Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass

Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report

Are you looking for an outdoor experience while traveling to Central Florida? Do you enjoy freshwater fishing? Central Florida is home to hundreds of freshwater lakes filled with exceptional bass fishing. While you are traveling to Central Florida, make sure you hop on board with one of our local experts for a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Come enjoy some Central Florida Weekend Fishing for Largemouth Bass!

Our local experts in Central Florida have extensive knowledge on bass fishing in this destination. Several locations can truly suit your fishing needs. Where ever you want to fish us, we have you covered. Captain Mike Morse has been fishing these waters for years and will be honored to show you around this fantastic destination.

Here is your Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report:

Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report 3Captain Mike had the pleasure of fishing on Austin and his friend. They were traveling from Michigan looking to explore all that Central Florida had to offer. While doing so, freshwater bass fishing was a must. The action was not as strong as we would have liked but Captain Mike made it happen.

Austin and his friend picked away at the largemouth bass in the early evening. Most of the bass were caught on lipless crankbaits and speed worms. If you are looking to catch bass on artificial baits, Lake Toho is a great place to do so. Live bait is the most effective method for catching big bass though.

Austin and his friend had a great time with Captain Mike and will be back for more action in the near future while Lake Toho Bass Fishing in Kissimmee, FL!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mike adventured out on the Harris Chain of Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Tyler. Tyler was visiting Central Florida looking to get on the water. The Harris Chain of Lakes is a beautiful fishery to explore when visiting!

Wild-caught live shiners were successful at landing several quality largemouth bass. Tyler also caught fish on lipless crankbaits. Dragging a worm was also a method to catch bass on this fishing trip. Tyler had a fantastic time on the water. Captain Mike is looking forward to their next adventure!  Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report 6

Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report 5It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Mike was back out on the water. He had the pleasure of fishing with Michael and Ryan. They were two great friends that wanted to get out on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. The action was hot and heavy for these friends. A majority of the catches came on lipless crankbaits in the depth range of 8-10 feet. The bass were suspended over submerged hydrilla beds.

Michael and Ryan had a fantastic time fishing with Captain Mike. They are looking forward to coming back to Central Florida for another awesome adventure.

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mike traveled further west to a beautiful fishery called Lake Tarpon. This clear lake has a lot of quality bass fishing. He had the pleasure of fishing with Mike. Mike was traveling to the west coast near Tampa, FL, and wanted to get out bass fishing. Lake Tarpon was the best option for him. The bite was slower on this fishing trip but picked up as the day went on. Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report 4Most of the bass were caught around lily pads in 5 feet or less. The bass are getting ready to spawn on Lake Tarpon.

Mike had a blast fishing with Captain Mike and will be back for more action in the near future!

On Captain Mike’s next fishing trip, he had the pleasure of fishing with John and his two friends. They wanted to experience Florida Bass Fishing while traveling from Illinois. Lake Tarpon was the perfect fit for them. Wild-caught live shiners came in strong on this fishing trip. John and his friends also caught bass on lipless crankbaits and speed worms. The bite may have been slower but that did not stop several quality bass from coming to the boat.

John and his family and friends enjoyed their time on Lake Tarpon. They will be back in the future for more fishing action! Central Florida Weekend Fishing Report 2

Finally, Captain Mike had the pleasure of fishing with Craig on Lake Manatee near Tampa, FL. Craig was traveling to Lake Manatee to check out real estate and wanted to experience the lake. The bass fishing on Lake Manatee came in strong with over 25 Florida largemouth bass in the boat. Big fish came in at 6 pounds while flipping shallow cover and dragging worms in 15-17 feet. The water is beautiful and the conditions played in our favor.

Craig will be back for more action again on Lake Manatee. Captain Mike is looking forward to getting back on the water with him soon!

Central Florida is a hot spot for bass fishing. If you are looking for an excellent location and destination to catch largemouth bass, this is it. You have several options to pick from and we are here to help you determine which one will be best for you. All our local experts are here to assist you and show you an adventure of a lifetime. We look forward to fishing with you and seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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