- Sharron Ruth

Word of Mouth

Lake Guntersville
My buddy and I had never fished Guntersville, we were in town visiting a friend. Had head of Bass Online in other areas, and it paid off. I highly recommend it, I learned a lot about the lake and fishing in general.
- John Dill
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Lake Guntersville Map

Lake Guntersville, Al

Guntersville Lake Bass Fishing

The most popular game fish at Lake Guntersville is the largemouth bass! Also, Lake Guntersville bass fishing will allow you to troll, angle, or school for smallmouth, striped, white, and spotted bass. The best location to fish for the different bass species is the TN portion of the Guntersville reservoir. However, you can fish for bass at almost any location, even in the maximum depths of 45 feet during the colder months.

Bass fishing Lake Guntersville is also famous because of the optimal water and temperature conditions for the various fish species. In summer, the temperatures won’t go above 80F, and the smallmouths, spotted, striped, and the whites will be readily stalking for their prey in the shallower spots or along the shoreline. You can also target them and the largemouths near the two dams of Guntersville Lake.

If you open any Lake Guntersville fishing guide, you’ll see that the optimal bass living conditions will allow you to use various action and movement rods and rigs, from light to heavy! That’s why, as professional anglers, we think Lake Guntersville in Alabama is the best place to target bass in the North of Alabama!

Guntersville Lake Fishing Regulations

The regional government of Alabama imposes numerous fishing regulations for various fish species. However, some fish species, such as blue catfish, are so populous that the authorities leave the anglers free to catch them anywhere and anytime. Nevertheless, we’ve separated some essential regulations you have to follow to avoid problems with the regional authorities.

  • Crappie (all species) – 30 fish per day with a minimum limit of 9 inches in length.
  • Largemouths, Alabama, and Spotted bass – A maximum of 5 in a combination without length limits.
  • Catfish – No limits for daily catch for catfish shorter than 34 inches; if the catfish is longer than 34 inches, you may catch only one catfish.
  • Smallmouths – Minimum 18 inches in length – only one smallmouth a day!
  • Striped and Hybrid – Only two daily with a 15-inch minimum length limit!
  • White bass – 15 in combination.
  • Yellow bass – No limits!
  • Red-ear sunfish – No length limits, only 20 per day!
  • Walleye – 16-inch minimum length limit and only five walleyes per day!

Lastly, you’ll have to acquire an Alabama state fishing license to target and catch some of the mentioned fish species. You can get a state license by applying at the premises of the local authorities and fulfilling all the attested criteria.

Tips for Fishing at Guntersville Lake

Following are our outstanding and proven-efficiency tips & tricks to use for targeting and catching your favorite fish species:

  • Check the different water areas – Professional anglers usually provide the best coordinates and locations for fishing various fish species.
  • Learn more about each species – Learn about the habitat and feeding characteristics, their favorite baits, lures, and colors.
  • Prepare your gear for the conditions – Make sure you bring everything you need in your tackle box for catching the particular species in specific water and temperature conditions.
  • Stick to the fishing regulations – If you want an uninterrupted and meaningful angling experience, stick to the Alabama fishing regulations!
  • Utilize your skills and learn some new ones Guntersville Lake is an incredible place to use all your skills and learn new skills, including trolling, schooling, and boat angling.

Final words

Guntersville Lake is the biggest lake in the whole state of Alabama. It offers numerous fishing opportunities, such as trolling, schooling, angling, and game fishing. Its favorable fishing conditions are excellent for you to use various rigs, rods, and movements to attract your favorite fish species. Once you take care of the tips & tricks we’ve mentioned and learn more about the fishing conditions, you’ll have an incredible Alabama fishing adventure!


What kind of fish are in Guntersville Lake Alabama?

There’re all kinds of fish, including bass, sunfish, catfish, bluegill, crappie, walleye, and more!

What is the best month to fish in Guntersville?

The best months to fish in Guntersville are April, May, June, September, and October.

What is the best bait for Guntersville Lake?

There’s no ultimate bait for Guntersville Lake. However, you can use crankbaits, spinnerbaits, poppers, soft plastic, and live bait.

People Also Ask

What is the size limit for bass in Guntersville?

Largemouth, Alabama, White, and Spotted bass aren’t subject to length limits, while small mouths, stripers, and hybris are subject to 15 and 18-inch minimum length limits, respectively.

What is the biggest bass caught in Lake Guntersville?

The biggest bass caught in Lake Guntersville is a 14.50-pound largemouth bass.

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