Top Central Florida Lakes To Find Big Bass

Top Central Florida Lakes To Find Big Bass

There’s no better place to bass fish than the “bass fishing capital of the world,” also known as the state of Florida. There are endless Central Florida lakes for anglers to catch largemouth bass and have a great time. However, for those looking to increase their chances of landing that dream trophy bass, there are certainly some lakes with characteristics that help those big bass thrive, landing them a spot on Central Florida’s top big bass lakes. Only a small percentage of largemouths live long enough to attain that trophy size, which requires them to live at least ten years. Unfortunately, the average lifespan of bass is only 5 to 6 years. Fortunately, Florida bass grow faster and larger than anywhere else, especially in Central Florida. Many Central Florida lakes have incredibly healthy vegetation and water quality, creating an excellent habitat for the bass to live longer and grow large.

Central Florida has numerous options when it comes to excellent bass fishing. This list will start with the top lakes offering the best chances at a double-digit bass, along with tips from our local experts to achieve success. The article will end with the honorable mentions that consistently offer incredible fishing with good numbers and decent quality throughout the year near the Central Florida area.

Top Central Florida Lakes To Catch Big Trophy Bass

4. Lake Istokpoga

Top Central Florida trophycatch fish

Lake Istokpoga is a natural lake located northwest of Lake Okeechobee, near Lake Placid. It is the fifth-largest lake in the sunshine state, covering 27,692 acres. Lake Istokpoga averages 6 feet in depth and offers an array of shallow vegetation that big bass love, such as spatterdock, cattails, bulrush, eelgrass, peppergrass, and Kissimmee grass. Since its significant restoration effect in the early 2000s, Istokpoga has consistently produced quality size Florida bass. The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission and its environmental partners drew the lake’s water levels down and removed over 1,300 acres of muck, allowing its native vegetation to flourish. Istokpoga is a top option for those looking to experience Florida bass fishing any time of the year. It has a strong reputation for having quality big bass throughout the year, not only during the spawning season.

Tips From The Local Experts

Live wild shiners are equally effective as artificial lures on this body of water, so if you like artificial fishing, this may be the Florida lake for you to experience. By the end of April, the big bass tend to finish spawning and then move on to schooling fish. Largemouths will begin schooling chasing threadfin and gizzard shad along peppergrass in the open water.

3. Harris Chain of Lakes

Lake Istokpoga - Lake Okeechobee

The Harris Chain consists of nine major water bodies totaling about 76,000 acres in Central Florida. The Harris Chain of Lakes has hosted numerous national bass tournaments, including the B.A.S.S. Megabucks decades ago. In the recent decades, Harris went through a low period but was since brought back to life. After going through a significant restoration and restocking project, the Chain has since been thriving and is now full of trophy fish. The Chain consistently produces excellent catches now and is one of the top recommended lakes for anglers looking to get their personal best largemouth bass. Since coming back strong, there are several bass tournaments on the Harris Chain of Lakes every year again. Harris is now incredibly fertile with a mostly green-stained water color. The primary aquatic cover is Kissimmee grass, lily pads, eelgrass, and bulrushes. 

Tips From The Local Experts

These healthy big bass require power techniques and stout tackle. Because of the strength of these big fish, anglers are risking breaking off an excellent catch when using light tackle on Harris. Sight fishing and casting in deep pockets are two different and popular methods to try here. Lake Eustis is one of the more popular lakes on the Chain, and its residential canals can be very productive at specific times of the year. It also has a famous spot called “Gator Hole,” a deep sinkhole leading off the main lake and produces large numbers of big bass.

2. Lake Kissimmee

Lake George-Kingsley lake

Lake Kissimmee covers 34,948 acres and is the southernmost link of the Kissimmee Chain, located east of Lake Wales and 40 miles south of Orlando. Lake Kissimmee has earned its spot on the big bass list because of its perfectly fertile environment that allows the bass to grow large in good numbers. The Kissimmee Chain lake has an extremely bass-friendly habitat consisting of expansive native grass, lily pads, cattail, bulrush, and hydrilla beds. The bass fishing pressure is relatively light on Lake Kissimmee due to its vegetation’s expanse and the endless places for big bass to hide out and ambush baitfish. The local bass can live to a ripe old age without as many angler encounters since there are impossible places to reach with any conventional boat.

Tips From The Local Experts

Soft jerk baits, rattling crankbaits, and Carolina or Texas-rigged plastic worms casted in the open water or along the vegetation edges are effective during the summer and fall. Fishing a smaller shiner, such as a hatchery shiner, is a good option during the year’s warmer times. Our local fishing guides go to great lengths to ensure the proper size shiner when fishing Lake Kissimmee during any time of the year. Fishing with Live Bait in the heavy cover is always a great option and will often bring feeding big bass to the attack. During certain times of the year, fishing with wild shiners is preferred since they are hardy and more active than a hatchery-raised shiner. Largemouth bass will go for shiners in all sizes, but the giant trophy bass will likely go for a shiner in the 4 to 6-inch long range. Our Central Florida guides suggest choosing your artificial lures based on the watercolor, wind, temperature, cover, and time of year. Plastic worms are always a good bet, as are rattle traps, buzz baits, weedless spoons, spinnerbaits, and frog baits. Numerous big bass are taken regularly on top waters and shallow crankbaits. Flipping and pitching the weed lines can land you a trophycatch in the heat of the day.

1. Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho)

West Lake Tohopekaliga Florida-Lake Toho

West Lake Tohopekaliga, Lake Toho for short, is an 18,810-acre fishery located southeast of Kissimmee and is the uppermost part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Lake Toho is one of the best bass fishing lakes in Florida, earning the number one spot on our list because of its consistency. It’s an excellent fishery any day of the year and the most recommended by our team; however, Lake Toho has been on another level during the spawning season. Almost every fishing trip on Lake Toho during the peak season lands one big bass over 8 pounds, many reaching the ten-pound mark, and numerous bass over 6 pounds. Like most Central Florida bass lakes, Lake Toho is abundant in aquatic vegetation to support its healthy big bass population, including shallow grass flats, maidencane, natural bullrush, and hydrilla. Lake Toho hosts numerous well-known bass fishing tournaments every year. According to Bassmaster magazine, Lake Toho is considered the most consistent bass lake in the country for producing both numbers and trophy bass.

Tips From The Local Experts

The mouth of Shingle Creek, the shorelines east and west South Port Park, Goblets Cove, and Lanier Point are all top spots in Lake Toho holding trophy largemouth bass. The offshore hydrilla patches near channel marker 24 and Little Grassy Island also are good spots to check. Live shiners are the most effective, but artificial lures also produce in these spots. When exploring Lake Toho, look for some healthy vegetation in the water that could serve as a suitable habitat for big bass, include its bulrush, lily pads, weed mats, Kissimmee grass, and fish attractors put in by The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission. Fishing in the canals and tributaries after heavy rains is a good idea because the runoff sends a good flow throughout the lake, creating a hot bite in these connected areas. Some of the top techniques and lures used on Lake Toho to catch big bass include pitching craws and beavers or flipping Texas-rigged worms. Frogs, swim jigs, and spinnerbaits are also productive.

Lake Toho Florida lake - West lake Tohopekaliga

Honorable Mentions

There are several excellent bass fishing locations in Central Florida, and conditions are constantly changing, making certain ones better at specific times year after year.

Central Fl

Butler Chain of Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes, located less than 30 minutes from Orlando, covers 5,000 acres consisting of 11 small interconnected lakes that are extremely deep, averaging 20 to 40 feet. The Butler Chain of lakes near Orlando is one of the best bass fishing spots for numbers. An angler visiting Orlando looking for non-stop action should experience this Florida lake. The Butler Chain of Lakes certainly has its fair share of big bass, but it doesn’t provide as high of a likelihood of landing a trophy as the other Central Florida lakes. The Butler Chain of lakes has a high abundance of submerged vegetation, making it a top-notch spot for large numbers of small to medium-sized fish.

Johns Lake

Johns Lake in North Park, located northwest of Orlando, Florida, used to be well-known for producing largemouths over ten points and was rated in the top 10 lakes in Florida. Recently, Johns lake has gone through some low water conditions, but it remains producing consistently well.

Clermont Chain of Lakes

The Clermont Chain of lakes located in Lake County, in Clermont Florida consists of 11 connected lakes and has over 167 square miles of fishable waters. It’s home to various fish species including a healthy largemouth population.

Butler Chain of Lakes - Florida fish management area

North Central Fl

Rodman Reservoir

No big bass list would be complete without mentioning Rodman. The 9,500-acre reservoir is located in Northern Central Florida but is trophy largemouth bass central. This fishery is best known for offering quality over quantity. Its flooded timber and healthy vegetation make for excellent fishing for good size fish.

North Central Florida - Lake George and Rodman

South Central Fl

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee is located on the southern end of Central Florida but is the largest fresh body of water in the state and the most famous bass fishing destination in the country. Its full of productive vegetation allowing for consistent numbers and many good size fish to be caught on almost every trip.

Okeechobee big fish

Harris Chain Fishing Update in Central Florida

Harris Chain Fishing Update in Central Florida

Harris Chain of Lakes Fishing Update

The Harris Chain of Lakes is still open for fishing. We are open but are not urging anglers to embark on our fishing trips. We just wanted to share some of the recent catches from our customers. The bass fishing has been fantastic across the whole chain. As we still urge everyone to take precautions, getting in the outdoors can be a good way to keep your sanity. This Harris Chain fishing update can help put a smile on your face!

Utilize this time to learn more about the local lakes and plan your next outdoor adventure when social interactions are allowed again. We hope you enjoy this fishing update with our local experts and professional fishing guides.

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

Harris-Chain-Fishing-UpdateOne of the most exciting ways to catch bass here in Florida is sight-fishing. Spotting a fish in shallow water and pitching bait to them, watching them eat, and then setting the hook is a thrill you will never forget. Never worry, all fish are handled properly and released quickly after a photo.

“It was awesome to get the chance to explore the Harris Chain of Lakes with Alex and his son. Leesburg, Florida is a wonderful destination to land some giant largemouth bass. Each trip can be so uniquely different as you can get the opportunity to fish a variety of different lakes.

Alex and his son spent their day on the water at Lake Griffin. It has been a productive lake this time of year. We started out fishing in the canals and catching bass on beds. Once the day warmed up, we moved to some offshore structure.

The bass were in both pre and post-spawn patterns. Targeting fish in deep water hydrilla was a blast for these guys. When it comes to fishing offshore grass, catching bass on lipless crankbaits is the most effective pattern. Slow move the bait through the grass and hold on as you rip that bait through the grass.

Alex and his son had an absolute blast catching over 30 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. Breezy and sunny conditions promoted a strong bite they surely capitalized on. Tight lines until next time!”

Second trip of this update:

Harris-Chain-Fishing-Update“The Harris Chain continues to be a great place to catch large numbers of bass all trip long. It was fun to fish with Adam and his good friend. While they were here in North Central Florida, the Harris Chain always intrigued them. It showed them a great time with plenty of action with artificial lures.

Just like the last trip, the fish were pre and post-spawning patterns. We focused mainly on the fish in post-spawn patterns. Adam and his friend enjoyed catching fish on the mouth of the canals on Lake Griffin.

When it comes to fishing these areas, you can target bass either with a slow presentation or moving. Most of the bites came yet again from a lipless crankbait. The Harris Chain is notorious for its offshore structure and we explore it as the day heated up.

It was awesome to see Adam and his good friend double up on several occasions. Most of the fish caught were in the 1-2 pound range with some quality mixed in. They caught over 30 fish on this trip and are looking forward to coming back soon to cash in on some bigger bass!” – Captain Gino Losi

Explore these waters soon!

We hope you stay safe during this time and hope this update puts a smile on your face. When looking to plan your next adventure, we hope you keep us in mind. Fishing is what we love to do and we want to share that with you once we can. I hope to see you on the water soon and you enjoyed this Harris Chain fishing update!

March Harris Chain Fishing Report for Trophy Largemouth Bass

March Harris Chain Fishing Report for Trophy Largemouth Bass

March Harris Chain Fishing Report

The Harris Chain of Lakes is one of the most productive fisheries to land trophy largemouth bass. Each spawning season, this lake gets fired up with some incredible bass fishing action. This chain of lakes is located in Leesburg, Florida, and offers some of the most beautiful scenery to fish in. Multiple interconnected lakes make it something unique and a true adventure every time you go out. March Harris Chain Fishing is just getting started and NOW is the time to plan that fishing trip of a lifetime!

Several lakes throughout the chain hold some exceptional fishing areas to catch largemouth bass. During this time of year, offshore grass and back canals are the prime focus of fishing. Whether you want to throw artificial baits or live bait, the Harris Chain of Lakes can produce for you. It is the perfect destination for the die-hard angler looking to land a trophy largemouth bass on artificial lures.

One of the most difficult parts about fishing this chain is knowledge. It has 8 interconnected lakes all posing perfect conditions to go fishing. You can spend days on the water without any luck but getting out with a local expert can truly change everything for you. When you hop on board with our experts, not only years of fishing experience come with it but you are guaranteed to have one amazing time on the water.

Check out this Harris Chain of Lakes Fishing Update to show you what is to come in March:

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

March-Harris-Chain-Fishing-ReportFirst Trip of this Report:

“Artificial fishing on the Harris Chain can be a very productive way to catch largemouth bass. For those that love to fish with artificial baits, the Harris Chain is the place to visit!

I had the pleasure of fishing with David, who was staying in The Villages during the winter months of the year. While traveling from Canada, bass fishing and getting outdoors are always a must. All-weather conditions to him are better than what it is back home in Canada.

We adventured out on Lake Griffin in search of largemouth bass. The trip started out in the canals on both ends of the lake. Windy conditions made it ideal to start out in the canals and once it died down to move to several other hot spots. The bass are biting on both senkos and frogs in the back canals.

Once the wind died down, we moved offshore. Every upcoming moon phase and month from now until April-May, you will get bass in pre-spawn phases. The best way to target this bass is with crankbaits and speed worms on the deeper edges of the submerged hydrilla.

David had a blast catching bass all trip long on this fishing trip. He landed 30-40 largemouth bass on his full-day trip. I am looking forward to fishing with him again soon!” – Captain Gino Losi

Second Trip of this Report

“After hard Central-North Florida cold fronts, the best thing we can get is some warm days. When this happens, especially when the largemouth bass spawn is in full effect, you can see some exceptional fishing.

I had the opportunity to go fishing with Dennis and his good friend. They wanted to come out and catch some Florida largemouth bass while traveling here on a visit. As a result, it was a fishing trip that neither of them would forget.

During the spawning months of the year, shallow water areas are prime for catching giant Florida largemouth bass. These canals create the perfect environment for bass to come in and make their beds. When this occurs, catching and releasing big bass is highly common especially on the Harris Chain of Lakes.

March-Harris-Chain-Fishing Dennis and his friend had an epic day on the water. Cruising into a back canal on Lake Griffin, they landed 2 trophy largemouth bass over 8 pounds. Several other bass weighed in at 6-7 pound range. Most of the larger females came off beds and then released so that they could finish their spawning process.

The most effective method to catch largemouth bass in this position is with live bait. Dennis and his friend also used artificial lures to pick off several nice bass. As the day progressed and the conditions got better, more females started moving into this canal.

These guys had an epic day on the water that every angler would dream of. I look forward to sharing another incredible moment like this again with them!” – Captain Gino Losi

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

If you want to fall in love with bass fishing here in Florida, the Harris Chain of Lakes is your fishery. There is just something magical about it. Every trip and every adventure will allow you to experience something new and exciting. Not only will you get the chance at landing the biggest bass of your life but you will also be able to enjoy fishing in one of the most beautiful destinations Central Florida has to offer.

We hope that we get the chance to show you around this awesome place. March Harris Chain Fishing is about to get red hot and NOW is the time to plan those bass fishing trips you will never forget! See you on the water next time!

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Harris Chain Fishing Charter in Central Florida for Largemouth Bass

Harris Chain Fishing Charter in Central Florida for Largemouth Bass

Harris Chain Fishing Charter

If there is one destination in the world that encompasses more activities to embark on than the rest, it has to be Central Florida. Travelers from across the world and country come to Central Florida to enjoy a vacation or the many theme parks. If you are the one that wants to discover more, you have to explore what freshwater fishing can offer. Central Florida has 100’s of prime bass fishing lakes that can get you on the adventure you are after. Hop on board for a Harris Chain Fishing Charter for Largemouth Bass right here in Central Florida.

The Harris Chain of Lakes is a unique fishery known for its bass fishing. It consists of 8 interconnected lakes fed by the Ocklawaha River. Spring fed clear water and big bass are the two main features of this beautiful place. There is something for everyone on this chain of lakes, so don’t be shy to discover what it can offer you. Bring your family along with you for a great day in the outdoors near Orlando, FL.

Navigating through these 8 interconnected lakes could get confusing. After hours and hours of fishing, you may not be in the areas that the bass are. Everything looks great when it comes to fishing here on the Harris Chain. If you want to have the most success on the water, you have to hop on board with a local expert. They will get you around the fish you are after in a much quicker time. Our local experts have years of experience fishing in Central Florida allowing you to create a memory worth remembering.

Check out this Harris Chain of Lakes Fishing Update:

Mike and his good friend were traveling from New York looking to cash in on some Florida bass fishing. After hearing all the positive reviews and hype about the Harris Chain, they had to explore it. Captain Gino Losi had the pleasure of putting them on some beautiful largemouth bass.

“The client’s had a blast, even missing a couple of really nice largemouth!” – Capt Gino. Mike and his good friend had a really great time learning more about bass fishing on this trip. A nice breeze kept the day cool and the fish biting.

Captain Gino took Mike and his friend to Lake Griffin. They had to lock through which made for an interesting day for the clients. For Mike and his friend, it was all about the adventure and spending time with their family.

The most productive style of fishing was live bait. Wild-caught live shiners are the best way to go when Florida bass fishing. Mike and his good friend caught up to 10 largemouth bass on their quick fishing trip. The deeper hydrilla cuts were the most productive areas to put fish in the boat. Mike caught the biggest fish weighing close to 4 pounds!

Mike and his good friend had a fantastic time fishing on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Captain Gino is looking forward to their next adventure when visiting Florida again soon!

Come Catch Yours!

Florida largemouth bass are in a fall transition right now. You can still get out on the water and enjoy the day. If you do so though, get on board with a local expert that knows where the fish are biting. Once the weather gets cooler, the big bass season will officially begin. As a result, we will begin to see some incredible catches out of the Harris Chain of Lakes. Our local experts can get you on the fish of a lifetime and show you why so many bass fishing tournaments are held on this chain of lakes. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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Florida Artificial Bass Fishing Charters in Central Florida

Florida Artificial Bass Fishing Charters in Central Florida

Florida Artificial Bass Fishing

You are traveling to Florida and are wondering how to spend the extra days you have. You don’t want to spend it on the beach or the numbers of theme parks in Central Florida. So now you are in search for wondering how to soak up the sun, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Florida bass fishing couldn’t have been a better match. Hop on board for a Florida Artificial Bass Fishing Charter where you can catch some big trophy largemouth bass!

Artificial bass fishing is an activity for avid or experienced angler. It is an activity that yields the most reward as you are imitating bait fish. When you ultimately trick a largemouth bass into eating a fake lure, it is a thrill you must experience. One of the key components to using artificial lures is a local expert.Florida Artificial Bass Fishing 2

Certain spots are better than others for catching largemouth bass. It is only through experience and time on the water that will allow you to dial in on the fish. Our local experts are the best bass fishing guides in Florida. When you embark on an adventure with them, you are in-store to learn something incredible and experience something you have never before.

Check out this Central Florida Update with Local Expert and Professional Captain Mike Morse:

Captain Mike had the pleasure of fishing with James and his son. They were looking to do some bonding time while on vacation here in Central Florida. While traveling from New Jersey, largemouth bass were on their mind. Every adventure is unique and this one yielded the fish of a lifetime on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes.

The trip was a massive success. James and his son caught numbers of largemouth bass. They ranged from all different weights. The majority weighed 2-pounds but they found a trophy largemouth bass to top off the day. That fish weighed 8.54 pounds. When you are fishing with artificial baits, this is a true gift that doesn’t come often. The most productive baits on this fishing trip was a lipless crankbait as well as flipping heavy grass structure.

James and his son had a fantastic time on the water. They are looking forward to coming back to Central Florida to explore the waters again with Captain Mike!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mike explored the waters of the Harris Chain of Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and his son Eric for another incredible fishing trip. The Harris Chain is a beautiful fishery known for exceptional bass fishing. During these summer months, the fish tend to stack into areas.

Captain Mike knows these areas and put Steve and Eric on some nice action. The trip started out with some fish in the 1-3 pound class range. After dialing in on the action for that day, Captain Mike put them on some quality bass with a beautiful 5-pound largemouth bass to the boat. They had a great time catching each and every one of their fish. Florida Artificial Bass Fishing 3

Captain Mike is looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again in the near future!

Central Florida is the place to visit when it comes to catching quality largemouth bass year round. Our local experts can get you on them whenever you are looking to come explore all this beautiful place has to offer. If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, hop on board and let us take care of everything else. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters in Central Florida

Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters in Central Florida

Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters

Are you wondering where you can travel to next for some big trophy largemouth bass? Central Florida is the answer. If you are looking for incredible bass fishing all year long, this is your destination. Several fisheries continue to produce exceptional fishing especially this time of year. A Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters is all you need for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

One of the key factors to creating a trip of a lifetime is a local expert. A local expert has the knowledge and experience to get you on the fish you are after. They will take care of all your needs and allow you to set the hook faster. Big bass is much more elusive than you think but our local experts make it look easy. Hop on board with one of them and you will not regret your decision.

Here is your Central Florida Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Devin Dickerson had the pleasure of fishing with John and his son John. They were traveling from Arizona to Central Florida Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charterslooking to getaway. While doing so, a bass fishing adventure on Lake Jackson was a must. The bass fishing conditions were prime for some big bass fishing.

John and John were open to using the best method to catch Florida largemouth bass, which was wild-caught live shiners. John Jr. caught several quality bass including a trophy bass weighing over 8-pounds. John Sr. caught some nice bass as well on this fishing trip. When you explore Lake Jackson, you can expect some great fishing.

John and John had a great time fishing in Central Florida. Captain Devin is looking to catch bigger and better bass on their next adventure!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mike Morse had the pleasure of fishing with Gene and his brother Bob. They were traveling to Central Florida looking to get away. One of the main events they wanted to explore was a bass fishing trip. Captain Mike took them to explore the Harris Chain of Lakes for an exceptional fishing trip.  Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters 2

Gene and Bob had a blast bonding on the boat. They also had a really great time catching some big fish. Bob landed a giant bass weighing 7.98-pounds. Check out our cover photo to get a full list of how much fun Central Florida bass fishing can be. All you have to do is hop on board. Most of the bass were caught on live bait.

Captain Mike is looking forward to spending another trip on the water with Gene and Bob!

It was not long after this trip that Captain Brett had two fishing trips on Kenansville Lake . He had the pleasure of spending both days with Donnie and his friends. They were in-store for some incredible action right here in Central Florida. While traveling from Illinois, bass fishing was a must.

Kenansville Lake is a magical place known for its largemouth bass fishing. If you are looking for some big bass, this is your destination. The fishing was really productive for this group of men on both days. Wild-caught live shiners stole the show and brought numbers of quality and Weekend Largemouth Fishing Charters 1trophy bass to the boat.

Donie and his friends caught over 70 fish on their fishing adventure. The biggest bass of their trips weighed in at a whopping 9.3 pounds. Donnie caught the second biggest fish which came in at 8.5 pounds. Several other bass were caught in the 4-5 pound class range. The action was red hot and will continue to stay that way.

Captain Brent is looking forward to spending several days with these gentlemen again next year.

Bass fishing is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors here in Florida. Central Florida is home to some excellent bass fishing as you can see. If you are looking for quality fishing all year long, this is your destination. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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