March Harris Chain Fishing Report for Trophy Largemouth Bass

March Harris Chain Fishing Report

The Harris Chain of Lakes is one of the most productive fisheries to land trophy largemouth bass. Each spawning season, this lake gets fired up with some incredible bass fishing action. This chain of lakes is located in Leesburg, Florida, and offers some of the most beautiful scenery to fish in. Multiple interconnected lakes make it something unique and a true adventure every time you go out. March Harris Chain Fishing is just getting started and NOW is the time to plan that fishing trip of a lifetime!

Several lakes throughout the chain hold some exceptional fishing areas to catch largemouth bass. During this time of year, offshore grass and back canals are the prime focus of fishing. Whether you want to throw artificial baits or live bait, the Harris Chain of Lakes can produce for you. It is the perfect destination for the die-hard angler looking to land a trophy largemouth bass on artificial lures.

One of the most difficult parts about fishing this chain is knowledge. It has 8 interconnected lakes all posing perfect conditions to go fishing. You can spend days on the water without any luck but getting out with a local expert can truly change everything for you. When you hop on board with our experts, not only years of fishing experience come with it but you are guaranteed to have one amazing time on the water.

Check out this Harris Chain of Lakes Fishing Update to show you what is to come in March:

Fishing with Captain Gino Losi

March-Harris-Chain-Fishing-ReportFirst Trip of this Report:

“Artificial fishing on the Harris Chain can be a very productive way to catch largemouth bass. For those that love to fish with artificial baits, the Harris Chain is the place to visit!

I had the pleasure of fishing with David, who was staying in The Villages during the winter months of the year. While traveling from Canada, bass fishing and getting outdoors are always a must. All-weather conditions to him are better than what it is back home in Canada.

We adventured out on Lake Griffin in search of largemouth bass. The trip started out in the canals on both ends of the lake. Windy conditions made it ideal to start out in the canals and once it died down to move to several other hot spots. The bass are biting on both senkos and frogs in the back canals.

Once the wind died down, we moved offshore. Every upcoming moon phase and month from now until April-May, you will get bass in pre-spawn phases. The best way to target this bass is with crankbaits and speed worms on the deeper edges of the submerged hydrilla.

David had a blast catching bass all trip long on this fishing trip. He landed 30-40 largemouth bass on his full-day trip. I am looking forward to fishing with him again soon!” – Captain Gino Losi

Second Trip of this Report

“After hard Central-North Florida cold fronts, the best thing we can get is some warm days. When this happens, especially when the largemouth bass spawn is in full effect, you can see some exceptional fishing.

I had the opportunity to go fishing with Dennis and his good friend. They wanted to come out and catch some Florida largemouth bass while traveling here on a visit. As a result, it was a fishing trip that neither of them would forget.

During the spawning months of the year, shallow water areas are prime for catching giant Florida largemouth bass. These canals create the perfect environment for bass to come in and make their beds. When this occurs, catching and releasing big bass is highly common especially on the Harris Chain of Lakes.

March-Harris-Chain-Fishing Dennis and his friend had an epic day on the water. Cruising into a back canal on Lake Griffin, they landed 2 trophy largemouth bass over 8 pounds. Several other bass weighed in at 6-7 pound range. Most of the larger females came off beds and then released so that they could finish their spawning process.

The most effective method to catch largemouth bass in this position is with live bait. Dennis and his friend also used artificial lures to pick off several nice bass. As the day progressed and the conditions got better, more females started moving into this canal.

These guys had an epic day on the water that every angler would dream of. I look forward to sharing another incredible moment like this again with them!” – Captain Gino Losi

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

If you want to fall in love with bass fishing here in Florida, the Harris Chain of Lakes is your fishery. There is just something magical about it. Every trip and every adventure will allow you to experience something new and exciting. Not only will you get the chance at landing the biggest bass of your life but you will also be able to enjoy fishing in one of the most beautiful destinations Central Florida has to offer.

We hope that we get the chance to show you around this awesome place. March Harris Chain Fishing is about to get red hot and NOW is the time to plan those bass fishing trips you will never forget! See you on the water next time!

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