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Lake Eufaula Alabama fishing

Lake Eufaula is one of the main Alabama angling attractions, and there is a reason for that! The reservoir formed by the Walter F. George Dam offers both newbies and professional anglers an all-out fishing experience, targeting largemouths, smallmouths, crappies, and much more!

Lake Eufaula fishing is also ever-more popular because of the abundance of catfish and spotted bass species. You can fish at Lake Eufaula at almost all times of the day and the year. You’ll pull out myriads of different fish species in a few minutes!

Here’s what Lake Eufaula, AL, can offer us and why it’s so popular among Alabama anglers!

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Lake Eufaula Bass Fishing

Lake Eufaula Bass Fishing

Eufaula Fishing Trips

Overview of Lake Eufaula AL

The Alabama Lake Eufaula is located within the boundaries of the Eufaula National Wildlife (NWR), 10 miles south of Highway 165. More precisely, Lake Eufaula can be found on the Chattahoochee River, on the border of Southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia. Lake Eufaula stretches on 45,181 acres of water surface.

The lake’s deepest point is 6.1 meters, making it ideal for different species living and feeding in various parts of the water column. On top of that, Lake Eufaula is famous because of the Army Corps of Engineers’ offices and the satellite office.

Lake Eufaula’s average low and high temperatures are 39F and 60F, respectively. This temperature interval only adds to Eufaula’s optimal living conditions for largemouth and spotted bass. On top of that, the water conditions and the structure underneath the water make it possible for additional fish species to thrive, such as the trophy-sized catfish and the black crappie.

The clarity of the lake can significantly vary from location to location. However, angling experts consider Lake Eufaula moderately clear water, where you can peek into depths between 18 inches and 4 feet.
Those are only some reasons why Lake Eufaula, Alabama, fishing is a time well spent among local anglers! Another reason for the popularity of Lake Eufaula is the abundance of largemouths and its designation as the “Bass Capital of the World” in the ’60s and ’70s!

Top Targeted Fish Species

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Fishing Lake Eufaula AL

Even though bass fishing Lake Eufaula, Alabama, is the number-one anglers’ adventure, they often fish for other species, such as bream, catfish, or bluegill. The water temperature and seasonal conditions are ideal for the thriving of numerous fish species. You can always add extra items to your tackle box and experiment using Texas, Drop Shot, Carolina, or Alabama rigs. 

Largemouth Bass

Each Lake Eufaula fishing guide has a section dedicated to the largemouth bass! Many professional and trophy-hunting anglers arrive at Lake Eufaula to participate in tournaments in catching 10-pound largemouths. The largemouths usually thrive along the 600-miles shoreline and in the deeper waters during the colder winter and fall months. The best time to target the largemouth is the early morning or late dawn hours.

Spotted Bass

Spotted bass species are another angling adventure Alabama anglers participate in! There isn’t any specific information on the spotted bass population because of its constant change. However, all Lake Eufaula fishing guides will reassure you that the population is abundant. 

You can target the spotted bass in the deeper waters from March to May or around the shallower weed beds during the spawning season (April to June). Moreover, the spotted bass specimens are constantly increasing along the main river portions. 


Lake Eufaula’s catfish population is at an excellent level! The most popular catfish for angling purposes is the blue catfish. You can target it anywhere – from the main reservoir to below the dam. The largest catfish caught in 2022 weighs an astounding 61 lbs. Nonetheless, recently, anglers have discovered a huge population of flathead catfish in the main lake. Additionally, you can target the channel or threadfin catfish.

Black Crappie

If you’re out for a hell of a fight, the black crappie will give it to you! Lake Eufaula in Alabama hosts black crappies that can grow up to 13 inches and approximately one pound. The best time to fish for the crappie is during the spring when the fish is most active and aggressive. The crappie population is constantly increasing. The biggest increase marked at the beginning of the 2000s was 38%. That’s why the fish bites at any time of the year, especially between June and September.

Seasonal Fishing at Alabama Lake Eufaula

The annual Lake Eufaula fishing report portrays the abundance of different fish species during various seasons and times of the day. For example, the best time to fish for the crappies is summer and spring, while the largemouths are most active between May and June. Here, we’ll dive deeper into the water column to find out the preferences of the various fish species regarding the seasonal and temperature conditions. 

Winter Eufaula Fishing

If you prefer to fish in the winter, Lake Eufaula will grant you the gift! However, you’ll have to get a boat or go near the dam to target the fish deeper into the water column. During winter, the various fish species, including largemouths, smallmouths, and spotted bass, circle above the bottom of the waters in search of food.

During the winter, you can use floaters or Texas rigs to target the various fish species. Moreover, you can use Drop Shot rigs to make the lure or the bait more visible to the lethargic and hungry fish. The number one reason you should target the bass in the deeper areas is that the bass spawns from February to May. 

However, in shallower waters, you can always fish for other species, such as crappie or catfish. These species are relatively smaller, and you can find them where you least expect – along the shore – feeding on the smaller creatures, insects, and other fish.

Spring Eufaula Fishing

Spring is maybe the best time to cast your baits into Lake Eufaula! The obvious reason is that it’s the post-spawning season of the largemouths, smallmouths, and spotted bass. During this time of the year, the bass travels up the water column and becomes agile and aggressive. 

The black crappie ends its spawning cycle and is ready to bite! On top of that, the various catfish species are impatient and ready to initiate strikes because their spawning season is nearing. Eufaula’s springs are also great for targeting the crappie and the catfish with rigs, such as Texas, Carolina, or Alabama.

Summer Eufaula Fishing

You’ll find the best fishing spots on Lake Eufaula, Alabama, overbrimming with various species! For example, during the spring, you can cast your baits along the shoreline and initiate strikes by some eight and 9-pounder largemouths or 6-pound spotted bass. Nonetheless, in the summer, the blue and channel catfish spawn. It means you can target them around the shallower weed beds, where they hunt for prey.

Professional anglers will confirm that one of the best periods to fish in Lake Eufaula is between June and September. You can target all the species in 40 locations across the four lake areas. Moreover, many of the annual tournaments happen during the summer, when you can catch trophy-sized bass and catfish near the dam or the riverside.

Fall Eufaula Fishing

Fall is the best time to fish for crappies and striped bass. During these months, the striped bass and the crappies are most active because it’s their post-spawning season. It’s even more interesting that, during this period, it’s also the post-spawning season of the various catfish species. 

Eufaula Lake fish go deeper into the water column, so you’ll need the proper equipment and baits to allure them. Professional anglers usually suggest you use heavier rods and medium-to-fast action techniques to catch the crappie and the striped bass. You can also fish for largemouths or spotted bass if you know at which lake level to target them.

Lake Eufaula Bass Fishing

As mentioned, Lake Eufaula, AL, is famous for the abundance of different bass species. You can apply multiple rigs and fishing techniques to catch largemouth, smallmouth, striped, spotted, or white bass. Following is a brief explanation of how to target various bass species, during which times, and what angling equipment you need for Lake Eufaula bass fishing


Largemouths are the most common game fish for professional Alabama anglers. You can find your targeted area near the dam or the main reservoirs. Nevertheless, if you fish for largemouth, stick to the general rule – fish only during the early morning and late dusk hours. Furthermore, the best time of the year to fish for largemouths is between April and June. You’ll even catch 10-pounder largemouths if you have the right equipment.


The best time to target the abundant population of smallmouths on Lake Eufaula is, naturally, late dusk and early morning. Season-wise, the smallmouths spawn from late April to May. It means they’re most active and will probably bite during late spring and early summer. The Lake Eufaula small mouths are quite frequent, and you can use any type of versatile rig to catch them.

Spotted and Striped Bass

These two species are similar but populate almost all water areas of Lake Eufaula. You can easily target and catch spotted bass along the main river portions of the lake, while the striped bass is usually present along the shoreline. However, you can fish for these species also in deeper waters when the temperature gets colder. Spotted and Striped bass grow huge in Lake Eufaula, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you pull out a 6-pounder.

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Eufaula Lake Fishing Regulations

The fishing regulations are the most important part of your Eufaula angling adventure. Following are the various fishing regulations for different fish species native to Lake Eufaula:

  • Largemouths – You may catch a maximum of 10 largemouths in combination with other bass species.
  • Smallmouths – You may catch 5 to 10 smallmouths in combination with other bass species.
  • Breams – You shouldn’t catch more than fifty breams.
  • Catfish – You shouldn’t pull out a catfish larger than 36 inches.
  • Walleye – Although some areas have specific regulations, the limitation extends to more than two walleyes daily.
  • White, yellow, and striped bass – You may catch a maximum of 15 of these three bass species.
  • Crappie You can catch 30 crappies daily. However, you may not pull out crappie smaller than 9 inches.

There’re also some other area-specific regulations that you can learn on-site. The most important one is the Alabama or Georgia state fishing license necessary for angling on Lake Eufaula if you’re an angler aged 16 to 65.

Tips for Lake Eufaula Fishing

Some basic tips for fishing crappies, breams, catfish, or walleyes, and bass fishing Lake Eufaula include:

  • Learn more about the species
  • Learn about their feeding and depth preferences
  • Check out the various locations on Lake Eufaula
  • Get an insight into the average water temperature and structures
  • Target the fish in particular areas and around specific structures
  • Choose the right time of the day and the year for the particular fish
  • Get the right equipment for the conditions (rods, rigs, swivels, weights, leaders, and lines)
  • Adjust your fishing technique to the already acquired angling skills
  • Decide whether you want to angle, school, or troll
  • Follow the fishing regulations for each fish species

Lake Eufaula Map

Lake Eufaula AL

Final Words

Lake Eufaula is a destination where you can have a hell of a time angling for bass, crappie, or catfish. Its nickname, “The Bass Capital of the World,” isn’t in vain! Here, you can easily catch a 6-pound smallmouth or a 10-pound largemouth.

It gets even more interesting because you can use various rigs and techniques to target and initiate strikes by your favorite fish species. However, before everything else, you’ll have to get your Alabama state fishing license and learn more about the water and temperature conditions. 


What kind of fish are in Eufaula Lake?

You can find largemouth, smallmouth, yellow, white, spotted, and striped bass. Additionally, you’ll find crappies, bluegills, catfish, and sunfish.

What fishing license do I need for Lake Eufaula?

You need either an Alabama or a Georgia state fishing license.

What time of year is best to fish in Alabama?

Undoubtedly, the best time of the year to fish in Alabama is spring.

People Also Ask

What is the biggest bass caught in Lake Eufaula?

On March 12, 1980, John B. Giles caught the biggest largemouth (16.5 lbs) ever seen in Lake Eufaula.

How do you catch bass at Lake Eufaula?

You can catch the bass if you know where and how to target it and carry the right equipment, such as rods, rigs, leaders, lines, swivels, hooks, and weights. 

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