Complete Guide for Picking Jig for Bass

Complete Guide for Picking Jig for Bass

How to Fish a Jig for Bass

jig fishing with swim jig along weed edges

Using specific jigs can be an easy and effective method for certain fisheries to catch more fish. We will go over some tips for finding the 

perfect fishing jig, colors, and jig trailer.
Jigs are great because you can catch bass all year round, in clear water or stained water conditions. You can throw them on anything, and you don’t need much knowledge to do so.

This guide will help bass anglers identify the best jig and pick jig trailer or fishing equipment. Jigs make for optimum lure use because they can target almost anywhere – in any weather.

The chance of a bite occurs with one fall, and it’s essential to prepare correctly. Jigs fish correctly that mimic crawfish can be very effective where prey live. The perfect part about this style of fishing is that it allows you to enter challenging places where other baits cannot go.

As anglers, we make it very convenient for bass not to resist these life-like imitators.

Productive Tips Jigging for Bass

The art of working a jig for bass has become one of America’s favorite fishing techniques for catching fish. Catching bass on jigs is a technique that originated by skipping jigs or plastic grubs under docks and around trees. Then by casting and dragging it across the lake’s bottom, till today, swimming it through vegetation.
Anglers are common to fish jigs at all water column depths, especially along the bottom. Another reason for the lure’s success is largemouth are available throughout the country in large or small bodies of water. For all of them, you can effectively use a jig. When fishing jigs, they imitate various characteristics, namely, crawfish, goby fish, perch, and panfish. The most common imitate is the bluegill.

Jigs usually cast farther than standard bass lures, and you can use a heavier line, allowing excellent protection against the thick cover. Understanding to catch bass on a jig is fundamental for understanding all levels of the sport.

Best Bass Jigs

Jig fishing is an excellent method of freshwater angling. It is possible these jig types below will attract bass for you in the near future. Fishing with jigs can be an efficient way of covering water to catch fish; however, jigs can be tricky lures to master. When anglers succeed, removing the lure from their tackle box is challenging.

A bass Jig is also very powerful during every season and on any water body type. The only difference is the features of the jig for the presentation, which can represent the color, size, weight, hook size, and most importantly, the head style. Below read a list of them all!

Types of Bass Jigs to Use

Bass jigs are essentially a hook with a metallic weight and eye attached. After that, they feature rubber skirts, also with weed guards attached to hooks. Several varieties of styles do not require a highly efficient presentation. What makes some bass jigs differently in design in many respects depends primarily on their shape and weight.

These two characteristics determine whether a jig operates in shallow or deep water. Four designs represent the best lures and most successful jigs for bass. Look closely and see which jig heads are the best for your type of angling.

Finesse Jigs

Finesse jigs commonly have smaller diameters and are used on lighter tackle. In most cases, skirts are shorter and the head smaller, making the lengths stretch around their heads. They are popular when the technique needs to be finesse fishing. It’s a method for bass fishing slowly and lighter by putting little bits of movement in the lure.

Finesse jig-style lures can also be flipped or pitched across the top of the water for a lighter, smoother presentation. Finesse jig lure can be used in these situations, during cold-front, spring when the bass hits smaller size baits, and fall when you want to cover a lot of water using a smaller profile jig.

Punch & Flipping Jigs

Punch jigs are most commonly known for power fishing and are used when flipping and pitching jigs. There is lots of exposure on both swim jigs and casting. But the punch jig is your best jig for fishing in lakes for big fish with vegetation. They sometimes even have drilled cylinder heads to move through thick vegetation easier.

This type of lure allows flexibility in different presentations and vegetation. The jig will give you access to the thickness areas, and it is large enough to offer good balance if it sits at the bottom and thin enough to penetrate vegetation easily.

The rigs have been formulated specifically for high-end punching rods and reels. These types of lures average from 3/4 to and 2 ounces each. This lure has become very special and unique to heavy cover fishing on Lake Okeechobee, lakes in Texas, and others.

These lures use flipping hooks to capture fish in the most complex underwater areas. Many anglers even add rattles, and some have rattles integrated for added attraction. It’s all for attracting big bass in the dense bushes for one of the most efficient methods for finding trophy size big bass!

Football Jigs

A football jig is a good lure for anglers working hard bottom lakes. The football head jigs are probably the most popular of the style of jigs and most commonly used. The head shapes are larger to avoid getting stuck on rocks, timber, and other items on the lake’s floor.

It also makes them different from the others that lay on their side. The design of the jig head makes it stand upright. Fishing with football jigs can be the most leisurely. Cast it out, let it sink. After letting it settle, start by pulling up slowly and then setting it back down with long pauses in-between.

However, these big heads do not make these good baits around vegetation. Instead, it’s ideal for mimicking crayfish in deep and shallow water. Also, thanks to its large head, it has incredible balance, always leaving itself in an excellent position to get bit by a trophy bass.

Swim Jigs

It is known as a widespread fishing method that is easy to understand and learn. You cast the jig like a spinnerbait or frog lure. These jigs are fitted with pointed heads, allowing them to travel through the cover, helping with easy movement efficiently.

In most cases, swim jigs have shorter profiles. Between the jig head point and the eye which they tie the line. The overall length is generally more straightforward—allowing for more efficient water covering than some more common and usually longer rigged lures. In addition, a swim jig hook has traditionally been used in tandem with other trailers such as paddle tails.

Swimming a jig is accomplished best with constant reeling, none stop action, or maybe just a slit pause like a swimming baitfish. A rod’s slight shake or periodic pull could induce a reaction bite that standard retrievals cannot get. Swim jigs are the best for covering lots of water or hunting schooling fish!

Advanced Swim Jig Tactics for More Consistent Bass

In practice, you should always use a Swim Jig, focus on edges, cast repetitively with little or no effort in the water column. You will notice your strike will reach your highest when you throw a jig directly across the submerged vegetation of some type.

The strikes are generally immediately followed when your lure hits the vegetation beneath the surface. If your bait doesn’t get bit, recast the lure instantly, letting the lure hit again. You can have fish that will look at the bait two or three times before striking and ripping the pole out of your hands.

To avoid hitting too many structures, you only want to tick the tops.

How to Crawl a Jig in Winter?

It’s an ultimate cold water tactic with a significant impact on bites. First, choose a jig for bass that is good for these conditions. Then, get ready for your jig to fall directly on the cliff’s edge. That bass that is cold suspends facing bluff walls or rock faces nearby.

If covered with rocks, it could have bass on it. The heat from the sun will penetrate the rocks, putting off the heat under the water for bass. The warmer the water, the quicker you can crawl the jig; the colder, the slower you should crawl.

Bass Fishing Jigs Setup: What gear to use?

It requires an excellent gear setup if you wish to fish a jig for bass successfully. A wrongly mixed rod and reel might affect the casting technique, the retrieve of your jig, the hook set and leave you with disappointment or no opportunities.

With the proper setup, you will quickly detect the bait while retaining the appropriate hook position when the bass bites. Knowing this is why we suggest getting a few supplies necessary to make your experience better.

Best Jig Rod For Bass

Long rods work more effectively with jigs because the length provides more leverage in deeper water and the accurate positioning of your bait. The rod must be about 6′ to 7′ feet long to use effectively. In addition, it should be robust, a medium to fast action rod that helps pull some hard fighting bass out of the thick cover.

You can have too stiff of a rod, but a rod too soft will cost you fish. Most prefer a baitcasting rod when jig fishing, but you can use a spinning rod effectively if long and stiff enough.

Choose Your Reel

Using grass jigs to pitch or flip, you should use baitcasting equipment. Many anglers prefer cast reels as they can give greater accuracy of your pitch or flip. A baitcasting reel packed with fluorocarbon line with a 6.21 reel is an industry standard. However, the biggest motivation for anglers over a spinning reel is its weight alone.

Using a spinning reel big enough for a 1-1/2 jig would be incredibly heavy as to why spinning is closing the gap in performance for efficiency. Angles will always favor convention reels since they have increased weight, speed, accuracy, and ability to control.

Selecting the Best Bass Jigs

Tell me what jig weight to throw? Bass jigs are manufactured with a choice of sizes that measure ounce weight, often within quarter pounds.

Wind speed and depth are also critical when deciding which to use. These two factors determine how quickly one can choose the best jig for bass.

There are various kinds of jigs. Almost as many as the different number of fish species you can catch. What is the perfect angler jig? Before choosing, see below some of the best casting jigs for catching trophy bass, describing what makes a jig work better and how to find the right one. You will catch bigger fish if you perfect your jig for bass techniques.

Selecting A Trailer

Keep in mind the different trailer affects the behavior of the bait. It mimics the baitfish species, the appearance, and the shape of the bait. For example, a jig trailer is a flexible hard plastic bait tied down using jig hooks. It enhances action around jig tails which complete the overall shape.

Each trailer seems different because it triggers an action when in the water. However, most trailers move or push water, while some don’t. Generally, the warmer the water, the bigger the action you rig. And the clearer or colder waters, you should put your efforts into reducing the size and shape to create a smaller overall profile. It is always best to use trailers every time you fish a jig in either condition.


Best Bass Jig Trailers for Fishing


Generally, they seem like something else that’s like a hybrid. These are usually lesser than the craw size but larger than the grub because of their square, rectangular bodies. These are fantastic at covering up thick vegetation or slicing up boulders, dam walls, or rocks.

One other use for chunks is when using swim jigs as well. This smooth float makes for an excellent presentation through the water. But, again, we remind you that most bass bites are on moving jigs. Therefore the motions you create are essential.


A grub may just be considered an amateur trailer or basic addon. Grubs are also plastic worms with sectors or tails attached to cover your horizontal hook. Most anglers start with a grub, but always keep in mind that they still work. Use light colors to mimic water clarity and the day of the morning as it is vital to get success.


There have been instances where anglers choose craws to chase a fish as it spawns, and they can see the appearance in the water. You also can use it if you are targeting deeper water, as crawfish swim on the lake’s bottom, which remarkably presents a great opportunity.

Generally, the most successful trailer option to choose from is when the year is correct.

What is the best color bass jig?

You must first know which food bass prefer to eat locally to know this. So this is the easiest choice for getting a quick decision to color? Below are three primary colors for you always to consider. Hopefully, as you grow more experienced in fishing with a jig, you begin noticing colors that fit certain circumstances, weather styles, or weather patterns.

Selecting colors

Colors depend on the season, geographic area that you are targeting. The jig usually imitates crawfish; therefore, color matching works well in context. Green pumpkin, watermelon, and other related natural colors are excellent choices.

If fishing dirty or stained waters, it helps to use a black and blue combination. Certain jigs often imitate bluegill and shad with color matching. For example, Bluegill imitation uses green pumpkin or jig in blue to match hatches for a bass meal. For simulated shads, a white dress and white trailer work very well.

Wind Factor

The wind is an essential factor affecting fishing. The bigger, the heavier the wind blows; it requires a larger size lure. If the wind blows your line, the jig is too light; you won’t remain in contact with the bottom. The heavier jigs help you overtake the wind and reach the bottom.

However, don’t be afraid to use a heavier jig head, but a smaller jig in size. Keep it moving by working it up and down. It will help a bass decide sooner when it looks and acts more like a natural crawfish.

Depth factor

A bass jig can weigh between 1/8 ounce to 2 ounces. Fish a suitable weighing jig in the depth of the water you are on that day. When water gets deeper, change to a slightly heavier jig to cast farther and get down deeper. The fact that water is deep also does not mean you need to fish on the bottom. The majority of bass live in a suspended state most of the time.

Jig Fishing Retrieve

It is perfect for short casts, pitches, and turns with reflected surface cover. The bass will sometimes hold on to the lure, and it must also be a priority in watching it fall. Long hops that keep the water close to the bottom for retrieval can be helpful. A tiny action on the rod and pump allows baits to move in a streamline. Use short hops; the football head can have the best success with this technique when used under the water surface.

In Conclusion Practice

Bass fishing involves feeling and sensitivity to lure and rod. Therefore you need to be close to the rod’s seat to detect vibrations emanating from the jig. Bass can bite the jig and spit it out in one half second, so keep a close feel of what’s going on. Over time you will learn how a bass bite feels over the different object that is touching. Jigs can quickly help people explore beneath the water’s surface, allowing you to understand the different types of submerged debris. You will learn the fishing technique with practice, and it will become your own.

Have you fished a Jig before? How big was your catch? What bait/lure did you use? Got some other tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

March Florida River Fishing Trips in North Florida

March Florida River Fishing Trips in North Florida

March Florida River Fishing

The St. Johns River is a location in North Florida known for its incredible fishing. It is also a very fragile fishery that can get influenced by the saltwater that can inevitably travel through it as it is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. During previous hurricanes, a massive saltwater intrusion occurred shutting this fishery down. We are happy to announce and let you know that this fishery is back in action and BETTER than before. If you are looking to catch a St. Johns River Trophy Largemouth Bass, NOW is the time to get out on the water. Explore what a March Florida River Fishing trip can do for you on your next adventure in North Florida.

The St. Johns River is approximately 310 miles long, making it the longest river in Florida. This also makes it one diverse place to explore and visit. You can spend days and hours trying to determine what the best areas are to fish. One thing we can say, whether you are there for fishing or just to enjoy a day on the water, the St. Johns River can provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

Our local experts have years of experience that will allow you to lock in on fish quickly. Knowledge and preparation give them an edge to most weekend anglers. Choosing one of our local experts will allow you to land that big bass you are after in a short period of time. Whether you want to use live bait or artificial bait, this destination and fishery have everything you need.

Check out this Trophy Bass Fishing Report from the St. Johns River in North Florida:

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

March-Florida-River-Fishing“I had the ultimate pleasure of fishing with David while he was visiting North Florida. When doing so, we explored the St. Johns River and it showed him one amazing time. When you think about Florida bass fishing, this trip truly encompasses everything you can ask for. Solid numbers, great conditions, and trophy bass!

David started the day catching staging fish with wild-caught live shiners on shell bars. It was a blast for him to target these fish and land some decent numbers early in the day. As the trip progressed, we moved into the back canals where the fun really began.

David picked up some artificial baits and started pitching a creature bait around docks and shallow water structure. During this time, he caught several fish in the 3-5 pound range. While sight fishing and enjoying the bite with artificial lures, he also floated some live bait in the deeper water of the canal hoping to target migrating bass pulling into the canal to spawn.

This process landed David the fish of a lifetime. All of a sudden, a bass struck and sucked down one of the live baits. David waited until the right time, reeled down on this fish, and set the hook. When he did, the biggest bass of his life surfaced. This fish fought hard and gave him a fight he will never forget. It weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces. 1 ounce shy of 10 pounds.

Watching David land this fish and watch his face light up made for the ultimate day on the water. I am lucky to have been able to experience this with him and I know that he will be back for more action in the near future!”

Second trip of this update:

“Similarly to the last trip, the St. Johns River showed Bob and his wife a great time on the water. They did not cash in on any true trophy largemouth bass but had a fun time catching quality fish all trip long. While Bob and his wife were spending time in North Florida, a bass fishing trip was a great way for them to escape into the outdoors.

March-Florida-River-FishingWater and air temperatures were on the rise on this fishing trip after a previous cold front moved in. During changes like such, we were able to find staging fish close to spawning flats and canals. Both live and artificial baits were productive on this fishing trip.

The larger fish caught on this trip weighing in at over 5 pounds were caught on beds. When targeting bedding fish, a creature bait like a lizard was very successful. Wild-shiners also helped land several beautiful North Florida largemouth bass. At the end of the day, they caught over 15 bass on their trip and could not have been happier.

Always glad to be a part of anglers fishing experiences and hope to see them back on the water soon!” – Captain Gino Losi

Come Catch Yours TODAY!

The fishing on the St. Johns River could not get any better. When looking to explore something new and get away from the crowds and people, hop on one of our private tours. All our captains, especially in these times, keep everything on their boat sanitized and cleaned. We would never want any of our anglers feeling the need to be worried about our trips. The fishing is red hot and NOW is the time to cash in on some big bass.

March St Johns Fishing can really bring you the fish of a lifetime. We hope to see you on the water soon to get you on the biggest bass of your life on a March Florida River Fishing Trip!

February North Florida Fishing Report for Florida Largemouth Bass

February North Florida Fishing Report for Florida Largemouth Bass

February North Florida Fishing

Wondering where you can catch your next personal best largemouth bass? North Florida is the ultimate destination to search down some giant bass. Whether you wanted to fish on the Rodman Reservoir or go fishing on the St. Johns River, this is a bass fishing paradise for all anglers. Getting outdoors is a must when visiting Florida and the beauty these fisheries can bring to your vacation will be unforgettable. Enjoy this February North Florida Fishing Report in search of trophy largemouth bass!

These fisheries are vast and covering water is key. Our local experts and their years of experience and knowledge can allow you to have the ultimate outdoor fishing adventure. Days on the water have dialed them in on the best fishing their fishery has to offer. When looking to go bass fishing here in North Florida, choosing a local expert is the way to go.

February bass fishing can be characterized by trophy catches and the spawn. Water temperatures have hit the right temperatures to initiate the spawn. Now is the time to cash in on some big bass fishing here in Florida. All across the state, you can enjoy quality largemouth bass fishing and hopefully land the fish of a lifetime!

Check out this February North Florida Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

Fishing with Captain Ken Walker

February-North-Florida-Fishing “Some trips can start out slow and end with a big bang. The Rodman Reservoir is one of those fisheries that you just can’t sleep on. Every cast, every take, and every bite could be the fish of your lifetime. It is the only place that you can consistently find giant Florida largemouth bass all year long.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Tim Jordan, who was traveling from North Florida to search down his new personal best. The Rodman Reservoir is one of his favorite places to do so. After having a slow start to the morning, the bite gradually picked up as the sun began to warm the surface of the water.

It was the second day of a cold front and I knew it was not going to be the most active day on the water. To my surprise, Rodman was not playing around on this fishing trip. The big bass were hungry and coming out to play.

Tim caught 8 beautiful largemouth bass on his fishing trip. One of those fish was his new personal best weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 4 ounces. Giant trophy double digit largemouth bass are what you come to the Rodman Reservoir for.

I was excited to be part of this adventure. Tim put in some work and in the end got what he came for. I am looking forward to fishing with him again in the near future!

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

“After many years of inconsistent fishing, I am happy to announce the St. Johns River is back in action. During the last major hurricane to hit Florida, saltwater erosion hurt the fishing conditions. As a result, it took many years for the bass fishing to come back alive.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Jon and his wife. They were traveling from Minnesota looking to cash in on some bass fishing here on the St. Johns River. North Florida is the perfect destination to explore Florida fishing, especially for largemouth bass.  February-North-Florida-Fishing

A mix of clouds and breezy fishing conditions made for a productive bite. The spawn is in full effect on the St. Johns River. You can find staging fish at the mouth of the canals and shell bars. As you travel through the canal systems you can also find bedding fish.

Jon and his wife had an absolute blast catching over 15 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. Most of the fish were caught on wild-caught live shiners. It was great to see the quality of fish caught on this trip. Numbers of 3-4 pound fish were brought to the boat.

North Florida from the St. Johns River to the Rodman Reservoir is on for some great bass fishing. I look forward to fishing with Jon again in the near future!” – Captain Gino Losi

Fishing with Captain Peter T

Fishing on the Rodman Reservoir is starting to really pick up. When looking to catch multiple and numbers of quality largemouth bass, this is the destination to travel to. North Florida holds some exceptional waters for putting people on their biggest bass ever.

February-North-Florida-FishingI had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and his family. They were traveling from Gainesville, FL, looking to check out what Rodman Reservoir Fishing was all about. What a day on the water for this family, especially considering the windy conditions that were persistent all trip long.

Mike and his family caught over 15 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. Most of the fish were in the 2-4 pound range. 5 of their best fish weighed in at 5 pounds 14 ounces, 6.4, 7.4, and the biggest was 8 pounds and 14 ounces. NOW that is what bass fishing on the Rodman Reservoir is all about!

Mike and his family had a fantastic time on the water and are looking forward to exploring its wonders again soon!” – Capt Peter T

Come Visit Gainesville and Catch Yours Today!

North Florida is the place to explore when looking for some big bass. Whether you are looking for the fish of a lifetime or just a relaxing day on the water, North Florida has so much to offer. Every trip is unique and can be tailored to your needs. We hope that you get the chance to explore what Florida has to offer.

The fishing is starting to get really good and NOW is the time to plan those bass fishing getaways. Book in advance as our spots are filling up fast. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time on the Rodman Reservoir or St. Johns River!

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Sandbar North Florida Fishing for Florida Bass with Local Experts

Sandbar North Florida Fishing for Florida Bass with Local Experts

Sandbar North Florida Fishing

When it comes to catching big bass in Florida, the northern region holds supreme. Cooler water temperatures, deeper water, current, flow, and so many additional reasons provoke the largemouth bass to grow large. If you are looking to catch a trophy Florida largemouth, fisheries like the Rodman Reservoir and St Johns River are exceptional options. Explore Sandbar North Florida Fishing for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

Our local experts are essential to having success on the water. These fisheries in North Florida and across the whole state are large. You can spend days and hours trying to find fish. Our local experts have years of experience that allows you to get on the fish right away. On most trips, the action stays constant from the first cast to the last.

Check out this North Florida Fishing Report with our Professionals and Local Experts:

Sandbar North Florida Fishing 1Meet Larry and Michael, they were traveling from the Palm Coast looking to explore the Rodman Reservoir. They have always wanted to see what North Florida bass fishing had to offer. A personal best for both of them would be the perfect outcome for this fishing trip. Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of taking them out on the Rodman Reservoir.

Most days and trips at this beautiful location will yield a lot of success. The Rodman Reservoir is a magical place where your dreams of catching a trophy largemouth bass can come true. Larry and Michael went out fishing during windy conditions but that did not stop the bass from eating. The most effective method to catch the bass on this trip was wild-caught live shiners.

Like we said, dreams come true. Both Larry and Michael caught their personal best largemouth bass on this fishing trip. Larry caught a largemouth bass weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. Michael came in strong as well with a largemouth bass weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces. They caught an overall of about 10 largemouths on this fishing trip.

Larry and Michael got what they wanted out of the Rodman Reservoir. Most anglers that fish with our experts experience the same thing. Captain Ken is looking forward to fishing with them again soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Rebecca and her significant other were traveling from South Carolina to explore North Florida. While doing so, the St. Johns River was on the menu. Bass Fishing in Florida was a must-do for them and they were sure glad that we could make it happen. Captain Gino Losi had the pleasure of fishing with this lovely couple. Sandbar North Florida Fishing 2

A calm and cloudy day made the bass fishing interesting for this couple. The water was flowing on the river which stacked in key locations. When you come across moving current, you have to pay attention to structures such as sandbars, current breaks, and ledges. Schooling largemouth bass and hybrid bass will stay active around these points and breaks.

Captain Gino put this couple on some great action. They fished a sandbar with a shell bed at the mouth of Lake Dexter. After catching numbers of largemouth and hybrid bass, they were exhausted. The action was non-stop from the first cast to the last.

Rebecca and her significant other really enjoyed their fishing charter on the St. Johns River. Captain Gino is looking forward to seeing them out on the water again soon!

Explore North Florida TODAY!

Whether the Rodman Reservoir or the St. Johns River, the bass fishing action is red hot. All across the state, the action is picking up. Cooler temperatures are getting the bass ready to spawn. North Florida has some excellent waters for you to explore. Our local experts will work hard to make your fishing trip one you will remember for a lifetime!

Sandbar North Florida Fishing 3Great fishing is ahead and we hope to get the chance to show you why we love Florida bass fishing. See you on the water soon!

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November North Florida Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

November North Florida Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

November North Florida Fishing

November is off to a great start down here in Florida. The sun is shining, temperatures are cooling off in the early mornings, and largemouth bass are biting. North Florida is a great destination to visit when looking to cash in on freshwater fishing. Different styles of fishing will provide unique experiences for the anglers aboard. Our local experts will help guide you to one of the best November North Florida fishing adventures of your life.

Our local experts are essential when it comes to fishing in Florida. Bass are elusive in many cases, always on the move chasing bait. In order to stay on top of the fish, you have to make sure to stay on the water. Luckily for travelers, our local experts are on the water daily. Whether live bait or artificial baits, you can have a lot of fun when it comes to catching largemouth bass in North Florida.

Check out this North Florida Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

November North Florida Fishing 2Meet JW, Tanner, and Wally, they were traveling to North Florida looking to explore what the bass fishing had to offer. The Rodman Reservoir was the destination of choice to get a shot at a trophy largemouth bass. They were traveling from South Carolina looking to get on some good fishing. Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of fishing with this group of guys and they had a blast.

Weather conditions were sunny and breezy. These conditions made for a productive day on the water. When you are exploring Rodman Reservoir fishing, you typically won’t catch a large number of fish. Most of your fishing experiences will be quality bass fishing over quantity.

JW, Tanner, and Wally had a great time fishing for largemouth bass with Captain Ken. They caught over 10 largemouth bass with the biggest fish weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Tanner also caught a huge bowfin weighing in at 8 pounds. It is awesome for a captain to be able to get their clients on a multitude of different species.

Captain Ken is looking forward to getting them back out on the water in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Brian and his wife Hope came to explore what the waters of North Florida had to offer. They were traveling from Texas hoping to catch some beautiful fish. Captain Shane Geherty had the pleasure of showing them around Lake Woodruff located in Deland, FL.

November North Florida Fishing 1One location that has been bouncing back in North Florida is the St. Johns River. Lake Woodruff is a tributary of St Johns, making it a largemouth bass factory. It is a great option when looking to catch some quality fish here in North Central Florida.

Breezy and sunny conditions made for a productive day on the water. Brian and Hope caught over 15 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. The biggest fish weighed in over 3 pounds. Male or buck bass are on the move, which is a good sign that things are changing and spawning season is ahead of us.

Brian and Hope had a great time on Lake Woodruff. Captain Shane is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future! They will be back for some New Smyrna Inshore Fishing on their next visit.

Come Visit North Florida and Catch Yours TODAY! 

When looking for something uniquely different to do in North Florida, consider a largemouth bass fishing trip. There is nothing like getting out on the water and connecting with nature. Every trip and day will provide an adventure. Our local experts will work hard to make sure that adventure is everything you dream of. We hope to see you on the water next time!

If you enjoyed this post with our Local Experts, you might also enjoy this fishing report from the same area.

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Summer North Florida Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Summer North Florida Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Summer North Florida Fishing

North Florida may not be the first destination you choose when planning your vacation. If you are looking for a new spot to take an adventure, North Florida has so much to offer. It has so much to offer with a highlight in the outdoors. Florida bass fishing is one of those activities that is truly highlighted in this region. Hop on board for some Summer North Florida fishing on your next vacation.

Several locations are highly productive for fishing this time of year. The weather is hot and getting out early in the morning is a must. Another important aspect to having success on your adventure is being a local expert. Our guides and experts have spent years and days discovering the techniques and fisheries to help get you on the fish of your dreams. The Rodman Reservoir and the St Johns River are excellent fisheries to explore with our local experts.

Check out this North Florida fishing update to see what you can get yourself into:

Capt Ken Always Delivers

Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of fishing with Curtis. Curtis was traveling from Fort Myers in search of catching his personal best largemouth bass. There is one fishery in this state that can allow this to happen almost every month of the year. That fishery is known as the Rodman Reservoir.

Cooler water temperatures, vast water, ample bait, and structure provide the ultimate ecosystem for big bass. Captain Ken is one of the BEST guides to get you on a trophy largemouth bass on this fishery.

Luckily, the Reservoir came to life on this trip. Curtis was excited to land a Rodman beast weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. For a summertime bass, that was a beautiful fish. You just don’t generally see that quality of fish when fishing for bass in the summer months. The most effective method on this trip was wild-caught live shiners under thick matted vegetation.

Curtis was highly satisfied on this fishing trip. Captain Ken is looking forward to getting him back on the water soon!

Summer North Florida Fishing 1

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Steve Niemoeller went out to explore North Florida. He was back in his old hunting grounds on the St. Johns River. Captain Steve had the pleasure of fishing with Robert and his son RJ. They were traveling from Maryland looking to explore what Florida had to offer. The St Johns River was always a place they wanted to experience.

Doesn’t Matter the of the Year

The summer months are here making fishing conditions sometimes difficult. Water levels on these major fisheries especially the St Johns River will fluctuate. The water levels were high on this fishing trip and the bass did not seem to want to cooperate. After steady persistence, Robert and RJ caught several nice largemouth bass.

RJ was pleased to catch some beautiful largemouth bass and is looking forward to getting back down there for more action soon. If you want to fish the St Johns River, the cooler months of the year are best. Our local experts will work hard to get you on the fish you desire.

Captain Steve is looking forward to getting back on the water with Robert and Rj in the near future!

The Bass fishing in North Florida has been great all summer long. It is only going to get better in the next couple of months as the water temperatures begin to cool. If you are looking for a great time on the water, now is your time. Explore remote areas of Florida where you can catch the fish of your dreams. Our local experts will work hard at providing you with the ultimate experience. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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