November North Florida Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

November North Florida Fishing

November is off to a great start down here in Florida. The sun is shining, temperatures are cooling off in the early mornings, and largemouth bass are biting. North Florida is a great destination to visit when looking to cash in on freshwater fishing. Different styles of fishing will provide unique experiences for the anglers aboard. Our local experts will help guide you to one of the best November North Florida fishing adventures of your life.

Our local experts are essential when it comes to fishing in Florida. Bass are elusive in many cases, always on the move chasing bait. In order to stay on top of the fish, you have to make sure to stay on the water. Luckily for travelers, our local experts are on the water daily. Whether live bait or artificial baits, you can have a lot of fun when it comes to catching largemouth bass in North Florida.

Check out this North Florida Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

November North Florida Fishing 2Meet JW, Tanner, and Wally, they were traveling to North Florida looking to explore what the bass fishing had to offer. The Rodman Reservoir was the destination of choice to get a shot at a trophy largemouth bass. They were traveling from South Carolina looking to get on some good fishing. Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of fishing with this group of guys and they had a blast.

Weather conditions were sunny and breezy. These conditions made for a productive day on the water. When you are exploring Rodman Reservoir fishing, you typically won’t catch a large number of fish. Most of your fishing experiences will be quality bass fishing over quantity.

JW, Tanner, and Wally had a great time fishing for largemouth bass with Captain Ken. They caught over 10 largemouth bass with the biggest fish weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Tanner also caught a huge bowfin weighing in at 8 pounds. It is awesome for a captain to be able to get their clients on a multitude of different species.

Captain Ken is looking forward to getting them back out on the water in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Brian and his wife Hope came to explore what the waters of North Florida had to offer. They were traveling from Texas hoping to catch some beautiful fish. Captain Shane Geherty had the pleasure of showing them around Lake Woodruff located in Deland, FL.

November North Florida Fishing 1One location that has been bouncing back in North Florida is the St. Johns River. Lake Woodruff is a tributary of St Johns, making it a largemouth bass factory. It is a great option when looking to catch some quality fish here in North Central Florida.

Breezy and sunny conditions made for a productive day on the water. Brian and Hope caught over 15 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. The biggest fish weighed in over 3 pounds. Male or buck bass are on the move, which is a good sign that things are changing and spawning season is ahead of us.

Brian and Hope had a great time on Lake Woodruff. Captain Shane is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future! They will be back for some New Smyrna Inshore Fishing on their next visit.

Come Visit North Florida and Catch Yours TODAY! 

When looking for something uniquely different to do in North Florida, consider a largemouth bass fishing trip. There is nothing like getting out on the water and connecting with nature. Every trip and day will provide an adventure. Our local experts will work hard to make sure that adventure is everything you dream of. We hope to see you on the water next time!

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