Orlando Freshwater Fishing Trip For Central Florida Largemouth Bass

Orlando Freshwater Fishing Trip

International travelers come to Florida almost on a daily basis for a multitude of different reasons. Whether you are here for business or family, there is no better place to get some fresh air. Florida is a very beautiful and wild place abundant with freshwater lakes, parks, and preserves that allow you to get the full Florida experience. When looking to get in the outdoors, consider Florida bass fishing with our local experts for a fishing adventure of a lifetime. You never know what will bite the end of the line. Hop on board for some an Orlando Freshwater Fishing Trip that can change your perception of Central Florida!

Central Florida is abundant with a vast amount of lakes that you can explore. Several of these lakes and chains of lakes systems stand out from each other. The Butler Chain of Lakes right outside Orlando, FL is one of the best clearwater lakes in the state. This place and fishing destination will amaze you with the amount of scenery, wildlife, and fishing capabilities.

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Our local experts are essential when it comes to catching fish on the Butler Chain. Everything looks good and you need someone that spends a lot of time on the water to get you on the bass. Local Expert and professional Captain Brent Nelson is an exceptional choice for your adventure. Whether you want to catch them on artificial baits or live bait, Captain Brent has you covered.

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Meet Dmytro, he was traveling from Ukraine to Central Florida looking to explore what it had to offer. They always heard about freshwater fishing for largemouth bass and thought he should give it a try. Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with Dmytro giving him the full tour of Orlando, FL. When you are visiting this beautiful destination, getting on the water can open up a whole new world for yourself and your family.

Fishing conditions paired up excellent for a great day on the water. The sun was shining and the winds were keeping the temperatures cool. Captain Brent took Dmytro on an adventure to the Butler Chain of Lakes. This beautiful chain of lakes is truly unique as you get the chance at fishing in clear water surrounded by large homes. The views and wildlife really enhance your on-the-water experience.

Dmytro had a great time fishing the Butler Chain. They landed between 30-40 largemouth bass on this trip. It was a split trip with both artificial and live bait. The most productive artificial baits were Zoom speed worms, Zara spooks, rooster tails, super flukes, and rattle traps. He also caught fish on wild-shiners trolled over submerged vegetation.

Captain Brent is looking forward to getting Dmytro back out on the water in the near future! There is nothing like internationally traveling to Florida and having such an amazing experience as he did.

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September is a great month to catch bass in Central Florida. The numbers will be higher and the quality will still be there but you might not catch a giant fish. If you get out with the right expert, they can show you and get you on some bigger fish. Our local experts will work hard to accomplish your goals and make your fishing trip a success. We look forward to seeing you on the water and catching the fish of a lifetime!

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