Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn for Trophy Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn

Did you know that Florida has Peacock Bass? The exotic peacock bass is one of the most magical species to catch in South Florida. South Florida is the only destination that has these exotic species. When traveling to this destination, explore what an outdoor adventure can provide you. You will get to explore urban Miami, FL’s backwater and freshwater systems, and we are sure it will amaze you.

As you traverse through the long stretches of canals, enjoy the views and the abundance of nature present. Your main goal might be catching a Florida peacock bass, but you will always get much more. Every fishing adventure and experience is unique and can be tailored to your needs. When our local experts give you a call the evening before your trip, make sure to discuss any interests and needs.

A local expert is essential if you are looking to maximize your time and get on some beautiful and large fish. The number of years they put in allows for a translation of knowledge. When this happens, you can catch the biggest fish of your life. Our local experts work hard to accomplish your goals.

When you are blessed to spend most of your time on the water, you key in on all the tactics to put fish in the boat. The gentle words and instructions from your Florida peacock bass fishing guides will help provide you with a fishing adventure you surely won’t forget.

Introduction to the Florida Peacock Bass:

As many travelers and visitors know, South Florida is a destination to immerse themselves in a tropical environment. Beautiful warm weather all year round creates an ecosystem that supports various species. As time passed, this ecosystem started to bolster and flourish with exotic species, including the Oscars, Midas Cichlids, and Spotted Tilapia. This resulted in rapid growth and overpopulation of exotic species in our freshwater systems here in South Florida.

In 1984, the exotic, aggressive, colorful Butterfly Peacock Bass was introduced to South Florida, and as a result, something incredible happened. After ten years of research and studies, Fish and Game decided to introduce two species of exotic peacock bass to Florida. The butterfly and speckled peacock bass were raised, but only one thrived. The butterfly peacock bass was the one that came on top and now provides extraordinary sportfishing opportunities for travelers and anglers.

Peacock Bass are incredibly temperature-sensitive. When planning your trip to South Florida to catch a peacock bass, plan your trip from April – October when the weather and waters are warm. This species loves the friendly environment that South Florida produces during these times. Please contact our local experts or us to get more information on this fishing during your vacation.

What is the Best Time to Catch Spawning Peacock Bass?

The Florida peacock bass spawn happens multiple times a year. One of the main reasons for this is that South Florida provides warm water temperatures that trigger the spawn. The first spawns begin once the waters begin to warm up after our “winter” months. April and May are prime months to hit the spawn during the springtime. As the water temperatures rise, get out during the full moon and look around for signs of spawning.

After the springtime spawn, you can also catch peacock bass spawning throughout our summer months. It may not be as strong, or in the numbers, the springtime spawn is, but it continues to occur. Conditions are perfect for the spawn throughout these times. Focus on those full moons, and you can find some spawning pairs. Bass or fish, in general, are creatures of habit and will continue to go back to the same spots to spawn. Note these locations and revisit them to help you catch more fish in the future!

The last big spawn for peacock bass is during September- October. We are experiencing the spawn, and some giant peacock bass has been caught. Our local experts know precisely where all the prime fishing spots are to land that big fish. After these months, weather and fishing conditions gradually change, but that won’t stop the large peacock bass from being caught. Even though you can continually see them shallow, they will most likely be done with spawning until the spring.

What should you look for when trying to locate spawning fish?

Keep your eyes peeled for several things when you are looking for exotic spawning peacock bass on the water. Firstly, you want to focus on shallow or even deep water structures. A deep system like bridges may pose difficulties spotting the fish, but they post up along bridges during their spawn. Culverts, canal turns and bends, tunnels, and flat shallow surfaces are all essential structure peacock bass gravitate toward.

If you have never witnessed what a spawning bass bed looks like, let us describe it. You may see an empty white spot when you are slowly cruising down the canal or freshwater system. It looks like a circle. Bass tends to use their tail to clear away any debris in the spot where they wish to spawn. When you come across a bed, you can’t miss it. Most of the time, you will spot the bed, and shortly after, you will find the male or female peacock guarding it.

Your first catch with any spawning fish you target will likely be the male. After that, you will get the chance to target the more prominent female. Ensure you quickly catch and release these spawning fish, as you never want to harm their process. For you to come back and catch more next year, the spawn must be successful, and fish must protect their fry and beds.

Another sign of peacock bass spawning near or on their bed is a school of orange fry. If you can see this, the bass has already spawned. A pair of peacock bass will be around to ensure their young’s safety is stable. Most of these fish won’t commit, but you can entice a bite if you aggravate them enough.

What are the best locations to catch spawning peacock bass?

Peacock bass is located in South Florida and Southwest Florida. It most likely holds peacock bass if you live in South Florida and have a freshwater system nearby. Peacock bass is firmly located in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. The size of the fish will vary in each location, and if you want the best chance at catching a trophy-sized fish, Miami-Dade County is the destination for you.

Miami, FL, by far has the BEST peacock bass fishing in the United States. Two prime locations stand out: Falls Mall Canal System and Miami’s Airport Lakes. These locations have a unique feel with one thing in common: Trophy Peacock Bass.

The Falls Mall Canal System is a unique fishery in that you are submersed in a remote but urban feel. You get the opportunity to soak in the scenery and fishing environment that will entice you to return for more. Once you step aboard, your adventure begins. Enjoy the slow cruise through these residential canals to your first fishing spot. From your first cast to your last, always be ready for something incredible and the fight of your life.

Miami’s Airport Lakes is the best location for travelers staying relatively close to Miami’s International Airport. You can be aboard a freshwater fishing vessel with a local expert within minutes of stepping off your plane. They will take you through hidden canals and lakes with incredible peacock bass fishing. Enjoy this city’s urban feel while reeling in some beautiful and large peacock bass.

If you are not staying in Miami, you have multiple other options to catch peacock bass. Broward County offers fisheries with productive fishing for peacock bass and other exotic species, including the snakehead. Markham Park is a prime location in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that can get you on some nice fish. You may not catch a giant, but you can have fun catching fish all trip long.

As you travel further north, you come to Palm Beach County. In this destination, you can find the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. This chain of lakes includes Lake Ida, along with a long stretch of canals going north to Lake Osborne. These fisheries are great for exotic peacock bass, clown knife fish, and largemouth bass. You can encounter bigger fish throughout this chain depending on the weather conditions. If the weather stays warm, the Lake Ida Chain can be a great fishery for the whole family to cash in on some big fish.

All South Florida locations show great signs that the spawning process has begun for peacock bass at these locations. Now is the time to catch the trophy peacock bass you desire. We can guarantee it will be a trip you will never forget.

Current Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn Report:

Caitlin and her significant other Quintin were traveling to South Florida from Missouri. The main goal for this vacation was to catch a trophy peacock bass. Luckily, they came at the right time and hit the full moon. This caused the peacock bass to begin to spawn and the big trophy female peacock bass to get active.

Captain Robert Miley, one of the BEST South Florida peacock bass fishing guides, had the pleasure of fishing with this incredible couple. It was a quick 4-hour bass fishing charter on Miami’s Airport Lakes. It was Quintin’s birthday, and Caitlin bought him a peacock bass trip with Bass Online. Nothing beats an outdoor adventure on your birthday; Quintin indeed got one.

Weather conditions paired up just right for a productive day on the water. Water temperatures were at 84 degrees, and the winds blew about 5-10 mph. When you have medium winds, focus on points and culverts that can corral fish and bait. If you key in on these structures and find beds, you can have a blast landing some nice fish.

All the fish caught on this fishing trip were fully displayed during the peacock bass fishing spawn in spawning colors. Quintin was ecstatic at catching peacock bass on his birthday. After getting several fish under his belt, Quintin hooked into something significant. He almost thought it was a rock or log until it started to peel and drag off the reel.

His excitement and facial expressions said it all. After multiple minutes of fighting and hard-pulling runs, the peacock bass made it to the boat. Captain Robert Miley netted the beautiful fish, and everyone on board burst joyfully.

Quintin could not believe his eyes when he saw what was in the net. It was a trophy, vibrant Florida peacock bass. After taking pictures, Captain Miley put it on the scale. It weighed in at 6.5 pounds. This peacock bass was a female and was rather monstrous. Generally, you don’t get to catch a fish of this size. Quintin could not have been more excited to do it on such a special day.

Caitlin was also so happy that her plan came together, and he got on the fish he was after. Miami, FL, can bless you in many ways; you must be open to the possibilities. Freshwater peacock bass fishing can be a great, new way to experience more of Florida’s offers. Any angler or visitor of any age can enjoy a day on the water. Our local experts will guide you and teach you all the necessary skills to entice that bass of a lifetime to bite.

Captain Miley looks forward to having Quintin and Caitlin back on the boat shortly. These moments and fishing charters are the ones every guide looks for. Every day they wake up and go fishing is another day to create everlasting memories for the anglers that embark on an adventure.

Miami Airport Lakes is a fantastic fishery to catch peacock bass. You can also catch largemouth bass, cichlids, freshwater Snook, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon, and Snapper. This system is interconnected with salt water, allowing these diverse species to acclimate to fresh water. Airport Lakes, approximately to not only the Airport but also Downtown Miami, has drawn people to its destination every month of the year!

How Do I Book a Peacock Bass Fishing Charter with Bass Online?

Luckily we have made it easier than ever to set up your next fishing tour and adventure. When you want to embark on a fishing trip with our local experts, you can conveniently book online 24/7. If you do not trust the online platform, don’t worry. 7 days a week, our phones are always open to help you plan your next trip. Feel free to call us at 1-888-629-2277.

When booking your reservation and looking to lock in a particular Captain, make a note before submitting, and we will get you out with your request. Also, we can get you in touch directly with our local experts if you are looking for an updated fishing report for the date of your trip.

We hope to get the chance to see you on the water next time, holding up the biggest bass of your life. Our local experts will work hard at getting you on the fish you are after. All you have to do is step aboard and set the hook! Until then, tight lines…

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