Magic Everglades Bass Fishing Charters with Captain Mark Rose

Magic Everglades Bass Fishing

If you are looking for some of the best bass fishing in the state of Florida, South Florida has it. The Florida Everglades is one of the most unique destinations for fishing. Every trip is an adventure that is perfect for the whole family. Enjoy spending a day on the water with our local experts on a magic Everglades bass fishing charter. Bring your family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Our local experts have years of experience fishing these long stretches of canals. Artificial baits dominate but you have to know where and how to work them. Captain Mark Rose is one of the best in South Florida and can get you on the bass. Here is a fishing update from the Everglades with our local expert:  Magic Everglades Bass Fishing 4

Captain Mark Rose had the pleasure of fishing with repeat clients from Pennsylvania. William and his girlfriend were here on vacation looking for an outdoor adventure. The Florida Everglades and bass fishing was the perfect match. They caught over 50 largemouth bass in their quick 4-hour fishing charter. All of the bass were caught on artificial baits including flukes, senkos, and topwater baits.

Magic Everglades Bass Fishing 1William and his girlfriend said this was magic to them as they caught 4 bass in a row multiple times. You can’t beat the action here in Florida, especially in the Everglades. Captain Mark is looking forward to getting back on the water in the near future with this lovely couple.

That afternoon, Captain Mark was out on the water again at Sawgrass Recreation Park. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Patricia and Paul. They were traveling from St. Louis, Missouri looking to spend some time in the outdoors on vacation. Yet again, Captain Mark got them on over 50 largemouth bass in 4 hours. The most productive baits remained consistent and this couple also had a fantastic time.

Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure!

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mark adventured back out at Sawgrass. He had the pleasure of fishing with George and his son. They were traveling to Florida on vacation from Massachusetts. It was another fantastic day on the water with a boat load of fish. The most productive baits were a watermelon red fluke, senkos and top water baits. The biggest bass caught on this fishing trip weighed in at 4 pounds. George and his son had a great time fishing with Captain Mark and are looking forward to their next vacation to Florida.

The next day, Captain Mark Rose explores the waters of Sawgrass with a long-time repeat Dennis. For the last 5 years, Dennis has come to fish Lake Okeechobee but this year we changed it up. Captain Mark took him to the Florida Everglades and Dennis loved it. The flukes came in big time with over 50 largemouth bass in the boat. If you are looking to catch more bass than you can handle, this is your destination. Magic Everglades Bass Fishing 3

Captain Mark is looking forward to catching more bass with Dennis again in Florida next year!

Finally, Captain Mark adventured on his last trip to the Everglades for this update. He had the pleasure of fishing with Ted and his good friend. They were visiting Florida on vacation and wanted to catch big numbers of largemouth bass. There is no place to do this than the Florida Everglades. The clear water of Sawgrass produced big time for Ted and his friend. Senkos and Flukes were the top baits. You could not reel it up before it was eaten. Different grass structures were key to catch bass on this fantastic fishery. The biggest bass of the trip weighed 3 pounds.

Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with Ted again!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure right here in sunny Florida. Things are heating up and now is the time to come bass fishing. The Florida Everglades is one of the best spots to do so. Our local experts will not disappoint you. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

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