North Florida Fishing Action for Largemouth bass and Panfish

North Florida Fishing Action

North Florida is one of the ultimate destinations if you want an outdoor experience. You can find wild Florida in every direction. When traveling to Florida and looking to get outdoors, our fishing charters is the perfect match. Whether you love bass fishing or bream fishing, North Florida has it all. Experience this North Florida Fishing Action next time visiting.

Captain Steve Niemoeller is one of our local experts in North Florida. Years of experience has lead to knowledge in all areas of fishing this beautiful region of Florida. Two bodies of water are heavily focused when fishing up here, the Rodman Reservoir and the St Johns River. They are both fantastic and produce excellent fishing.

North Florida Fishing Action

Jeff and his wife Olga adventured out on an afternoon fishing trip on the Rodman Reservoir. There was a lot of boat activity due to a local tournament going on. That did not stop the action from commencing and putting numbers of bass in the boat.

Windy conditions have definitely played a major role here on the Rodman. Luckily, the main mat that we wanted to fish was not getting pounded by it. Wild shiners underneath these heavy mats are by far the best way to catch numbers of largemouth bass.

Jeff and Olga landed 25 bass in 4 hours of fishing this afternoon. They were all quality fish weighing up to 6.5 pounds! We also saw numbers in the 4-pound range. It was a great afternoon on the water and we are looking forward to fishing with this great couple again in the future.

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Steve adventured up to the St Johns River. The River has not been producing very well this year due to a saltwater invasion during last year’s Hurricane Season. The bass might not be biting very great but you can still come out and fish this awesome fishery for bream and other panfish.

John and Cathy came out fishing on the River and had a great time. This charter was right around a Full Moon which was perfect for bream fishing. They were up on beds and Captain Steve knew where bunches were. We could not exactly locate the beds or see them on the beds due to dirty water.

John and Cathy managed to still land some great numbers. They caught 30 total but were only going to keep 15 of the biggest ones. When you are fishing for bream, you want to target them using crickets or worms.

We had a fantastic time with John and Cathy and are looking forward to their return back to North Florida to fish on the St. Johns River again.

If you are visiting North Florida and want to go bass fishing or pan fish fishing, do not hesitate to ask us any questions. Captain Steve would be glad to talk to you directly and give you an even updated report of what the action is like on these lakes. When adventuring in North Florida, make sure to link up with Bass Online for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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About Captain Steve Niemoeller is a full-time Professional fishing guide and Licensed Master Captain. Primarily servicing the fresh water lakes of the St Johns River, Lake George, and Lake Monroe. He also guides on Harris Chain and Lake Toho. He also has great success on Ponce Inlet and Mosquito Lagoon in saltwater catching Redfish and other species. Learn more at
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