November North Florida Freshwater Fishing Report

North Florida Freshwater Fishing

North Florida is a breathtaking destination to travel to and visit. When you are looking to explore the Great Outdoors, make sure you get out on the water in North Florida. The beautiful lakes and quiet towns make for a truly delicate and unique experience. If you are a trophy bass hunter, North Florida is the place to visit. Enjoy this North Florida freshwater fishing report to help show you what this magical place is capable of.

Our local experts spend every waking second discovering new places and lakes to show you. Whether you want to come to North Florida and catch a giant bass or land some tasty treats, you can accomplish it all. Largemouth bass and crappie or speck fishing are one of the best ways to get outdoors. Captain Ken Walker can put you on a fish of a lifetime while Captain Brad Kayholm can help tickle you pink catching big numbers of crappie.
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Captain Ken Walker had the pleasure to take a day and explore the Rodman Reservoir with his dad. Rodman is his home and he knows this fishery like the back of his hand. The Rodman is known to be a trophy largemouth bass fishery. If you are looking for the biggest bass of your life you have to come here. Large grass structures and low fishing traffic has allowed explosive growth of the largemouth bass populations. Cooler water temperatures also have helped grow these big bass.

When are you looking for a trophy-sized species, you have to be patient in your technique. Also, you have to use wild-caught live shiners. If you are looking to catch a fish over 10 pounds or close to it, the most effective way to do it is live bait. The shiners ring the dinner bell and the bass come to feed. Let the bait run under the mat and hold on!

Captain Ken went out to explore and find new spots on the Rodman with his dad and caught 10 nice quality bass. The biggest bass of the trip weighed 9.70 pounds which were caught by Captain Ken. His father landed a 7.76 which is also a big fish. You can’t beat the bass fishing action here on the Rodman Reservoir. As cooler temperatures roll in, the bigger the catches will come.

Captain Ken is looking forward to getting you on that trophy bass you are looking for!
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Several other locations in North Florida are productive for not only bass fishing but a variety of other species. Lake Monroe is located in Sanford, Florida. It is a massive lake part of the St. Johns River system. Lake Monroe is bouncing back with largemouth bass and crappie populations increasing.

Captain Brad Kayholm adventure out on Lake Monroe with his father as well. They search around and found some pads that were holding some quality fish. If you are looking to catch up on a bunch of tasty treats, this is the location to do so. Captain Brad put 27 nice quality specks in the boat. Also, the largemouth bass population is coming back with multiple 1-3 pound bass in the boat. North Florida Freshwater Fishing 1

North Florida is the place to explore while looking to get in the outdoors. Hop aboard one of our local expert’s vessels and they will take you to the fish. Whether you are looking for big numbers or a giant fish, we can accomplish that for you. Uncover all that Florida has to offer on a fishing trip worth a lifetime of memories. We look forward to seeing you on the water.

Come Visit North Florida and Catch Yours Today

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