Harris Chain of Lakes Pictures

Harris Chain of Lakes Pictures

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About Harris Chain Pictures:

Knowledgeable local anglers and fishing guides produce excellent catches of bass regularly located in Orlando, Florida. Many local clubs have conducted weekly or monthly tournaments on the Harris Chain for many years.

Over the last five years, analysis records show that the Harris Chain of Lakes is very productive, producing five fish tournament limits of over 20 pounds regularly. Many times, Nine, ten, and 11-pound bass regularly anchor these catches. In 2012, our fishing guides were more consistent around this Harris Chain of lakes pictures to prove it.

In the early nineties, Florida Fish & Game implemented a five bass 14″ daily limit that went a long way to improving the overall success of the Harris Chain of lakes for Florida bass anglers. Catch and release caught on with anglers and guides all over Florida since 2001, after a severe drought created an artificial draw down that re-grew miles of eelgrass, pads, and shoreline cover.

During the drought, game officials and residents replanted acres of beneficial reeds in large areas of the Harris Chain of lakes. Water levels have now returned to normal, and the Chain is producing good numbers of bass. Many ten and 11-pound fish are caught each spring, along with an occasional giant in the 12 to 13-pound range.

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