Miami Bucket List Fishing while Catching Florida Peacock Bass

Miami Bucket List Fishing

Miami Bucket List Fishing is a must experience when traveling to South Florida. Peacock bass is a hard fishing exotic fish that will give you a fight of a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Anna and Ryan. They were in search of the exotic peacock bass that has been on their bucket list. We made it happen for them and they couldn’t have been more excited.

Anna and Ryan never caught a peacock before but on this trip, they landed 33 peacock bass. Numbers have been fantastic on the Miami Falls Canal System. They also caught 2 largemouth bass and cichlids to throw in the mix.

Water conditions were not perfect and it was a little dirty. We managed to find some cleaner water that helped and made all the difference.

Anna and Ryan are looking forward to another great adventure here in South Florida. We had a great trip out and I am looking forward to seeing them on the water again soon.

Come Catch Yours Today with Capt Joe Gruny on The Falls.

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