Sandbar North Florida Fishing for Florida Bass with Local Experts

Sandbar North Florida Fishing

When it comes to catching big bass in Florida, the northern region holds supreme. Cooler water temperatures, deeper water, current, flow, and so many additional reasons provoke the largemouth bass to grow large. If you are looking to catch a trophy Florida largemouth, fisheries like the Rodman Reservoir and St Johns River are exceptional options. Explore Sandbar North Florida Fishing for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

Our local experts are essential to having success on the water. These fisheries in North Florida and across the whole state are large. You can spend days and hours trying to find fish. Our local experts have years of experience that allows you to get on the fish right away. On most trips, the action stays constant from the first cast to the last.

Check out this North Florida Fishing Report with our Professionals and Local Experts:

Sandbar North Florida Fishing 1Meet Larry and Michael, they were traveling from the Palm Coast looking to explore the Rodman Reservoir. They have always wanted to see what North Florida bass fishing had to offer. A personal best for both of them would be the perfect outcome for this fishing trip. Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure of taking them out on the Rodman Reservoir.

Most days and trips at this beautiful location will yield a lot of success. The Rodman Reservoir is a magical place where your dreams of catching a trophy largemouth bass can come true. Larry and Michael went out fishing during windy conditions but that did not stop the bass from eating. The most effective method to catch the bass on this trip was wild-caught live shiners.

Like we said, dreams come true. Both Larry and Michael caught their personal best largemouth bass on this fishing trip. Larry caught a largemouth bass weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. Michael came in strong as well with a largemouth bass weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces. They caught an overall of about 10 largemouths on this fishing trip.

Larry and Michael got what they wanted out of the Rodman Reservoir. Most anglers that fish with our experts experience the same thing. Captain Ken is looking forward to fishing with them again soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Rebecca and her significant other were traveling from South Carolina to explore North Florida. While doing so, the St. Johns River was on the menu. Bass Fishing in Florida was a must-do for them and they were sure glad that we could make it happen. Captain Gino Losi had the pleasure of fishing with this lovely couple. Sandbar North Florida Fishing 2

A calm and cloudy day made the bass fishing interesting for this couple. The water was flowing on the river which stacked in key locations. When you come across moving current, you have to pay attention to structures such as sandbars, current breaks, and ledges. Schooling largemouth bass and hybrid bass will stay active around these points and breaks.

Captain Gino put this couple on some great action. They fished a sandbar with a shell bed at the mouth of Lake Dexter. After catching numbers of largemouth and hybrid bass, they were exhausted. The action was non-stop from the first cast to the last.

Rebecca and her significant other really enjoyed their fishing charter on the St. Johns River. Captain Gino is looking forward to seeing them out on the water again soon!

Explore North Florida TODAY!

Whether the Rodman Reservoir or the St. Johns River, the bass fishing action is red hot. All across the state, the action is picking up. Cooler temperatures are getting the bass ready to spawn. North Florida has some excellent waters for you to explore. Our local experts will work hard to make your fishing trip one you will remember for a lifetime!

Sandbar North Florida Fishing 3Great fishing is ahead and we hope to get the chance to show you why we love Florida bass fishing. See you on the water soon!

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