Deep South Peacock Bass Fishing Charters in Miami, FL

Deep South Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass, the elusive exotic species that have infiltrated South Florida. During this infiltration, they helped manage the exotic species population and kept them in control. As a result, we are left with an awesome species to target and catch on a daily basis. A Deep South peacock bass will bring so much joy to your vacation adventure that you will come back every year to catch more.

Florida peacock bass fishing is an activity that is hard to beat. During your trip, you come to realize the brute strength and power of these bass. It will amaze you every time. One of the only ways to experience peacock bass fishing in Florida is with a local expert. Years and many days on the water have allowed them to dial in on the fish and get you catching quicker.

When it comes to peacock bass fishing, Captain Robert Miley is a true expert and professional. He has been searching and catching peacock bass for a long time. If you want someone friendly, kind, and can teach any angler how to catch bass, this is your captain. Make sure you request him in advance as he books up pretty quick.

Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with Albert and Mac traveling to South Florida on vacation. Albert was from Georgia and Mac was from Maryland. They come together every year to enjoy their friendship and now bass fishing. Captain Bob took them to the Miami Falls Canal System.

The Falls Canal System is a true representation of urban remote fishing here in Florida. As you idle out to your fishing location, you will get to experience South Florida homes, wildlife, and exceptional fishing.

Deep South Peacock Bass 1Albert and Mac really enjoyed their fishing trip. It was slow and steady to keep things fun and exciting. They caught 8 quality peacock bass weighing up to 3.5-pounds. The fight from these fish were the best part for them.

All in all, Albert and Mac had a fantastic time and are looking forward to coming back to South Florida in the near future. Captain Bob will be looking forward to getting them back on the water soon!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Bob was back out. This time the adventure takes him to the Deep South for some peacock bass. He had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and his wife Sara. They were traveling from Atlanta, Georgia looking to spend some time in South Florida. While doing so, they put a smackdown on the peacock bass.

Steve and Sara got to explore the Aerojet Canal System in the deep south of Miami. They came across a stretch that led them to 1-hour of non-stop fishing. Most of the peacock bass caught were within 2-4 pounds. They had an awesome time and experience together down here in Miami. Largemouth bass also came in the mix on this fishing trip.

Windy conditions did not stop Steve and Sara from landing some beautiful bass on their fishing charter. Captain Bob is looking forward to getting them back down here in South Florida soon!

When it comes down to it, Miami Florida is one amazing place to visit. You have so much you can do in a short period of time. Getting in the outdoors is a must. Take a break from the sandy Deep South Peacock Bass 2beaches and bring your family or loved ones on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Our local experts will get you on the fish of a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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