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Lake Monroe Fishing

Getting in the Banks on St Johns RiverAnglers in Stanford, Deltona and DeBary looking for trophy largemouth action in area, search no more. Most drive right by Lake Monroe, but you can find what your looking for right here. Now may be the time to throw a few cast at Lake Monroe!

Orlando Florida visitors don’t have to travel very far to find quality bass fishing. At least, they haven’t got to now. This year, however, things could be a bit different, off the charts good different.
Why do we suggest anglers to fish Lake Monroe’s 9,406 acres especially in the spring.
Unlike many other central Florida lakes, Lake Monroe has weathered the hype that happens on many other lakes and has quietly produced monster fish under the radar and has consistently lower pressure compared to other area lakes.

Because of being a main artery of the St Johns River system, it’s always going to flowing, moving and will not get to shallow anytime soon. The lake is good all year because of all the different ways it can be fished, but offers outstanding spring bass fishing.

Without vegetation lakes don’t have healthy environments, and without a healthy environment, you don’t have a fish factory. That is precisely what continues to let Lake Monroe stand out as one of the best fisheries in Orlando area!

Eel grass is the key aquatic plant in the St Johns River system, and it’s the most important to establish a great fishery like Lake Monroe. You can find over 100,000 individual eel grass plants throughout the fishery that hold fish.

These areas are also the best spawning areas on the Lake Monroe and know that the spawn is generally always starts on the full moon in January. Then you’ve got consistent spawning activity in shallow water all through the month of February, and into late March.

Peak spawning runs from early January through the month of February, and the action can be red hot. What follows, is post-spawn which can be even more awesome!

Weedless soft plastic baits, such as flukes or plastic worms and craw fish work well, but nothing works like a wild shiner for catching the really big trophy bass.

Lake Monroe offers two excellent boat ramps. One is located on the outflow of the lake in the lower southwest corner, just north of where U.S. 17/92 intersects I-4. The other is in the northeast corner of the lake on Enterprise Road, just south of the town of Enterprise.

For those of you looking to guarantee your success and get little help with techniques browse our trips below and book one of the experts online!