Travelers Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience with Local Expert

Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience

Kissimmee, Florida is one of the most unique places to visit and travel to. One of the main reasons is that you will never get bored and you will always have something to do. Central Florida is home to some of the BEST bass fishing in the state. Lake Toho is located in Kissimmee, a beautiful location for getting out in the outdoors and catching the bass of your life. A Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience is all you need to get you hooked on this amazing place. Bring your family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!
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Captain Devin Dickerson had the pleasure of fishing with Patrick and his daughter Chelsea. This was a very unique experience. Patrick is going to tell you his story through writing and words of his Bass Fishing Experience and Charter with Local Expert and Professional Fishing Captain Devin Dickerson:

“My daughter and I try to take a day to fish with a local guide. She loves to catch anything. I’m usually more goal-oriented. Maybe I’m able to target a new species in that location. Or, maybe we are somewhere that I can chase a personal best. And of course, no matter where we are it gives me a chance to use some of the products I rep, often on species they may not have been used to target in the past.

Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience 2My daughter and I spent a few hours with Capt. Devin Dickerson from Bass Online Central Florida’s Guide Service on the best-known lake in Florida for MASSIVE largemouth bass, Lake Tohopekaliga.
Lake Toho is one of the busiest lakes in the country when it comes to hosting Professional Bass Tournaments. Historically, Lake Toho has been known to have the largest percentage of LARGE largemouth bass in Florida. And when you consider the average size of the Florida strain of largemouth bass, this was the place I wanted to explore in hopes of getting my 1st 10lb+ largemouth bass.

Due to the number of bass tournaments and her reputation as a BIG bass factory, Lake Toho is heavily pressured and these bass have seen it all. And while Toho is a pretty good lake to use artificial baits, but if you want to increase your odds, bringing along a couple of dozen wild shiners goes a long way.

At $20 a dozen, it’s always a balancing act of how much you want to throw artificial baits and how much you want to significantly increase your odds of catching fish. I had several of the products I rep with me and wanted to spend much of my time casting them and of course casting some streamers and poppers. So, we brought along 3 dozen wild shiners. 30 for Chelsea and 6 for me on this Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience.

Kissimmee Bass Fishing ExperienceChelsea loves to catch fish, and while she is a pretty good fly caster, even though she is 14 now, it’s still important to make sure she is regularly catching….or she gets bored.

My goal was to get that elusive 10lb+ bass that we see so few of in OH. Though it should go without saying….there are a lot more 10lb bass in OH than we probably think (it’s still not much compared to the big bass factory of Florida). I knew the odds, but I’m at that point in my fishing where I just want to fish how I want to fish and see if I can refine that style enough to catch what I want when I want. Refining techniques in unlikely scenarios are what will always continue to challenge me.

It should be easy to predict that Chelsea is going to catch considerably more fish than I on this day, but would I pull off my goal while Lake Toho Bass Fishing?

Follow the rest of the story in the photo commentary and enjoy the ride!

And if you come to the Orlando area and are wise enough to know a local guide is worth every penny, look up Captain Devin Dickerson with the guide crew of Bass Online and let him show you the riches of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. You won’t regret it and you will learn a thing or two along the way as well!

Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience 4The shiner bite was great the entire time we fished. Suspending the shiners below a foam egg floats along weed lines is certainly productive.

After getting warmed up on a couple of 16″ bass, she was in the zone and poised to start getting in on some bigger fish.

We didn’t measure and weigh every fish, as Chelsea boated well over 20 bass on the day. She caught 3 that ranged from 5-6.5lbs. Most of her fish were 3-4lbs, which is far bigger than the average bass we catch in OH.

After watching Chelsea catch fish after fish, I put my artificial baits and flies down for a minute to try a shiner. And before you know it, we had a double.

And as fate usually has it…she is not only crushing me in the numbers game but indeed, she even caught a bigger fish on our double.

She was having a great time and it was nice to see her enjoying herself. And admittedly, I’m always in awe when I watch Chelsea fishing. She is so poised and comfortable with fly or spinning gear. She is so refined with certain elements of her fishing that I probably wasn’t as comfortable with until I was 30. To her, it’s just second nature

Chelsea can handle every aspect of her fishing, but she hates to handle the fish. So, as an FYI, I’m not hogging her photos, just holding her fish 🤣

But I am always happy to be in a picture with any of my ladies.

I want you in my belly…

Time is really running thin and I have 2 of my 6 shiner allotment left. And both of them were actually shiners Chelsea had already used but survived the ordeal. Those get tossed in the live well to take a rest. And if they live, they get used again.

Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience 10

One of the shiners was a bit closer to death than the other. That shiner was hooked through the back at the level of the dorsal fin. Within moments of hitting the water, the float is moving with waaaay more vigor that shiner was capable of moving it. And then, it just stops, but the foam float is laying on its side.

That can happen if the shiner is caught in the top of some vegetation. There was still something more going on. I watched the float for a moment and it just wasn’t right. So I reeled in the slack and gave a little tug.

BZZZZZZZZZ….Something large is moving hard and fast at the end of my line.

Devin looks at me and says, “That thing is moving so hard and fast, I bet it’s a bowfin.”

I reply, “I have caught a couple of big Florida bowfin and they are powerful like this.”

I finally pressure the fish enough that it turned back my way and then it jumps.

Devin and I look at each other simultaneously say, “That’s the 10!”

It’s exciting to see bass jump, the excitement dissipates if the hook flies back at you mid-jump. I don’t know if real bass guys do this, but with largemouth and smallmouth that are big and I want them in my hand, I tend to keep the rod tip low to or into the water to reduce jumping. I have significantly reduced the number of bass that comes unbuttoned since employing this technique.

Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience 6

When I lifted the rod tip so Devin could scoop her with the net, she immediately jumped…right into the net (I think I get 2 points for that).


We snapped a couple of quick pics along with weight & length and back home she went.

Sometimes a last-minute Hail Mary with a mostly dead shiner wins the day and gets you the double-digit bass you were looking for on a Kissimmee Bass Fishing Experience. Well, once anyway…and I’m thankful to have been blessed with her presence!

Until next time Sugaboog!”

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