Ultimate Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Experience

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing

When you think of Florida Fishing, many may think about the abundance of salt water fishing. In reality, a true Florida Fishing Experience is in the remote long stretch canals of the Florida Everglades. For many years, water levels were too high making it difficult to fish but now it is in its prime. The water levels are just right, bass have moved off the flat which makes for excellent bass fishing. Discover Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Experience next time visiting this amazing state.

Every trip in the Florida Everglades is a journey and adventure. Wildlife enriches the environment providing the best fishing conditions. As you fly down the canals in a bass or flats boat, sit back and enjoy the sun and wind in your face. When you open your eyes you will get to experience an array of wildlife especially birds flying overhead as they hear the motor pass by.

Once you stop at your first fishing destination, you will begin to hear chirping and action on the water from the abundance of species of fish. Take out your camera and document the amazing wildlife especially the sun bathing American Alligator. Even though they are heavily populated in the Everglades, no need to worry they will never harm as they are more scared of us then we are of them.

The Fishing

It is in this moment that you begin to get extremely excited to get on the front deck, pick up a rod and get to casting. One of the many benefits of fishing this incredible fishery is that on your first cast you can set the hook. Put on your favorite bait and enjoy the solitude while you catch a giant number of largemouth bass. The action is so good that you will lose count quite quickly. Luckily your professional and licensed Captain will keep track for you as they put you on the best spots.

If you are looking for a true outdoor experience, Florida Everglades Bass Fishing is the place to visit. For those that have families and young kids, this is the place that will get them hooked for life on one of the best outdoor activities they can get their hands on. Bass Fishing is endless especially with the constant beautiful weather we enjoy all year round. One of the other amazing parts of fishing the Florida Everglades is that you can catch a variety of species. Florida Largemouth Bass is the primary species of choice for many anglers but you can also catch Peacock Bass, Oscar, Alligator Gar, Bowfin, Pan Fish and even Cat Fish.

When you adventure out on this Fishing Adventure, expect to catch anywhere for 100 to 200 fish. The action is astonishing, fast paced, immediate and last the whole trip. Don’t get discouraged because you can easily sit back and relax in solitude while enjoying a cold drink or lunch and get right back into the action once you are finished.

Destinations for Everglades Bass Fishing

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing includes multiple different destinations that are fantastic. Alligator Alley, Sawgrass Recreation and Holiday Park are the most predominant locations to experience when traveling to Florida. Each of these Florida Fishing Destinations provides you with a unique experience and feel of the Everglades. As they are all long stretches of canals, different structure promotes different aquatic vegetation to grow. You must experience all the locations for yourself to truly determine your favorite. Our destinations are closely located to Fort Lauderdale and Naples, Florida .


One thing that remains consistent at all locations is the ways to catch the largemouth bass. Artificial baits dominate the Everglades. If you are a die-hard angler and never want to use live bait which is used on many other Florida Bass Fishing Lakes, the Everglades are the place to come. One of the many luxuries of this location is that you can hunt for your trophy bass with top water baits all day. Catch the morning bite by throwing spooks, chug bugs, poppers or frogs. Throw the weed less baits up into the lilies and grass structure close to the bank and work it out. Be patient and wait for the bite then hold on for the fight of your life.

Another excellent method to catching large numbers of bass is creating some noise under the surface with a Jerk Bait. Find the rhythm and you will be able to throw it all day long. Now the most effective bait of them all is a plastic worm. A Senko is by far the best bait to catch the largest numbers of largemouth bass. Rig it wacky or texas and expect a bite on your first cast on your Florida Everglades bass fishing trip!

Unforgettable Action

Florida Bass Fishing is excellent across the whole state. Each month will provide you with a completely different experience for catching largemouth bass. You have to come catch a Florida Everglades Bass while the action is this hot. We don’t experience this all the time and it is truly the perfect outdoor experience for the whole family. Laugh and enjoy catching fish all day long while getting a great feel for what Florida Fishing is all about. Don’t forget to bring sun block so you can bask in the sun and protect yourself while you are having the time of your life. When the action gets like this, it truly is unforgettable and a must experience for all those that love the outdoors and landing quality fish!

Come Catch Yours Today while enjoying the Florida Everglades.



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